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Project NomNom GameKit is an effort by the Games for Health Project to create a publicly available tool that can spawn better design, development, and availability of great games about food that embodies engaging, and meaningful experiences with issues involving foods critical role in our personal health, and social well being. Kits are still in final stages of development and will be available later in fall of 2014. This presentation details the core thinking behind the kits as currently designed. Feedback and additional iteration hope to improve them before final production.


  • The NomNom GameKit Project Better Nutrition Games Food Ben Sawyer @bensawyer
  • Nutrition Games Name the best nutrition game you played last year? Most apps focus on diets, eating plans, counting calories, not systemic behavior change Gamut of opportunities wider than eat-this not-that Catch the fruit should not be a genre
  • Nutrition??? I dont think about nutrition, I think about food. Make stuff about food. - Early brainstorming participant
  • Food! Cooking Portions Nutrition MyPlate Grocery Shopping Dining Out Food Marketing Gardening Snacking Food Ethics Food Security Food Deserts Food Safety School LunchesCalorie Counting Meal Planning Dieting Emotional Eating Empty Calories
  • Games about Food
  • Games with Food! Minecraft Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
  • Catch the Fruit Were not kidding!
  • This is not a meaningful choice vs. or an interesting one
  • Food vs. Exercise We equate exercise as the answer for poor food habits! Exercise has benets beyond weight & waist line Nutrition has benets beyond weight & waist line On average exercise can help people lose 10 pounds Nutrition and eating habits are bigger issue We over emphasize exercise as the antecedent of poor food habits
  • Starting points? FDA database wasnt as useful for making games Broad free/open food database for apps is lacking Subject matter expertise online is muddled There are few tools, if any for food projects
  • Summary Many options for food and games exist Few are meaningful or interesting! The relationship between food and exercise is over-emphasized need deeper experiences The starting points are not great
  • What to do?
  • Meet & Think Convened nutritionists for input Examined nutrition textbooks for curriculum Looked at food games, apps, sites! Discussed databases, and nutrition information How can reduce risk & effort of 1st playable?
  • How? The diversity of topics is strength but whats the common denominator? Get people purposely exploring beyond calories and binary choices (i.e. fruit vs. pizza) How to simplify yet broaden! How to engage developers and non-developers?
  • Outcome Goals Reset from nutrition to food Identify plethora of issues around food that improves health & health outcomes! Enable one effort that addresses all of them Identify areas where games could offer deeper food content and help designers there too How to improve number of games about food worked on to some playable level
  • Idea: Prototyping Kit! Prototype more, suck less - Greg Costikyan
  • Prototyping kit Cards & Board Game : enables ability to cheaply prototype both for ofine & online systems Helps everyone: app, gamication, and game developers Works for non-technical: no programming needed (at least for initial work) Focuses on values, and systems: less ability to focus and get xated on media effects
  • Project NomNom We will never design the perfect food/nutrition game Enabling hundreds of developers, students, health professionals might result in some real stars Designer integrates various food data we curate Working paper prototypes can be converted to digital or polished board game form Design system for cross orientation (i.e. help developers understand food, and nutrition/food experts understand games)
  • Kit 1.0 Food Cards : Blank cards, with color codes, spots for customized data Action Cards : Blank cards, with color codes, etc. + stickers for customization Custom Dice : Printed sticker sheets for customization 4 Game Boards : Meal Planner, Kitchen, Grids, Body MyPlates : 4-8 paper MyPlates for creating games using MyPlate approach Meeples : Wooden gures, to represent family units, people in your games Money : Play money to make play purchases Tokens : Small cardboard chits with different elements on them Stickers : Our data (e.g. allergy alert!) is in sticker form that you apply to cards Printouts : Additional printouts for things like menus, recipes, etc. Meeples Tokens
  • Food Cards FRUIT Alerts Namespace $ Three Data Boxes Background color matches MyPlate Circle spot ideal for picture of item e.g. Common Serving Size, Calories, Fats 1. Allergy 2. Empty Calories 3. Processed 4. Sodium Alert ! are 4 possible alerts binary labels to place here possible contextual modier (e.g. whole grain for grains)
  • MyPlate Colors & Beyond Vegetable!! ! ! ! Green! Fruit Red Protein Purple Grains Orange! Oils Yellow! Dairy! Blue! Beverage Cyan! Condiment/Seasoning Black! Prepared/Packaged Dark Brown
  • FRUIT Orange $1 1 Each 65 Calories .2g FRUIT
  • Verb Sticker/Writing Area i IMAGE! AREA Icons, Instructions, etc. Color Code! Modier Area Action Code Area 32 AB Hunger Cue +1 Roll to see if you snack between meals
  • Verb Sheets Cooking Eating Shopping Gardening Dining Nutrition Game Blank Eat more Eat less Snack attack Craving Give Take Trade 1-4 Turn Reverse Wild Card New Rules Eliminate Everyone Shufe + - x ?
  • Verb Sheets Cooking Eating Shopping Gardening Dining Nutrition Game Blank Blend Boil Bone Braise Broil Brush Caramelize Chop Dice Drain Julienne Grind Grill Grate Fry Marinate Mash Mince Puree Tenderize Reduce Roast Scald Saute Sear Season Sift Skim Simmer Skewer Smoke Steam Whip Zest Stock Au Jus Gravy Parfait Sauce Bread Tartar Sushi Baste Cream Saute
  • Body Concept Grid Board Meal Planning Board 1 6 . 1 6 . 1 6 . 1 6 . 1 6 . 1 6 . 1 6 . 1 6 . 1 6 .
  • Burner 2Burner1 Burner 3 Burner 4 Cutting Board 1 Toaster Oven Microwave Oven Cutting Board 2 Cutting Board 3 Sink Refrigerator Freezer Stovetop Outdoor Gas Grill Specialized Appliances Kitchen Board Concept 1 6 . 1 6 . 1 6 . 1 6 . 1 6 .
  • Kits 100+ kits will be ready fall 14 Individuals & Organizations apply to receive a kit! Kit awardees must produce 1 prototype and post ingredients plus rules Sponsored jams, contests to incentivize developers Make your own kit les available for download
  • Next Steps Build updated prototype materials Final dataset for cards & sticker sheets Contract all manufacturing! Assemble kits Debut web site

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