project management essentials: stakeholder management

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These slides were used as a part of the Smarter Everyday Seminar at CTE Solutions Ottawa office on January 3rd, 2014. What better way to start the new year than with getting smarter!


  • 1. Stakeholders Can They be Managed? The Smarter Everyday project is owned and operated by CTE Solutions Inc.

2. Copyright Information & PMI Stakeholders Can They Be Managed? may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written authorization of the administrator through CTE Solutions. Stakeholders Can They Be Managed? is compliant with the Project Management Institutes A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, 5th Edition, 2013. Some of the seminar materials are copyrighted by Bates Project Management Inc. for which the authors have authority to utilize for their use. The presentation is copyrighted by William S. Bates and Thomas Flynn, 2014 and is on loan for use by CTE Solutions.PMBOK is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc. Copyright William S. Bates & Thomas Flynn - All Rights Reserved2 3. Who Are Project Stakeholders Any person or organization that is actively involved in a project or whose interests may be positively or negatively affected by execution or completion of the project. Stakeholders are always people or are represented by people 4. Project Management and People People and how they communicate are absolutely key to the success of initiating, planning and executing projectsMany actors and behind the scenes people are involved, many of which will be mentioned in this seminarHow well they communicate or not will be tellingCopyright William S. Bates & Thomas Flynn - All Rights Reserved4 5. Communications Audiences Executives$ SponsorFinance StakeholdersClients Client employees Internal employees Interested organizations Governments MediaOther PMs Functional ManagersPMContractorsTeams Copyright William S. Bates & Thomas Flynn - All Rights Reserved5 6. Project Planning and Control Model Project InitiationUpdate & Detail Project Scope Definition Monitoring & Control UpdatesFinalize Plan & Gain ApprovalsStakeholder Management Happens Though Out Project Life CycleOther Processes as required Risk, Quality, Human Resources, Communications, Procurement, StakeholderDetailed Work Package Planning & EstimatingProject Schedule DevelopmentProject Budget Development Copyright William S. Bates & Thomas Flynn - All Rights Reserved6 7. PMBOK Guide Stakeholder Management Identify StakeholdersProject PlanningControl Stakeholder EngagementPlan Stakeholder ManagementManage Stakeholder EngagementCopyright William S. Bates & Thomas Flynn - All Rights Reserved7 8. Stakeholder Management ProcessIdentify Classify Needs & `` Expectations Influence Communicate Evaluate 9. Project Initiation Process Corporate Planning and Sales Identify ProjectsInitiative IdentificationProject Planning Feasibility Study/Business Case StudyProject Definition Initial Project Charter Key Stakeholder Analysis Feasibility Study PlanFrom the CORE Project Management MethodologyYStudy Report ApproveApproveNYConceptual Project PlanNArchives Copyright William S. Bates & Thomas Flynn - All Rights Reserved9 10. Initial Major Stakeholder Analysis Stakeholder Definition Individuals or organizations who are impacted by the project or have a major interest in it Both internal & external to the project sponsoring organizationWho are some typical major stakeholders at this point?Study Leader should interview stakeholders to determine Level of influence Needs/requirements ExpectationsCopyright William S. Bates & Thomas Flynn - All Rights Reserved10 11. Initial Stakeholder Analysis Contd. Project managers level of influence Internal StakeholdersMedium to high May take direct action to influence External StakeholdersLow to medium Stakeholders can go over PMs headStakeholder list likely to expand as project planning proceedsCopyright William S. Bates & Thomas Flynn - All Rights Reserved11 12. Initial Stakeholder Analysis Contd. Identify stakeholder attitude to project Allies Supportive Neutral Reluctant OpponentNeed plans to convert or at least neutralize the bottom two 13. Example Stakeholder Analysis DateJan. 6, 201XVersion No. Project Name Project Manager Project SponsorNameProject No.Corporate Admin and Sales Facilities Consolidation Project Sam Black Jeanette LaMontagneKey Stakeholders Title OrganizationTelephone No. Telephone No.Influence Level (H,M,L) HMike Hands, CCEO,General Holding CorporationBurt JamesPresidentMicrosystems NetworkingHHector McLeodManaging DirectorOffice Systems SoftwareHSue MoorePresidentIT Project ManagementH905-999-4444 416-666-1023Need/RequirementExpectationsThat all admin and sales functions in the Greater Toronto Area will be consolidated to; (1) achieve overhead cost savings and (2) to gain better cooperation between the sales teams of the subsidiary companies That the consolidation will have minimum impact on regional sales and operation as well as on the staff That his company technically leads the consolidation of office systems software requirements on the project. That the several major client projects her company is involved in are not impacted.That this consolidation will be achieved as quickly as possible, say 18 months, and that it will have a direct impact on growing revenues for the overall corporation. Does not want to lose key staff members because of the move and possible impact of commuting. That his company will recognize sales through the move by provision of the office system software. That her staff is not disrupted any more than necessary by the moveRecommended Communication Event(s) Project Sponsor meet monthly to brief CEO on project status.PM meet monthly with key staff to know & respond to concernsPM advise Corp. Fin. to recognize OSS sales revenuesProj. Sched. consider other projects & communicate to Pres. Stakeholders almost always high or very high at this stage Copyright William S. Bates & Thomas Flynn - All Rights Reserved13 14. Stakeholder Classification Mapping Treats stakeholders as groups Recognizes various levels of influence & interest Communicate with the group and not just individuals Large program/project may have dozens or hundreds of stakeholders Program/project managers do not get bogged down communicating with a myriad of individuals, especially during execution Create a stakeholder mapCopyright William S. Bates & Thomas Flynn - All Rights Reserved14 15. Stakeholder Group Map Corporate Admin and Sales Facilities Consolidation ProjectKeep Satisfied - To be determinedManage Closely -Mike Hands, CEOINFLUENCE-Burt James, Pres. Microsystems SoftwareKeep Informed - SuppliersKeep Informed + Two Way Communication - Pierre Guy, Pres. Temp Agency StaffingINTEREST Source: Copyright William S. Bates & Thomas Flynn - All Rights Reserved15 16. Stakeholder Group Definitions Keep Informed Group Low influence & low interest Simply need to be kept informed Group not interested in project benefitsKeep Informed plus Two Way Communication Group Low influence & high interest Motivate with regular communications as group has significant impact on completing project Obtain groups feedback & tailor communications to them Keep Satisfied Group High influence & low interest No direct influence on project but could be called upon when their help is needed Possibly devote specific time to this group Manage Closely Group High influence & high interest Manage relationship with this group Meet with group & likely as individuals Provide both general & tailored project communicationsCopyright William S. Bates & Thomas Flynn - All Rights Reserved16 17. Stakeholder Engagement Date Version No.Nov. 1, 201x 2Project Name Best Home Energy Project Manager Betty Wiseman Project Sponsor Irina Gronski Key Stakeholders Name Title OrganizationProject No. Telephone No. Telephone No. Influence Level (H,M,L)27-1x 613-333-8877 613-333-9999Need/RequirementIrina GronskiADMCorporate Services BranchHA well-defined, consumer oriented, best cost approach to alternative energy for their homesJune MayDGResearch ServicesHThat this initial project will provide sufficient product selection information to create a focused public awareness campaignCopyright William S. Bates & Thomas Flynn - All Rights ReservedExpectationsThat this initial project will lead DE to position itself in order that it can develop rapidly, an alternative home energy policy To gain alternative energy product information to support the public awareness campaignUpdated Expectation During Project Execution PM meet once a week rather original plan of once a monthSubmit draft information campaign one week earlier17 18. Stakeholder Engagement Manage Stakeholder Engagement Confirm stakeholders continued commitment to project Clarify and resolve issues Helps to ensure project goals are achievedControl Stakeholder EngagementProcess of monitoring stakeholder relationships Adjust plans and strategies for engaging stakeholdersCopyright William S. Bates & Thomas Flynn - All Rights Reserved18 19. Conclusions Stakeholders need to be managed There is a process to identifying, analyzing and managing stakeholders Good stakeholder management is a key to project success 20. 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