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  • 1. If you are facing acne problems, getting scars on your face can cause even more trouble, and permanent visible imperfection. This is the reason why you need to treat your skin for acne scars, as well as handle the pimples carefully. In order to avoid infection and inflammation, you need to follow a rigorous routine for clearing and moisturizing your skin. The below article will give you an overview of the best methods to prevent acne scars.
  • 2. Why Acne Scars OccurIf you try to squeeze your acne before it is ready, touch it with non-sterile hands or apply makeup on the open scar, you can get permanent problems. You might have deep skin problems, and feel that the stuff in your acne is half a centimeter below your skin. In this case, you should not try to squeeze them, justtreat them with face tonic and wait until they appear closeto the surface. Steaming at home can also be beneficial, as it will open the pores hiding the source of pimple, naturally, without causing scarring on the facial skin.
  • 3. What Not to Do to Prevent Acne ScarsYou should not touch and pick your acne at any time, not even with a clear tissue. If you feel like you want to hide it, you needto apply serums to close the pores, so the makeup will not get inside. Facial tonic and any product, containing tea tree oil will do, but make sure that you also clear the surface of the acne at least two times a day. Squeezing is not permitted, until you can see the white stuff on the surface of your skin, otherwise you will get nasty permanent acne scars. You need to wait until the scars completely heal, before you can find a treatment for them.
  • 4. How to Treat Acne ScarsOnce you do have acne scars, you need to keep them clear and get a product that has Coenzymes and revitol in. They will re-build the surface naturally, and you will not need surgery at all. Depending on the depth of your scar, you would need to have a 3-6 month treatment, using supplements; carotene, Co- enzyme and revitol, a rigorous 3-step skin care routine three times a day, and plenty of water. Keeping your skin hydrated is the key to the healing process, and eatingloads of raw vegetables instead of munching chocolate for snack will help as well.
  • 5. Skincare Routine against AcneYou need to start and endyour day with a careful skin care routine. First, you have tocleanse your skin deeply, then exfoliate to open the poresdeep, close the pores and moisturize. If you get acne scars,chances are that you do have open pores, which occurs as your skin ages and loses flexibility. That is the reason why you might want to use a combination of warm and cold water facial shower every morning and night. Revitolproducts are also suitable to increase the flexibility of yourskin, and do not forget the last step: moisturizing after you have closed the pores.
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