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  • 1. Promoting more appropriate pharmaceutical utilization with PARAS It is necessary that every hospital should have their own pharmacy to enhance their patients care. Pharmacy is one of the most important departments in hospitals. Thehospital that lack pharmacy,often causesinconvenience to their patients. Hence it is the duty of every hospital toestablish a pharmacy department and integrate it with the hospitals operations. Integrating pharmacy departments with hospital operations play a major role in stopping revenue leakages. With the advanced integrated system in place hospitals can not only track the assetsand drugs of the pharmacybut can alsomonitor the status and conditions of the assets and drugs. Hence in order to maximize the efficiency and fuel the revenue growth it is necessary to adopt a right system. PARAS pharmacy module can manage the entire pharmacy operations within the hospital. It has enabled the linking of store and billing system and also maintains complete drug formulary with all contra indications, interactions, dosagedetails and supports various drug classifications and indexes. As and when the patients collect medicines from pharmacy shop their charges are automatically transferred to their bills, stopping the manipulation and revenue leakages. With this, The IP pharmacy cashier module receives the request from different departments, does the billing and dispenses the medicine. The OP pharmacy cashier takes care of the pharmacy needs of out patients. Besides this, PARAS also helps in review of medication issues whenever and wherever necessary. The drug inventory is also maintained with all the details required for the drug. Hence PARAS takes care of end to end solution while integrating hospitals and pharmacies.