promote, inform, & engage your b2b clients & prospects via social media

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Promote, Inform, & Engage Your B2B Clients & Prospects Via Social Media


  • 1. Promote, Inform, & Engage Your B2BClients & Prospects Via Social Media Presented by Craig M. JamiesonPresented by Craig M. Jamieson

2. My Background Business to Business Sales & SalesManagement since 1977 Active on Social Media for 4 years Monthly Windmill NetworkingContributor Social SalesTarget Training Performance Systems VAANimble Social CRM & HootSuite Solution PartnerOwn & Operate B2B Networking Groups 3. @craigmjamieson #btb2b 4. The Importance of Staying In Front Of Our Customers Has Never Been QuestionedStatistically, sales are made 2% on the 1st call 3% on the 2nd call 5% on the 3rd call 10% on the 4th call 80% on the 5th to 12th callIt can be 5-7 times more costly to find a newcustomer than it is to keep an existing one. Still 5. Includes feeling ignored 6. We Use Many Methods To Stay In Touch (and to gain referrals) Phone calls Drop-byes Personal Notes Gifts Emails Lunch 7. Including My Personal FavoriteThere is nothing wrong with any of these but . 8. IF You Really Want To Impress Me You will Help me to build mybusiness Find me new opportunities Connect me to others Help me to sell more stuff!And, you will do this CONTINUOUSLY! 9. The Goal Has Always Been To Create New ClientRelationships & To Build On Existing Ones 10. Change Your Relationship Role!The last role you want to be seen as playing isthat of a vendor. You want to be viewed as A member of the team A trusted advisor A part of the companyTherefore act like one! 11. 13+ Fun and Creative Ways To Promote,Inform, and Engage Your Clients Via Social Media and To BuildLong-Term RelationshipsGo-Givers Sell More Bob Burg 12. Learn All You Can About Them!Needs, pain, interests, & wants. Social profiles & Social streams provide the clues 13. Join The Conversation!Pick the right time, with theright message, and on theright channel! @ messages on Twitter anddirect messages on whatevernetwork(s) they frequent Like, comments, and +1s onposts and their web pages 14. Help Them Build Their Business! Conduct keyword searches on the social networks to identify opportunities for their product or services Use Google Alerts or other services like Mention to do the same Connect them to others via social networking 15. Promote Their Business To Others! Share their web pages, andyour endorsement, withothers on the social networks Auto-feed their blog withtools like HootSuite,TwitterFeed, or Be sure to include theirhandles so that they areaware of your efforts! 16. Publicize Their Events! Share via social media and share specifically to others Tweet live at their events Take and share event photos If you use FourSquare Create excitement! 17. Share Their Success! 18. Keep Them Informed! (Google Reader, Mr. Reader, Flipboard)SharingOptions 19. Invite Them To Collaborate! LinkedIn Groups andGoogle+ Communities Public industry groups Private groups forcustomers and teammembers only 20. Bring Them Into A Hangout! 21. Contribute To Each Other Feature their articles onyour site (Featured Client) Offer to write articles fortheir sites Consider starting aGaggleAmp where youcross post each othersarticles 22. Make Them A Part Of Your Team! Provide advancednotification of newproducts, specials, etc. Ask them to collaborateon product design Consider using contestsand polls to promoteengagement 23. Get Creative With Newsletters! Feature your customersand promote them toeach other Provide good infoapplicable to all readers Focus little on your ownproducts and servicesother than a specialannouncement or offer 24. Be A Super Hero byProviding Unrelated Services! Build value as a problem solver. Put on your cape! If they have not already established a social media presence, help them to do so! Show them better ways to do business even if that does not include your product/service 25. Some Tools You Might Look At to Help You Track Your Progress & Stay On Task 26. Connect With Me! Craig M. JamiesonAdaptive Business Services / NetWorks! Boise 208.340.9546


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