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  • 1. Are You Looking for 007?

2. He Who can wear many hats 3. Can understand and take risk Risk Management 4. Has expertise in counting Budget Management 5. Can manage the gang Resource Management 6. HasTech Skills Technical Expertise 7. Can make negotiation Stakeholder Management 8. Canprioritize Schedule Management 9. Can Lead Leadership 10. Caniterate well Agile SCRUM 11. Canbluff Presentation 12. I know onegoldenegg 13. He accomplished some of the very critical mission 14. Mission impossible 1: Team involved:10 teams 40 people Budget:$5 Million Creating front end and managing incentive campaign for PayPal 2007-2008 Technology:XPT, SiteCatalyst, Ajax, Oracle Time:6 Months Success criteria:TPV increase, Merchant business increase, User research Risk: Strict deadline, Fund regulation, Security Risk Response strategy:Resource leveling,Fund tracking, Merchant Unique ID 15.

  • That gave him expertise in
  • Leading multi region, cross functional , independent teams
  • Crisis communication between teams
  • Implementing innovation in tight deadline
  • Team building
  • Budget management
  • Risk identification, prioritization and mitigation
  • Vendor selection and negotiation

16. Mission impossible 2: Team involved:6 teams 20 people Budget:$200K Technology:XPT, SiteCatalyst, HTML, XML Time:3 Months Success criteria:Prevent Cart-Dropout, TPV increase, Merchant business increase, User conversion Risk: Payment Blackout for major payment flow Risk Response strategy:Re-routed only 10% user to new flow for market test and collateral finding Website Payment Flow enhancement 17.

  • That gave him expertise in
  • Agile scrum implementation
  • Sprint planning, maintaining burn chart
  • Calculate velocity and estimation techniques
  • Issue management in SCRUM, maintaining backlogs
  • Managing Daily standup, sprint review and retrospective

18. Certified by Is PMP 19. Is Agile wrestler By Pete Deemer Former V.P. Product, Yahoo Inc. 20. Bachelorsincomputer science 21. 10+ year in software industry 3+ year in ProjectManagement 22. Has successfully carried out project in 23. And today he is again available to take up new challenge 24. Want to meet? Contact [email_address] 25.


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