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Fall Issue 1 Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014 John Holland: Seeing is Believing How to hold a Séance Tana Hoy : Myths about Psychic Abilities The magazine for the metaphysical and spiritual community Doreen and Grant Virtue: Angels of Abundance

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Psychic Guidepost is the premier magazine for the metaphysical and spiritual community. Check out the latest trends and stories in the psychic community!


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Fall Issue 1

Psychic GuidepostFall 2014

John Holland: Seeing is Believing

How to hold a Séance Tana Hoy:

Myths about Psychic


The magazine for the metaphysical and spiritual community

Doreen and Grant Virtue:

Angels of Abundance

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Fall Issue 3

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Seeing is believing

Angels of Abundance

6 Myths about Psychic Abilites

Inward Focus

Are Men Really from Mars?




How to Conduct a Seance

Walking Meditation

Love or Fear?

58 You are an Empath




Mabon: an Autumn Ritual

How we react to Suicide or Depression

Halloween Recipes


30 Be Still Know Thyself

50 Why I love Welch Witches

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Fall Issue 5


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EDITOR’s NotesCristina

and “Be still and Know thyself ” gives several tips and methods to exploring the inner you. Stillness gives you real insights and answer to all your problems. For solitary witches, we offer a

rendition of a Solitary Witches’ Ritual Guide to Mabon. Don’t forget to read

AsktheAstrologer’s column, Are Men from Mars or Venus and a look at what the stars say about this topic. Be sure to follow us at

psychicguidepost. or contact us at [email protected]

Nothing spells magic like autumn. It’s a time to harvest what we’ve sown throughout the year. It’s a time for spiritual exploration, and celebrating life and death. In this issue we explore an

experience with spirit as John Holland shares the many faces of spirit. All Soul’s Day or Halloween is a

great time of mystical magic, so in this issue we share what a lot of people want to know: How to conduct a Seance. There is nothing to be afraid of when you want to reach out to the spirit world. Remember spirit is energy and cannot be destroyed it can only change, it has no beginning or end. So do that seance you’ve been talking about with confidence. With the harvest comes

abundance, or at least thoughts of abundance. We offer a look at Angel Abundance from Grant and Doreen Virtue with an expert from their new book “Angels of Abundance.” Our psychic abilities seem to kick

in during this season. Our senses become heightened and we tend to see or forecast the future in little

ways throughout our daily lives. In this issue, the fabulous Tana Hoy presents 6 Myths about Psychic Abilities. Learn how to embrace your natural gifts and listen t your inner spirit. As the weather cools and we start

to throw a log on the fire, or break out our winter clothes, we may discover that time is slowing down. During this slow down period is when we think about spending some time alone with our own thoughts. In this issue we offer a few articles about meditation and stillness. “Walking meditation” by Willows Insight, “Inward focus”

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6 Psychic Guidepost

Seeing is Believing

The Many Faces of:

Page 7: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 7

Seeing is Believing

The Many Faces of:

By John Holland

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A gasp rippled through the audience as the faces of the dead started to overlay the face of the medium onstage.

Transfiguration Mediumship

Am I really seeing what I think I am seeing?” I turned and whispered to one of my fellow students and teachers in the packed lecture hall. It was eerily

quiet, and I could feel the intensity of the atmosphere as everyone sat on the edge of their seats staring at the medium. I was lucky enough to be part of a private gathering to see a Transfiguration Medium demonstrate his extraordinary ability. What with all the reading I’d done on psychic phenomena and mediumship, I couldn’t wait to hopefully see this specialized type of mediumship for real. During my intensive two-year stay in England, where I studied every aspect of mediumship, I was privileged to witness many strange yet wondrous demonstrations of the extraordinary power of Spirit. Of course, I’d heard

about this type of mediumship, but never thought I would get to attend an actual demonstration, since this form of mediumship is very rare and takes years of dedication and patience to develop on the part of the medium.

A gasp rippled through the audience as the faces of the dead started to overlay the face of the medium onstage. If I hadn’t witnessed this with my own eyes, I might not have believed it! It was an extraordinary experience.

Before I finish this story, let me explain a bit more what this is all about. Transfiguration is a rare form of mediumship that allows those in spirit to materialize and communicate through the medium. To put it in the simplest way, it’s when the face of the person who has passed on will appear over the face of the medium. I know you’re most likely saying to yourself right now,What?! Let me explain further.

A Transfiguration Medium has the ability to communicate like other mediums with those in the Spirit World, but something different also happens. Anyone who has seen me work knows that I talk about raising my energy (which, as I mentioned, I often refer to as “the quickening”), which is all part of blending my vibrations with those of Spirit to forge the connection.

Transfiguration Mediums also start out in the same way. First, they enter a trancelike state or an altered state of consciousness. Then, when the time is right,

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Fall Issue 9

Ectoplasm is a translucent substance that oozes from the medium’s body during the trance state.

What is Ectoplasm?

a veil of ectoplasm slowly appears in front of their face, and it’s this veil that gets molded into the exact features of the spirit who’s trying to communicate. When I witnessed this for the first time, I must admit that I did say to myself, John, keep an open mind here, and experience the whole thing before you react or decide on what you feel you’ve seen.

Ectoplasm is a translucent substance that oozes from the medium’s body during the trance state. Spirits are able to manipulate and use the substance to push their own faces through the veil just like a mask. It’s not remotely gory or anything like that, and once spirits have communicated, the ectoplasm returns back into the medium’s body. The substance is very light sensitive, and that’s why many Transfiguration Mediums will often hold séances in darkened rooms.

In the UK, transfiguration was very popular during the late 19th century and the early part of the 20th century, when interest in

Spiritualism was at an all-time high as a result of the horrific aftermath and human loss resulting from World War I. Thousands of people became interested in the whole concept and the reality of the afterlife. Grieving families tried to come to terms with the loss, often spanning generations, as fathers, husbands, and sons were lost during the war. So many people with heavy broken hearts wanted to know if there really was an afterlife and if their loved ones were safe.

I found it immensely poignant when I read how people who’d lost loved ones in the First World War would attend transfiguration séances, in the hopes that they would get the opportunity to see their loved ones’ faces just one more time. I know from doing this work that all too often when someone dies tragically, such as in the case of war, the family members who are left to grieve have a harder time coming to terms with their loss, as they rarely got the opportunity to say good-bye.

Nevertheless, I do want to reiterate that this form of mediumship is quite rare. It takes absolute dedication and desire as well as patience to sit in a development circle for years to develop this special ability. Therefore, you can imagine that when I was offered the opportunity to witness this myself, I jumped at the opportunity.

John Holland is an internationally renowned psychic medium and teacher who lectures, demonstrates, and reads for private clients; and who has spent more than 20 years developing his abilities. He’s been featured on The History Channel, A&E, Unsolved Mysteries, and in numerous articles; as well as becoming a familiar voice on radio stations throughout the world. He’s the author of the bestsellers Power of the Soul, Born Knowing and Psychic Navigator and his latest book The Spirit Whisperer.

An exert from the book:

The Spirit Whisperer - Chronicles of a Medium. (Hay House Publishing 2010)

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10 Psychic Guidepost

We’re all born psychic. The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck was designed to encourage everyone’s innate psychic abilities to fully emerge. The reader will find 65 beauti-fully illustrated cards that create a powerful bridge be-tween their psychic intuitive abilities with the ancient knowledge and meanings of the tarot. This deck will help you to have intuitive insights and helpful guidance in all areas of life, whether it’s matters of love and rela-tionships, personal issues, business decisions, or even career changes.

In this unique 65 card deck with an accompanying guidebook, John shares his inspiration and spiritual guidance to deal with almost every aspect of your heart and the myriad of relationships in your life. Rela-tionships of all kinds are really about you! They often reflect back what we need to see. No matter what issues you’re facing in your life, this deck will help add clarity. It will answer questions and illustrate where you are, why you’re there, what you may have done wrong in the past, so you can learn valuable lessons from your past mistakes.

The cards speak intuitively in a way that will resonate with anyone and everyone! The cards in themselves will become a catalyst for your personal soul growth.Not just for lovers! It was created to help you under-stand, develop, and improve every type of relationship in your life, including the most important relationship … that with yourself.

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck

The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck

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Fall Issue 11

There’s a special language that transcends time and space—a language that’s not constrained by the limitations of just words, but one that consists of signs, symbols, energy, and thought. A language that can only be heard when one truly listens. It’s the language of The Spirit Whisperer.

In John Holland’s past books, he explained how he came to terms with, and learned to accept and em-brace, his spiritual gifts as a psychic medium, and how “readers” can develop their own intuitive psychic abilities.In this new book, John picks up the fascinating story of his personal journey of growth and develop-ment as one of the most respected practicing mediums today. This work chronicles his past ten years of expe-rience and includes some enlightening and heartfelt real-life case studies. He candidly discusses readings with clients, including those who’ve had their own Af-ter Death Communications (ADCs)—from the outra-geous to the profound. John also explains the signs and symbols that our loved ones continually try to send us. One of his most popular sayings is: “Those on the

Other Side want to talk to you—as much as you want to talk to them!”John divulges for the first time some of the extraordinary paranormal occurrences he’s wit-nessed throughout his career, and provides a rare glimpse behind the scenes of what it’s like to be a “Psychic Time Machine” for several television shows, as well as growing up as a psychic child. He’ll also help parents who have a psychic child themselves. The Spirit Whisperer is a book you’ll want to read over and over, as many of the stories will touch your heart as well as your soul.TRADEPAPER - 6” x 9” ISBN-13: 978-1-4019-2287-0

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12 Psychic Guidepost

An introduction to The Angels of

Abundance by Doreen and Grant



Abundance is our natural spiritual state of being, and we’re constantly surrounded by Divine beings who want to protect and nurture us, and help us achieve our potential. These beings go by many names and serve various roles, but they’re most commonly called angels.Abundance really means a feeling of security and safety. Abundance has nothing to do with how much you have in the bank, or even how your fi nances are managed. After all, there are plenty of wealthy people who still worry about money. Abundance simply means that you feel financially secure about your pres-ent and future life. That feeling of security is worth its weight in gold. And yes, of course, abundance includes the ability to easily pay your bills.Abundance also refers to having plenty of time, ideas, confidence, love, and every other positive condition you can imagine. When you tap into the flow of abundance, it arrives in every color of the rainbow.

Doreen Virtue is a spiritual doctor of psychology and a fourth-generation metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascended-master realms in her writings and workshops.A frequent talk-show guest with appearances on Oprah, CNN, Good Morning America, The View, and other national programs. Visit her at

Page 13: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 13

Our Creator made everything abundant, and is constantly cre-ating new forms of abundance. Abundance is so natural that you have to take extraordinary mea-sures to prevent its flow! In this book, you’ll learn to identify and stop those sabotaging behaviors so that you can enjoy a flow of abun-dance that you can share with your loved ones and your favorite char-ities. You’ll learn about the Divine contract that ensures you will be abundantly supported while you fulfill your life purpose. You, like everyone, have a very im-portant life purpose that only you can fulfill. It is a service that you agreed to perform in this lifetime to help others. Your purpose is a career or activity that you naturally enjoy and find fulfilling. It usually revolves around something you dream about, and admire in others in that field. In our travels around the world, we’ve met thousands of talented individuals who dream of fulfilling their life purpose as a healer, artist, teacher, and so forth. They dream of helping children, the environ-ment, women, or a cause that’s dear to them.

Tragically, many people who would be devoting themselves to helpful causes find their time and energy diverted to jobs that are meaning-less or toxic to them. They only keep these jobs to pay the bills. Additionally, the wealth in the world seems to be disproportion-ately distributed. Unfortunately, some of the highly wealthy are using their financial power in ways that are hurtful to people, animals, and the environment.We hold a vision of spiritually minded, ethical, and loving people manifesting enough wealth and worldly influence to invest in help-ing people, animals, and the envi-ronment. We envision people who are more concerned with leaving the world a better place than with personal gain.Imagine having enough money to donate to charitable causes and to help your family. Imagine never again having to worry about mon-ey. Imagine feeling safe and secure financially. Well, you can manifest these imaginings into reality. Thou-sands of people have already done so, and you can, too! We decided to write this book to share with you how you can man-ifest all of the support that you need in order to devote yourself to your life purpose. You don’t need to suffer to make money! You can focus on giving of service, and still take care of your responsibilities. Whether you need more money; more time, confidence, ideas, con-nections, or opportunities; or some other resource, we will help you to tap into your natural abundance. The term Angels of Abundance refers to the particular angels who ensure that our Divine mission here on Earth isn’t hampered by lack. The angels know that we need

Page 14: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

14 Psychic Guidepost

material support to fulfill our life purpose, and they are able to help us with this support. There’s nothing wrong with asking Heaven to help us with finances and other material necessities so that we can devote our-selves to helping and healing others. The first time that I (Doreen) met the Angels of Abun-dance was when I was giving a reading for someone at a workshop in Colorado. The woman stood up and asked how to move forward with her life purpose. She complained that she had no time to begin the healing career that she dreamed of because all of her hours and energy were poured into a job that gave her no satis-faction and only paid the bills. I immediately saw a cluster of angels around her who signaled that they were helping her specifically with unlocking her financial trap so that she could do healing work. These angels were very fast-moving and appeared to be detoxing her energy field from worries that exacerbated her woes. They reminded me of work-ers in an apple orchard, but instead of picking fruit, they were taking away clumps that appeared greasy and dirty. They explained that the clumps were the culmination of her continual worries and frustration energies. I knew they were specialists, and their name entered my mind as “Angels of Abundance,” which I relayed to her. Using pantomime and words I heard verbally and as thoughts, the Angels of Abundance told me that her financial trap stemmed from her overspending. She was seriously in credit-card debt, the angels told me, because she was trying to lessen her feelings of frustra-tion through shopping sprees. The woman confirmed this as true. The Angels of Abundance continued with the message that the compulsive shopping was her attempt to fill an inner void and emptiness. This empty feeling arose from being unfulfilled because she wasn’t working on her purpose. The sad and ironic cycle was that she had to continue working at her unfulfilling job in order to pay the bills that were triggered by her job being unfulfilling. The woman started crying as she nodded in agreement. She, like everyone, had already heard her angels’ mes-sages. (We all do!) She knew that her shopping was out of control and that the interest payments on her credit cards were keeping her trapped kin an unfulfilling job.She promised to seek debt-relief counseling and to cut up her extra credit cards to avoid the temptation to shop for unneeded items. She also heard her angels’ guidance about healthful ways to fill her inner empti-

Page 15: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 15

ness, such as prayer, meditation, time in nature, cre-ative outlets, and conducting healing work part-time. Since this reading, I’ve connected with the Angels of Abundance on behalf of many clients and students, and have learned their lessons, which are included in this book. I’ve seen the angels clearing away the energy clumps from financial worries and resentments. They look like greasy balls of oil, like something you’d find under a car. Not a pretty thing to have in your energy field, especially since they attract the very thing that you’re worried about! With the help of the Angels of Abundance, you can release these toxic energies and avoid financial worries. In addition to these specialized angels, you can also call upon these archangels for support: • Archangel Raphael, the healing angel who supports our physical, emotional, and mental health so that we have enough energy to work on our life purpose. Archangel Raphael also guides and supports healers and would-be healers in their education and practices. • Archangel Michael, who protects and clears us from the effects of fear and worry. Michael also knows the details of our life purpose and can give us specific guidance about the next step to take upon our path. • Archangel Metatron, who helps us understand and work with the universal energies, including instant manifestation, and how to bend time in our favor. • Archangel Raziel, who can clear away blocks and unconscious fears based in past-life memories. • Archangel Jophiel, who helps elevate and beau-tify our thoughts so that we attract the most beautiful experiences.This is a book about the lessons we’ve learned and the messages we’ve received from the Angels of Abun-dance. Now we want to teach you what the Angels of Abundance have taught us. Everyone can master and apply these techniques quickly. All the information within this book is inherently known by each of us. We come to this planet with this knowledge but gradually forget it. However, not every-one forgets it at the same speed. The information can also be retained and relearned through meditation and disciplined prayer. In addition, nearly all of it can be acquired by watching children or by reading ancient texts in new ways. Some people would rather have the information presented simply and without dogma, and we will try our best to do so.One very important fact that bears repeating is that

Page 16: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

16 Psychic Guidepost

all of us have the power within us to be as abundant-ly supported as we desire. Not one of us needs to be downtrodden and beset with poverty for a single day longer. We can all earn as much money as we could ever need, without having to sell our souls in the pro-cess. And we don’t have to act in a devious or unethi-cal manner to obtain wealth. In fact, acting in such a way ensures that whatever wealth is accumulated will leave the unethical person.Some people in poverty-stricken cultures may never have the opportunity to learn this wisdom. Even if someone tried to teach them, they might not believe in the possibility of a better life. So, we are praying that as you use the principles in this book, you will share your newfound wealth with others who are less for-tunate. In fact, sharing is a part of the lessons that the Angels of Abundance have emphasized, as you’ll soon read. Throughout this book, we use spiritual terms such as God, Heaven, the Creator, the universe, and the Divine Spirit. Feel free to modify these terms and use whatever is aligned with your personal or religious beliefs. After all, they all essentially mean the same thing: love.Angels of Abundance is for those who want the free-dom to leave toxic jobs, relationships, and other situ-ations so that they can devote themselves to healing and helping work. Finally, this book is especially for those who, upon first glancing at it for sale, thought, That’s too expen-sive! By the time you complete this book, thoughts of lack and limitation should have left your conscious-ness and vocabulary.We pray for many blessings on the journey you’re

about to undertake. The person you are as you read this Introduction won’t be the same one reading the Afterword. You won’t be able to finish this book with-out undergoing an epiphany that will give you the tools to truly manifest your desires. If you don’t believe us, just read on. You’ll find that you’ll soon possess the confidence and knowledge needed to attain everything you yearn for—and more!

About the Authors: Doreen Virtue holds B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in counseling psychology, and is a lifelong clairvoyant who works with the angelic realm. She is the author of Assertiveness for Earth Angels, How to Hear Your Angels, and The Angel Therapy® Handbook, among other works. Her products are available in most languages worldwide. Doreen has appeared on Oprah, CNN, The View, and other television and radio programs, and she writes regular columns for Woman’s World and Spirit & Destiny magazines. For more information on Doreen and the workshops she presents, please visit: can listen to Doreen’s live weekly radio show, and call her for a reading, by visiting®.Grant Virtue is attending nursing school to obtain his Doctorate of Nursing Practice, while also acting as the technical coordinator for Angel University LLC. A for-mer musician, Grant has studied spirituality through-out his life. In addition to being the author of Living a Blessed Life, he is currently working on his first fiction book. Grant lives with his wife, Melissa, and their cat in Florida. You can find him at or on Twitter: @GrantVirtue.

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Fall Issue 17

In their travels around the globe, Doreen Virtue and her son Grant (the best-selling

authors of Angel Words) have met thousands of talented people who dream of being healers, spiritual teachers, or writers, or of opening healing centers or schools. They also long to be able to afford organic food, vitamin supplements, exercise instruction, trips to spiritual power places, and wonderful homes. However, they don’t move forward because they don’t understand how to attract the financial resources that are the basis for how the physical world operates.

Heaven’s 11 Messages to Help You Manifest Support, Supply, and Every Form of Abundance!

by Doreen and Grant Virtue

Doreen and Grant wrote this book to show you how Heaven can give you material and emotional support as you strive to attain your life purpose and manifest everything you desire. Each of the 11 chapters features a message from the Angels of Abundance—the specialty angels who ensure that your Divine mission here on Earth isn’t hampered by lack. Whether you wish to have more money, time, ideas, or opportunities, the Angels of Abundance will hold your hand and help you over the hurdles that have kept you from realizing your dreams—until now!

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18 Psychic Guidepost

6 Common Myths About

Psychic Abilities

by Tana Hoy

Page 19: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 19

If you’re like many people I’ve met, you may ask “Am I psychic?” Many have misgivings because of

society’s biases, or you may have doubts that you have what it takes to be a psychic.So, first things first…

“Am I psychic?” This is a very common question that I’d like to clarify. Everyone has the innate abilities and the potential to do psychic wonders. So yes, everyone is psychic, but not everyone has the mindset or determination to actually develop their gifts.Many individuals simply put

their psychic powers on the shelf to gather dust because of certain myths that surround such powers.

Myth 1: Psychic gifts are only for a chosen few

As I’ve mentioned earlier, everyone is born with psychic powers. These abilities are strongest in childhood, but slowly wane because kids are often discouraged from even mentioning them! However, some kids do manage to retain their psychic powers over the years.Most people’s psychic powers

lay dormant for years, but they can reawaken them with the right training and practice, and anyone can develop them if they really want to.

Myth 2: Psychic powers are evil

Psychic senses don’t involve using your five physical senses , which is why they are often misunderstood, and because people often fear what they don’t understand, many conclude that using such powers is

“ Yes everyone is psychic but not everyone has the mindset or determination to develop their gifts

“unnatural” and “evil”, saying that it comes from evil forces. But psychic senses are a natural part of every human, just like the five physical senses. They are not to be feared, and certainly aren’t evil.

Myth 3: It’s scary being psychic

While it’s true that psychics, especially psychic mediums, communicate with the spirit world doesn’t mean it’s a scary experience! That’s a myth exaggerated in Hollywood! In fact, communicating with non-physical beings like angels and fairies is a tranquil experience because of the positive energies they exude.

Myth 4: All psychics see visions

You know how some people excel in different fields, such as sports, performing arts, visual arts, science, and the like? Well, it’s the same in the psychic world. Some people have very keen psychic visions (clairvoyance), while others are more inclined to hear, smell, and feel vibrations. So, no, it’s not true that all psychics see visions, because some are more adept at using their other psychic senses.

Myth 5: Psychics can spy on anyone, anytime, anywhere

Psychics don’t use their abilities to spy on people. It would be very draining to do so, since tuning in to other individuals’ energy vibrations can be taxing. Also, psychics have a life to live, too (we’re humans, after

Page 20: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

20 Psychic Guidepost

all), and psychically watching another person is also an intrusion of their privacy.Psychics have an easier time receiving insights about

you during readings because you give them access to your energy.

Myth 6: Psychics know everything

Just because psychics can sense information from the spiritual realm doesn’t mean that they know everything, such as the winning lottery numbers, because the future is not set in stone, and it can change based on people’s decisions and actions.Major Blocks In Psychic DevelopmentSkepticism is one of the biggest hindrances in

discovering, using, and developing your psychic skills. It’s not because you don’t have the power because everyone does, but it’s because your mind is blocked by doubts.The good news is, you don’t have to be an all-out

believer to be successful in your psychic development. In fact, just an interest in developing your abilities is good enough to start with.

Steps For Developing Your Psychic Talents

If you’re serious about developing your psychic skills, then there are certain things that are necessary to do this.

* Having intention. Wanting to develop your psychic powers is a good start, but you actually need to intend to do it. This means that your desire must go deeper than just merely wishing for it to happen.

* Having motivation. You need to keep yourself motivated to continue training, even if sometimes, your progress may seem a bit slow.

* Time and energy. You need to set aside time to meditate and practice. Psychic development doesn’t happen in an instant, nor will you see much progress if you practice only when you feel like it.

* Having willingness. You need to be willing to open your mind to sense the psychic messages that come your way. This also means that you need to relax your skepticism and be open to whatever you may discover.

* Learn to be aware. Awareness is one of the most important factors that you need to develop in order to use your psychic powers. You need to be conscious of your physical, as well as spiritual surroundings.

Contrary to popular belief, psychics don’t know everything!

Page 21: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 21

Learning how to relax your mind through meditation, which opens the way for sharper awareness.

* Discover your strongest psychic gift. As mentioned earlier, not all psychics have psychic vision. If you’re not seeing images in your mind’s eye, then you’ll need to explore your psychic hearing, or your ability to feel other people’s emotions. Once you discover your strongest psychic ability, you can focus on developing that, then move on to enhancing your other abilities.

* Overcome your fears. You need to get past your fear of making mistakes. Fear is as big a block as skepticism, but you can overcome it as you continue practicing.

Remember, psychic development is not a light switch that you just flip on for it to work. It’s a continuous process that requires your patience and determination.It also requires you to be relaxed, so try not to

pressure yourself, or force yourself to produce results. Just allow yourself to open up naturally and, with practice and commitment, your psychic abilities will bloom in no time.

Discover your Strongest Psychic Gifts

Tana Hoy was born with a very rare psychic gift. He not only has the ability to “hear” the voices of Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, and loved ones on the other side, but he can also see them, and talk with them!Ever since he was a little boy, his earliest memories

are of talking and playing with his invisible friends. He later came to understand that these invisible friends were Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, fairies, elves, and even his loved ones on the other side.When Tana receives messages from Guides and

Angels during a psychic reading, he describes it as follows, “Imagine me and you are talking, and your best friend is standing behind you. Your friend is telling me everything about you, your life, and your future, but you can’t see or hear your friend, only I can! Then I simply repeat back to you what I hear! What I experience is very similar to how Whoopi Goldberg talked toPatrick Swazey in the Movie Ghost.”

America’s Foremost Psychic

Page 22: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

22 Psychic Guidepost

The best psychics from around the world

www.starzpsychics.comStarZPsychics is the Internet’s Leading Metaphysical and Live Psychic Community. Enjoy your

private reading in our state of the art chat room. None like it anywhere else. We have a

variety of amazingly talented Advisors with special talents including, Astrologers, psychics,

channelers, tarot card readers, clairvoyants, spiritual advisors, and clairaudients who can

assist you in answering your questions and more importantly guiding you to a new level of

spiritual health.

Page 23: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 23

Available at Amazonfrom the publishers of

Psychic Guidepost Magazine


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24 Psychic Guidepost

Inward Focusby Jamie Schab

Page 25: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 25

Focus on the benefits of

Inward introspection might include asking questions like: What are my goals? What is my focus for my career? What

one topic would I like to learn deeper? What do I really want? What really makes me happy? These are just examples, maybe

you have already asked these questions, maybe you have only visited the surface of them. Maybe you have a different question to ask yourself. In any instance, creating a quiet space for that personal inward focus, and listening to what personal question comes up for you is the importance. Our questions keep us growing, learning, and evolving. Then be still and listen to what


comes up. Open your heart and be receptive. The answers will come up, as you are ready to receive them. On the mental note: clear

thinking, openness to new ideas, and the ability to relax all are important mental virtues to cultivate. You may accomplish these by allowing yourself to experience the quiet, directed mind that has evolved in the Eastern cultures through centuries of meditation. By this practice of turning off the “thinking mind” just being - you can balance yourself and be aware of both the conscious, rational thought, directed toward the outside world (active mode) and the creative, space oriented (all

is one), visual perceptions of the inner world (receptive mode). When I relax, focus and get quiet

I will revisit a question months or even years later, just to see if there is any more depth to the answer. Often there will be, and from that I can continue to develop myself. This has proven for me to be helpful, and I hope that it helps you too. Our bodies respond with the changes of the seasons and with all we come in contact with. Even our thoughts. Allow this season to open your inward focus, and see what happens!“… the necessity of seeking

within ourselves those defects we possess that cause us to work against Unity and out of harmony

Page 26: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

26 Psychic Guidepost

with the dictates of the Soul, and of eliminating these faults by developing the opposing virtues.An honest self examination will disclose to us the nature of our errors. Our spiritual advisors, true physicians, and intimate friends should all be able to assist us to obtain a faithful picture of ourselves, but the perfect method of learning this is by calm thought and meditation, and by bringing ourselves to such an atmosphere of peace that our Souls are able to speak to us through our conscience and intuition, and to guide us according to their wishes. If we can only set aside a short time every day, quiet alone, and in as quiet place as possible, free from interruption, and merely sit or lie quietly, either keeping the mind blank or calmly thinking of ones work in life, it will be found after a time that we get great help at such moments and, as it were, flashes of knowledge and guidance will be given to us.”Heal Thyself- Edward Bach

At Healthful Living in Las Vegas I utilize a holistic, natural approach to help you reach your wellness goals. I bring over a decade of training and experience in Massage Therapy, Energy work & holistic Arts with the unique one on one approach to your individual needs. My goals are to help you realize and empower you out of pain,stress & increase your energy, creating an alignment that works for you. I also offer classes, and workshops integrating mind/body/spirit, and teach artwork techniques on Batik. For more information see

Jamie Schab

...the perfect method of learning is by calm thought and meditation, and by bringing ourselves to such an atmosphere of peace that our Souls are able to speak to us.

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Fall Issue 27

When saving a life is all that matters

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28 Psychic


Page 29: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 29

Page 30: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

30 Psychic Guidepost

Be still and know thy self


Page 31: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 31

Many wonder how they can learn to still themselves and move into a state of peacefulness. Stilling the mind as a beginner can become very frustrating because it may seem as though your thoughts actually become busier the more

you attempt to quiet them. That mind jabber is the ego’s attempt to stay in control of what you do or not do. Because it feels so normal for the ego to have the control, many people do not yet realize that there is a higher, more peaceful aspect of mind that, when tapped into, will eventually tame the ego with its tutelage. What gives the ego so much power to

sabotage? Fear. Fear of everything and anything that threatens a person’s beliefs and perceptions. Once we tire of being a puppet for the ego, we begin to question the validity of life and our self. Questions like: Which of my beliefs do I protect so much that I rise to anger when they are seemingly threatened; Do my desires cause me to be more giving or more selfish; What is my purpose in life? It is the perception of self, one’s beliefs and also

one’s view of God that are the most protected and most easily threatened. They are used in order to give personal meaning and purpose to one’s life. When a person feels their meaning and purpose are being attacked, they can feel very threatened and insecure. It’s time to aspire to a higher standard of being in the world; it begins with knowing yourself, not only as a human being, but also as a spiritual being. That means moving into the heart as much as possible and by having compassion for all human error with the understanding that we are all on a journey that was designed to serve us in exactly the way that it is manifesting. Consider this analogy: Take a drop of water out of the ocean and put it

into a glass bottle sealed with a cork. Throw it back into the ocean. The ocean represents God and the drop of water within the bottle represents you in your physical body; the cork being your ego. In the bottle, you can at least float in the energy (the ocean of creation) that created your soul essence and allowed your individuality. To move out of the illusion that we are separate from this creative force means taking the cork (your ego) out of the bottle and allowing your true essence to merge with the life essence of your body and mind.Meditation is a wonderful tool for quieting the ego and tuning into

the essence that is your true self; which is the very same essence of your creative force. If you are having trouble quieting the mind and becoming truly still, give this meditation exercise a try: Sit back, close your eyes and

Author of: I Dreamed I was Human (Awakening from the Illusion)

relax every fibre of your being. Breathe in the light of whatever you feel created your essence. That power can be anything that makes you feel safe and peaceful. Focus on It and It only. Now, think of something that

inspires you and opens your heart to a devotional

kind of love. Let yourself feel the protection of that love right now as you float in it as if on a big soft cloud. You feel safe and relaxed. Gradually you begin feeling

and seeing with your inner eyes, an energy of light touching the top of your head. Your thoughts are floating around you like feathers that never land.

Page 32: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

32 Psychic Guidepost

Feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into a peaceful bliss as the light moves gently through each of your chakras with healing energy. Your chakras are all open now and balanced. Float

in this energy until it is time to come back into your normal waking state. Just think it and you will open your eyes and be back, feeling energized and awake. You’ve been given a healing. With daily practice your meditation will become

easier and easier. Know that any effort to know and understand all that you are helps to expand who you will become. Remember to let each meditation unfold the way it will each day, with gratitude. May these words inspire you to move inward more

often, into stillness and peace, so that you can manifest that peace in your physical world as well.

Remember to let each meditation unfold the way it will each day, with gratitude.

Carolyn is a Tucson native and the author of I Dreamed I Was Human: Awakening from the Illusion; an eloquent explanation of complex metaphysical concepts that describe how human life connects with soul and spirit. She is an ordained spiritual psychologist, certified hypnotherapist, has a Masters in holistic nutrition, and has been a professional singer for more than 20 years. She is also a regular contributor to the Sedona

Carolyn Gervais

From the time she was a little girl, author Carolyn Gervais has been haunted with questions about why she was here on Earth and why God created humans. Now after more than 35-years of study and research in metaphysical spirituality, Carolyn has discovered her own view of spirituality and its connection to the dream of life. In I Dreamed I Was Human, she tackles thought-provoking concepts that take us on an inner journey, stretching our minds beyond the limitations of belief and perception. In this guide she shares topics as how the ego commits murder, whether or not we are influenced by parallel dimensions, whether our perceptions of God hold us hostage, and so much more. Get your copy today at Amazon click on the link below.

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Fall Issue 33

Need Help Self Publishing?Aguilar Publishing InformationSelf-Publishing Assitance

Editing ~ Formating ~ cover design~ book trailers~ marketing assitance, Uploads to Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Call Cris: 406-420-2001

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34 Psychic Guidepost

How to Conduct Your Own


Page 35: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 35

by Prince Petropia

Images by Charmed Wiki

Page 36: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

36 Psychic Guidepost

Are you interested in mediumship? Wish to contact a deceased relative? Want to communicate with a spirit haunting your house? Or are you just too curious about

theotherworld? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this article is a must-read. Bear with me as I guide you through the step-by-step procedure for conducting a seance to communicate with the spirit world, as well as share some tips and discuss the pros and cons of mediumship.

Before we begin...Before you begin there are a few things to consider.

First, what is your purpose for holding the seance? This is the one thing that will determine how you conduct the entire seance. If it is to contact a deceased relative, you already know who you are trying to call. On the other hand, if you want to communicate with an entity haunting your house, you don’t really know who you are summoning, and whether it is good or bad, so proceed with caution. Either way, it is better for amateurs to hire a professional medium to guide them through the whole procedure. On the other hand, if illumination is your quest, you may want to do it on your own. But be sure never to ask silly questions like who is going to win the next day’s soccer tournament, as this only angers the spirit. Understand that the spirit has to cross worlds to heed to your call, and this is very painful. Thus you don’t want to anger it with such curiosities.

Some Basic RulesFor holding any seance, there must be a minimum

of three people to participate. Out of these, only

one will function as the medium, leading the task of summoning and communicating with the spirit, while others will only follow his lead. Now that you have the man-power, consider how you will be contacting the spirit.

Contacting a Spirit You cannot simply expect a spirit to boom in a godly

voice and answer all your questions once you have conjured it. You must provide it with a suitable means of communication, such as:Ouija Board: A very popular method is using an

Ouija board, which is a flat board engraved with several English alphabets, numericals, messages like “hello”, “goodbye”, “yes” and “no”. A heart shaped movable indicator called a planchette is rotated with fingers to point at letters and spell words on the board. The board also contains some images and symbols. The ghost, once conjured, uses telekinesis to rotate the pointer and answer your questions.Pendulum: A simple pendulum can be used for

divination too. The medium holds the pendulum in hand and asks questions to the spirit. If the pendulum swings sideways, the spirit is saying no, while a back and forth swing on the pendulum indicates a yes, and swinging round and round means the spirit is uncertain.

You cannot simply expect a spirit to boom in a godly voice...

Page 37: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 37

Now all the people must sit around the table, hold each other’s hand making a circle and close their eyes. It is good to begin by saying a prayer, which helps cleanse the environment and emanate positivity. Now everyone must concentrate on the spirit they wish to summon and then slowly ask the spirit to join you, very calmly and welcomingly. Now wait a bit. Now ask the spirit to provide a sign of its presence. Don’t ask for a specific sign, just be open to receive any signal. When you know that the spirit is present, try to communicate. Begin slowly with simple yes or no questions, and proceed little by little to the more complex questionnaire. Always be calm and respecting. However, be warned, at the very first sign of any rudeness from the spirit’s side politely ask it to leave, if it doesn’t abide, forcefully end the session by blowing off the candles and switching the lights on.

Prince PetropiaPrince Petropia’s real name is Ritoban Mukherjee. An amateur journalist and anomalist, he is the founder of the paranormal news blog All About Occult. He is also a writer at Unex-plained Mysteries, Historic Mysteries and the Who Forted? Blog. He is an editor for the skeptical website Ghost Theory and owns a weird news and science blog at the Huffington Post.

Spirit Rapping: A very old and efficient way where the medium asks the ghost a question, and then instructs it to answer by making rapping noises by tilting thetableto a side. For instance, a single rap means yes. Similarly, complex raps can be used to spell out words and complete sentences.

Preparing the Environment Now it’s time to ready the place and conduct the

seance. Gather the participants andchoose a little, empty room where you won’t be disturbed. Now choose a round or oval table around which you all must sit while holding the ritual. A round or oval table is preferred to a rectangular one as this fulfills the requisite for a circle needed in a seance. Now place some candles, light them up and put off all other lights. Place some aromatic flowers, bread and soup on the table to attract the spirit. Also, make sure your preferred contact method (Ouija board or otherwise) is at hand. Holding the Seance

Page 38: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

38 Psychic Guidepost

Once done, thank the spirit for its help and slowly end the session.

Tips and WarningsAlthough a seance may be very enlightening, there

are some hazards and caution is necessary. Don’t do anything to disrespect the spirit and make it angry. Don’t force anyone to join a seance against their will and weak-minded folks and children should be kept away. For first-timers, it’s better to hire a professional, the entity you are calling isn’t necessarily good. Professional mediums know how to deal with such situations. Sometimes demonic entities may try to harm you with misinformation, such as telling you that you will die the very night, giving you a heart-attack out of fear and fulfilling its desire. Thus, be warned, be alert, and most importantly, know what you are doing. On that note, I will leave you to your successful seance and newfound illumination.

Please note, although, that I am not a medium myself, and therefore, it is not possible for me to personally test the effectiveness of these methods. Note that All About Occult will not endorse any responsibilities for any damages incurred, nor guarantee the effectivity of the processes discusses, shall you decide to try them.

Here are the most popular Ouija board superstitions and urban legends floating around on the Internet. Don’t believe it!

~Avoid playing with the Ouija board if you aren’t feeling well because you’ll become possessed~Don’t ask about God~Don’t ask when you’re going to die~Don’t play alone~Don’t ask where the gold is buried~Evil spirits might ask women to do odd or unsavory things; ignore them~Failure to properly dispose of the Ouija board will cause spirits to haunt you~If the planchette starts counting down the numbers or letters, letting it finish will release spirits from the board~If you burn your Ouija board, it screams~If you don’t close your session properly, the Ouija board spirit will continue to haunt you~Placing a pure silver coin on the Ouija board will keep evil spirits away~Spirits or demons will use the Ouija board to try to oppress or possess you~Using the Ouija board will allow the devil to enter the world~When the planchette moves to the four corners of the board, you’ve contacted an evil spirit.

The only “dark” force playing this game is a curious cat! Whether any or all of these superstitions surrounding the Ouija board are true is something we’ll leave to you. Connecting to the other side with a Ouija board is still the most reliable way to hold a seance.

Ouija Board Superstitions

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Fall Issue 39

Page 40: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

40 Psychic Guidepost

The Wonders of Walking Meditation

We all know that walking is a popular form of exercise, but did you know it can also be part of a wonderful meditative practice? Walking

meditation combines the benefits of meditation such as emotional balance, physical well-being and spiritual connection with the physical benefits of exercise. As an added bonus, walking allows us to connect with the outdoors and the wonders of our natural environment. Even though it’s a form of exercise, walking meditation provides just as much relaxation and rejuvenation as sitting meditation.Walking meditation is perfect for busy people who

don’t have time to do a sitting practice, or who walk already as part of their work-out regime. Many people report that it is easier for them to meditate while moving instead of being over-focused on their thoughts. Unlike “sitting meditation”, walking meditation uses our eyes, ears, balance, and senses actively. It strengthens our mindfulness of physical sensations and focuses body awareness. In Zen Buddhism, walking meditation is called kinhin

. The character for “kin” means “to go through” (like a thread through a loom) and the character “hin” means “to walk”; walking back and forth. In temples, a wooden fish was struck with a mallet providing a tempo for the meditator to follow. Since World War II, 13 Japanese monks have completed the ‘Sennichi Kaihogyo’ – a 1,000 day walking meditation, up to 26 miles per day in 100-200 consecutive day chunks… for seven years!

by Willow Brilliance

Page 41: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 41

Walking meditation not only has a rich history in the East, but also in the West. I first became intrigued by this practice when I visited a labyrinth path in the UK. A labyrinth is not a maze; instead it has one winding path leading in and out of the center. As early as 350 AD, Christians walked a labyrinth in the Basilica of St Reparatus in Algeria for the purpose of prayer and focus. [If you’re lucky enough to live near a labyrinth, or if you have the space to make one, I highly recommend taking the winding pathway as a template for your meditation]

Here is how you can do your own walking meditation:


1) Pick a comfortable time of day to walk. A

meditation walk during rush hour traffic or in the heat of the day won’t be as easy as during a quiet time of day when the traffic, noise and weather are mildest. As with sitting meditation, many people choose morning or evening.2) You can do a walking meditation at any time,

almost anywhere in the world; even on your lunch-time walk. Find a location to walk where you can walk easily and comfortably for 10-15 minutes. Flat terrain free of inclines or street crossings work best, but any safe place will do. If you don’t have a path nearby, you can do a more traditional walking meditation that involves walking a short (30 or 40 foot) length repetitively. A back yard, or even inside your own home would work.3) Wear comfortable clothing and footwear that

allows you to be visible and allows for unrestricted movement.


1) Before you start, spend a few moments centering yourself. Stand up straight and tall and feel the center of gravity and weight in your body expand downwards like the roots of a tree until you feel solidly connected to the ground. Take some deep breaths.

2) Begin to walk a slow casual pace. If you’re used to exercise walking (or rushing during your errands)

Page 42: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

42 Psychic Guidepost

try a much slower gait than you’re used to at first. The goal here is to relax and be mindful, not to exert yourself. Some people report that the slower they walk, the more the meditative experience is enhanced. Others walk at a fast pace, but start slow until you find your comfort zone.3) Pull your attention towards your heels striking

the ground, towards your breath moving in concert with your legs, towards the swinging of your arms and hips. Within a few minutes you will start to observe a rhythm and you will feel more and more aware of your body moving through space.4) If you lose focus during this time, and if your

mind starts to wander, gently re-focus on your unique rhythm of breath, movement and stride. As with any meditation practice it’s totally normal to get distracted and for it to feel a little awkward at first. In this practice, you want to notice the world around you, but

if your thoughts start to wander off - redirect them gently to your surroundings.4) Your senses will be heightened, your eyes

open, ears open and receptive. Listen to the birds, airplanes, or lawn-mowers you hear in the distance. Allow yourself to notice every sensation that comes through your senses. Allow your attention to swing comfortably between your breath, the movement of your body, the sights around you, and the sounds you hear. 5) Walk without a destination in mind. Allow your

mind to simply travel back to the rise and fall of your breath, and the rise and fall of your feet.

Additional resources: ‘The Long Road Turns To Joy: A Guide To Walking

Meditation’ by Thích Nhất Hạnh is a wonderful resource.

Willows is a writer and teacher in the area of spiritual growth.She does sessions on: Relationship building, “soul” agreement and purpose within relationship and in your own individual

context. conflict resolution and couples sessionsDream interpretations based on your own unique symbolic “language” - dreams being powerful symbols from your deepest, wisest core.Building career and business success by encorporating intuitive awareness and “Authentic Self” into your toolbox. Pain, Loss, Challenge from a different perspective. Ego (fear motivation) and the power of true SELF

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Fall Issue 43

Will you fall in love this Autumn?

Phone Sessions, Live chat & Email ReadingsUse coupon code: Fall14 for an added $5

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44 Psychic Guidepost

Are Men from Mars? Men are from Mars and Venus

Venus in Aries

We hear so much about men being “from Mars” — and in a lot of ways

this is true, at least astrologically.In general, they tend to relate

more to their natal Mars positions and project their Venuses out onto the women (or male partners, if gay) in their lives.This is in line with the Jungian

concept of anima/animus (inner woman or inner man) projections that each of us embody. But this also tells us a great deal about what men are looking for in a mate.A man’s natal Venus sign

placement describes not only what he’s attracted to, but how he’s likely to conduct himself in relationship. It tells us how he expresses love and affection, how he receives love and affection from others, and how he relates to his partner in a one-on-one relationship.It tells what he’s looking for in a soulmate and how capable he is of investing himself emotionally in soul mate relationships.While this is just a very small

sampling of what you can expect

A man's natal Venus sign placement describes not not only what he is attracted to, but how likely he is to conduct himself in a relationshp. It tells

us how he expresses love and affection, how he receives love and affection from others, and how he relates to his partner.


Men and Love

By Melodie Sheppard

from someone whose natal Venus is in any one of the following 12 signs, I thought it would be fun (and helpful) to break them all down.Please remember that the sign placement is only one part of the

equation. Astrologers look at house placement, aspects, rulerships, degrees and dignities to get a much fuller and more comprehensive picture. But with that in mind, let’s look at all the different turn-ons (and turn-offs) for each of the zodiacal archetypes:

Venus in Aries:What turns them on: Strong, dynamic, energetic people. Those who

are self-reliant and capable of standing on their own two feet. Those who are constantly evolving and re-inventing themselves. Forward thinkers, mavericks, risk-takers. Courage, bravery, fearlessness. Movers and

Robert Downing Jr.

Page 45: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 45

Venus in Taurus

shakers. People who are always a bit ahead of the game and not afraid to try something new.

What turns them off: Clingy, dependent, needy or insecure people. Those who need a lot of reassurance or who have to constantly “check-in.” Partners who demand a lot of time or attention; or who don’t have their own interests outside of their relationships. Manipulation or passive-aggression. Indecision. Laziness. Passivity. Complacency. Games. Anything that becomes old, tired, stale or routine. Robert Downey Jr.-- Venus in Aries

Venus in Taurus:What turns them on: Calm, practical, earthy partners. Romance

and sensuality. Lust. Beauty. Anything that stimulates the 5-senses: great music, fine wine, gourmet food, sensuous perfume, feminine curves, etc. Stability, financial security. Partners with common sense and good business minds. Those who appreciate the finer things in life.

What turns them off: Pushy or impatient partners. Lack of consistency, dependability or reliability. Vacillation. Anything high-maintenance – emotional, physical, financial, sexual. Drama. Quantity over Quality; People who make promises and don’t follow through, or who get too caught up in fads or trends. Anything that looks cheap, tacky,

Venus in Gemini

Johnny Depp

Josh Holloway

Page 46: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

46 Psychic Guidepost

tawdry or overdone. Johhny Depp -- Venus in Taurus

Venus in Gemini:What turns them on:

Intelligence. Wit. Curiosity. Surprise. People who can keep up with their ever-changing moods and interests. Those who can go with the flow and who don’t try to rein them in. Humor and spontaneity. Playful, youthful partners. Quick thinkers. People who can make them laugh (and who can also laugh at themselves). Those who know how to have fun and who don’t take themselves too seriously.

What turns them off: Routine, Predictability, Rigidity. Insistence on following schedules or making plans that can’t be changed. Jealousy, control, possession, “ownership.” People who don’t have a sense of humor or who take things too personally. Secrets. Closed-off or guarded energy. People who lack spontaneity or drag their heels. Dead-beats and party-poopers. Josh Holloway -- Venus in Gemini

Venus in Cancer:What turns them on: Romance.

Affection. Nurturing. Reassurance. Sensitive, loving and even “maternal” displays of affection. People with strong family-ties and values. Kindness, romanticism, femininity. Old-fashioned or traditional roles and values. Older women (or men), until they reach a certain age and then it’s just the opposite. Caring, compassion and sympathy. Chivalry. Devotion. Pampering or taking care of those they love.

What turns them off: Cold, remote, aloof or insensitive people. A lack of sympathy or compassion toward others. Competition. Aggression. Overt displays of anger or rage. Belligerence. Cruelty toward children or animals. Cheating. Unfaithfulness. Betrayal. Abandonment. Fickle or wishy-washy allegiances. Adrien Grenier -- Venus in Cancer

Venus in Leo:What turns them on: Dignity.

Integrity. Loyalty. People who are

warm, dynamic, expressive and animated. Those who give them a lot of attention and make them feel special, respected and adored. They want to “stand out in a crowd,” and that includes the public perception of their relationship choices. They’re drawn to strong, self-confident partners who have a certain “star quality” and exhibit an air of importance.

What turns them off: Drab, boring, plain or uninteresting people. Those who blend into a crowd. Those who make them look bad. Apathy and indifference. Being ignored. Being disrespected. Being marginalized or taken for granted. Being made to feel ordinary or unimportant. Public scenes or embarrassing displays. Being made a fool of. Jason Momoa -- Venus in Leo

Venus in Virgo:What turns them on: Humility,

dedication, hard-work. Modesty. High morals and standards. Virtue. Autonomy. Efficiency. Prudence. Discretion. Health consciousness. People who are focused on self-


Adrien Grenier Jason Momoa Gabriel Aubry

Page 47: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 47

improvement and personal development. Those with good delegation and organization skills. Those who are quick to lend a hand or who devote themselves to making the world a better place. Natural, “no-fuss” beauty.

What turns them off: Lazy, slovenly or unmotivated people. Braggarts. Reprobates. Slobs. Vulgarity. Promiscuity. Indiscretion. Chaos. Disorder. People who are all talk and no action. Being unappreciated or taken for granted. People who are ungrateful or entitled. Vanity. Depravity. Debauchery. People who are insincere or disingenuous.Gabriel Aubry -- Venus in Virgo

Venus in Libra:What turns them on:



Chris AlisAustralia

Charm, Beauty. Grace. Class. Sophistication. Balance. Peace and Harmony. Objectivity. Moderation. Reciprocity. An ability to put oneself in someone else’s shoes, or to look at both sides of an argument. A willingness to ‘give in’ rather than fight an unimportant battle. Compromise and collaboration. Culture. Natural elegance. A polished or refined sense of beauty.

What turns them off: Crude, harsh or unrefined behavior. Callousness. Overt displays of anger or aggression. Self-centered or “me-first” attitudes. Combativeness. Hostility. An inability to compromise or play well with others. Unfairness or inequality. Rudeness. Selfishness. Argumentativeness. Feeling left out

or not taken in to consideration.Matthew McConaughey -- Venus

in Libra

Venus in Scorpio:What turns them on:

Charisma. Mystery. Depth. Sexual magnetism. People who are complicated or hard to read. Venus in Scorpio men can be very controlling but they lose respect for those they’re able to control. For this reason, a big turn-on for them involves the art of winning someone over who’s not easily won. They’re drawn to intense, passionate, mysterious, seductive people who force them to earn their trust.

What turns them off: Shallow or superficial people. Transparency. Weakness. Prudish

Page 48: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

48 Psychic Guidepost

or unimaginative bedroom behavior. Duplicity. People who try to test them or force them to prove their love. Being rejected. Gossip. Mindless chatter. Those who can’t keep a secret or prove themselves to be untrustworthy.Tyson Beckford -- Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Sagittarius:What turns them on: Outgoing, independent,

adventurous people. Those who are comfortable in their own skins and can be themselves without putting on airs. Blunt, frank, outspoken people, who feel free to say what’s on their minds. People who don’t take things personally or hold them to past statements (which they see as thinking out loud, not promises set in stone). Optimism. Enthusiasm. Cultural awareness.

What turns them off: Jealousy or possessiveness. Posers. Couch potatoes. Depend-ency. Controlling behavior. Pessimism, moodiness, or emotional drama. Stubbornness or rigidity. Pretentiousness. Those who dwell on the past. Being expected to adhere to strict rules or schedules. Being crowded, smothered or manipulated. Jude Law -- Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Capricorn:What turns them on: Ambition. Professionalism.

Discipline. Composure. Common sense. Traditional or conservative values. Simplistic, uncomplicated ideals. Calm, practical, no-nonsense reasoning. Hard work, dedication, determination. Emotional propriety.

People who carry themselves with an air of esteem or authority. Wisdom and Maturity. Logic. Perseverance. Endurance. Classic or timeless beauty.

What turns them off: Pettiness. Frivolity. Silliness. Girlish or coquettish flirtations. Over-indulgence. Extravagance. Incessant noise or chatter. Insecurity. Waste. Lack of discipline or determination. People who require a lot of hand-holding or reassurance. Public scenes. Emotional impropriety. Cry-babies or whiners. Bradley Cooper -- Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Aquarius:What turns them on: Independence and

autonomy. Friendliness. Open-mindedness. Originality. Non-conformity. Eccentricity. Uniqueness. Quirkiness. Unconventionality. People who march to the beat of their own drums. Social activism. Humanitarian impulses. Self-containment or self-possession. Progressive ideals. The ability to make friends with people from all walks of life.

What turns them off: Injustice. Narrow-mindedness. People who are judgmental or dogmatic. Those who try to force others to conform to their values. Emotional drama or erraticism. Neediness. Smothering. Demands on their time and attention. Bigotry. Discrimination (misogyny, homophobia, racism, sexism, ageism, etc.). Stereotyping. Intolerance. Persecution. Insincerity. Dishonesty.Daniel Sunjata -- Venus in Aquarius


Matthew McConaughey Tyson Beckford Jude Law

Page 49: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 49


Venus in Pisces:What turns them on: Kindness, empathy, altruism.

Gentility. Creativity. Spiritual awareness. Intuition. Compassion and understanding. Forgiveness. Patience. People who are sensitive, soft-spoken and merciful. Those who are able to put others first, who are accepting and non-judgmental, and who love unconditionally. Wistful, dreamy, artists, musicians and poets. Psychics, visionaries, mystics, philanthropists.

What turns them off: Selfishness, egotism, cruelty, lack of empathy for others. Loud, abrasive or combative people. Aggression. Meanness or Viciousness. Persecution of (or indifference toward) those who are less fortunate. Mercenary attitudes. Coldness. Harshness. Stinginess. Vengeance. Ruthlessness. Ewan mcgregor -Venus in Pisces

Bradley Cooper Daniel Sunjata Ewan McGregor

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50 Psychic Guidepost

Why I Love Welch


I found myself apartment hunting in Eureka, California with my then husband, a short blond-haired blue-eyed German man with a quick temper, mood swings, and a 186 IQ. At the time,

he was very dear and fascinating to me, and our life together was enchanted.I had decided to take some time off from the law,

in order to see whether we could set up a simpler, more down-to-earth, self-sufficient life in Northern California. The plastic fantastic Los Angeles life had worn thin; cosmic stirrings began directing my inner soul.We knocked on the door of one listing and there

appeared at the entrance a wiry, thin blond-haired woman and her pirouetting, fairylike, nine-year-old

daughter. I wish my memory for names were better. The woman escorted us up a tall flight of stairs, commenting off and on about the apartment and its features. She grew quiet as we reached the top of the landing.I realized, quite astonished, that she was extremely

telepathic. Somehow, without asking any questions, answers were occurring to me. I saw a reference to something Celtic in a small frame on the wall beside the stairs just before the landing. In an instant, somehow the question uttered only inside my head—You’re a witch, and it’s okay, right?—was asked and answered. Then she spoke aloud.“That was a gift from my mother. She was Welsh.

I learned my craft from her.” I replied mentally: I

by Janet Redfeather

Page 51: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 51

unruly white-blondish hair said to us, “I want to tell you a story. There’s one other tenant who lives here in the basement. He’s a young man—a Japanese man—who rides a motorcycle. He was cleaning the bike one day. The rags had gasoline on them, and they caught fire and it got out of control rather quickly. Ninety-five percent of his body was covered in third-degree burns. He refused to go to the hospital, because he was afraid. He had only recently arrived in this country. His friend had heard about me and brought him to me.For three months I put him in the tub and bathed

him in herbal preparations. I placed poultices over his entire body. I kept doing this every day, and his skin got better and better until, after about three months, he was almost completely healed. You can tell he was injured, but his skin looks really good considering how severely he was burned. That’s how we use our medicines. We use our plants to heal.”I knew her story was genuine; I never doubted her for

a moment. The high vibration and loving intention of this woman were undeniable. I found myself wanting to be just like her—to learn about plants and

understand; you’re a healer. You help people.I couldn’t resist. Here was someone open enough to

admit things and talk about them. I asked her point blank: “Why are people afraid of witches?”“Because it’s the power; it’s the POWER. Women

aren’t supposed to have any power. That’s all.”Satisfied for the moment, she knew intuitively I

wanted to know more. All the way, my then spouse remained taciturn and silent. He always wanted people to realize how modern he was. He totally accepted everyone. He himself had felt like a deviant all of his life. He felt safe with people who had been marginalized by the culture.She sat down with us for tea. Everything seemed so

magical in her place. Plants vined out of corners. Cats leaped up on tables then curled and slept, purring loudly. The teapot was a plump, painted porcelain pot covered in tiny pink flowers. There were knickknacks and crystals, and all of them seem correctly placed and filled with some significance. Her home felt safe, lavish, warm and welcoming.The woman with the dried, shoulder-length, slightly

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52 Psychic Guidepost

medicinals so I, too, could be of some help in this lifetime. I recall now that when she first appeared in the

doorway to the Victorian house that had long ago been converted to apartment units, she had said, “Hello. I’m the manager.” I remember judging her, wondering how this little woman wielded control over an entire building. She seemed so ordinary. Now, I believed she was capable of anything. She was indeed a very magical person.Her magic did not emanate from a negative source: it

was derived from the place where miracles originate. She was a true healer, and her intention were loving. She was someone who affirmed life against great odds. I think she was in her early forties at the time I met her; I was thirty-something at the time. She was living the unconventional life I always fancied I might be living. Instead, I was a fugitive from a bourgeoisie existence that did not match my inner glow. I envied her courage, her integrity, and her congruity. That was my first real encounter with a genuine Welch

Witch. The words now have positive connotations for me. The encounter I just described took place in

sometime in 1989. Some of the details have since faded, like old crinoline curtains. I can’t even recall the woman’s name, no matter how hard I try. Yet nothing can erase her essence, the distillation of a kind heart and wise soul that seeped into my consciousness that I might accept, without judgment, a different yet Sacred Way of Life.

Janet Michele Red Feather, JD, MA, is a Ceremonial Singer for Native American Ceremonies, including namings, healings, pipe and sweatlodge ceremonies, and the Mandan Okipa. She knows over 60 songs in Mandan and Lakota. Janet’s new book, Song of the Wind, is named for one of her beloved Spirit Helpers. The book’s lush, imagistic style invites readers on a unique journey through the joys and uncertainties of empathic existence. Each chapter offers another stepping stone on the brilliant journey toward love, peace, and connection with our Higher her at: [email protected]

Author of -Song of the Wind

Page 53: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 53

Song of the Wind occupies a unique niche in the realm of Spiritual or New Age wisdom. Its heart is eclectic, drawing upon more than one source to reveal living truths. A common thread throughout is the author’s personal and informed perspective on the situation of empathic people. These individuals have a splen-did openness about them that allows them to relate to both the seen and unseen worlds through telepathy and clairvoyance. At the same time, these sensitive individuals must learn filtering skills so they do not become alienated or overwhelmed.

A Unique Nitch in the Realm of New Age Wisdom

Mandan dreaMs

For spiritual seekers of all races

The oral histories, prophecies, and traditions of the Mandans are presented by an authentic waxikena, or Turtle Priest.Each chapter focuses on one specific as-pect of Mandan life; the fast, sweat lodge, sun dance, and Okipa ceremony are discussed thoroughly.Cedric also offers the open and honest and even humorous account of his own personal spiritual journey, coming to terms with his birthright as a Mandan waxikena.The manuscript is accentuated with authentic pho-tographs, original drawings, and the author s fam-ily tree, documenting his lineage back through six generations. One notable photograph, a portrait of a prominent ancestor named Red Buffalo Cow, had been stored in a foot locker that belonged to Gen. George Armstrong Custer, and has never before been published.

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54 Psychic Guidepost

by Elita Purcill

Page 55: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 55

Which would you choose?

Love or Fear

Have you ever felt that there are times in your life where fear is holding you back? You are not alone in these thoughts. There is a parable about a man who has

awoken in the middle of the night to find a poisonous snake coiled next to his leg at the foot of his bed. He lies awake all night, frozen in terror, praying that the snake won’t bite him. As dawn breaks, and light begins to shine on his bed, he finally realizes that it’s not a snake at all. It’s a belt he forgot to put away when he went to bed. Once he knows the truth, the snake disappears, the memory of the night is reframed, the fear is gone and he is filled with relief. Until he had seen the light, as it were, his imagination got the better of him and he imagined his own demise at the hands of the snake. When you shine a light on fear, you can make unconscious emotions conscious and see them for what they are. So how do we work with fears in our everyday lives? There are countless examples in our lives every day, from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep. When our pen runs out of ink, when our car breaks down, when a relationship ends. We can use everything that happens to us as an opportunity for ‘waking up’. Instead of trying to fight it

we can embrace it. In the first moment when we notice our fear and anxiety beginning to rise, we can stop what we are doing and take a few minutes to tune into our bodily sensations. We may notice that our shoulder muscles feel tense, our breathing may become rapid and shallow, our heart rate may speed up, and so on. We can begin first by tuning into these feelings, and acknowledging that they are happening. We can begin to deliberately calm these reactions by breathing slowly and deeply, relaxing our muscles and mentally staying in the present moment. Resist the temptation to let the thoughts race ahead and worry about what may happen, or what it might mean. All of those are merely perceptions – not necessarily what‘s really happening. A technique I really love to use is this: Imagine your thoughts passing through your mind like clouds in a soft blue sky. Allow each cloud to drift on by – without attaching to them. Then notice the spaces between the clouds. The above is a simple practice of “mindfulness”, where we can open our hearts and minds beyond limit. The result is we cease to cause harm to ourselves and others. We dissolve the sense of dualism between us and them, between this and that, and here and there. We can train in letting the story lines go. We cannot

Page 56: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

56 Psychic Guidepost

be in the present and run our story lines at the same time. Every chaotic situation is our teacher. Everything that arises is a manifestation of wisdom. Love is the cure for fear. In fact, fear and love cannot co-exist – when one is there the other is absent. The way of the heart is through our own doorway of fear and separateness. There are always new horizons to explore when the heart’s calling is heard. It is is a life path of soul discovery that can only lead to the recognition of our oneness. As our learning expands and deepens, so does our connection to the divine or Universal oneness, and so does our natural ability as co-creators. Living with love will open you up to a world full of exciting adventure and experiences. Fear, on the other hand, keeps you trapped and fully understanding the love that you are. So if you find things in your life right now that you do not love, stop giving so much of your attention to them. What we give our attention to expands. Start finding some things, – it can be one thing that you can love about these situations. From this state of awareness then focus your energy on all the other aspects of your life that you do love. From here you begin to create your own experience. Think of the message in this ancient wisdom: “Fear knocked at the door. Love answered and no one was there.” As a wise person once said, “Fear is a rusty lock on the gates of adventure”!

“Fear knocked at the door. Love answered and no one was there.”

Elita is a Psychic Counsellor and Tarot Reader from Australia. She can connect and align you with your soul purpose and whatever it is you are wanting to attract into your life. Spanning 25 years as a psychic, she works with high vibrational frequencies and has been fortunate enough to have trained with Doreen Virtue, Denise Lynn and many spiritual and metaphysical teachers. With a background as a psychologist she can provide you with infinite possibilities, greater harmony and a clear connection with your higher power and soul purpose. Her psychic style is a mix of Clairvoyance, Coaching, and Counselling and Cheer Leading! Her readings are always inspiring and empowering.

Elita is also a certified hypnotherapist, Past Life Counsellor, Certified Life Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner, Certified Angel Therapist, Theta And DNA Healer, Law of Attraction Counsellor, Yoga Instructor and Music Sound Healer and is currently a Masters Degree student in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies. If you are ready to feel empowered and enlightened with the answers that you seek or seeking guidance and insight into life’s pressing problems, Elita will be delighted to meet you. No question is too big or too small! Contact details for Elita: www. (StarzSedona) (Psychic AuRa) Facebook: Elita Purcille email: [email protected]

Elita Purcille

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Fall Issue 57

Looking for enlightenment? Looking for people of “like-minds”? Subscribe to Psychic Guidepost, it’s FREE! Make

a connection today!

You yourself are the eternal energy which appears in the universe. You didn’t come into this world; you came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.

~Alan Watts

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58 Psychic Guidepost

The in’s and out’s of being an Empath are quite lengthy. To connect with the feelings of strangers, those you love, items you come across and even places can be exceptionally

overpowering! I often smile and shake my head when people proclaim their desire to be an Empath. It’s a wonderful gift, don’t get me wrong. BUT it is one which brings with it a variety of challenges that must be dealt with accordingly. Empathic abilities are deeply

You are Empathic

by Laura Wilson-Brown

moving but require certain precautions so they are used safely. It is my belief that there are many more Empaths

walking the Earth today than who realize it. This seems to be because many people have the unique ability to pick up on the emotions and feelings of others but often times chalk it up to being overly emotional, too sympathetic and many feel they are teetering on the edge of insanity as they run the

Page 59: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 59

Empathic abilities are deeply moving but require certain precautions so they are used safely.

gambit of one emotion to the next without warning or much space!In truth there are a few signs that you could be

Empathic and though this list is far from extensive, it gives you an idea of some of the most common attributes.

Do you:~Get easily worked up when watching TV or movies?

Whether funny or sad you feel a physical expression of the emotion you are watching on the screen. ~Find crowds and public events overwhelming? Like

being in the middle of a 3-ring circus and having everyone throw their various emotions at you public places can be an emotional minefield for you. ~Do people naturally feel drawn to you for advice and

insight because you have a keen ability to understand what they are going through on a soul level? ~Do you feel instantly whether someone is good

people when you first meet them? Empaths have a keen ability to get accurate first impressions. ~Can you sense when there has been an emotional

shift to a room or situation? Empaths often times can tell when something is lifting or changing. Even walking into an empty room can give an Empath an understanding of what took place before they entered. ~Do you find that you are a bit of a personality

chameleon; capable of adjusting to whom you are around and never quite finding your “type”.

The list of signs is countless; however, this gives you an idea of whether or not you should further explore your own Empathic abilities. Furthermore you can see how many ride the line between blessing and curse when it comes to being able to so easily connect with

the emotionality of people, places, and even items. One of the biggest assets for an Empath is self-

care. Because we have a strong tendency to attract “wounded birds” and have a hard time saying no, even when it’s in our best interest, we bend over backwards to accommodate those in our lives who we feel need us. This can leave us depleted physically, mentally and emotionally. If we do not take the time for self-care we will experience burn out which makes us susceptible to illness, lethargy and even depression.

Here are some tips for self-care that also will help protect you against overuse of your own Empathic abilities.

~Take time for YOU. Shut off the phone, turn off the computer and make YOUR needs a priority. Ask yourself what you are currently feeling and how you can fill your emotional, mental and physical banks. ~Meditate. This doesn’t have to resemble something

you would see in a monastery and there is no right or wrong way. What is important is to set up a small amount of time when you will be undisturbed and can simply sit in silence and listen to your breath. Thoughts will come and they will go. Do not attempt to control or manipulate them as this tends to exacerbate their flow. Instead just take time to sit quietly which is therapeutic in and of itself. If you prefer more structure look into some guided meditations which will lead you deeper down the rabbit hole of relaxation and self-soothing.~Cover your solar plexus. One of the places most

activated when our Empathic abilities are triggered is our solar plexus. It’s the emotional gateway, essentially. By visualizing a protective shield around your solar plexus (the space located just 3 fingers width above your belly button) you can stop the flow

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60 Psychic Guidepost

of emotion for the time being. If you feel that you require more immediate blocking or are not yet adept at visualization than cover your hands over this area, or use a book. Any block, be it visual/energetic or physical will assist you in stopping the flow and having a chance to ground and center yourself. ~Which brings us to grounding and centering. A

great way to remove unwanted emotions be them yours or another’s is by visualizing them spilling from our feet and into the ground. You can accompany this visualization with a simple statement that you “release all negative, unwanted or foreign emotion and energy into the ground to be cleansed and recycled for its highest good”. If you know the exact emotion that is presently causing you troubles then say aloud that you release it! Then visualize a root stemming from your tailbone down deep into the Earth until you reach the core and then visualize this energy traveling back up through that root and into your body. Now consciously draw all of that energy into your center once again, nice and neatly contained. ~Lastly-cleanse! You can do this the old fashion way

with some hot water, maybe some bubbles, candles and essential oils if you are feeling fancy (which is not

Laura Wilson-Brown

A wearer of phenomenal shoes, drinker of fabulous wine and diviner of cards, Laura Brown’s mission is to guide and empower women on matters related to love and romance. With a decidedly blunt but down-to-Earth approach Laura hones in on the subtleties and helps women to understand the bigger picture within their love lives. Laura is one half of the radio show Relationship Rebels and is currently writing her first book: Know the Sign, Get The Man. Learn more about Laura through her site Modern Sibyl and stay up to date over at her Facebook page (

a bad way to self sooth on its own!) or you can grab some sage from your local or online metaphysical store and safely burn and waft the smoke around your energetic body as well as your home if you feel so inclined. You can look up more intricate statements of intent or simply state aloud or internally that you are cleaning and removing all unwanted energy and emotions from your being and your space. Nothing fancy-the intent is enough.

The bottom line is that if you feel a particular resonance with some of the signs of being an Empath you should begin to explore the topic more and see how you can best strengthen your energetic and emotional body. When not properly protected there can be a very real downside to your Empathic skills. The ability to help someone, however, through your connection is a profound experience, unlike anything else. By learning to diagnose and nurture your skills while protecting yourself to safely use them you will find great benefit comes to you on an internal level as you are able to help those around you in intensely poignant ways.

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Fall Issue 61

Snakes are good luck. One crawling up your doorsteps portends that someone from another country will enter your home. A snake in the garden brings good for-tune.

Omens And old wives tales

An Omen…is a sign that signals a future event; many Omens are historically based upon ancient superstitions and cultural

folklore.Some omens are indicative of good fortune, while others are symbolic of impending hardship and doom. Bad Luck and Superstitions are mostly Christian based, as history will show some were & still are, very superstitious. Here are some Chris-tian based Superstitions….

Unlucky #13 – Many Christians believed it started with witches’ covens having 12 members, making 13 only when the devil appeared at satanic cere-monies (although, prior to Christianity, 13 was considered a sacred number, representing the 13 moons of the year.) 13 was also the number at the Last Supper, when Judas betrayed Jesus.

Breaking a Mirror – Our ancestors began this superstition, because they thought the image in a mirror, contained our actual soul. Thus, a broken mirror, represented the soul being pulled from your body and being trapped in all the shattered pieces. – The reason the bad luck lasted for seven years, was because the Romans believed that after seven years, the body was physically renewed and

the soul could once again return whole. Cure: To break the spell of misfortune from a broken mirror, you must wait seven hours, (one for each year of bad luck), before picking up the broken pieces, and bury them outside, in the moonlight.

Walking Under Ladder – If you walk under a ladder you supposedly break a spiritual triangle (the Holy Trinity) that will leave you vulnerable to the devil.

Black Cats -Black cats have long been believed to be a supernatural omen, since the witch hunts of the mid-dle ages, Christians associated a witches black cat to be connected to evil. Since then, it is considered bad luck if a black cat crosses your path.

Friday the 13th- It is claimed that Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden on a Friday, Noah’s flood started on a Friday and Christ was crucified on a Friday, so it is likely these days and numbers com-bined were given the signal of bad luck.

Spilling Salt -At one time salt was a rare commodi-ty and thought to have magical powers. It has long been useful as a preservative, in medicine, and is also used in magic, ritual, and superstition to purify, bless things, and drive away evil. It was unfortunate to spill salt and one had to take a pinch of it and throw it over their left shoulder to undo any bad luck, and ward off the devil that may lurk behind.

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62 Psychic Guidepost


Wiccan Fall Equinox Sabbat Solitary Ritual Guide

Decorate the altar with acorns, oak sprigs, pine and cypress cones, ears of corn, wheat stalks and other fruits and nuts. Also place there a small rustic basket filled

with dried leaves of various colors and kinds. Sweep area, moving in a deosil (clockwise) manner. Outline your Circle with a red cord, low vibration

stones, or various Harvest items such as wheat, corn, beans, etc. Set up your altar and place the red altar cloth over

it. At center top, place the basket of dried leaves. Place an apple and the boline on your Pentacle or a plate. Place the rest of your tools according to your personal preference. Take a shower or bath for purity. Sit quietly and meditate to ground and center. When

you are ready, begin by playing some soothing music associated with the Sabbat and your ritual.

Cast the Circle , Pick up your Wand in your right hand, face your altar, and with arms stretched out above your head, say:

“I honor Thee, Autumn Queen, and Thy consort, the God of the Harvest.The Wheel has once more turned, and the change of

season begins.What will be is. What was will be.The Equinox is upon us, and the time to reflect, at

hand.All time comes together, here and now in this sacred


Page 63: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 63






And I, but a moment in time, feel the change as I pass from one season to the next.The Second Harvest has been

reaped, and the time of rest is deserved.Go now My Mother and slumber.Go now My Father and dream of

re-birth.I shall be here to greet Thee on

Your return.”

Stand before the altar, holding aloft the basket of leaves, and slowly scatter them so that they cascade to the ground within the circle. Say

such words as these:

“Leaves fall,The days grow cold.The Goddess pulls her mantle of

Earth around HerAs You, O Great Sun God, sail

toward the WestTo the land of eternal

enchantment,Wrapped in the coolness of night.Fruits ripen,Seeds drip,The hours of day and night are

balanced.Chill winds blow in from the

North wailing laments.In this seeming extinction of

nature’s power, O BlessedGoddess, I know that life

continues.For spring is impossible without

the second harvest,As surely as life is impossible

without death.Blessings upon you, O Fallen God,

as you journey intoThe lands of winter and into the

Goddess’ loving arms.”

Place the basket down and say:

“O Gracious Goddess of all fertility, I have sown andReaped the fruits of my actions,

good and bane.Grant me the courage to plant

seeds of joy and love inThe coming year, banishing misery

and hate. Teach me the secretsOf wise existence upon the planet.O luminous one of the night!”

With arms still out-stretched lower your head and close your eyes. Contemplate what you have just spoken. When ready, open your eyes and lower your arms. Pick up the apple and place it in the center of the Pentacle/

Page 64: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

64 Psychic Guidepost

Offering the apple

plate. Cut it crosswise with the Boline, to reveal the natural pentagram at its core. Then lift half the apple, pentagram up, as if in offering, while saying:

“As the Wheel turns, the seasons pass, and the years give way to the next,Guide me most Wise Ones,Lest I forgetEvery beginning has an endingAnd every ending is a new beginning.”

Take a bite of the apple. Put the rest aside to share later with the wildlife. Close your eyes and feel the seasons pass within the circle from summer to autumn. When ready, say:

“As the days grow colder, and the nights last longer,May I remember the summer past. With sunlight fading, and hearth inviting,My memories will warm my soul. From a season of hard work and hard play,I hear Mother’s voice calling me forward.

While I rest, shall She lull me, with songs of a dream,As close to Her bosom I cling.

Between the worlds I stand in this sacred place.All time is here and now.As I leave this circle, the season shall have changed,And I will have changed with it.May I use the short time of Winter FindingTo draw the strength and power from withinAs I quest for vision, understanding, and peace.”

Pick up the Bell with your right hand, and ring thrice, to toll the passing of the first 3 seasons of the year. Now place it in your left hand and ring once to usher in the 4th and last season of the year. Place the bell on the altar.

An apple has a natural pentagram

Page 65: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 65

Mabon Incense #1

“In Life is Death, and in Death is Life.The Sacred Dance goes on and onFrom whence we came, we shall return,And come again.Seasons pass, and pass again,The circle stays unbrokenHeed the words of your child, here,Through Your wisdom I have spoken.”

It is now time for meditation and spell working. Associated spell workings would include those for protection, wealth, security, and self-confidence. If there is no spell working, celebrate with Cakes and Ale, then release the Circle.

Reprint from:

Mabon Incense #1• 1 part Benzoin• 1 part Myrrh• 1 part Honeysuckle Bark• 1 part Cinnamon• 1 part Vanilla

Mabon Incense #2• 2 parts Frankincense• 1 part Sandalwood• 1 part Cypress• 1 part Juniper• 1 part Pine• 1/2 part Oakmoss or Oakmoss Oil• 1 pinch Oak Leaf

Burn this incense during Wiccan ceremonies on Mabon or at that time to attune with the change of the seasons. Also burn to attract its influences, or during spells involving lust, physical strength, competitions, rituals concerning men and so on.

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66 Psychic Guidepost

How we react to suicide and depression

With two recent tragedies in the news, the loss of missing Oregon mother Jennifer Huston, and beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams, both to apparent hanging

suicide, something really important is emerging in the commentaries on these events that is important to all of us in the spiritual community: fear and ignorance about suicide and depression. Jennifer Huston put gas in her car and bought trail mix,

she loved her little boys with all her heart. Robin Williams posted a heartfelt happy-birthday message to his daughter Zelda in his last Instagram message. How could anyone do these normal activities and then step through some invisible doorway into death? That anyone, especially a parent, could love and LEAVE a child is an unthinkable taboo to our

Article and photosby Willow Brilliance

Page 67: Psychic Guidepost Fall 2014

Fall Issue 67

society.When I saw a video of Fox commentator Shep Smith,

veritably frothing with derision, calling Robin Williams a “coward” (he later apologized), or when I saw a popular blogger imply that suicide is simply a “bad choice” - I was outraged at such inexcusable, gross insensitivity. But then I realized that anger, rage and blame is a normal reaction to loss and suicide – and not just for family members or media personalities.Why does this happen? Most of us have some experience

with depression, clinical depression or a suicide attempt has in some way touched our lives or that of a loved one. So how can we suddenly turn into a fearful mob about this topic? Haven’t those experiences made us more understanding? Maybe not. Because we are afraid of death and endings, our ego can’t cope with the willing loss of life… we scramble to find logical questions and logical answers, and in the absence of those findings we find rage: “HOW DARE SHE? HOW DARE HE?!” We feel hurt and angry ourselves or on the behalf of family members left behind. But there isn’t logic in the depth of depression. Depression is a disease that impacts people of all walks of life, from every age, from every economy, from every life circumstance. Sometimes the system intended to help people in trouble is not a wide enough net, and the way our culture and country deals with the reality emotional trauma leaves much to be desired.Within the walls of major depression, everything is tilted

and the things that make sense to us when we’re rational and not depressed do not make sense within the darkness of that pain. It’s not uncommon for someone suffering from suicidal thoughts to be poised between letting go of life and wanting to continue it… indeed, many survivors realize, mid-leap that they want to live. There is no rationality that makes a parent leave a child, or buy trail mix, or gas the car. There is only a disease. It is tragic and it cannot add up

or make sense to our rational minds; but the truth remains – someone can very much love their family and become a victim of depression. They are not a coward trying to hurt the ones they love, they are sick. By the same token, those who are suffering from depression don’t want to make others uncomfortable. They didn’t choose it, and they’re not intentionally doing this to their families and friends. Persons suffering from depression may not even seem outwardly distressed, so our empathy can be hard to place. Suicide may seem “cowardly” to us, but this fear deserves compassion and help, not derision.Blaming a victim of a disease makes no more sense than

blaming a cancer victim or broken-leg victim, but we may do it anyway because we are so hurt, so afraid, so lost. There’s another option. Instead, we could continue to allow our compassion and empathy to rise up and defend the victim of depression instead of our fear. Instead of trying to figure out the spiritual and cosmological forces that will determine the fate of a suicidal person’s soul… we could be reaching out to those who live and breathe, to those who have passed with love and kindness.Fear is always an opportunity, in this case – to educate

ourselves about how to deal with the realities of suicide and to be compassionate to those who are experiencing it. We can take suicide and depression seriously instead of marginalizing it with blame and fear. We can reach out to those who are suffering and to those who have experienced loss. We can take care of our own mental well-being. We can send love and light and compassion to Robin Williams, a tremendous actor (‘O Captain, my Captain!’) and to Jennifer Huston and to those who have left this physical world in an act of pain or fear. We can make the world safer for those who are in high risk groups through acceptance, education and outreach. (The elderly, those suffering with pain, illness or trauma, veterans, those suffering from PTSD, LGTBQ communities, moms, dads, those suffering from depression, — the list goes on and on).If you or a loved one are facing depression, or considering

suicide, please get help. Your work here is still important. If you are a loved one and you believe someone is in danger, address the issue – listen, talk, and do not wait. If danger is imminent, call 911. Visit this website for more information if you need to get help for someone else: an emergency, call the National Suicide Prevention

Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Robin Williams 1951-2014

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68 Psychic Guidepost

Halloween Party RecipesSpooky edibles for Halloween fun

Make witches fingers, or spider cookies and ghost appetizers for your party. Try a spooky spider web pizza or freaky cocktails? These recipes are easy, quick to make and to DIE for! Here are some of the best I’ve found so far.

Halloween Baked Bloody Rats

I love allrecipes and they have a great idea for meatloaf. This is the creepiest and funniest meatloaf recipe bar none!

Ingredients2 pounds ground beef1/2 onion, chopped1 egg, beaten1 cup dry bread crumbs1 (1.25 ounce) packet meatloaf

seasoning mix

1 cup cubed Cheddar cheese3 (10 ounce) cans tomato sauce1 cup white sugar1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce1 ounce uncooked spaghetti, broken

into fourths1/2 carrot, cut into 1/8-inch thick

slices1 tablespoon frozen green peasDirections1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

F (175 degrees C).2. In a large bowl, combine the

ground beef, onion, egg, bread crumbs, and meatloaf seasoning. Use your hands to mix until well blended. Measure out 1/3 cupfuls of the meat mixture and mold around a cube of cheese like a meatball. Shape into a point at one end and lengthen the body a bit by rolling between your hands. Place your ‚’rat’’ into a shallow

baking dish, and continue with the remaining meat. Insert pieces of unco-oked spaghetti into the rounded end of the rats to make tails.

3. In a medium bowl, stir together the tomato sauce, sugar and Worce-stershire sauce. Pour over the rats in the dish and cover the dish with a lid or aluminum foil.

4. Bake for 45 minutes in the pre-heated oven. Uncover the dish and continue to bake for another 20 to 30 minutes, basting occasionally with the sauce to glaze the rats.

5. While the rats finish baking, heat the peas and carrots in a small bowl in the microwave for about 15 seconds.

6. Carefully transfer the rats to a serving platter so that their delicate tails don’t fall off. Press peas into the pointy end to make eyes, and insert carrot slices to make ears.

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Meat ball creepy crawlers

IngredientsMeatballs1 can (12 oz) Pillsbury® Grands!®

Jr. Golden Layers® refrigerated flaky original biscuits

20 frozen cooked beef meatballs, thawed (from 16-oz bag)

1/4 cup shoestring potatoes (from 1 3/4-oz can) or chow mein noodles

Sliced olives, pickles and carrots, as desired

Dips, if desired1/4 cup ketchup1/4 cup mustard1/2 cup cheese dip

Directions1Heat oven to 375°F. Spray large

cookie sheet with cooking spray, or cover with cooking parchment paper.

2Separate dough into 10 biscuits. Separate each biscuit into 2 layers. Wrap 1 biscuit piece around each meatball; seal. To make 1 crawler, line up 10 biscuit-wrapped meatballs on cookie sheet, making sure each is touching, to make a curved line. Poke shoestring potatoes in both sides of each ball for legs, at head for antennae and tongue, and end for tail. Repeat with remaining 10 wrapped meatballs to make second crawler.

3Bake 13 to 16 minutes or until golden brown. Garnish with olives for eyes and mouth. Top every other section with layer of sliced pickle, carrot and olive. In small bowl, mix ketchup and mustard. Serve crawlers with ketchup mixture and cheese dip.

Witches Fingers

From Ingredients1 (11-oz.) can Pillsbury® Refrigera-

ted Breadsticks6 small slices pepperoni12 (2/3-oz.) slices American pa-

steurized process cheese food3/4 cup finely shredded lettuce

Directions1. Heat oven to 375°F. Separate

dough into 12 strips. Place flat on ungreased cookie sheet; do not twist. With sharp knife or kitchen scissors, cut 2. small triangles from one end of each dough strip to form a point that

resembles a fingertip.* Lightly score breadsticks in center to resemble knuckles. Cut each pepperoni slice into 2 pointed ovals to resemble 2 fingernails. Place 1 pepperoni piece on each breadstick.

3. Bake at 375°F. for 13 to 15 minu-tes or until golden brown. If necessa-ry, reapply „fingernails” with small dot of ketchup.

4. Split each breadstick. Cut each cheese slice into strips and place in breadstick, overlapping strips. Top each with lettuce. If desired, serve with mustard, mayonnaise or ket-chup. Serve warm or cold.

Coffin sandwiches

Makes:8 thin-sliced dense German-style

rye or pumpernickle bread3 ounces fresh milkgoatcheese1/4 cup black olive or tapenade

spread1 15-ounce jar roasted red peppers

Directions: Special Equipment: a (2- by 1.5-inch) coffin cookie cutter. Mini coffin cookie cutters are availa-ble from: for $12.95. To make shape without cookie cut-ters, cut sandwich is half crosswise and cut each half into 3 pieces with cut at a slight angle. Cut corners from top of each piece to create a coffin shape.

Spread half of bread slices with goat cheese and half with black olive or tapenade spread.

Drain roasted red peppers and pat dry between paper towels. Arran-ge peppers on top of goat cheese, cutting them to make a uniform layer. Invert bread spread with olive over red peppers to make sandwiches.

Cut out 6 coffins from each sand-wich with coffin cutter and arrange on a serving tray. Cut out enough thin 2-inch strips and 1.5-inch strips from remaining red peppers to form a cross on each coffin and lay strips on coffins.

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