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a major project reort. including the print ads that i made for this hypothetical project...


  • 2. IntroductionTourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Thenumber of tourists has been registering phenomenal growth and itis expected that this number would shortly touch 1.5 billion.Nature has bestowed Himachal Pradesh with unique beauty andsplendour with its lush green valleys, snow covered Himalayanranges, a serene, peaceful, hospitable and comfortableenvironment, smiling people and a rich culture heritage whichtourists will not find elsewhere. Being in the lap of Himalayas, thisfact becomes its natural and unique USP with global appeal.In order to increase the duration of the stay of the visitors/ tourists,a special emphasis is being placed on the development of activity-based tourism and opening up new sub destinations. Himachal wasearlier known only for the summer season. Efforts are being madeto break the seasonality factor and tourism products have beendiversified to attract the tourists in other seasons too. Nowhimachal is known as A Destination for All Seasons and All Reasons
  • 3. OBJECTIVESTourism contributes nearly 8 % of the State Domestic Product. Following arethe some objectives:1) To establish Himachal Pradesh as a leading tourist destination in the country.2) To make tourism a prime engine for economic development and prosperity of the state and as a major means of providing employment.3) To promote sustainable tourism, which is not only environmentally compatible but also leads to economic betterment of the rural people.4) To attract quality tourists and to increase their stay in the State.5) To safeguard the states natural and manmade heritage.6) To position Himachal Pradesh as one stop destination or adventure tourism.
  • 4. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths:1) One of the rarest places on earth offering five distinct seasons, thus having the potential tourists throughout the year.2) Political and economic stability.3) Recognised as peaceful and hospitable state.4) Salubrious climate5) Pollution free environment6) Rich history and heritage, that has something to offer to all. Its Buddhists monasteries, which are thousands of years old, churches, temples and cemeteries.
  • 5. WEAKNESSES1) Negligible air link and rail link in the state.2) Inadequate flow of tourists.3) Lack of trained tourist guides at important places and historical tourist sites.4) Saturation at the establishes destinations.5) No new major tourist destination.6) Lack of parking spaces at important tourist places.7) Very little budget.8) Problems of land acquisitions.
  • 6. OPPURTUNITIES1) Strong potential for activity based tourism such as rafting, paragliding, trekking, mountaineering, water sports, mountain biking, car rallies, etc.
  • 7. OPPURTUNITIES2) A strong base for heritage tourism to attract persons from all walks of societies and religious beliefs.3) To develop an ideal destination for nature lovers by promoting ECO- TOURISM.4) Position as an ideal for FILM INDUSTRY.5) Himachal has something to offer to persons of all ages, groups, beliefs and interest.6) Himachal can become one of the leading adventure destination in the world.7) Create new destination in yet unexplored but beautiful areas.
  • 8. THREATS1) Tremendous strain, leading to collapse at times of civic amenities at leading tourist destination during the season.2) Haphazard growth and construction threatening the environment, especially at the leading tourist destination.3) Aggressive competition amongst the leading tourist states and a strong promotion of tourism by other states.4) Poor garbage/ waste posing threat to environment.
  • 10. VARIOUS MEANS OF MASS MEDIA THAT CAN BE USED TO PROMOTE TOURISM :1) Print media Metropolitan newspaper Suburban newspaper Regional newspaper Magazine2) Radio3) Television4) Internet
  • 11. ADVERTISING FOR TOURISMGreat advertising talks to customers, not to itself. It makes reader feel goodabout the product or service advertisement. In tourism we have wonderfuladvantage. We are selling enjoyment, fun, good times, and who doesnt wantto experience those things. We are also in the peoples business. Travelersreturning home are more likely to talk about the people that gave them goodservice and the friends they made before they get around to the things theysaw and did.Many advertisements lose their impact because of a lack of consistency inpresentation. They appear jumbled and often cater to local views rather thangiving first consideration to the readers. Typefaces should be easily read andappropriate to the image of the destination or product.An overall design of the layout of the advertisement should highlight the keypoints and features. A bland uninterested presentation will not be effectivenor will a layout which is crammed with too much details.
  • 12. STRATEGIES TO PROMOTE HIMACHAL TOURISM1) Installation of touch screen KIOSKS with full information of the state at important national and international airports and railway stations of the country.2) Participation in leading national and international fairs.3) Organisation of tourism events in the state, particularly in the off season in order to attract a large no. of tourists.4) Providing information through modern means of communication like: website, e-mails, round the clock toll free assistance and helpline.5) Release of advertisements in print media and electronic media.6) HOME STAY SCHEME.
  • 13. MEDIA PLANNINGAdvertisements for print:The following ads will be published on weekends in the most popular newspapers of the region , in the most read monthly and fortnightly magazines fortwo months, i.e., October and November.
  • 14. Advertisements through T.V.:The focus remains on the widely watched channels and broadcasting thecommercial during that time when mostly families and friends are sittingtogether. The target channels will be: national geographic channel, Discoverychannel, Travel and Living. News channels: NDTV 24X7, CNN-IBN, Aajtak, Star news.The commercial will run on all the above channels. Since budget is not an issuefrom the side of the government, the T.V. time frame of the commercials can beextended as per requirement.The timing for the advertisement to be broadcast would be: in the morning 8a.m.- 12 p.m.. And during the prime time, i.e., 7-8 p.m. and 8-11p.m.
  • 15. EVALUATION OF EFFECTIVENESS OF THE ADVERTISEMENTEach year most businesses spend sizeable sums on advertising and othermarketing, yet no effort is made to measure the effectiveness of the funds spent.Evaluating responses to advertising is not very difficult. It only requires a routine.One simple method is for tourism businesses to ask customers where they learnedof their accommodations. All that is necessary is to put a list of recent advertisingbeside the phone or the reception desk. When customers respond to a question, asimple tick or other entry can be noted on the list. The origin of customers can alsobe important.By evaluating results, it is possible to get better returns from future advertisingexpenditure.
  • 16. CONCLUSION:While working on this project I was initially focusing on the clichd word tourismonly. But later, when I researches I found that there are other aspects that areneeded to be highlighted, like, wildlife tourism, adventure tourism etc. These aresome areas where development is urgently required. Since the government isnot restricting itself to a limited budget, these areas can be brought into light.When I asked people what they like about himachal, their instant answer waslandscapes, greenery etc. when further I hinted them that not only thelandscapes but adventure sports are also a very important part of tourism there.Immediately they related to it. So the next time when somebody hears the wordhimachal, the instant reaction should not only be landscapes , but also sports,health, wildlife etc. Through this project I came to the conclusion that, since otherstates are promoting their states so magnificently, Himachal has to come up withvery innovative idea to increase tourist flow into the state. It is high time that theword HIMACHAL be spread in such a way that, when we say HOLIDAYS it hasto be HIMACHAL.
  • 17. THANK YOU