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Protests and Tribulations. Draft, Tuition, and … Druids?. Reformed Druids of North America. Founded Spring of 1963, at Carleton College, in response to their religious requirement If you can tell whether I’m serious, I’m not living up to the RDNA culture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Protests and Tribulations

Protests and TribulationsDraft, Tuition, and Druids?Alternate title: Tribulations and Tumult1Reformed Druids of North AmericaFounded Spring of 1963, at Carleton College, in response to their religious requirementIf you can tell whether Im serious, Im not living up to the RDNA cultureA friend of mine at Carleton was one of the founders of the RDNA, and kept bugging me to join.I joined in 1964.

I went to a small liberal arts college in Minnesota Carleton College.(Hal Hart went to the same school, graduating two years after I did.)Religious requirement: must attend the colleges Sunday morning religious service, or another regularly organized service of worship, or the colleges Sunday evening religious lecture at least 7 out of 10 weeks per termFor more about the RDNA, see http://rdna.infoMy friend (who had gone to the same high school as I) was named David Frangquist known in RDNA circles as David the Chronicler.I worked my way up from First Order, to Second Order, and eventually to Third Order (then Sixth Order) Priest.2Reformed Druids at PurdueI arrived at Purdue in January, 1967, to work on an MS in Mathematics.At first, I spent all my time on math.By 1968, I was not only hanging out in the CS department, but spending more time outside, including concerts at Slayter Center.That fall, I started holding Reformed Druid services.I worked at Control Data Corporation for a year and a half between college and grad school. While there, I took an after-hours course from CDC personnel on the design of the CDC 6600.Soon after settling in at Purdue, I began hanging out at ENAD, and (that fall) at the new Mathematical Sciences building (including both the CS department and the Computing Center, with its lovely new CDC 6500).3Vietnam-era DraftYoung men (ages 18 25) were drafted and sent into war.The main escape was deferment: being in college, or being in graduate school or an occupation in a scientific or technological area.Hey! Thats us!The escape clause was gradually tightened.First draft during war since the Korean War, in the 1950s50,000+ American soldiers were killed in the Vietnam war.By 1968, the war was very divisive. (Thats why Lyndon Johnson didnt run for re-election as President in 1968.)My draft board got more interested in my progress toward a graduate degree.More on the shrinking escape hatch from Rich Ragan, shortly. More from Hal Hart on what it feels like to be drafted.4Lesser-known Draft ExemptionsIn addition to deferments, there were exemptions.One of the grounds for exemption was being a minister (or equivalent, in other sects).

5SamhainIn the RDNA version of Celtic history, one of the main holidays is Samhain, the ancestor of Halloween.This seemed to be a good time to really publicize the Druids at Purdue.

The six main RDNA holidays are Samhain (November 1), Midwinter (winter solstice), Oimelc (February 1). Beltane (May 1), Midsummer (summer solstice), and Lugnasadh (August 1). (See The Customs of the Druids, Chapter 4.)Some of the RDNA version of Celtic history is of dubious origin, but Samhain seems to be on firm ground.

6Samhain Celebration at PurdueOn the evening of October 31 (Halloween), the 10-15 congregants met in the wind tunnel, then trooped down the stairs to the hall outside the Machine Room.We all stood looking toward the little-known, little-used graphics console. In the fall of 1968, the upper floor of the Computing Center was not locked down (although the doors may have been installed).There were plenty of windows to see into the Machine Room. From one particular place, you could look between the cabinets to see the graphics console.7Graphics console

Almost no one had ever used the graphics console, or even knew what it was.(picture supplied by Richard Ragan)8Druid symbolAfter suitable incantations, I drew the Druid symbol in the air,

while facing the graphics console:

Drawn in the air using the first two fingers of one hand, at first together , while drawing a circle, then spread apart while drawing the two vertical lines.9Magic!My accomplice, watching my reflection in the nearby controllers cabinet face, started the consoles drawing program by pressing the button on the controller.Accomplice is magician talk. In grade school, I was an amateur magician.I think my accomplice was either Bill DAvanzo or Richard Ragan.10Graphics console with sign

(Bad artists conception.)The actual display was white on black.11Post-magicThere was a satisfying gasp from the crowd.We then trooped back up the stairs, and drove to the banks of the Wabash, where we had a religious-themed ceremony and bonfire.

12Bonfire at the Wabash

This picture, and the next one, were taken from an article in the Purdue Exponent, dated Tuesday, October 8, 1968.(This is not the actual celebration of Samhain.)The guy in the robes (looking suspiciously like a bed sheet) is me.Facing me is Bill DAvanzo.I dont recognize the others.13Bonfire at the Wabash

I dont recognize either of these two.14


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