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Promotion Mix Advertising Personal Selling Sales Promotion Publicity Direct Marketing

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Advertising Strategy used in some top ads


Promotion MixAdvertising Personal Selling Sales Promotion Publicity Direct Marketing

Major Decision Areas in Advertising ManagementSetting Ad Objectives Deciding Ad Budget Developing Ad Message Selecting Ad Media Evaluating Ad Impact

HDFC Standard Life

Standing at the railway platform with his family a man welcomes his father.

As the old man prepares to get down, the son offers his hand for assistance.

But the father frowns back at him and proudly steps down on his own.

But the proud man is repulsed by his wife as he offers to help her get down.

HDFC Standard LifeLaughing as they proceed ahead, the young grandchild suddenly falls down. The grandfather is about to rush to his help when the father stops him.

Respect yourself.

They watch proudly as the boy gets back on his feet.

MVO: "We value your self respect as much as your life. HDFC Standard Life Insurance.

LimcaA rickety bus drives down a dry muddy road. One of the passengers, a girl takes a sip of her soft drink.

The next instant she feels the pitter-patter of rain outside and stretches out her neck to feel it.

Getting out of the bus, she starts dancing.

LimcaShe again takes a sip from her Limca bottle.She feels the fresh air on her face as the Limca continues to refresh her.

She hangs on to the bottle for the last sip.

And once again she feels the shower water on her.

Bajaj PulsarShot of two nurses on a round up of a children's ward They pause at a bed that has a large patient under the sheets

Making sure that no one is looking at them, they remove the cover....

...and scream out in delight on finding a bike under it, "It's a boy! It's a boy

Bajaj PulsarCut to a vrooming Pulsar. MVO: "180 cc, 15 BHP. Solid grip. Muscular style." It continues to... ...speed on a highway against the backdrop of a rough, rocky terrain and finally screeches to a halt

Even as the two nurses saunter past the bikestand looking fondly at the Pulsar,... turns its head their way. MVO: "Bajaj Pulsar. Definitely male."

A man rides into a petrol pump and parks his bike before a pump

More concerned with his hair he casually tells the waiting attendant, "Achcha voh dena

Clueless as to what the customer is talking about, the poor guy asks puzzled, "Voh?"

At a loss for the word the biker tries explaining, "Vohi yaar jo pani jaisa dikhta hai."

Yet again failing to get what this forgetful consumer wants, he repeats in his zombie like fashion, "Pani?"

Struggling to get it right, the man tries once again, "Arre voh jo botel mein le jate hain yaar."

Trying to make the best of the clue, he asks, "Doodh?"

Desperate, he finally hits on the right hint, "Jisse gaadi chalti hai."

All of a sudden the word dawns on the attendant and with a relieved voice he confirms, "Petrol?"

With the mystery solved the amnesic gives an explanation, "Kya karoon yaar, jab se TVS Centra aayi hai, petrol ka naam hi bhool jata hoon."

MVO: "Nayi TVS Centra. Atyadhunick VT-i engine ka ajooba jo de sau kilometer prati

Before pushing off, the proud owner sumarises the best feature of the bike, Ek bar bharo, mahine bhar

PromotionTo inform To educate To entertain To persuade To remind

Types of Ad AppealsRational Appeals Emotional Appeals Fear Appeals Humour Appeals Celebrity Appeals Common man Appeals Testimonial Appeals

Celebrity AppealUses Establishes Credibility Attracts Attention Associative Benefit Psychographic Connect Demographic Connect Mass Appeal Disadvantages Improper Positioning Brand celebrity disconnect Clutter Flutter Dissatisfaction with Product Performance / Quality