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PSCI is an innovative, health care analytics company on a mission to transform health care provider economics with advanced patient and population analytics.PSCI uses a transformational approach for predicting risk of hospitalization that takes in to account of 6 dimensions - patent state - of – health, compliance, utilization , socioeconomics, access to care and perceived well –being.


  • 1.What is PSCI ? PSCI is a leading SaaS (Software as a Service) Software Applications provider for Healthcare Industry. PSCI offers Software Applications for Healthcare Predictive Risk Analytics to Lower Costs and Improve Quality of Care. PSCI Healthcare Data Analyzer is used by Hospitals, Medical Practice Groups, Insurance Companies, and Self-Insured Employers to manage At-Risk population in accountable care organizations.

2. About MCNT The Medical Clinic of North Texas, P.A. is a dynamic 43 clinic physicians group in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Its board certified primary care physicians and specialists are committed to promoting good health and healthy lifestyles for their patients. Team of 175 doctors specializing in: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Allergy & Immunology, General Surgery, Rheumatology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Geriatrics, Infectious Diseases, Podiatry, Psychotherapy, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation & Interventional Pain Management, Sports Medicine and Travel Medicine. 3. By using near real-time patient health records from EMRs along with financial claims and demographics data, PSCI presents clinical teams information that allows them to understand the risk drivers associated with patient care across the patient population. By understanding the clinical cost, quality and risk drivers, physicians make interventions to have a dramatic impact to lower the healthcare cost curve. Karen Kennedy, CEO Medical Clinic of North Texas 4. BlueCross BlueShield has been running medical home pilots since 2010 with Village Health Partners in Plano and the 42 offices of the Medical Clinic of North Texas. The pilots improved care and saved an average of $10.50 a month for 25,000 patients, said Scott Albosta, a division vice president with the insurance company. - (Dallas Morning News June 23, 2012). 5. Urologic Specialists of Oklahoma, Inc. 6. With new payment models like ACOs, Bundled Payment, and Value-based Purchasing, executives need to make many more decisions around health care to minimize cost, boost quality, and reduce risk across the continuum-of-care. PSCI serves it up with the ability to run any number of what-if scenarios, which is critical to executive decision making. - Steve Dobbs, CEO Urologic Specialists of Oklahoma 7. About USMD USMD Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:USMD) is an innovative, integrated health system, led by physicians rather than third- party entities, committed to maintaining the vital doctor- patient relationship, ensuring better quality and more affordable care to patients. A business combination comprised of USMD Inc. (USMD), Urology Associates of North Texas, L.L.P. (UANT), Medical Clinic of North Texas, P.A. (MCNT), and IMPEL Management Services, L.L.C., it provides world-class, state-of-the-art healthcare. 8. 13 "I joined USMD in January 2102 with the task of developing a Cardiology Center of Excellence (COE) for a large multi-specialty group with over 200 physicians at multiple practice sites spread across the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex. Initially, the business plan which would call for a multi-million dollar investment could only be based on static, dated sources such as census demographics, hospital admission data, number of primary care physicians and the historical rate of referral to cardiology and ancillaries generated. Overall, very weak information at best that only worked under the "build it and they'll come" strategy. This is no longer an option in the highly competitive DFW health care market. Using the PSCI predictive risk solution helped with planning the Cardiology COE. Within days I had a I had a dynamic, data driven plan that detailed our market's CV patient volume, geographic concentration, risk index, social demographics etc. This has allowed us to accurately determine how many cardiologists (or other specialists) we need, where to place the specialist, expected referral volume and projected ancillaries produced. There is far less financial risk when investing in a strategy based on real data! Dr. Steve Johnston, Head of Cardiology, USMD 9. About H.S.A The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority provides care through the 124-bed Cayman Islands Hospital (104 inpatient and 20 observation beds) and the 18-bed Faith Hospital on Cayman Brac. Ancillary services are offered at district health centres, and clinics for dental and eye care. We've created this site to provide you with information about our many services. Our goal is to use this medium to offer help, support and service to the public. Much of what is mentioned here will yield to additional information, and our staff is always pleased to answer questions by phone, fax or e-mail. We invite your comments and suggestions. A commitment to the highest degree of patient care, comfort and safety, delivered by a competent, professional team of doctors, nurses and support staff is the hallmark of the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority. 10. We will get a quote for H.S.A 11. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Ardent subsidiaries own and operate health systems in the U.S. The network includes ten acute care hospitals, a rehabilitation hospital, a multi-specialty physician group, a 240,000 member health plan and retail pharmacies. Ardent health systems include: Capital Improvement Investments over Last Five Years: $595 million Hospitals: 3 systems; 11 acute care hospitals and 1 rehab hospital Licensed Beds: 2,208 , Employees: 12,100 Retail Pharmacy: 11 pharmacies in New Mexico Health Plan: 240,000 members , Employed Physicians: 220 12. PSCI Solutions built an innovative performance improvement solution that helped us identify non-intuitive opportunities by analyzing the adverse cost variances and its root causes at multidimensional level for the cardio and spine service lines. The solution brings in disparate cost and operational measures to understand the reasons behind economic outliers, physician preference items and device variation. Shannon Fiser, VP Finance , Ardent Health System 13. ABOUT PSCI PSCI is an innovative provider of predictive population risk analytics for care management and contract optimization leveraging EMR, Claims & Demographics data for medical homes, physician groups, ACOs, hospital systems, IDNs, and shared savings programs. 14. ABOUT PSCI PSCI delivers predictive chronic disease models for population state-of-health risk stratification, quality- cost-risk visibility, "what-if" modeling and ACO demand planning for improving overall healthcare provider and payer performance. PSCI is critical to managing At-Risk populations and pay-for- performance objectives. For more information, please visit


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