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Project CarterThe Carter project, the project for Carter and Phantasma bloodlines, the project specifically designed to make pretty babies. (It even sort of worked!)

Four stunningly gorgeous children of two prestigious bloodlines. Aunt and niece, brother and twin, drafted for a new purposeto create a new generation of god-like beauty and successful business. The children of shop owners, the children of the islands dream. This is Project Carter.

Elizabeth Hatfield, seventh child of Bindi Phantasma. Aaron and Benny Carter, third and fourth children of Alex Carter, half-brothers to Lexi Carter. Julianna Martigan, firstborn of Terry Martigan and Miri Hatfield, third-born of Bindi Phantasma. Their destinies, at childhood, have already become entwined.

The little ones were caught and introduced, encouraged to playencouraged to love. Board games and tickle fights lead to babies and true lovetogether forever.Let it be noted that this is my cruelty. I would never cheat in love, but I do not find myself fully human in love. Being tied like that, for a mortal (or a Sim), is pain.

But they settle down, and the birthdays come, and the beauty still remains, though muted. Full lips and wide eyes of childhood are smaller, more adult, more reservedbut still are they beautiful.

How ironic. The last child, the youngest child, with no siblings at home to hold my interest, got the most attention as a teen. The others didnt last long; sent soon off to college, begging me to let them leave the chaos of their childhood homes. Elizabeth lingered, contributing her work to Bindis galleries, both public and private.

Each of the four took up a hobby in their university house, seeking to one day pursue a fortune of their own. Julianna took to baking, to one day have a cake shop. Benny took to repairing things, dreaming of being a mechanic. Aaron thrived in the spacious greenhouse, hoping to be a local grocer. Elizabeth followed in her mothers footsteps, painting for a new gallery. Dreams ran wild in that tiny stone house on the edge of Phantasma University campus.

Romance blossomed. Julianna and Aaron became a pair for matching grey eyes, where Benny with his green took to Elizabeth for Zanes recessive emerald. The pairs were established and engaged as graduation grew ever closer on the horizon

These quiet moments make my day, just to sit with you and drift away.

Oh, these quiet moments make my day; we must never let them slip away.The four shared some quiet moments then; afternoons in bed and in the greenhouse, just enjoying the company and silence.

Because the party was about to begin. A double wedding with three families; six parents and more siblings and relations than anyone cared to count.

The cakes were made, the arch set up, and the party all ready to begin. The relatives swarmed the door in full finery, hungry for cake and romance.

The pre-wedding reception/move-in party was just another Phantasma party. Music and games and socializing; as good as any party gets on this island. Its hard to beat a Phantasma party.

If the party was normal, though

They called it the wedding of the generation. The ceremonies done by night in the soft lighting of the greenhouse garden of the beautiful house the two couples had bought to share, the matching dresses of the enchanting brides, and as much family gathered to watch as the garden could hold.

There was cake, and singing, and looks of love in the eyes of all four children I had doomed to this fate.

The night brought equal passion from two master bedrooms. The contracts were signed, four fates were sealed, and Project Carter was ready to pursue its original purpose


All four of them were thrilled. Especially the boys. Ironic, in my eyes, since theyre both Popularity (which, in my experience, does not a good parent make). A nursery was made ready for the little ones so soon to arrive.

(Please note, if you will, my fantastic decorating skills.)

Especially the boys, and especially Benny. Seriously, the man was startlingly thrilled with both his child and his niece/nephew. Lots of this kind of nonsense going on every time I left them alone. I kept waiting for him to turn; picking a fight or just ignoring the heck out of everybody (as Aaron was doing, come to think of it, after the initial thrill).

Babies everywhere. In addition to the expected two little Carters, puppies arrived at the Martigan household (the Miri & Terry one). One of these was delegated quickly to the foursome, a white shop pup by the name of Starla. (Starlas brother Ginko was sent off to one of Bindis twin boys; dont remember which. Hell actually have an update at some point if his daughter ever gets marriedand she should.)17

It was late the night the babies were due. Elizabeth was the first to go into labor, delivering a baby girl with black hair and grey eyes (which annoyed me only for a moment, precious thing).

Benny was absolutely thrilled, as usual.

The first daughter of the Carter Project had arrived; Kyrii.

Julianna began screaming in her own delivery almost immediately after. This time, it was a baby boy.

Amadeus was another Kyrii with his grey eyes and toasted skin; he just had brown hair. Still, any son of the Carter Project had a right to live his life through, and I decided to keep him.

Celebrations were minor, but Benny was still thrilled, giving Julianna a hug after the little ones were removed to the nursery.This lot was not cut out to be responsible parents. Benny was more thrilled with the idea of kids; he really hasnt done much since. Everyone else is just apathetic. I still dont know how Kyrii and Amadeus survived their upbringing, actually.

This is probably the extent of the not-required-for-survival interaction between the mothers and babiesbut its still cute.

*nooboo :D *

Lets take a moment to appreciate Starla, the wedding gift to the foursome. She was very brave in her introduction to the wolf Elizabeth picked up and kept rolling wants to interact with, and I saw a great breeding pair in the making.

Also, take a moment to appreciate Mad Decorating Skillz.

Birthday time for the babes!

Apparently Aaron had gotten a job at some point (requiring the wetsuit) and I forgot. Certainly explains his random absences.

Also, more Mad Decorating Skillz, kitchen edition.

Kyrii and Amadeus were as close as any twins, despite their cousin statusperhaps closer. With no other siblings besides each other, and four rather useless parents between them, they kind of had to stick together to survive and be happy.

Dont let Deuss irritated look fool you. He loved hugging Kyrii, and would often initiate the little Huggle things.

Kyrii got slightly more attention from her mother and the dog. Probably something to do with the fact that she was highly likely to be a third link in the Bindi look-alike bloodline; which became a thing shortly afterward when I had three of them confirmed.

Deus took everything in stride, and chewed on his hands a lot.

All too soon, the little ones are due to grow again. This time, the mothers took a turn with the cakes.

Kyrii and Amadeus, cousin-twins, ready to take on the world as children. Making friends, having adventures, finding the magic in the world.

Adventures within the mind and imagination, and adventures out into the world beyond the nursery. Out onto community lots; out to meet new friends and get new outfits because transition clothes suck.

Elizabeth: This is car?Deus: I must sit thing go places. :S

New clothes make everything better. So do cute, mandatory hug pictures.

Project Carter was officially marked down as a success. Kyrii and Amadeus are beautiful (in my opinion, which admittedly has been known to beoff).

Goodnight, my angels, time to go to sleepAnd think how wonderful your life will beRemember all the songs you sang to me?When we went sailing on an emerald bay

I promised I would never leave youAnd you should always knowWherever you may goNo matter where you areI never will be far awayThings get complicated. Friends are made. There are witches. Plot happens.

Our angels are compromised.

Beware the children of the green-eyed monster.