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Summer Issue 1 Psychic Guidepost Summer 2014 Are you an Empath? The Power of Gratitude Dispelling the Spell Myth e magazine for and about the metaphysical and spiritual community

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Psychic Guidepost is the leading trade publication for and about the metaphysical and spiritual community


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Summer Issue 1


Summer 2014

Are you an Empath?

The Power of Gratitude

Dispelling the Spell Myth

The magazine for and about the metaphysical and spiritual community

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2 Psychic Guidepost

Calling on Starz, for the answers you

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Summer Issue 3

The best psychics from around the world

www.starzpsychics.comStarZ Psychics is the Internet’s Leading Metaphysical and Live Psychic Community. Enjoy your

private reading in our state of the art chat room. None like it anywhere else. We have a variety

of amazingly talented Advisors with special talents including, Astrologers, psychics, channelers,

tarot card readers, clairvoyants, spiritual advisors, and clairaudients who can assist you in

answering your questions and more importantly guiding you to a new level of spiritual health.

The best psychics from around the world

www.starzpsychics.comStarZ Psychics is the Internet’s Leading Metaphysical and Live Psychic Community. Enjoy your

private reading in our state of the art chat room. None like it anywhere else. We have a variety

of amazingly talented Advisors with special talents including, Astrologers, psychics, channelers,

tarot card readers, clairvoyants, spiritual advisors, and clairaudients who can assist you in

answering your questions and more importantly guiding you to a new level of spiritual health.

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What is empathy?

The savior of mysticism

The Victorian Fairy Tarot

Symbolism and Legends

So you are an Empath? Now What?




Gratitude is Key

Disspelling the Spell Myth

Moon Phases to Manifest Anything!

40Spiritual Warrior





Eagle, Book, Medicine Man

Ask the Astrologers

Paranormal News


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Summer Issue 5


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gratitude is the key to coming back into the light and loving your life again! Get involved and write to the

magazine at [email protected]. Tell them what you think or how you would like them to improve the quality of information in your magazine. I’m told they will be printing

letters to the editor, so Tweet them @PGuidepost or follow them on Facebook at a great summer! I look

forward to the Fall issue!

Blessings and welcome to another wonderful issue of Psychic Guidepost Magazine. Here psychics from all over the

world can share information and gain knowledge to help novices and established world-known psychics market themselves or their crafts. The magazine is always looking

for content so feel free to send your blogs or articles for FREE exposure. Psychic Guidepost now has over

465,000 impressions per quarter with thousands of downloads, readers and shares. The magazine is available as a

“print-on-demand” product at It is currently available as a Kindle product at Amazon, in a digest format. It is also being downloaded daily on iphones and androids. Content can be anything from

paranormal stories and psychic business news to “how YOU conduct readings” or how you reach a higher level of spirituality. The magazine seeks information

about wiccan and pagan lifestyles, advisor/psychics lifestyles and habits, gratitude, empathy, spirituality, paranormal and just about anything you have experience

in regarding metaphysics and spiritualitity. Summer time is awesome time.

The weather in most places is beautiful. But a strong wave to our friends down under (Australia) who are experiencing their winter. All seasons have their own

particular magic. I pray everyone will manifest their greatest desires this season. In this issue the magazine focuses

on Gratitude and Empathy. Most people are empathic and don’t know it, or have psychic gifts and don’t realize it. The spiritual community is all

about gratitude. Spiritual advisors featured in the magazine are always helping someone get out of a dark pit. We have discovered that

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Do you feel like you sometimes get a clear sense of how other people feel inside, regardless of how well they cover it

up? Do you tend to get emotionally overwhelmed when you’re with a group of people? If so, then you may be naturally gifted with psychic empathy.

What Is Empathy?Empathy is one of the psychic gifts also

referred to as clairsentience (clear feeling), and it’s the ability to sense what others feel.

Commonly described as highly sensitive individuals, psychic empaths can sense energy vibrations at an emotional level. If you’re a psychic empath, then you sense underlying emotions, even when a person seems to be welcoming and friendly on the outside.

But even more than sensing other people’s feelings, you’re like a sponge that absorbs other people’s emotional energies, so you can also end up harboring sentiments that are not yours.

How To Tell If You’re An EmpathHere are some signs that you have the

psychic gift of empathy:• You know what other people feel, no

matter how concealed their true emotions are.

• You may even sense anger, annoyance,

Empathy is one of the psychic gifts also referred to as clairsentience (clear feeling), and its the ability to sense what others feel.

Page 7: Psychic Guidepost Summer 2014

Summer Issue 7

pride, and other feelings through letters or emails, text messages, or chat, no matter how nice and polite the words are written.

• You tend to be deeply affected by devastating news.

• You have a soft spot for animals, plant life, and Mother Earth.

• You have a tendency to exhibit other people’s emotions, such as suddenly feeling depressed after being with a sad person, or feeling angry after being with an enraged individual.

• You can sense the emotional aura that emanates from a place when you walk in, such as despair, fear, hope, and the like, and then you come out carrying the same emotion that the place has.

• You can unravel other people’s emotions and understand them, even if they don’t understand it themselves.

• You can lighten other people’s moods by simply being there for them.

An Empath’s Greatest DifficultyBecause of your ability to sense

what others feel, and even take their woes as your own, you may find that your greatest burden is carrying emotional loads that are not yours in the first place. This makes your daily life heavier than it really is.

You may also find yourself experiencing the following:

• You may feel overwhelmed being in a crowd, uncomfortable being with a large number of people, or drained of energy after spending time in a mall, a train, or other public places.

• Because you can get emotionally overwhelmed by people, you tend to keep your distance and prefer solitude.

• You may despair for the world, and hope that you can do something to help on a worldwide scale.

• You have a tendency to give in to people’s requests, because you can sense their needs. You usually set aside your own needs to attend to theirs.

• You may get too emotionally affected by relationships and friendships.

• You seem to always end up as “the shoulder to cry on,” but you may find yourself having to fend for yourself when you’re the one in need of comfort.

• You may even get physically sick for no apparent reason, after spending time with emotionally-burdened individuals.

Empathy is a great psychic gift, but because it moves you to carry other people’s emotional baggage, it can also prevent you from living a full and healthy life. So, in order to have your life back, you need to learn to have some control of your ability.

How To Control Your EmpathyTo control your empathic abilities,

you need to set aside time for daily meditation. When you meditate, there are two things that you need to do. One, you need to cleanse yourself from others’ feelings; and two, you need to protect yourself from further emotional onslaught. So here’s a technique to help control your empathic feelings.

Step 1. Cleansing• Find a quiet place where you won’t

get a barrage of negative energies. It could be in a garden, a wooded area, by the beach, or your favorite place in your home.

• Find a comfortable position, making sure that your back is straight to allow energy to flow through you.

• Close your eyes and calm yourself. Release the tension from your muscles, and free your mind from worries and concerns.

• When your breathing is steady and relaxed, start visualizing the inside of your body. See all negative emotions trapped inside you as a dark smog that’s poisoning your entire body system.

• In your mind, intend to clear your body of this energy pollution. Will yourself to release this smog through the pores of your skin.

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8 Psychic Guidepost

• As the smog is getting flushed out of your body, visualize clear, clean energy replacing it. Allow this positive energy to fill every muscle and every internal organ, and let it flow through your veins and through your nerves.

• Take as long as you need for this cleansing. It may take a while, especially when it’s your first time doing it, or when you’ve just been to a crowded area. But doing this will greatly ease your burdens.

Step 2. Protection• Once you know that your system has been cleared of

all negative emotions, you need to set up your protection from further onslaught.

• Continue with your meditation, but this time, start by asking yourself, “What is empathy?” State an affirmation, saying, “It is my ability to understand how others feel without being affected by it.”

• Then visualize yourself being encased in a force field of pure positive psychic energy. See it in your mind, and allow it to surround you like a bubble that’s impenetrable to ambient energies.

• While this shield will still allow you to sense other people’s emotions, it will also prevent you from absorbing them like a sponge.

• As you look at this shield in your mind’s eye, see yourself moving around with it.

• When you sense that you’re comfortable and safe inside your bubble, thank the universe and slowly bring yourself out of meditation.

You will need to do this meditation practice every day, and reinforce your shield when you sense that there are strong energies surrounding you. You can also try to determine which situations or people tend to trigger your empathy the most, so you can strengthen your protection before the encounter.

If you need assistance in cleansing and in putting up a protective shield, I can conduct a thorough aura reading to see if there are tears or vulnerable areas in your aura, and repair any damage.

I can also help you to better understand your gift of empathy, and give you advice on how to make use of your psychic ability to the fullest.

Tana Hoy was born with a very rare psychic gift. He not only has the ability to “hear” the voices of Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, and loved ones on the other side, but he can also see them, and talk with them!Ever since he was a little boy, his earliest memories are of talking and playing with his invisible friends. He lat-er came to understand that these invisible friends were Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, fairies, elves, and even his loved ones on the other side.When Tana receives messages from Guides and Angels during a psychic reading, he describes it as follows, “Imagine me and you are talking, and your best friend is standing behind you. Your friend is telling me ev-erything about you, your life, and your future, but you can’t see or hear your friend, only I can! Then I simply repeat back to you what I hear! What I experience is very similar to how Whoopi Goldberg talked toPatrick Swazey in the Movie Ghost.”

Contact Tana Hoy here!

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Summer Issue 9

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10 Psychic Guidepost



by Mondez Durden

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Summer Issue 11

Vlax Romanians’ use of the Kris, a culturally traditional cour t ran by wise members of the Gypsy community

professional mystics in its borders tend to be more educated about what a mystic in their region can and can not do. A more informed citizenry is more prone to understanding how predictions work and how personal will and desire plays into shaping predictions. State associations with mystics foster acceptance of mysticism in the masses which encourages basic understanding of what readings actually are and how they work. This is all positive for the professional mystics of this informed society. This association with the state,

therefore, does not hinder the Oracle of Nechung from doing his official work. He still helps guide the Tibetan provincial government with his prophecies. What it does do is free him from the grievances that would be caused by his words being taken out of context or misunderstood in the citizenry of Tibet were less informed about how prophesies work. Because his words hold more weight being backed by the state, the populous tends to contemplate and examine their meaning more carefully and more intensely. The need to be specific about predictions becomes less important as more esoteric messages become the normal practice. Another modern example

of a quasi official mystic-state association is Vlax Romanians’ use of the Kris, a culturally traditional court ran by wise members of the Gypsy community. The Kris handles disputes between Romani

In antiquity, professionals in the mystical arts were often part of secret or, at times, well known societies

whose ties lent credibility to their member-practitioners. In many of these cultures, it was not abnormal for mystical practitioners to be sanctioned by the state. This government-practitioner association, some formal while others more quasi official in nature, often helped mediate interaction and mitigate damages between those seeking and providing mystical services. The Nechung Oracle is a modern

example of just such an association. Though the Tibetan region is part of China, it is still designated as an autonomous province. It has its own governing body in the Central Tibetan Administration and its own leader named the Dali Lama. Having this type of association between mystics and a governing-body gives mystics’ prophecies more weight which carries more favor with the populous and helps cement a more open minded environment for mystics to work. This state sanctioned association allows The Nechung Oracle’s words to take deep root into the hearts of his followers. There is less skepticism of his words inherent wisdom and cathartic value. This open minded environment fostered by government acceptance brings more clarity and credibility to The Nechung Oracle’s words. It codifies the expectations followers have of him. Citizens who live in a state which acknowledges the

Page 12: Psychic Guidepost Summer 2014

12 Psychic Guidepost

people. Psychic readers and clients of Romani descent can, and do, utilize these traditional courts. The Kris will even deal with matters of dispute about the locations of psychic businesses in places like New York City. Spiritual advisers of Romani descent can set up reading parlors using only the guidelines of the Kris to ensure that no reader in the community works too closely to another. Having readers too close together in a community where mystics run plenty threatens the livelihood of the community so firm rules are put in place. Such culturally sponsored associations with professional mystics have been commonplace throughout history, and have helped mystic professionals create clear rules that cut down on confusion of purpose in work which fosters civil treatment between fellow readers. When readers feel a community is there for them and has fair rules then they are more kind to one another and more reasonable with their clients.

Such associations in the mystical arts may again be greatly needed even if they are not as readily viable in America’s culture. That never stopped the Kris though If we did have stronger government sanctions here they would have to be without the work control measures enjoyed by the Kris. This association instead should come in the form of a simple US Labor Bureau register specifically designed to list all actively working mystical readers in a specific state, city or municipality. Mysticism as a profession has seen state sponsored preservation through associations with practitioners in ancient Greece, pre and post modern Sub-Sahara Africa, ancient Middle East, Neolithic and Bronze age China, ancient and pre-modern India and pre and post-modern South America. This is not a new idea. Nor radical. Nor has it been an obstacle for professional mystics throughout history. One reason for these associations have been to

set strong standards to discourage fraudulent behavior. This alleviates concern for the treatment of those seeking ethical professionals of the mystical arts while inherently endowing credibility to ethical professionals who simply want to work. Another reason for such an association has been to ensure that those practicing their art can build a historical record of their recognized fair-minded work to use to defend themselves against accusations of fraud or mistreatment or to bolster their resume for acceptance on more choosy aggregate sites. A seer sanctioned by the state can more easily defend her work in court against charges of fraud because her activities are signed off on by the state. This is not the same as an endorsement but it goes a long way in legal wrangling. In strongly centralized ancient

civilizations like Greece, it was even seen by some as profane for anyone practicing the archaic arts to not seek out formal standing with the state. These were times where being

a fraud was harder than they are now. This statement may seem counterintuitive but in actuality many ancient people were well versed in magic practices and prophecy even if the majority of he worlds population at this time did not know how to read. Having the state back up its practicing oracles as official mystics while also sanctioning their magical rites created a known element in the ancient world where people could trust whom they invested their

Professionals in the mystical arts are still greatly needed today in America

Page 13: Psychic Guidepost Summer 2014

Summer Issue 13

time and currency. People knew what they were getting. They knew who they could trust and who not to give their hard earned goods and currency. In modern times, mysticism as

a profession has seemingly gone backwards from this standard, not forwards. A case can be easily made that professional mystics today have lost systemic credibility because of these changing tides. An increasingly technologically advanced world where any uninformed person can claim to be a renowned psychic online is an environment where the modern professional mystic falls out of favor with a newly cynical populous only to then be tossed aside from disuse. Currently, there is more documented fraud and scam happening online today in the professional mystical arts than ever was documented to be of normal practice in the ancient world populated by an illiterate legion of trusting, relatively primitive, people. Professional mystics have allowed

this problematic trend to gain traction while using the rejoinder that an educated populace can eventually tell the difference between a true professional with an honest intention to help from a scammer. This assumption falls flat on the face of the reality of what this community sees every day. Aggregate psychic sites across the web have become bogged down by professional scam artists who charge exorbitant prices for spells they cannot delivery and readings they cannot perform. Mystics in America are in the midst of a crisis of confidence in an industry that continually loses more and more credibility as people become more technologically advanced,

knowledgeable of physical laws and science and less spiritual in nature.On top of this, professional

mystics now have to deal with the mounting caustic nature of disrespectful practices coming from companies. This has become a pervasive new normal in our industry yet we currently have no legal protections as a recognized work group. Nurses, doctors, contractors, police officers and even real estate agents have these rights but this particular industry has fallen behind. Due to some intractable beliefs held by some of our members, we have not prepared for the changing world. The belief that registration is somehow tantamount to working controls have helped allow all this to fester. To some aggregate sites, professional mystics are simply ignorant, or odd, or are seen as easily controlled. We mystics have become the unified workhorse, the cog, of a bottom-line machine, not the revered oracles or sophists of our past. The industry is currently fueled by aggregate sites whose sole desire is to plug mystics into a food line like chain and draw out the cash with no protections for the mystic’s reputation or standing. Too often has this become a reoccurring theme. The vestiges of a never fully realized ideal

time where commissions were fair and a governing body like the IRS checks company practices for clear signs of abuse have long died. Presently, by not having any sanctioned association with the state, mysticism as a profession has little protection from these growing unfair practices by companies who have become, unfortunately, the lifeblood of the industry. We need a national register for

those professionally practicing the mystical arts. A national register would discourage several of the more popular online business models designed by scammers to take advantage of people needing mystic services. A national register would help keep underaged readers off sites where they can do damage to vulnerable people. A national register would help honest readers use their built up credibility to drive business to their personal sites. A national register could simultaneously work as an official complaint line for practitioners to anonymously report untoward, illegal or ethically problematic practices by aggregate websites. I have heard the ringing and resounding arguments against such a register, but I say now that these arguments hold no water, and no weight, against the changing face of our professional landscape.

Page 14: Psychic Guidepost Summer 2014

14 Psychic Guidepost

A basic register which documents every professional practitioner of the mystic arts by the state he or she has a business license would be no different from a doctor, nurse or even contractors register. Ratings could be easily found if the register also works as a review aggregator, so no one review holds weight over the totality of a career. The register, or rather its state operators, should be able to arbitrate disputes between practitioners and their clients like the BBB. This would allow readers to assume the least risk when dealing with credit cards. Credit card companies do not initialize charge backs until after

mediation if there is an established state sanctioned mediation process set up. So, credit card companies would not be able to simply retract payments without dealing with the formal complain process. This protects the reader from having money simply taken away from his or her accounts without recourse before it happens.

All professional readers in the country could register as either entertainers, spiritual counselors if they have a minister’s license or advanced degree in social work or psychology, consultants or intuitive coaches. The reader would have to be 18 years old to register and would have to provide his or her

social security number as proof of one’s citizenship. This step is true for most professional registers and important for guaranteeing certain basic industry rights. More than anything, a register associated with the US Labor Bureau would officially recognize professional readers and mystics in this country for the first time. We would be seen as one cohesive industry. Even if we could only get recognized as specialist entertainers in each individual state, professional mystics in these states would still have more legal protection from unfair company and client practices than we do currently. The one argument I hear against

a national register that holds any

“We need a national register for those professionally practicing the mystical arts.”

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage -- Lao Tzu

Page 15: Psychic Guidepost Summer 2014

Summer Issue 15

weight is that the register would affect our privacy as readers. I agree, but this effect would be a positive one and not a negative. Having our names attached to a state sponsored register would ensure that the state one works in would have all the needed resources to find, go after and even legally prosecute fraudulent persons who claim to be someone they are not. As a professional in the intuitive arts, I’ve had two occasions where I found imposters of me on websites using pictures of me and my name as their own. It took lots of work, months of legal threats, to have these phony Mondez Durden profiles taken down by companies that didn’t seem too concerned when informed these people were not me. These were small eastern companies to which my brand lent credibility, and I did not get a dime for it. These sites were in no rush to address a clear violation

of ethics and federal intellectual property laws. Had this violation happened in a world where a US national register exists, those companies would have had to prove I worked for them, not the other way around. I could have more quickly proven these people were frauds and purposefully so. Proving premeditation in lawsuits is the vital difference between simply getting an injunction to end the practice and winning compensatory damages for the purposeful use of one’s brand. When these things happen, they affect our reputation as readers and privacy as citizens, hence a register could help us each remain private and free from such abuse. There is no serious legal argument

against having a national or many state registers for professional mystics. We as a group have been unwilling to do something different to stop the erosion of

trust we all clearly see arising. I think instead of complaining about scammers, freebie abusers and abusive company practices we do something proactive about it. Start a petition online. Call your local secretary of state. Lobby your state representatives to write up local legislation. State sponsored associations like registries are time tested throughout the civilizations of man. They have commonly worked to the benefit of the citizenry, the institutions connected to the mystics, the states themselves and most importantly, the practicing mystics who keep the system going. The only people who know they can do great things are those who have done them. Until that happens, they only believe they can. Blessings

True, compassionate and honest clairvoyant insight has helped world leaders, merchants and everyday people make sound personal and financial decisions for thousands of years, but it has at times been seen as a taboo. Now, utilizing it along with advancements in interpersonal communication facilitation and personal financial education, we can see the gift of intuition for what it truly is: A potent tool for personal, spiritual and business developement.CALL NOW 404-775-4198 or visit

Mondez Durden

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16 Psychic Guidepost

The VictorianFairy Tarot

by Willows Brilliance

Page 17: Psychic Guidepost Summer 2014

Summer Issue 17

Fairy books and decks abound, but the Victorian Fairy Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone and Gary Lippincott stands out as one of the most gorgeous and charming examples. It is

also probably one of the most stunning examples of original artwork ever done for the art-form of tarot, period. Gary Lippincott is an award winning fantasy artist and children’s book illustrator; his lush and imaginative paintings are done in traditional style in paint and ink. His illustrations for this deck are not unlike Victorian artists like Richard Doyle, Arthur Rackham or John Tenniel and so they suit the theme of this deck perfectly. Lunaea Weatherstone’s mastery of the tarot and her refreshingly clear and resonant writing make for rare delight: a perfectly thought out, 252 page companion book that brings meaning, depth and clarity to the cards in a way beginners would love, and seasoned tarot experts should not miss. To be honest, fairy decks usually don’t inspire me but this one touched me with its joy, childlike wonder, and realism. There is only one human in the deck,

The Fool, beguiled by his wee hosts to enter a glade of enchanted bluebells, and enter into the realm of the fairies and the journey of the Fool and the entire deck is just as beguiling to the reader. The back of the deck features a non reversible image of those enchanted bluebells, and the gorgeous, borderless illustrations in the 78 card deck feature scenes from the fairy-folk not in our modern, magical interpretations of the fey, but in an imagined late 19th century Victorian realm where fairies live, work, play and endure hardships in a world that is very much like their human counterparts.

One of the most endearing aspects of this deck is that it is not overly sweet, or fluffy in spite of its fairy theme. While the deck is suitable for any age because the tone is not scary and it draws on our childlike innocence with a story-book feel, there’s no lack of reality and heft here. Triumphs and foibles emerge in poignant scenes that touch on the beauty of real life in both pain and pleasure without compromise. A theme of natural harmony threads through each; the Death

This deck draws on our childlike innocence

card features a scene of fairies mourning a stricken wren, drops of blood still fresh in the snow on a bleak winter’s morning, a tenacious fairy-farmer in the Seven of Spring (Seven of Wands) protects his tender new crop from a flock of hungry skylarks while three maid fairies in the Three of Summer (Three of Cups) play and frolic with bathing birds in a brook. The deck is named differently than traditional tarot decks with the suits corresponding to the Victorian

“Come away, O human child!

To the waters and the wild

With a faery hand in hand... “

-W.B. Yeats

Page 18: Psychic Guidepost Summer 2014

18 Psychic Guidepost

Fairy “Courts” of the four seasons, though they do not go by traditional seasonal associations for tarot suits. It’s a touch I adored but which others might find confusing until they see how well this seasonal theme fits the traditional tarot motifs of wands as a time of burgeoning growth, cups the emotional and languid time of summer, pentacles the practical and earthly autumn andswords with the relative hardship of and thoughtfulness of winter. In this deck: Swords are The Winter Court, Pentacles are The Autumn Court, Cups are The Summer Court, and Wands are The Spring Court. Aces and Pages (in this deck called “Heralds”) typify the quality of the suit. Some of the Majors are renamed in the deck as well: The Conjurer (The Magician), The Seeress (The High Priestess) The Vicar (The Hierophant), The Fairy Bride (the Lovers), Fortitude (Strength), The Wheel of Time (The Wheel of

Fortune), The Magistrate (Justice), The Burning Oak (The Tower), The Stars (The Star), Awakening (Judgment), and The Worlds (The World). What the deck loses in dispensing with traditional naming, and Waite Rider imagery, it gains in how clearly it portrays traditional meanings. With the exception of only a couple cards (like the Three of Winter; this deck cleverly presents betrayal as gossip and intrigue) the depictions are faithful to common interpretations and immediately readable just from the pictures. The whimsical characters make traditional associations solidify in a way that old esoteric, arcane symbols do not. For example, in the traditional Tarot iconography the “Strength” card depicts a white-robed woman opening the mouth of a lion, but here the spirit of strength, fortitude and natural ability is brought to life with a wizened old fairy woman who sits next to a beautifully rendered hive, her eyes twinkle

with the kind of trust that comes only from mastery, and in her hands she strokes a realistic honey-bee. The book says, “Although the bees have the potential to harm her, she knows they never will.” Even the court-cards, typically the hardest in any deck to read, are clear here in the personalities, traits and qualities each means to represent. One look at the beautiful Winter Queen shows her reserve and power. Weatherstone’s card meanings can apply to any traditional deck and for this reason this set should not be overlooked by beginners or those new to tarot. Like a story-book, each illustration is intricately detailed, each one a miniature masterpiece. The Ten of Summer (Ten of Cups) depicts a scene of fairies enjoying the bubbles in a tiny waterfall in such rich and luxurious detail that the viewer is immersed in that fine summer’s day and all the activities within. This picture, like many in the deck, could be an enormous wall-print

Depictions are faithful to common interpretations and immediately readable

just from the pictures.

Page 19: Psychic Guidepost Summer 2014

Summer Issue 19

all by itself instead of 2 3/4” by 4 ½” of card-stock. The Nine of Autumn (Nine of Pentacles) shows a plump fairy woman wonderfully at home in her nest, knitting with her sparrow companion, as wild plums (a symbol of independence) sway overhead. Realistically rendered animals, plants, and birds are plentiful. In The Moon, a sumptuous scene unfolds in the night; glorious lunar moths float over globe-like moonflowers and a dreaming fairy. Flowers and plants, dear to the Victorians as a language unto themselves, appear throughout the deck and lend extra symbolic meaning to all the cards. There’s even a special appendix in the book on the Victorian “Language of Flowers” as a bonus. The book itself is well organized and beautifully simple. Each card has a single page dedicated to a description of the fairy scene

along with an “if you get this card in a reading” description of the card meaning and a wonderful “in-a-nutshell” synopsis of key-words and traits associated with the card. The book reads just as well from cover to cover as it does a reference book. Additional spreads include: A Fleeting Glimpse of Fairy (one card reading)The Heralds Welcome (a seasonal spread)Tatiana’s Dream and The Dance of Happiness… each of them fitting the theme and surprisingly enchanting and deep on their own. For those interested in art, the Victorian era, those inspired by the Fairies, and lovers of the tarot, this set is a brilliant addition to your collection. The next time you find yourself looking at a fairy ring of mushrooms on your lawn, you may pause and consider the Nature spirits nearby. There might even be a tiny luthiers making wee mandolins, as in the Eight of Autumn, hiding in your Juniper bush.

A Victorian Fairy Tarot, by Lunaea Weatherstone, illustrated by Gary Lippincott 264 pages, Llewellyn Publications 2013

The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs... one step at a time. ~Joe Girard

Willows is a writer and teacher in the area of spiritual growth.She does sessions on:

Relationship building, “soul” agreement and purpose within relationship and in your own individual context. conflict resolution and couples sessionsDream interpretations based on your own unique symbolic “language” - dreams being powerful symbols from your deepest, wisest core.Building career and business success by encorporating intuitive awareness and “Authentic Self ” into your toolbox. Pain, Loss, Challenge from a different perspective.Ego (fear motivation) and the power of true SELF. Visit her at.

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Symbolism and Legends of the Summer gardens

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, summertime has arrived on perfumed clouds of linden tree blossoms, flowers wave its arrival in like glimmering banners and vegetables, berries and fruits ripen and nod on green stems and stalks in the garden. Farmers markets and gardens are bursting with produce galore and it’s time to get back to our veggie roots! As you munch on your next cooling salad, think of how summer’s most beloved fruits and vegetables have hidden

myths, legends and symbolism that reminds us not only of how delicious and nutritious these plants are, but also how important they were to mind, body and spirit. The Three SistersSummertime means an abundance of squash, corn and beans. These three plants are dubbed “the three

by Willows Brillance

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Corn, or Maize, is the oldest and most important agricultural crop in the Western Hemisphere and was a sacred food to many

Native peoples as a magical plant and a gift from the Great Spirit.

sisters” because North American Native tribes often planted these diet staples together. The corn stalks grew tall and provided a natural climbing pole for the beans that climbed in curling vines and the low growing squash plants provided shade for the roots. CORNCorn, or Maize, is the oldest and most important agricultural crops in the Western Hemisphere and was a sacred food to many Native Peoples as a magical plant and a gift from the Great Spirit. The legend of the Corn Maiden tells of hunter gatherers being given the gift of corn and with it flour, safety and community. Early settlers in America found corn to be an important crop and new folk traditions emerged. In some parts of the Mid-West and Southern United States, a red ear of corn found growing in the crops was a sign of prosperous marriage should a young unmarried lady find one. Needless to say, enterprising families often

planted a few kernels of red corn in fields where fine prospects could be found. Blue or red corn kernels in a white or yellow stalk meant good luck. BEANS Beans are symbolic of luck, fertility and fortune. Not only in the Native tribes who planted the “Three Sisters” but to cultures all over the world. (Remember the magic beansin Jack and the Bean-stalk) . In Sicily, during the feast of St. Joseph, fava beans play a main role in the feast and are used to decorate altars. According to legend, beans were used to feed livestock until a devastating drought hit and people were forced to bring the beans to the table, saving the Sicilian population from starvation. It is traditional on this special day to share fortune with those who are needy and to eat blessed fava beans served in garlic sauce. Carrying a dried fava bean in your pocket is said to bring good luck. SQUASHThe third of the Three Sisters is squash. Squash comes in many shapes and varieties and often represents family, offspring and wisdom. One Native American

legend tells of an ancient Elder who traveled the world finding new information and knowledge, never trusting the stories of others, but rather investigating the way the stars and world moved in rhythm. He became very wise and his head became rounded and full with thoughts and intellect. Near the time of his death, a great Medicine Man thought it a shame that all his thoughts would vanish so a magical spell caused the Wise Elder’s enormous brain to transform into a squash, and his aging body into vines and leaves so that the seeds (his thoughts) would survive through many generations making new squashes year after year, passing his wisdom to the people. WATERMELONIn Vietnam, watermelons (dua hau) are a symbol of luck, innovation, determination and resourcefulness. Legend has it that in ancient times An-Tiem, the wrongly exiled son of King Hung Vuong the Fifth, found himself on a barren island with no practical experience in how to survive. Starving and dehydrating, he found a watermelon plant and tasted the thirst-quenching fruit

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and was so impressed that he planted the seeds all over the island until they grew everywhere. Carving his name into the fruits, he threw them to sea. Sailors found the watermelons and carried them to King Hung Vuong who relented, seeing that his son was industrious and resourceful, bringing him back into the court where he eventually became a much beloved ruler. Today watermelon salad and seeds are New Year gifts of good fortune in Vietnam. ONIONS Onions, with their concentric rings and ever unfolding skins and interior layers, symbolized eternity to ancient cultures. The Romans and Greeks believed onions had curative properties to heal everything from aches and pains to blindness. In ancient Egypt, onions were so venerated as symbols of eternal life that they were wrapped in cloths alongside mummies, and paintings of the bulb decorate the interior of tombs. Onion shaped domes appear in architectural designs in Russia, the Middle East, and Europe. CHERRIESCherries symbolize longevity, joy, merriment, and innocence. In Japan, where groves of pink and white cherry blossoms proliferate, cherry blossoms are the symbol of the nation and the fruit represents honor, beauty and courtesy. Japan gifted the United States thousands of cherry trees as a gesture of friendship, and these trees dot the avenues in Washington DC. Ancient Chinese culture held cherries to represent immortality and one old Chinese legend tells of the Goddess Xi Wang Mu’s garden in which an immortal cherry tree bloomed once every thousand years. To this day, cherry wood adorns the doors of Chinese homes at New

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Year to keep away malevolence and to invite joy and innocence. ARTICHOKESThis delicious member of the thistle family is much beloved in the Mediterranean where they originated. Artichokes are said to represent fortitude and passion and are often considered an aphrodisiac. A Greek myth tells the tale of the God Zeus becoming enamored of a mortal woman of indescribable beauty named Cynara on the island of Zinari. Zeus was so enraptured by her that he invited her to be a Goddess and to live near him on Olympus so that he could see her when his wife Hera was away. Cynara agreed but soon began to miss her mother and would sneak home to Earth from Mount Olympus to visit. Zeus became enraged at her for not loving her Goddess status enough and threw her to Earth, turning her into the first artichoke. The botanical name for artichokes is named after her, “cynara cardunculus”. STRAWBERRIESStrawberries represent rebirth, love and renewal for several cultures. The Seneca Indians in the North East of the United States celebrate strawberries in a huge festival of spring. Strawberries are the first things to ripen and bloom and the represent the revival of the Earth. The Seneca believe that the path to Heaven is lined with strawberries. Because they are red and heart shaped, strawberries also represent romantic love and passion. A Roman legend tells that when Adonis died, the Goddess Venus wept enormous tears which, when they fell to earth, became the heart-shaped berry. Strawberries are also considered sacred to Europeans who associate the berry with the Virgin Mary. On St. John’s day, children picked strawberries accompanied by the spirit of the Virgin Mary.

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Do you want the most fulfilling life


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Gratitude is the Key!

by Cheryl Booth

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“ Be in an attitude of gratitude. It can change your life!

There are times when we all desire more in our lives – more happiness, more love, better health,

more financial abundance. That’s all well and fine; part of our mission while here at “Earth School” is to experience the most that we possibly can. Each of us is a spark of Divine Energy; we are all co-creators of our own experience. Thoughts are things, so be sure you choose the most positive ones possible. If I sound like a fan of Abraham and Esther Hicks, it’s because I am and have been a practitioner and admirer of Abraham’s teachings for nearly 20 years now. If you are unaware of these amazing teachings, just go to YouTube and search “Esther Hicks, Abraham” and plenty of great videos will pop up. Their website if

You might be thinking, “All right. So why the heck are you plugging Esther and Abraham so much? Do you get something for doing it?” Absolutely! Not financial remuneration, mind you, but something so much better. Over the years as I have applied their teachings in my life, I have gained many things – insight, peace, happiness, more ease in manifesting – the list goes on. And Abraham’s teachings are dished up with a lot of wonderful humor combined with wisdom, a higher perspective, and a large dose of love for humanity. So I am extremely grateful for having found them years ago. I’m also grateful for the writings/teachings of Christ, Buddha, the Dalai Lama…Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Parmahansa Yogananda, Edgar Cayce, Napoleon hill, Suzie Orman, Gregg Braden,

Lynn Andrews, John Edward…the list is massive and I am grateful to all who have been there for me in time of need and the desire to learn more. God bless each and every one, and more power to them and those who benefit from their work and wisdom! Still, in over 40 years of studying and applying metaphysics, the teachings of Abraham rank right up there in what I would consider my “Top 5” resources. So am I grateful for them and well as to all of the other authors, speakers, spirit guides and angels who have influenced and amazed me? You bet!

Oprah Winfrey has often sung the praises an “attitude of gratitude.” While she is not the first one to use that phrase, it is an excellent one to follow, and I recommend it highly. For you see, the two basic “trees of emotions,” if you will, from which humankind can choose when it comes to how to feel and react to life’s thrills and spills are these: love

or fear.

Yes, I said “choose.” While we are often not in charge of what happens along our soul path (I’m talking about occurrences of things like illness, accidents, or on the flip side, winning the lottery) what we ARE able to do when these things occur is choose how we will react. Reacting with an attitude of gratitude about what we already have is an excellent choice, by the way. Being gratitude for what we do already have, as opposed to whining about what’s wrong and/or is lacking in our life…well, which one do you suppose contains more power when it comes to manifesting bigger and better on all levels? That’s spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, psychic, financial and beyond what our language has the words to express. Don’t let that final Jeopardy “think music” play too long, now. Gratitude is the answer, and it flows from the “tree” of Love. You see Love is always more powerful and empowering than focusing on the emotions contained in the branches of the “tree” of fear…such as worry, grief, lack, depression, sadness…you get my drift.

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Coming out of a dark place is challengingSome people with whom I’ve been privileged

to work over the course of the past 30 years or so have been in such a dark space that when I suggest focusing upon gratitude, they retort, “What do I have to be grateful for?”

“ Choose to work your way back into the light.

“Start with baby steps when you don’t know what to be grateful for.

As a medium and hypnotherapist, I often naturally deal with clients in pain, grief, loss and confusion. My job is to be the best conduit I can in assisting them in moving forward and making the healthiest choices that they can while doing so. Gratitude is one of the first orders of business that my guides, angels and studying have helped me to soundly recommend. When faced with the loss of a loved one, whether human or a beloved pet, it simply feels best to honor their memory by focusing upon the happy times, the positive shared experiences and to allow gratitude to flow through your aura as well as body/mind/spirit. It’s perhaps become a trite turn of phrase in the past few decades, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a viable and invaluable one – the phrase I’m talking about now is, “Celebrate their life.” And while celebrating, gratitude is an inevitable component which will come forward. I endorse it heartily!

Some people with whom I’ve been privileged to work over the

course of the past 30 years or so have been in such a dark space that when I suggest focusing upon gratitude, they retort, “What do I have to be grateful for?” Wow. I can understand being down that far in the abyss – I’m human, and I’d be lying if I said I never visited that hopeless, cold place at one time or another. The thing is, you can CHOOSE to work your way out of it and back into the Light, and starting with finding things for which to be grateful is one of the ways to fast track that journey back. So I’ve gently responded, “Well, start with baby steps, like saying, “I’m grateful for my senses and all that I enjoy from having them – amazing visuals, sounds, smells, sensory feelings, great tasting food…” Those who have less than the normal five senses are often the ones who set great examples to the rest of us when it comes to gratitude and focusing on what you do have and maintaining an unstoppable attitude. Helen Keller, Stevie

Wonder, Stephen Hawking, the amazing people severely injured in the Boston Marathon tragedy, the brave veterans who have returned from travesties no one should have to witness...again, the list goes on. These are heroes, both unsung and well-known. You can join their ranks in your own unique way by embracing your attitude of gratitude on a daily basis.

My final recommendation when it comes to allowing gratitude to play a major role in your life? Anytime you feel yourself starting to sink into that abyss, or at the very first sign of feeling anything negative or unhealthy, immediately begin silently listing all that you can in the way of gratitude. This includes your wonderful friends, family members, teachers, coworkers; then move on to being thankful for all of your skills, abilities, the roof over your head – things that most of us take for granted. There are always

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those who are less fortunate in one way or another, and we need to do all we can to “pay it forward” every chance we get. Once you’re feeling grateful for your life, you’ll also find you’re more inclined to help others more easily, by way of volunteering, donations, kindness toward strangers – you get the picture, right? By the way, you can also write down your declarations of gratitude, or express them aloud. Whatever feels best and most empowering – go for it!

When you get into the habit of tuning into gratitude on a daily basis, you’ll notice astounding changes in your life. You’ll feel happier, and catch yourself smiling for no specific reason. More endorphins are released when we smile or laugh, just like when we exercise. We are body/mind/spirit, remember, so it’s vital that all components of our earthly existence receive nurturance, respect, care and love. Gratitude’s right up there in showing the way to receiving bigger and better on all levels – start with being thankful for what you have right here and now, and watch the floodgates of heaven open up and bless you and those around you in ways you never dreamed possible. What do you have to lose, other than your blues, lack of energy, enthusiasm and depression? Be bold and be thankful – miracles will begin to flow! God bless you, thank you for reading, and I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to be included in this lovely online ray of LIGHT!

Paying it forward is a form of gratitude!

Cheryl Booth has been a psychic medium for three decades and a hypnotherapist for more than 20 years. She is also an author and

screenwriter. She resides in Palm Springs, California and offers readings, hypnotherapy, past life regression, psychic mentoring, energy healing and more by telephone, Skype or in person sessions. She records your session for you. For more details on Cheryl and her work, to book an appointment or email her, please visit her website:

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Dispelling the Spell Myth

by Laura Brown and Lisa Moran

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Being an adept spell caster takes not only time, patience, energy and focus, but also education.

We are both Pagan Witches each with our own unique approach to our path. We are, however, both quite adept at our spell casting techniques and also manifestations. That being said we rarely, if ever, cast these days. In fact, we spend a great portion of our time talking someone who is emotionally pained, and in a very desperate place out of the spell they are requesting. We also prefer to teach others how to cast rather than take on the karmic burden that is involved and bring the energy closer to the source.

In our line of work we hear daily about how a client was taken for a ride by someone who made outrageous claims that sucked them in. Our clients tell us tales that horrify us and frankly make us

rather upset as ethical casters. We would like to dispel the myths of spell casting with hopes of saving many from the financial and emotional drain of getting caught in the vortex of an unethical casters ploy.


It’s not enough to simply buy a candle, some devil’s shoe string and dance around under the moon skyclad, or naked. No, it’s far more intricate than this.

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When performing a specific spell focus must be applied. The moon phase must be taken into account. Are you trying to bring something forth? Then preparing, or as we say, “building energy” should be done while the moon is waxing, or growing in size. This is when supplies are purchased and anointed. Raising energy is important to send off your intended result with power and passion. Intention is also quite important, as is the agenda. Not only are you taking into consideration the moon phase, the day of the week is important, as is the herbs, oils and colors you are blending in order to bring forth the magical intent. Research is done, and wording of the spell must be precise in order to call upon the Goddesses and God’s you wish to invoke. The wording of the spell or incantation, as casters call it, must be precise as to not cause unintended results. For instance, merely saying, “I want money” is not the way to go about casting. The word “want” will leave you in a constant state of limbo, where you’ll find you are left in a constant state of wanting and never having.


If you’re angry, resentful, filled with sorrow and sadness, or animosity, this is NOT the frame of mind to cast. It’s important you meditate prior to doing the casting and get into a peaceful, loving, and light flow of energy. Taking this time to ground your energy and

emotions helps to ensure you are sending out the right energy to your cause. It’s important that you think before you act and/or speak, for what you send out does return 7 fold. Being desperate, longing, pained, will also thwart your progress and hinder the results.


Anyone who tells you they can return your lover in 24 hours is a liar. A bold statement for a bold and outlandish claim. We, as witches, do not have the power to return him/her to you. The universe does, and it’s all within Divine Timing. If the person loves you, but there is a communication barrier such as residual anger, even pride, then a reuniting spell isn’t going to be effective and instead a communication spell should be considered. Even before what is often needed is to remove the obstacles and barriers such as pride; ego and the like. Each of these must be done separately; much like a recipe must be done in proper order for the meal to come out properly. So right there, you see the “I can return your lover within 24 hrs.” is a complete falsehood. Unless he’s held at gun point, and dragged to your bedroom, you will be disappointed, and frankly, robbed of your hard earned money.

The time frame for spells to come to fruition, if done during the proper timing and under the proper circumstances is anywhere from 1-72 days. It’s usually

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within a 3 month moon phase. Meaning, if the spell is done on the first night of the full moon it could take three more full moons before you see anything. Most times, when your spell does come to fruition it may or may not look like you had wished. Some imagine that man calling and begging forgiveness, when what may occur is you bump into each other, there is a glance, and then 3-4 weeks later it’s followed up with a text, email, or word of mouth he was asking about you. Take heed for the results you want but leave the “how” to the Universe.

Also remember, even if someone else performs the spell for you, it’s important that you remain quiet about it, not dwell or obsess upon its arrival, and release it to the Goddess. For any doubt from the caster and/or client will result in delays or even the spell falling flat. Intent, belief, silence and focus all come together to make a spell take flight. Like a wound which heals faster when left alone- don’t pick at the working of your spell, don’t check on it; leave it be and the results come faster.

There are many more steps required in spell casting, and much more that is seen and unseen behind the work, but the bottom line is save your money if you lack the necessary experience. What you should be doing is waking each day, being grateful for the blessings you do have in your life; believing the universe has a great plan for you, even if you’re in the midst of chaos at the moment, and knowing that what you truly desire will come. The more positive and grateful you are the more it ignites a flow in the universe to bring forth even more positive and abundance.

Laura and Lisa are the two powerhouse forces behind and Relationships Rebels Radio Show on BlogTalk. They combine their Intuitive Coaching styles to help empower women to find their inner badass and take back control over their love lives. Learn more at or email them direct at [email protected]. You can hear Laura and Lisa LIVE each Friday at 11 PM EST/8 PM PST on discussing love and relationships.

Laura and Lisa

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So You’re an Empath... Now What?

HOW EMPATHIC ENERGY LOOKS TO ME Yes, it is entirely possible, even probable,

that you arrived “here” in this life having forgotten who you truly are, what your gifts are and how to use/focus them. “That”

is another story for another day, isn’t it? For today, I’d love to focus on empathic energy, how that looks to me and feels to me with the hopes that my own interpretation will start to unveil your own.

The proper definition of empath is: A person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. While this is defined as paranormal, you will often hear me describe this as an ability of all, but only utilized by some. Some of us have had lifetimes of experience with this gift, and it comes quite naturally, while others will need to remember or develop this.

From a young age, I found myself saying “I feel you. Don’t you understand that I feel you?” And truly, most people did not understand. It took me decades to realize that the information I was receiving quite naturally was

by Malia Shields

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not what the rest of the world was feeling. Once I started to have clarity with this, I started to break down the various ways I actually interpret other consciousness with my own senses, to include second senses.

My own most obvious sense is actually tactile, physiological. I quite literally feel like an antenna and have a clear and physical sense around both yes, no and other sensations, likehesitancy, etc. For me, the “yes” feels like chills, tingles, but not quite the same as with cold air, more from the inside out, or I will get this same feeling around my crown, down my spine, back of head/neck, backs of my legs, and that information does seem to differ depending upon the information I am receiving and whether I am channeling/having a chat with another being or simply asking questions for my client.

The empath can also be an HSP (hypersensitive person)

in my experience. What this “means” to you in real-world terms is the world may seem too loud, too big, too intense, etc. I have also come to believe that it is also possible to learn to be what I call a “grounded” empath and/or HSP, which most simply stated means “staying in your own body” and worrying about you. When you are constantly feeling, seeing, hearing the experience of others, it becomes quite natural to want to leave your own etheric or emotional body in favor of the louder “chord” because naturally we wish to assist and help the other person back to a peaceful experience OR we literally interpret it as our own.

My most recent personal guidance has been specific ways to ground myself or stay put happily in my own physical body, which includes developing new habits and thus allows my nervous system to function as it is meant to (not pushing off the world or trying to numb my senses), to include earthing, spending plenty of time in nature, getting fresh water and chlorophyll (greens) daily, using an infrared sauna, getting plenty of exercise, and most of all, training my mind to turn towards what feels good and content rather than towards the louder chords of drama and frustration. I should also mention that I sleep about 10-12 hours most days, which seems to work for me in terms of my own ideal sweet spot for healthly living. I would suggest that this would vary by person, but an empath naturally does require more rest.In future articles, I will be discussing how I “see or recognize” other empaths energetically, what aura colors I typically experience, why these particular indicators are such clear and obvious giveaways; how to shift from an unconscious empath to a conscious one and how to move from what feels like a curse, be in your power “center” and realize your empathetic gift!

Malia Shields is a professional energy reader, empath and intuitive, practitioner of energy medicine and the 111 & 222 Activation & the Vagus Nerve Activation as well as creator of “Finding Your Intuitive Yes!” an

interactive group session designed to assist in remembering and prac-ticing intuitive communication. She practices on various websites publically and privately.

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About 4.5 billion years ago an enormous impact between two massive planets, called the “Big

Splash,” formed the debris that is now Earth and the Moon. This event helped mold the solar system we have now and makes the moon clearly a part of our surroundings. Throughout time, humanity has had a fascinating connection with the Moon because of its close proximity to Earth. Early humans considered the

moon and its magic and knew that by studying it they could tap into its power. Farmers and fishermen learned the phases of the moon and came to see that if they used the moon’s power wisely, they could have a more abundant harvest or catch. Farmers and gardeners still plant during the

8 Moon Phases to Manifest Anything! new moon, because a new moon is the birth of the moon. Every phase of the moon has a significance and by connecting into its potential you can create a magical life, full of successful manifestations. New Moon: The new moon is the beginning of the

moon cycle. This is where we can literally plant the seeds of intentions. Here you can visualize what you want to bring into fruition, whether it’s a new

job, love or success on a project you are doing. It’s a perfect time to write down what your intention is for the month. It’s also a great time to start something all over again. Crescent Moon: The Crescent Moon is a time for

one to become centered. It’s a time for meditation and reflection. It’s a time to review your intentions and make sure they come from your higher self and

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times, a waxing moon was perfect for spell casting for manifesting good luck and prosperity. This is a time farmers plant root crops, so it’s a good time to get grounded and lay the ground work to manifest your intention. Full Moon: The full moon is

the perfect time for divination, seeing the future, and living in the future. Your intention is now signed, sealed, and stamped. This is when you know you are capable of manifesting what you want. Don’t use the words, “I wish” or “I hope” but see your intention as if it’s already here as if it’s already happened, even though it may still be in the future. It’s a time where “faith” kicks in and you know, like you know, like you know that what you want WILL happen no matter what. Disseminating Moon: (Waning

moon) When the moon starts to darken and go towards the new moon is a time to let go of bad habits and to end bad relationships. Intuition is higher during this time and things will be revealed to you that help you let go of what holds you back. It’s a time for sharing what you’ve already accomplished and to be grateful for what you already have. Last Quarter Moon: When you

look at the sky at the last quarter moon you notice how the moon begins to “detach” or let go of the light. Now is the perfect time to

from a place of love. Take some time to get quiet and connect with that wiser part of you…the part that truly knows what will best serve you now. Here you may tweak your original intention to come out for the higher good of all involved. First Quarter Moon: The first

quarter moon is where you meet challenges, make decisions and take action. With the first quarter moon you have the power to let go of fears. Anything that is holding you back, including “friends” who

no longer serve a purpose should be let go of. With the first quarter moon you take action over your own life and make the changes that will help you manifest your goals. Gibbous Moon: A Gibbous Moon

is one of the phases of the moon when the size of the illuminated portion is greater than half, but it’s not a full moon. It’s also called a waxing moon. It’s a great time to conceptualize new ideas. It’s a good time to adjust refine and edit your original intentions. In ancient

By Cristina

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detach from the outcome of what you want to bring to fruition. Let it go. Stop looking for it to happen and just expect it will happen when the time is right and for your greater good. It’s a good time to forgive yourself of any mishaps or mistakes you may make along your journey. Balsamic Moon: This is the last phase before the

new moon. In astrology a balsamic mood is said to occur when the Moon is less than 45 degrees behind the natal sun. It is known to be a time of surrender, rest and recuperation. In this moon phase you must believe that you deserve good in your life and expect your desires to manifest.

There is no guarantee the moon will help you win the lottery or the love of your life. However wonderful things can happen when you are “aware” and in alignment with nature and the universe. Using the moon phases in rituals can actually help you gain what you really want for your highest good. Give it a try you may be surprised what you end up with.

For the past 40 years Cristina as given readings to thousands of people all over the world and from all walks of life. She continues her journey practicing and studying mysticism and the psychic arts. Being of service in the world is what she considers the most important mission for her in this lifetime. She seeks to discover the deepest truth of our being as incarnate souls; to understand our greatest potential as spiritual beings having human experiences. She sees all of life as an abundant opportunity to discover, realize, and express the Divine. Contact her at [email protected] for your next session!

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Summer Issue 39

Presenting the Wisdom of the Ages

Best-selling Author and Internationally known, 5-star reader! Sound spiritual advice! Ask Cristina!

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Throughout one’s journey there will be many times when the warrior is called to reflect, retreat, withdraw and go within. With today’s busy lifestyles, that’s oftentimes

easier said then done. Most can barely find the time (or resources) for a vacation with the family; forget about a couple of days spent in solitude! Thus, in an unconscious (vain) attempt to meet one’s need to reconnect with their Source, in-boxes and voice-mails begin to overflow with unanswered messages. TV’s and radios remain silent. Social network sites face threats of losing yet another overwhelmed consumer to patronize their advertisers. Important appointments get missed and friends wonder what happened.

Spiritual Warriors are different. They need the

solitude in order to survive in a world that oftentimes rejects them at every turn. In the silence one will discover many gifts that the external world can never offer, at any price.Sadly, society makes this need seem unimportant, invalidating silence and non-doing by labeling it as a waste of valuable time. In the modern world (although this is shifting) the views on meditation are equally deemed useless, because it too, is a poor choice in time-management. The illusion is that the busier one appears in life, the more successful they will be. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Every time a warrior ignores the call to go within, or tries to meet the need ineffectively, another piece of their soul is ripped away, seemingly lost forever in the world of illusions. In the end, they become numb

A Spiritual Warrior’s Questby Virigina the Spirit Whisperer

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Summer Issue 41

inside, just going through the motions in life, not caring anymore what happens to them.

Those who honor the call to return to silence and go within are among the most blessed, because they know that in this silence lies true power. This is the kind of power one needs to conquer inner-demons, to move mountains or turn water into wine. It is a power unlike anything one can imagine until they have experienced it for themselves. It is the Tao of a Spiritual Warrior.

Throughout history shamans, seekers, warriors and great masters from all walks of life have embarked on this inner-journey; more commonly known as a Vision Quest.

During a quest one’s courage is challenged as self-appointed false identities, that were once used to define and validate their existence in the world, are stripped away; leaving the quester to find their power and strength in their vulnerability. Through this incredible process something magical occurs, the true nature of one’s spirit is revealed and they are no longer subjected to external influences, least of all, self-appointed false authoritarians!

They return from their journey with a look in their eyes that is unmistakable; It is the look of a true Spiritual Warrior.

To learn more about vision quests and to find out how you can go on one, please visit this page:

Those who honor the call to return to silence and go within are among the most blessed, because they know that in this silence lies true power.

Enjoy a true Nontraditional sweat lodge with Virginia the Spirit Whisperer.

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A puff of white mist emanates from a vent off my fourth floor balcony, adding to the ghostly feeling of midwinter. Below me, the icy river wears a soft blanket of new snow. The sun opened a portal into the frozen water over which a bald eagle hovers in flight, dreaming of chilled fish. Eagles carry our prayers to the Creator. The feeling of isolation—prompted by the cold pinkish sky and the frigid

leafless branches—now dissipates. I remember that none of us is ever truly alone.

Eagle, Book and Medicine Man

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Summer Issue 43

I was in the medicine man’s kitchen in Twin Buttes, North

Dakota. He pointed to a box of books on the floor. “If you want to learn something, throw those


We all have Spirit Helpers. Angels, guardians, or Guides: by whatever name, the essence is the same. They are not “ten zillion light years away,” as in the Stevie Wonder song. Cedric Red Feather teaches that our Guides are just above our shoulders, waiting to help. All we have to do is give them permission. Now my thoughts drift to a precious time when I met

a certain Mandan Medicine Man before his transition. He helped me fast and shared his knowledge of a beautiful way of life. In time, the seeds he planted sprouted into recognition that aloneness is not a state of involuntary confinement but an attribute to be cultivated on the Spiritual Road.

A perpetual student, I’ve always been bookish. I was in the medicine man’s kitchen in Twin Buttes, North Dakota. He pointed to a box of books on the floor. “If you want to learn something, throw those away.” I gasped inwardly. Later, I realized his imperative was both literal and symbolic. Sam himself was a brilliant educator who loved and revered knowledge. He had the wisdom to see that the books I had been devouring about Indians were confusing rather than infusing me with wisdom. He knew I would learn only through experience.

We sat together at the table quietly for long intervals. Then, he would blurt something out loud that happened to be exactly what I was thinking. He wasn’t intrusive, yet this “talent” of his was uncanny and a bit unsettling. His small blue frame house overlooked a vast and lonesome grassland. I gazed longingly through kitchen windows at a yellow-orange sun’s gradual descent. Despite the sparseness, I longed to settle on the Dakota prairie. I wanted to live on the Rez and learn from Sam.

“You want concepts? Here. I’ll draw you a diagram.”His offer woke me from my reverie. Initially, I thought he was mocking my tendency to become too abstract. I felt a tad ridiculous as he pushed the chart across the table to me.

His very act of writing them down was a lesson. Sam

by Janet RedFeather

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44 Psychic Guidepost

came from an oral tradition. Once teachings are recorded, they lose their vitality, their juice. There’s a tendency to systematize, categorize and convert into rules and laws. I can hear The Red Feather Man saying, “You cannot organize spirituality.” Still, for the scholar in me, the written word was wish fulfillment.

He had drawn a medicine wheel, bisected it twice, and recorded key words in each cardinal direction. These were Ghost* concepts: Unity, Kindness, Individualistic, and Aloneness.

UNITY is the apprehension of Oneness. “The Ghost is one thing,” Sam would say simply but profoundly. There is no division, no separation, no hierarchy.

KINDNESS means treating others with love and compassion. Wovoka, Ghost Dance Visionary, taught the people, “Harm no one.” Sam carried this notion to the People, as well.

INDIVIDUALISTIC is in adjectival form, since it is a quality or characteristic of those who embrace this

way of life. The Ghost accepts that he is totally free to follow his own dreams and visions. The Red Feather Man says it like this: “I have no followers. If I wanted followers, I would have been a duck.”

ALONENESS is the most daunting aspect. Wanagis are often found living a hermetic existence. That quiet—that sanctuary—is necessary for spiritual growth. We need time to hear the voices of the unseen ones and to attain realizations.

Our Spirit helpers long to come closer to us. In time, we will learn to trust them more: to humble ourselves and ask for help and guidance. At that point, our journey will joyously hasten.

*Ghost, or Wanagi, is the way of life I learned from Sam Little Owl and Cedric Red Feather. It means something like seeing the heart or spirit of a person, rather than the outer shell. The Wanagi is one of the Seven Spiritual Realms of the Northern Plains Indians. For more about these realms, see Mandan Dreams, a book by Cedric Red Feather.

Janet Michele Red Feather teaches composition and literature full-time at Normandale Community College in Bloomington, Minnesota. She worked for nearly eight years as a defense litigator in California.

In 1993, she traveled to North Dakota to fast and pray for a way of life, and her life changed dramatically after that. Janet enjoys her role as Ceremonial Singer for various Native American ceremonies and has learned over 50 songs in Mandan and Lakota. She loves writing about spiritual subjects. Look for her regular column Spirit Leaves in The Edge Magazine, beginning in January, 2014. Janet welcomes correspondence at her email address: [email protected].

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Summer Issue 45

Get down to Earth with Summer Reading

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Ask The Astrologers


Chris AlisAustralia

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Summer Issue 47

Aries — March 21-April 19: You may feel like you’re “all over the map” for the first couple weeks this month. Mars — your ruler — direct now and moving forward again, is still in the sign of its detriment and still ticking off tense aspects to other planets. Your relationship ruler (Venus) forms some nice aspects early in the month, making things a bit more pleasant in the love de-partment. But pay attention to storms that may be brewing there too, especially around the 13th / 14th. Between a Venus / Saturn opposition and a Mars / Pluto square, you or your partner may

have some splainin’ to do. Then there’s the opposition to Uranus on the 25th. This aspect can produce fireworks — or it can manifest as a knock-down, drag-out confrontation.You can avert the latter by being proactive and funneling that tempestuous energy into something physical.

Taurus — April 20-May 20: You start the month with Venus in your sign and beautifully as-pected — for the first couple weeks anyway. Venus is Taurus’ natural ruler and as such is most comfortable in that sign. Treat yourself to a makeover or a spa day, or use this energy to pamper a loved one. A family member — sibling or child — may ask for money or need you to bail them out around the 7th. Only you can decide whether to offer assistance, but chances are good you’ll end up writing off any loans as “gifts” in the end. You could run into an emotional snag on the 13th when it turns out that what you hoped for (or what you assumed about your relationship)

is revealed to be one-sided. That doesn’t mean everything falls apart. But it is a good time to step back and think about how much you’ve projected your ideals onto another. If you’re smart you’ll lick your wounds in private, as you’re unlikely to find a lot of external support. Rather than throwing salt on an open wound, take a few days to recover (emotionally) before you get back on the saddle. If you’re involved in an established relationship, things should smooth out by the 18th.

Gemini — May 21-June 21: The recent New Moon in Gemini was in exact square to Neptune. Between that and the upcoming Mercury retrograde (on the 7th) is it any wonder you’re feeling disjointed? These two influences

can have you feeling bewildered and befuddled — struggling to make sense of things. But their is the added benefit of forcing you to look at things differently. Perhaps it’s Universe’s way of telling you it’s time to get out of your left brain — you Geminis love your facts figures and details — and the explore the right for awhile. Speaking of that retrograde, it starts on in your money sector — giving you incentive to pay better attention to your finances — and back into your sign on the 17th. Even though it’s moving backwards, it’s forming mostly harmonious aspects for the entire month. In the meantime, a grand trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron, is spanning

your work and money sectors. While all is not perfect in these areas (for one thing Saturn is still retrograde), you’d be wise to focus your attention on developing your “brand.” Steer clear of any speculative ventures, par-ticularly the last two weeks of the month. The Full Moon in your relationship sector on the 12th should shine a spotlight on your love life. If you’re going to take a gamble ,do it there and leave your money in the bank.

Cancer — June 22-July 23: You start the month with Mercury in your sign and a beautiful Moon / Jupiter con-junction (also in Cancer) lighting up the Night Sky. If you can keep this image in your mind this month you’ll stand a good chance of staying out of your own way. Things start out good. But then Mercury goes retrograde in your sign (on the 7th) and moves into your 12th house on the 17th. From this point forward, things get tricky. Misunderstandings can cause you to jump to conclusions or make assumptions based on misinformation. Until you have all the facts, don’t just

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assume that you’re right and everyone else is wrong. This is especially important regarding family members and relationship partners. An opposition between Venus and Saturn on the 12th could see you clinging too tightly to someone who wants to put you in the friend zone. If you’re presently involved and notice that your partner seems aloof and disconnected, don’t make it worse by pushing for intimacy. Take a step back — at least until the 18th, when Venus and Jupiter shift things back into sync.

Leo — July 24-August 23: You want to make room in your calendar this month for unexpected opportunities to arise, both in the love and the friendship departments. For starters, the Sun (your ruler) is moving through your friendship sector for the first few weeks of June. Add to that both Mercury and Venus making appearances throughout the month and the Full Moon stretching over into your romance sector on the 12th, and you’ve got the makings of a full social calendar. An old friend may pop back into your life around the 17th, or reach out to you unexpectedly. A new friend

(or new romantic interest) could pop in around the 23rd. With Jupiter squaring the Nodes that day, be mindful though of what you’re getting yourself into. As Jupiter rules your romance sector and the Nodes are linked to “fate,” you want to be conscious of the karmic implications of any connection you develop. Your career should be moving in a good direction for the better part of the month. Everything comes out in the open then. Don’t let yourself get caught up in someone else’s drama and definitely don’t let yourself be the fall guy for someone else’s screw up.

Virgo — August 24-September 22: You could be feeling stretched to your limits this month with so much going on for you in the money, work and professional arenas. This is not a bad thing (for you anyway). You feel most alive when you’re being productive and getting things done, even as one priority takes the place of another as soon as you cross it off your list. What’s potentially taxing for you though is all of the other obligations — family, friends, people who barely know you who

reach for your assistance and expertise anyway — these are the added stressors that you’re going to have to find a way to make time for. Relationships will probably take the biggest hit. With both your relationship rulers going retrograde between the 7th and 9th, it may be easier for you to put them on the back burner for now. In the meantime, the Full Moon stretches across your career and home sectors on the 12th, with Pluto and Mars butt-ing heads the following day. You could be spending money as quickly as you make it — on repairs around the home.

Libra — September 23-October 22: You should be getting your ducks in a row right now as far as your career goals go. Whether you’re consciously thinking about changing jobs, or just day-dreaming about where you might see yourself a few years down the road, the planets are favorably aligned for you to start doing something about it now. Maybe you just need to dust off your resume. Or maybe you’re seriously entertaining the idea of changing careers. Either way you want to work on being ready for opportunities as they arise. With Mercury retrograding on the

7th, you may not want to make an actual change right now. But it’s an excellent time to send out feelers, partic-ularly to those you’ve had dealings with in the past. You can make important connections during this time that will reverberate into professional opportunities for months to come.

Scorpio — October 23-November 22: Love is in the air for you this month, thanks to a nice Venus transit (and several nice Venus aspects) in your relationship sector. Venus is in its own sign, and as your relationship ruler, it’s also in its own house. What this means for you is that even while other areas of your life may feel like they’re falling apart, you can count on your rela-tionships to provide you with a safe haven. This doesn’t mean you should be putting your rela-

tionships to the test. That will backfire on you big time, especially around the 13th and 14th when both of your relationship rulers take hits. You may have to stop yourself from reverting back into fight or flight mode which is customary for you. Things smooth out again around the 18th, again thanks to Venus and this time a nice contact from Jupiter. If you’re not currently involved, you may be surprised to hear from a voice from the past.

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Summer Issue 49

Sagittarius — November 23-December 20: With Jupiter (your ruler) moving through your 8th house (the area associated with joint resources and other people’s money), you’ll be focusing on your financial situation for the better part of the month. You may want to pool all your resources together and find ways to make them work: through investments, or a high yield savings account for example. Because Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and considered “lucky,” money may also come to you through unexpected sources. But be careful: you’re also known for your generosity and

may see a sudden influx of friends hitting you up for a loan. This is not only not the time to be lending friends money, it’s also not the best time to try to call in old debts. No matter what kind of currency you’re talking about. Speaking of friends, things could get heated with one or more of them this month, A minor tiff can escalate into an all-out war if you’re not careful. Misunderstandings are more likely during a Mercury retrograde. Cutting a fair-weather friend out of your life may be just what the doctor ordered, but be sure it’s not something you’ll regret down the road.

Capricorn — December 21-January 20: This month you’re going to be thinking about revisiting an old career plan and breathing new life into it. Maybe you’re stuck in some kind of limbo at work, or maybe you’ve grown so accustomed to just punching in that you’ve forgotten your origi-nal goals. If so now is the time to dust them off and work on bringing them up to date. With your ruler in mutual reception with Pluto — joining together the sectors related to your drives and your ideals — now is an excellent time to think about bringing them together in real life. Mars

moving through your career sector ought to be telling you right now what you don’t like about your current gig. But what about what you do like? You may have established yourself in your career and see no reason to make a change. But this isn’t about changing jobs (necessarily) it’s about reigniting the passion you once had for your job and turning it into a calling. Saturn and Pluto are both retrograde all month, so it’s not the time to act. It’s the time to review, revisit and revise.

Aquarius — January 21-February 19: This month it’s going to be about work and making mon-ey — with a little bit of health thrown in for good measure. With Saturn, Chiron and Jupiter spanning your professional and financial sectors (in a loose grand trine) for the better part of the month, these areas should all be relatively in sync.You don’t want to rest on your laurels though, because there are a few bumps in the road — A potential business rival may try to undermine your success. The Mars / Uranus aspect — on the 24th — relates more to communications, both written and verbal. In this scenario having a disagreement with someone or just not seeing eye to

eye is more likely. JThe good news this month is that with Venus moving into your romance sector on the 23rd (will potentially bring in a new love interest), you couldn’t start a moment too soon.

Pisces — February 20-March 20: The focus for you this month will be on home and family — in-cluding extended family and close friends. Parents, siblings and children all feature prominently, with all of your personal planets but Mars moving through these three sectors. While you may want to stay closer to home this month, that doesn’t mean you’ll be alone. You’ll be busy social-izing, interacting and even entertaining on your own turf. You’ll have opportunities to showcase

your talents in your neighborhood or community. Don’t be surprised if someone resurfaces from your past. It won’t be about rekindling an old romance if they do; it will be more about tying up lose ends and resolving old hurts. A lot of healing can done there so don’t let this opportunity pass you by. The New Moon on the 27th falls in your 5th house — the sector related to creativity, self-expression, children and yes romance. If you’re in the market for a new love interest, that’s the time to start looking. And if you’re already involved, see it as an op-portunity to renew and replenish. Your focus this month though should be more about your relationship with yourself and with those you consider family. In the end they’re the ones who know you inside and out, and have decided to keep you around anyway.

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Paranormal NewsThere Were “Killer Doll” Legends a Century Before Chucky

In Child’s Play, a boy is given a doll as a gift, but little does he know that it has an evil spirit trapped inside thanks to a voodoo spell. The doll does various evil things that the kid gets blamed for, but when he tells people that the doll is alive, no one believes him ... until the doll starts killing people, that is.

The History:Child’s Play was partly based on the early 1900s Key West, Florida, legend of Robert the Doll ... who is still around. Here’s a picture of him:

Purportedly, a young boy named Gene Otto was given a life-size straw doll made in his likeness, which he named Robert. From that day onward, Gene and Robert were inseparable. They’d dress alike and sleep together, and Robert even got his own spot at the din-ner table.But then things got weird(er). Some versions of the story say that one of the servants, who was of Carib-bean descent, was treated unfairly by the family and cursed Robert with a voodoo spell.So the story goes that members of the house staff claimed that Gene would sometimes talk to Robert, who would reply in an entirely different voice. When things would end up misplaced or broken around the house, Gene would claim that Robert did it, but no one would believe him. Eventually, Robert was relegated to the attic and forgotten about.But when Gene grew up, his parents’ house became his, and upon moving in, he rediscovered Robert in the attic. According to some tellings, Robert once again gained a seat at the dinner table, and Gene would even prop him up in a chair next to his marriage bed every night.

Annabelle’s owners, who purchased the doll in 1970, believed this particular Raggedy-Ann doll to be possessed by the spirit of a child. They claimed she would often move about on her own (when they weren’t looking, of course) and would often be found standing upright in a different room from the one they’d left her in. Alarmed at this behavior, which is atypical of inanimate objects, the owners consulted

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a medium and held a séance. The medium determined that the doll was, in fact, possessed by the spirit of a child named Annabelle.

The doll’s owners, apparently reaching the limits of their belief, decided to keep the doll despite the whole “possessed by a dead person” thing. Their ownership was soon thereafter relinquished when a visitor to their home claimed Annabelle had tried to strangle him in his sleep. The doll was given to the Warren Occult Museum in Connecticut, where it remains today.

The Curse of the James Dean Porsche

Actor James Dean loved his 1955 Porsche Spyder. He had it extensively customized and affectionately called it his “Little Bastard.”

Apparently, the car was so transparently evil that Sir Alec Guinness, when meeting Dean for lunch, claimed “”If you get in that car, you will be found dead in it by this time next week.” And Dean was. But the curse didn’t stop there; when mechanics tried to repair the wrecked car, it fell on one of them, crushing both his legs. The car’s new owner sold the engine and drivetrain to two racers; one lost control, hit a tree and died instantly, the other was injured when his car locked up and rolled over. Two thieves who tried to take pieces of the car were both injured. The car was then do-nated to a safety exhibit of the California Highway Patrol; the first exhibit caught fire, and the car fell on a student at the second, breaking his hip. It even managed to crush and kill a truck driver who was transporting it. The car has since disappeared, which is probably for the best.

According to ‘experts’ in such matters, disembodied spirits can become trapped (or choose to stay) in a particular location on this mortal plane. Occasionally, it is claimed, these spirits become bound to cursed or sen-timental objects, causing these objects to behave strangely or inflict harm on the living.

Strangely enough, the spirits always seem to choose to haunt objects that are already really, really creepy to begin with…

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