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  1. 1. Proven Ways to Improve Supplier Relationship Its important for PURCHASING DEPARTMENTS to maintain professional relationships with SUPPLIERS. That being said, it doesnt always make sense to conduct business in an overly formal manner. The reason is being too formal can get in the way of effective communication. By finding smart ways to overcome that barrier, it becomes possible to reap the benefits that go along with having more personal relationships with suppliers. Although improving supplier relationships in a meaningful way isnt something thats going to happen overnight, there are several strategies you can utilize to get the ball rolling. Because were big believers in the power of consistent progress, we want to go over the most effective of those strategies right now: Make Consistent Communication a Priority In most cases, suppliers work with a variety of clients. While any worthwhile supplier is going to want to provide the best experience to their buyers, there are
  2. 2. only so many hours in a day. Since suppliers have to manage multiple obligations, the first step towards building a great relationship is not keeping them in the dark until you suddenly need a large order. Instead, staying in touch with them on a regular basis will allow you to build a strong rapport. And when it is time for an order, theyll be in a better position to promptly service your business. Utilize PURCHASING SOFTWARE Not only will your business directly benefit from OPTIMAL PURCHASING EFFICIENCY, but running your procurement department in a highly efficient way makes it easier for suppliers to work with you. If youre trying to figure out the best way to MANAGE EFFICIENCY, the answer is PURCHASING SOFTWARE. Because BELLWETHER PURCHASING SOFTWARE doesnt require IT support, youll be able to start using it in no time. And thanks to the availability of direct supplier integrations, you will have the perfect channel for connecting with suppliers. Avoid Placing Blame or Other Excessive Demands Working with an established supplier that has a solid reputation means that things should go smoothly most of the time. That being said, there will be times when issues come up. However, its important not to blow them out of proportion. As long as you trust the supplier, theres no reason you cant work through a problem. But if you let the situation get bogged down by instantly placing blame or making other unreasonable demands, both parties will end up losing. Powered by: BellWetherCorp 9900 Shelbyville Road, Suite 6B Louisville, KY 40223, USA


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