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Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014/2015 The magazine for and about the metaphysical and spiritual community Skeptics, Science and Spirituality James Van Praagh Feng Shui Your Life This New Year Boost your Psychic Abilities

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The premier magazine for the metaphysical and spiritual community.


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Winter Issue 1

Psychic GuidepostWinter 2014/2015

The magazine for and about the metaphysical and spiritual community

Skeptics, Science and Spirituality

James Van Praagh

Feng Shui Your Life This New Year

Boost your Psychic Abilities

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Winter Issue 3

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Your Path to Awakening

New Year’s Meditation Retreat: Featuring Deborah King

I Am the Light: Wayne Dyer, Anita Moorjani and

Immaculée Ilibagiza

Gregg Braden TourFeaturing David Kessler

(channeling Kylon)

The Art of Finding Lasting LoveFeaturing: Cristina Aguilar &

James Masters

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Spirit Talks - James Van Praagh

What is Your Purpose?

Boost Psychic Abilities

Law of Attraction Revisited

Make your New Year’s Resolutions Stick




Returning to Eden

Feng Shui Your New Year’s


56 Spirit Photography




TarotScopes- From Ask the Astrologers

Valentine’s Folklore and Legends

Lucky Foods for New Year’s


22 Meaning of Gratitude 50 Reading Tea Leaves

18 Born with a Veil

52 Commitment Phobia 70 Spiritual Products

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Winter Issue 5


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Montana [email protected]

Managing EditorCris Friar

[email protected] Editor/Designer

James Masters

Art DirectorsChris Friar

James Masters

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EDITOR’s Notes

Cris Friarthe country, it was an old Yuletide custom for children wearing masks and carrying besoms (Witch brooms) to go door to door (in “trick or treat” fashion) begging for gifts in the name of Perchta.The winter season is fun, so we

hope you enjoy!

Late dawn. Early sunset. Short day. Long night. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, the December solstice marks the longest night and shortest day of the year. Meanwhile, on the day of the December solstice, the Southern Hemisphere has its longest day and shortest night.No matter where you live on

Earth’s globe, a solstice is your signal to celebrate. For us on the northern part of Earth, the shortest day comes at the solstice. After the winter solstice, the days get longer, and the nights shorter. It’s a seasonal shift that nearly everyone notices.On the first day of winter (Dec

21), the Winter Solstice Sabbat is celebrated by Wiccans and Witches throughout the world. Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year, marking the time when the days begin to grow longer and the hours of darkness decrease. It is the festival of the Sun’s rebirth, and a time to honor the Horned God. Love, family togetherness, and accomplishments of the past year are also celebrated. On this Sabbat, Witches bid farewell to the Great Mother and welcome the reborn Horned God who rules the dark half of the year.What is a solstice? The earliest day

lengths greater than 12 hours at the

December solstice. Meanwhile, all locations north of the equator have day lengths less than 12 hours.Before Christ, Dec. 25th was the

birthday of the Invincible Sun (Dies Natalis Invicti Solis). Before being Christianized as the Mass of Christ (Christmas), a festival honoring the god of the sun was celebrated on this day in ancient Rome. It was made a public holiday by the Emperor Aurelian in the year A.D. 272 and consisted of the lighting of sacred bonfires. On Christmas Day, according to German folklore, a Yuletide Witch known as the Lutzelfrau flies through the sky on her broom, bringing mischief to mortals who fail to honor her with small presents. Another Yuletide Witch of German folklore is Perchta. In the southern regions of

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6 Psychic Guidepost

James Van Praagh

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Winter Issue 7

For years now, I and fellow contemporaries have been the target for those self entitled “skeptics” who love to yield their self-inflated opinions

about our work (none of them have even personally known me) and have relegated their personal opinions by labeling us as “woo-woos” or “new-age gurus.” Rational thought, intellectual conversation and stimulating debate have been reduced to name calling and hostile, militant actions on the internet which they call “guerilla skepticism” complete with training videos! The name-calling seems petty and it mostly originates from the same group that supposedly offers $1 million dollars to prove the existence of the paranormal. This challenge had been the brunt of jokes both in the skeptical and free thinking worlds. The “so-called” tests are designed by magicians who are not involved in science or study; they are involved in debunking. I think they do a great disservice to the legitimate scientific community with this public relations stunt and have created an atmosphere of animosity and division.

But, despite their biased views, the world and the consciousness of the public have indeed evolved. These days, instead of labeling spiritualists and healers as “out there”, we now enjoy top television shows and movies about mediums in your neighborhood!! The “para-normal” has become “normal”, much to the chagrin of many in the skeptical community. People are now asking themselves the “real” questions that matter such as, what is consciousness and does it exist beyond linear time and space as we know it?The science behind “consciousness” is evolving. No

one knows exactly what it is – if the brain creates consciousness or if it is merely the receiver of energy that is already out there. Just the plethora of information given by people who have had a near-death experience should be enough to convince the logical person that it’s possible that consciousness can exist outside of the human body. Is it so far-fetched to also accept that there are some people who have the ability to communicate with that disincarnate energy?In order to expand and move ahead, science must

Skeptics, Science and Spirituality

The science behind consciousness is evolving

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8 Psychic Guidepost

take the stand to study consciousness, put it through rigorous scientific methods instead of relying on biased, personal opinions from a radial skeptical fringe. Science must be willing to approach this subject with an open mind because without the possibility of truth, then they are merely cynics disguising themselves as skeptics. Science can be used to expand and heal our world,

but it can also be used to destroy our world. If we look back at history, we see that we have not taken care of ourselves or the earth on which we step. We have to be mindful that everything in our world depends on the choices we make. We should understand that there is more than one opinion, a coloring of others exist. The easy cowardly way would be to be set in our way, our ideology and not be open to other possibilities. Will science realize the possibility that they themselves must evolve in some dogmatic opinions and belief systems. There must be room to imagine, to have faith to believe. Take time to breath, to look within your mind, not just your brain in order to understand the eternal connection of your being. Be open to public scrutiny but also be I never force my beliefs on anyone nor should science. And it should always remain a world of exploration and awe. When we lose that innocence of being, I fear we have lost ourselves and it may be a long and hard road on whence to return.Every one of us is spiritual beings whether we

recognize this reality or not.

Follow us!

Psychic and author James Van Praagh was born on August 23, 1958, in Bayside, New York. The youngest of four children reared in a Catholic household, Van Praagh served as an altar boy and was fascinated by death from a young age. After graduating from San Francisco State University, Van Praagh moved to Los Angeles where he worked in the legal department of Paramount Studios. Claiming to be a medium, he began giving paid psychic readings and published two best-selling books, Talking to Heaven (1997) and Reaching to Heaven (1999).

The popularity of his books combined with his celebrity clientele and appearances on Oprah, Larry King and other talk shows have made Van Praagh something of a celebrity himself. In 2002, CBS aired a miniseries based on his writings, Living With the Dead, starring actor Ted Danson. A short-lived TV talk show, Beyond With James Van Praagh, also debuted that year. In 2005, Van Praagh was co-executive producer for the CBS primetime series The Ghost Whisperer starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.You can now watch his show Spirit Talks on Gaiamtv.

About James Van Praagh

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Winter Issue 9

Sensitive children are often misdiagnosed with ADHD and autism, and they sometimes have difficulties at school and at home. In this

informative and entertaining live lecture captured on a two-CD program, Doreen Virtue discusses natural and spiritual methods to help the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children live happier lives. Since the 1970s, parents and schoolteachers have noticed that children are becoming increasingly more sensitive, aware, and psychic. The first generation of the new children were the Indigos, followed in the 1990s by the Crystal Children. Now, the new Rainbow Children are starting to emerge. Doreen discusses the characteristics of the Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbows, and describes their souls’ purpose and the beautiful messages they have for all of us.


The Children of Now is a groundbreaking work that shows that a large number of kids come into the world bearing inherent gifts that are

beyond strange--they are telepathic, understand subtle energies, and/or have amazing psychic abilities. Many of them remember where they were before they came to Earth and often can describe past lives. Many doctors mislabel them as autistic, ADD, ADHD, or suggest other behavioral difficulties. More than half the time, these doctors are wrong. The Children of Now are not defective--they are differently functional. We are doing ourselves and the world a great disservice by not acknowledging these amazing children and their special gifts.

Abilitations Fluff Chair: Special chair for special kids

Designed to improve sensory processing, positioning and mobility, fine and gross motor skills, and language and communication skills for students with learning challenges.

Ways to help our Indigo Children from Best selling Author Doreen Virtue

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10 Psychic Guidepost

Millions of people worldwide are experiencing an inner

calling to discover their purpose in life and to express it to the world. Now more than ever, humankind is experiencing a surge of awakening – an inner calling to evolve to our true potential. How do we know that we have a

life purpose? Your life’s purpose is expressed in

your passion. If you have passion, you have a life purpose. Every human has passion, whether or not he or she is aware of it. Do we need a life purpose? No one needs a life purpose, yet we all have one, big or small! When you are in touch with yours, life takes on a new

by Elita Purcille

What’s your purpose?

power, new meaning, new ease and much more aliveness, moments of bliss and passion. In the words of mythologist Joseph Campbell, “If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Wherever you are -- if you are following your bliss, you are enjoying that refreshment, that life within you, all the time.” How do we find our life


A good place to start is to pay attention to what is already showing up in your life. What do you find yourself thinking about or doing when you aren’t thinking about

paying the bills or other obligations. What gets you out of bed and fired up on those days when life doesn’t seem so wonderful? Have you ever found yourself totally absorbed when spending time engaged in something you love? You are unaware of time or distractions, only following what you love. Yes, this is a beautiful place to be, so finding this unique talent is important not only as a contribution to the world, but to your own personal bliss. What are you passionate about? Pay attention to callings that you feel deep within you -- these inner callings are coming from your soul and the core of your being. Have a practice that connects you to your inner source. This could be writing, yoga, painting, meditation, dancing, or

Page 11: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 11

PurposeHow to discover your life’s purpose

spending time in nature. This is important to connect to because it is where the information lies about your calling and where you will find the support to step into it. Take a look at the people you admire as they tend to represent the greater aspects that you also have. Perhaps you have always wanted to help others less fortunate, stand up for a cause, or bring awareness to important community or environmental issues via whatever medium you resonate with, such as art, music, writing or travel. The ways are limitless. Does our life purpose have to

be big?

No, it doesn’t have to be big or earth-moving. I have worked with numerous individuals whose life purpose or “dharma” was to heal a pattern in their life, or to work

on uncovering limiting beliefs that have kept them stuck, or changing a story that no longer fits. Or to learn about patience, compassion or how to be resilient in the face of change. Living a purposeful life requires that we live in dharma. Dharma is similar to the term coined by Chinese philosophy as The Tao. It is translated as “the way” or “the path”. Tao and Dharma are like a mission, a purpose or a doorway that align with the natural harmony of the universe. We know that we are in harmony with our life purpose when we cannot think of anything else we would rather be doing on our journey through life. To define what a life mission is,

lets first take a look at what a life mission is not:

It is not what society tells you your life is for.

It is not your career, although it can be expressed through your career.It is not accumulating wealth

(though it can be!)It is not some grand plan that is

imposed on youIt is not what you think it should

be.It is not a life of suffering (pain is

normal, suffering is optional).

A life mission is:

That something you do that makes you feel completely alive while contributing to others.Activities you do naturally, that

you have a natural knack for.A part of you that has always been

there for as long you remember.A flame that burns deep inside of

you.Your intrinsic contribution to


Page 12: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

12 Psychic Guidepost

Here are 10 questions to meditate on:

You will get the best result by writing down your answers!

1) What are the things you most love doing?2) How do you most like to impact others?3) Why do people like being around you?4) What actions towards others come most naturally

to you (are you a good listener, problem solver, etc.?)5) How have you positively impacted the people in

your life?6) What qualities about you create this kind of

impact?7) What activity makes you feel as if time disappears

and you are in a state of bliss?8) What is the legacy you want to leave behind you?8) How do you want the world to be impacted

because of your contribution?10) How would you live differently if you knew your

days were numbered?Your answers to the above questions help to describe

your life’s purpose, the spark within you. Now take the time to synthesise your answers into one powerful sentence. Write it so that it inspires you and clearly speaks to you. Make it so it is an “I” statement. For example, my life mission is: “I make a difference to

peoples lives” Does your statement speak to you? Does it inspire you? Does it make you want to jump into action, or energise you? If so, you have find your life’s mission. If not, do this exercise again a few times. Go deeply within yourself. Then allow the Universe to bring about the people, places, circumstances, events and action from inspiration that allow it to become part of your reality as a co creator! Your mission will certainly emerge! Have courage and step into the mystery. You will have aligned with your true self and resonate with a field of energy that manifests the life you may have only imagined. When you discover your passions - the things that float your boat - and find your “Bliss Station”, then pursue them with complete abandon. You will find that “doors will open for you where there once were walls” (Joseph Campbell).

Elita is a Psychic Counsellor and Tarot Reader from Australia. She can connect and align you with your soul purpose and whatever it is you are wanting to attract into your life. Spanning 25 years as a psychic, she works with high vibrational frequencies and has been fortunate enough to have trained with Doreen Virtue, Denise Lynn and many spiritual and metaphysical teachers. With a background as a psychologist she can provide you with infinite possibilities, greater harmony and a clear connection with your higher power and soul purpose. ontact details for Elita: www. (StarzSedona) (Psychic AuRa) Facebook: Elita Purcille email: [email protected]

So how do you find YOUR Life’s Purpose?

Having a rough day? Place your hand over your heart Feel that? It’s called purpose. You are alive for a reason. Don’t give up!

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Winter Issue 13


The Art of Finding Lasting Love

Starting February 14, 2015

Spend this Valentine’s Day getting answers on how to achieve

Lasting Love! Register Now at

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14 Psychic Guidepost

by Selina Khan

Page 15: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 15

Decalcify Your Pineal Gland and Boost Your Psychic Abilities

fit into the universe. The pineal gland is linked to the third eye. It’s functioning normally when you are born, but over time it starts to become calcified and doesn’t function as well.First let’s look at why the pineal

gland calcifies. Some people feel that this may be due to age and it’s a natural process. However, I beg to differ. If you look at all the chemicals we ingest every day, you’ll see how we are inadvertently shutting down our link to perceiving God and our intuitive abilities.Chemicals in our food and

water can cause calcification. One chemical in particular has been

in dispute – fluoride. Fluoride is mostly found in water and toothpaste. There are water filters on the market that remove this additive.You can either buy toothpaste that

is fluoride free, or you can make your own as I do. I mix baking soda, glycerine, and peppermint essential oil.Keeping yourself hydrated is also

key to increasing your intuition. Dehydration can cause headaches and fatigue. Your cells, including your brain and pineal gland need water to function properly.I’m a fan of Underground

Wellness. Read his blog post on fluoride: http://

Want to boost your psychic abilities? Then you may want to take

care of your pineal gland. It’s a small endocrine gland in your brain that produces melatonin. It’s also linked to psychic and mystical experiences.Unfortunately, most of us have

pineal glands that have calcified. In this blog, I’m going to explain what this is likely from and how to start decalcifying your pineal gland so you can enhance your psychic and spiritual experiences.This may include seeing your

Angels and Guides, getting psychic information, and deepening your understanding of how you

Page 16: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

16 Psychic Guidepost is the next substance that you will want

to eliminate if you are able to. Most of us have an amalgam filling or two.If you decide to get your fillings replaced with a non-

mercury filling, then make sure you go to a dentist who has been trained to do this. There are specific techniques that need to be in place to safely remove the mercury. It is expensive to do, but it may be well worth it – for other health reasons as well.I’m also a fan of Dr. Mercola. Here’s his blog post on

mercury: organic whenever possible is one of the best

choices to make. You want to minimize the amount of toxicity in your body. In our polluted and crazy world, it’s not easy to do, but you can start to make better choices.Next you may want to look into doing a detox.

Chlorella, spirulina and wheat grass juice are good options. So is cilantro. These bind to heavy metals in the body and then get flushed out of the body.There are other ways to decalcify your pineal gland,

but as there may be unknown effects with this, I don’t recommend them. They include using a particular external sound hertz frequency and using specific drugs.Every now and then I get a young client who smokes

marijuana because it makes them feel more “spiritual”. I don’t advocate this. In fact, I don’t advocate any drug use – for many different reasons. You can achieve psychic abilities in a much safer and more controlled way.Meditation is the way to go for increasing psychic

ability. That and minimizing substances that calcify or change the functioning of the pineal gland in a detrimental way. Throw in a detox and better eating habits and you and your pineal gland will be friends for life.

Do a good detox. Chlorella, spirulina, and wheat grass juice are good options.

Selina Khan: Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master healer, and Trance Channeler, Selina Khan

has helped people to find better health, release anxiety and emotions, remove blocks, and gain more satisfaction and happiness in life.Empathic since birth, she has been actively

developing her intuition since her early teens. She is gifted in giving psychic messages, as well as spirit communication (mediumship), psychometry, and intuitive healing. She also focuses onclearing unwelcome energies and entities from homes and offices.She is available in Oakville and Toronto for

psychic and mediumship readingsand Reiki. Selina teaches workshops, seminars, and holds special events.Selina has worked with many gifted teachers of

healing and intuitive arts in Canada, the United States, and England. She has given messages at Lily Dale Assembly, New York, as a visiting Medium. Selina is a member of the Canadian Reiki Association. She also has an MBA from York University’s Schulich School of Business.

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Winter Issue 17

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18 Psychic Guidepost

Every road leads to Rome, and every healer finds their destiny

Typical expressions such as “born with the veil” or with the “gift of Caravaca”, are all related to the gift of healing. For example, is told in the purest Spanish tradition, of all those babies born covered with the placenta from the mother, either coated with a gelatinous or similar substance, that are “born with the veil”, which was a clear sign that his life would be aimed at healing or a similar spiritual practice, such as

Born with a Veilmidwives or shamans in the village. Those in medieval Spain were those special people who, knowing the medicinal power of plants or using other techniques inherited or learned educationally, could help others heal and solve their day-to-day problems. My discovery of what it means to be born with the

gift of “Caravaca” was I would say in a most casual and somewhat mysterious way. I will now pass to recount

it.It happened one day very unexpectedly at the time of

the morning coffee break that granted by the Publisher house for which I worked collaborating as a bilingual editor assistant at the time, years ago... when a total stranger, but quite unusual looking 70 years old lady, averagely, was standing at the counter of the a cafeteria in the District of “El Eixample” in Barcelona, city

Page 19: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 19

where I grew up and lived at the time. Having not repaired even in her presence, I was focused on adding saccharin to my “cortado” short in milk and long in coffee…which was so much needed to remain alert enough at the office till the late Spanish lunch time... when my unknown coffee companion, without any warning or introduction, suddenly blurted vehemently that” I had no idea of the great power I possessed in my very hands”. First I thought that she was talking with someone else’s or that it was a joke from the nice friendly waiter, whose funny comments had become already familiar after the daily morning ritual to which we briefly escaped the office. However, when I raised my head I saw him sheepishly giving a quick stare to the lady, and to my surprise, a did not see the familiar jesting attitude, but instead his face expression reflected a hint of something between respect and fear, followed by a rushed run to the kitchen with the excuse of needing to help fixing a melted cheese and ham sandwich.

Despite the strange Messenger, as he had heard a similar statement in recent years by some professional of the spiritual world, I was not too surprised by the content of the message at that time, but the way it was delivered. However, not happy with having left me speechless, the dame added something to her statement, in an urgent and almost theatrical manner, raising her hands as she went on saying, “My child!, but don’t you know that you have the gift of Caravaca in your hands?” And this last thing was what really intrigued me! Although I had heard before of the famous cross of Caravaca, but not about such a gift. I decided then to investigate the meaning of this cryptic message and that same night, after investing a few hours surfing the net….I found it! What I found impressed me,

especially due to the implications that this discovery posed in my life. I finally realized, a puzzle was being completed... The online article read: “The gift of Caravaca, it is said to be granted to those as a capacity to heal with their hands, the way to distinguish such people or the sign to recognize them is that they have been heard crying when they were still in their mother’s womb...” Then I remembered a story my mother had casually told me a few

by Patricia Navarro

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20 Psychic Guidepost

years before this episode, not knowing at the time, the importance of such a recount. According to my mother, she and my father, who by the way has always been a skeptic in esoteric or metaphysical questions, had heard the voice of a baby coming out from my mother’s womb in what it sounded like a clear crying, a few weeks before my birth. They had never before discussed this with anyone, because of the strangeness, almost fear, that the episode raised in them. I have to say that the next day when I asked the waiter of the above mentioned Café about the peculiar stranger... he confessed to never have seen her before. Still I would have to listen once more to virtually that

same sentence, a few months later. On this occasion the messenger was an unknown elderly man with a raggedy aspect, who uttered similar words, when we crossed paths on my walk to work in that same vicinity. Despite all these signs from the universe, it would still

take me years of work and maturity to be sufficiently prepared to understand and accept the spiritual path had opened up and was being offered to me. Healing is a journey, a vocation and as such, it affects all aspects of the life of a healer. Nothing is imposed upon us, but it is our free will that will call the shots, granted by God and respected by the universe. We will be much happier at the end, if we are able to recognize the path that leads us to our spiritual growth, maybe in this life or in the next, but we can always choose when we are prepared and ready to follow it. A growing and learning that has no end. Years later, I gladly found myself helping many people to heal and find their spiritual path, in the day to day life questions and also with deeper issues of the soul.I have decided today to share with you this very

special moment in my life’s history, that contributed to find my way of healing and guiding as a spiritual channel, or as I like calling myself, as an “Angel’s Messenger”, in honor and prayer of those that both help me and guide every day to bring peace to my life, compassion and help to extend to all those who consult me or that are around me.

About Pat NavarroBoth of my parents heard me crying on my mother’s womb before I was born. Later I learned this to be the un-equivocal sing in medieval Spain of a gifted healer, known as the Caravaca cross gift. I inherited some of my gifts from my maternal great grandmother, who was the “druid”, nurse, midwife, equivalent to the wise medicine woman and adviser, at this small Castillian village in the early 20th century rural Spain. I can assure you that you will never leave my sessions feeling anything sort of loved, understood, with a breath of new hope and positive energy. I look forward assisting you, sending the love and the messages the Gods and the angels intended me to rely to you. I have worked professionally with Tarot Readings and counseling, over 20 years, both in Spain and the US, 8 of which has been also distance, via online, a world of its own. I have a master in Hypnosis and have spent many years studying and practicing different methods and meta-physical techniques. I have been privileged to study with internationally acclaimed medium Lisa Williams and Depak Chopra. I practice several different healing techniques and in my psychic and reading consulta-tion practices I put a special focus on energy, healing and manifesting, as well as stress related ailments.

There is a growing and learning that has no end

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming

anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in

the first place.

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Winter Issue 21

How to get the Most out of a Psychic Reading

As a client, you may be given a wealth of information during a reading with a Psychic or medium . If not well prepared, you may

not fully benefit from a reading. Questions come up like “what did she say?” or “what was the time line he gave?”. What can you do to prepare for a reading and make your time with an psychic effective and in the end save you money?Take notes.Sometimes a reading can move unbelievable fast! For

some readers they tend to talk very quickly when they really are connected to a situation so its a good idea to take notes during a reading. Having notes to look over can give you a better idea what your psychic told you. I even have a client who records our sessions. Its good to

have something to look back on.Have a plan!Before you call a psychic up, have an idea of what

you want to talk about. Being organized will help the reading go smoother and in the end will save you money! Have a series of questions ready and be prepared to hear all information, not just the information you want to hear.Be open with your needs!Be upfront and honest when a reading is going the

wrong direction or is moving too quickly. Sometimes we get so bombarded with information at once that we need a reminder to slow down a bit. Always ask questions when you don’t understand. Be empowered and you will get a lot more out of a reading. Don’t take a psychic’s word as total truth!Even the best psychic in the world is still human, and

still have their own belief systems. I always suggest for clients to take what information that ‘feels’ right to them and leave the rest. Its OK to be slightly skeptical. A ethical reader should provide you empowerment, help you make positive steps in your life. If the reader is offering you remove a curse, reunite you with a lover for a large fee or similar actions, walk away and look elsewhere for a reading.Be realistic.As a psychic I’m hesitant giving time lines. This is

because the future is flexible and can change by free will. What I see today may shift tomorrow. For positive things to happen in your life you must be active in your life. I have seen clients live in the past, focusing on my prediction rather than the present situations. when you live in this state, you often pass up the positive things that your reader picked up on!

Matt Email: Matt@journeyoflife-

coaching.comPhone 559-389-7989

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22 Psychic Guidepost

by James Van Praagh

The True Meaning of Gratitude

How incorporating gratitude into your daily agenda changes your life

Whenever you take a moment to celebrate an activity or a

thought such as “I love this shirt I am wearing”, “I love this food I am eating”, “I love these people in my life” and “I love this brand new day of possibilities”, these sincere reflections of appreciation immediately will bring you into perfect alignment with the Divine Source of your being. When you acknowledge these gifts and exhibit gratitude for other beings, you will begin to change energetically and it will influence every aspect of your life. By practicing an attitude of gratitude, you begin to have a relationship with the true essence of who you are and everyone who is within your sphere will benefit from your appreciation. Gratitude validates your sense of giving and

receiving. One cannot receive without giving as well.By being in the space and

awareness of gratitude, it opens you up to appreciating the element of love in all things. As it touches every area of your life, it cultivates well-being and happiness; and when focused toward others, it brings about an increased level of energy, optimism and empathy. Gratitude is not only the greatest virtue that exists; but the person who exhibits the most gratitude will benefit the most people involved.How do we cultivate a sense of

appreciativeness every day? Well, it was probably one of the very first lessons your parents taught you when you began to pronounce words. Most of us were taught the words “thank you” as a response to a kindness. Just by saying the

words aloud, it demonstrates an acknowledgment to others. I have worked at practicing and remembering to give thanks and gratitude as often as possible and have even crafted it into my daily ritual. Every morning, while waiting for my coffee to brew, I go to the window, gaze out to the morning sky and send out an intentional thought of gratitude. I let the Universe know that I am grateful and appreciative for letting my soul have another opportunity to learn, understand and perhaps influence another being and hopefully change a life for the better. How can incorporating gratitude

into a daily agenda change your life? First, it forces you to look at the life you are living and acknowledge the positive aspects in

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life; whether it is friends, material goods or even opportunities to view something from a different point of view. It can assist you in putting things in perspective. When you have a negative thought such as I hate my job, gratitude can spin that thought into I am happy that I have a job. Whenever you look at life as hard and difficult, instead, think of it as exciting and challenging. Start to perceive obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow, and change and improve.When you take the time to use

those two words that your parents taught you, you can change another person’s life in ways that you may have never thought possible. Just an acknowledgement might be exactly what that person needs at that exact moment in order to act in a positive and loving way to others. Your one kindness has a ripple effect. Everyone on this earth loves to be acknowledged for who they are and what they do. So few of us perform this simple deed; but if we only knew the profound affect that it has, we could (and would) be forever transformed.When you emanate an attitude of

gratitude, it is the same vibration as the energy of love. When you practice a mind-set of appreciation, you will let go of doubt and fear and live in the presence of everything that feels right and good. The act of giving thanks will make you feel good, and this feeling is your soul’s way of letting you know that gratitude is part of your innate make-up. As you live with gratitude, your view of the world and yourself will completely change and your circumstances, situations and relationships are forever altered.When you practice an attitude of

gratitude, you see everything in

your life as a miracle and you become aware of how many opportunities and possibilities are before you. You look at the things that are rich and positive instead of poor and fearful. It strengthens your body, mind and heart; and you will begin to attract those situations and people into your life that are also positive and soul-enriching.Look around you today and acknowledge everything for which you are


Each day I’m thankful for: Nights that turned into mornings. Friends that turned into family.

Dreams that turned into reality. And Likes that

turned into love.

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24 Psychic Guidepost

In the history of mankind we have not managed to create sustainable world peace yet. Perhaps we need fresher, less jaded, more forward-thinking and guileless minds to help find the solution. Perhaps we should ask our youth for their ideas. After all, they are our next generation of leaders. Why not engage their

optimism, ingenuity and dynamism now? The World Peace Caravan is doing just that. A global peace movement that will culminate in a 12 day camel

caravan from Petra, Jordan to Jerusalem in December, 2015, the World Peace Caravan is selecting a delegation of 12 Youth Ambassadors, ages 16-24, from a worldwide pool of candidates to spearhead the caravan. Furthermore, they are fostering an online Youth Community to provide young people everywhere a platform through which

A Camel Caravan for World Peace

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Winter Issue 25

to share their ideas, voice their opinions, educate and be educated. The Youth Ambassadors and members of the Youth Community will participate in a unique, solutions-driven, project-based, global educational program based upon some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Young people the world over will be collaborating on tackling such lofty goals as eradicating poverty and hunger, ensuring environmental sustainability, and attaining healthy lives for all. Three separate times, Gary Young,

CEO of Young Living Essential Oils, dreamt of leading a long caravan of camels through the desert on a journey for peace. The camels, ridden by people of all faiths, came from every direction and merged into one united stream. After the third dream, so vivid it was almost jarring, Gary decided to tell his wife and two of his closest friends about it. Uncannily, they each responded with the exact same words, “This you must do.” And so began the plans for the

inaugural World Peace Caravan, 2015. Gary had recognized the trail that the caravan had traveled in his dreams as the Ancient Frankincense Trail in Arabia, since he had explored the storied trail many times on his travels there to research frankincense for his essential oils company. 3,000 years ago, the Queen of Sheba journeyed 1,400 miles with 750 camels on the ancient trade route to bring her peace offerings to King Solomon in Jerusalem. It was decided that a modern day journey for peace be created that would invite people

of all cultures, faiths, and backgrounds to come together on a caravan for peace that will retrace the steps of this earliest peace movement along parts of the Frankincense Trail. The World Peace Caravan 2015 will begin in Petra, Jordan on December

15, 2015 and end in Jerusalem on December 26. The caravan will be spearheaded by the 12 member World Peace Caravan Youth Delegation and anchored by two landmark events, a two day World Peace Caravan Peace and Health Conference on the Dead Sea in Jordan and a World Peace Caravan Concert for Peace in Jerusalem. After a pre-launch celebration in Petra on the 15th, participants will caravan through Jordan by camel, horse or foot for four days and nights, camping along the way while exchanging multi-cultural activities including music, dance and educational seminars and exploring historical and religious sites. The caravan will break on December 20 for a high-level, interactive

WPC Peace and Health Conference at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre on the shore of the Dead Sea in Jordan on December 21 and 22. The conference of invited international peace advocates will focus on health, education, and the role of women and youth in peacemaking. On December 23, the caravan will cross the border into the Palestine

Authority for a visit to Jericho and a two day trek through the Judean desert, arriving in Bethlehem on December 25. On Saturday, December 26, the caravan will culminate with a Peace Walk into Jerusalem and the blockbuster World Peace Caravan Concert for Peace. Internationally renowned musical artists will mix with musicians from around the globe for a night of once-in-a-lifetime performances at the new state-of-the art Jerusalem Arena. The evening’s festivities will be broadcast and streamed around the world.

The WORLD PEACE CARAVAN is founded by the international D. Gary Young Foundation, a 501 © (3) non-profit organization. For more information, visit

Gary Young

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26 Psychic Guidepost

When the law of attrac-tion first hit the scene, many embraced it as a

get- rich-quick or wish fulfillment scheme. Life is full of challenges, and most people crave a sense of material comfort and security. If we proceed simply out of a desire to have more, we will not come upon an understanding of true prosperity, which is created out of love rather than greed. I would not presume to offer a “how to” on this universal concept; rather, I invite others simply to experience the vibrant, synchronous atmosphere that envelopes one who harbors a heart-centered understanding of the Law of Attraction.There’s the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for: you may get it, but not in the form you expect.” Wishing creates expectation and enhances the sense of lack. What

we focus upon increases; so putting out a notion in thought and prayer that something is missing only serves to widen the yawning chasm of lack. Instead, I go daily through a mental inventory of all the won-derful things that have already been placed in my care: my Sacred things, the Ceremonial Songs, my friendship with a spiritual mentor, my job, my home, my vehicle, my work colleagues, my students, my friends, and my family. I take stock of the crisp, clean breeze and the gorgeous autumn leaves now blow-ing across the parking lot, dancing and brushing the pavement with a clapping-of-straws kind of sound. Clouds form large oil paintings in the sky in a multitude of blue hues. There is so much to be happy about already.From that higher vibrational state,

everything gets swept irresistibly toward me—like an undertow of sudden good fortune and positive encounters. When I build on that, I move effortlessly into the flow of life. I couple that kind of Spir-it-driven force with an openness and receptive watchfulness on my part. I try to see the wisdom within every encounter. My students are among my dearest teachers. Yes, I am responsible for teaching skill sets for their growth in the areas of Composition and Literature—but from them I learn patience, com-passion, persistence, and direc-tion with regard to what I need to change pedagogically to keep up with the new generation.Cedric Red Feather is my ex-hus-band, best friend, and most in-fluential spiritual teacher. I have to quote him for this beautiful

Revisitedby Janet Red Feather

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teaching. Cedric has said to me more than once, “I have never, ever asked the Spirits for a single thing—and yet, they have blessed me with many things.” I really love that, because he is not materialis-tic or greedy. He does not use his spiritual acumen to be acquisitive; neither does he live in a dire state of abject poverty. “A person living in a palace can likewise become en-lightened,” he has said to me often.” Social status bears no relationship to one’s ability to advance in the spiritual. It is all contingent upon a person’s ability to come from the heart.The law of attraction means that like attracts like. A dense, dark, ignorance-filled vibration will at-tract negatives to it like tiny, steely metal filings flying in a high wind toward a thick magnet. A light, loving, radiant, compassionate, wis-dom-filled vibration will draw in its wake a high curling foam-laced wave of abundance, love, beauty and truth.My spiritual way of life is Ghost, or Wanagi. It means seeing the soul or spirit of a person. The Ghost sees through the shell, the façade, the false persona put on to please the public. The primary relationship is with the Guides: we learn from the Spirits rather than the human beings. As such, the road is indi-vidualistic. When I hear the phrase “Law of Attraction,” I tend to inter-pret the concept as my own heart directs, allowing wisdom to surface by applying it to my own unique life experiences. In our way of life, we begin in the West direction when we pray. We ask for wisdom and knowledge. Everything that flows from that brings with it a tide of experiences, people and objects that our Guides

find necessary for us at that partic-ular stage of our human expression. Trusting in the process yields even higher results.I have to admit it has taken me years to get to this point. I still cringe a bit—especially when events and benefits roll ceremoni-ously my way. I have to quiet the prompting of my old, wounded self that is just waiting for someone to pull the cloth out from under the beautifully appointed table setting. I must constantly reinvent myself as someone worthy of love, joy and prosperity. Self-love is some-thing I did not grasp initially, even though many had referenced the notion. Now I see that it is more than words. Self-love is a necessary ingredient to attracting the best and highest results on the path of transformation.There is no “how to attract” for-mula that works instantaneously for all people. We are not packages of instant hot cocoa. We have to be clear about what we want, our

motive for wanting it, how much we already have, how deserving we are of more, and how having our dreams fulfilled enables us to enhance the lives of others.To me, the advice of Lao Tzu is pivotal: “When you perceive that nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” I’ve heard this over and over on a CD of the Tao te Ching, brilliantly translated and read by Stephen Mitchell. Giving up an attachment to things releases us so that our arms may embrace the totality. We are connected to all of life. The beautiful particol-ored autumn foliage becomes ours to enjoy. The placid river with its reflected moon is a work of art to be savored. Icy, blue-encrusted clouds in the night sky cushion and comfort us. Birds, butterflies and dragonflies are companions as we travel. Release longing and desire, and you will magnetize the world.--Janet Michele Red Feather

Janet Michele Red Feather, JD, MA, is a Ceremonial Singer for Native American Ceremonies, including namings, healings, pipe and sweatlodge ceremonies, and the Mandan Okipa. She knows over 60 songs in Mandan and Lakota. Janet’s new book, Song of the Wind, is named for one of her beloved Spirit Helpers. The book’s lush, imagistic style invites readers on a unique journey through the joys and uncertainties of empathic existence. Each chapter offers another stepping stone on the brilliant journey toward love, peace, and connection with our Higher her at: [email protected]

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…A quicker, better, easier way to learn that’ll have you confi-dently reading the cards for fun and profit faster than you ever thought possible…

It’s no secret that learning – and being able to actually remember – the intricate meanings of all the 78 cards in a Tarot deck is notoriously difficult…In fact, it’s the number one reason why people who dream of reading the

Tarot give up on the idea altogether.And that’s a real shame – because right now with our creaking world

economies producing personal difficulties for so many people, and with…More and more people desperately seeking guidance on their futures

from psychics, seers and card readers……it means there simply aren’t enough readers with the right training to

meet this steadily increasing demand.

“Finally… A revolutionary new approach to learning Tarot cards fast”

Where do you find the right training?Well, there are plenty of books on the subject – you might

even have one or two yourself – and some are very good, if not a little overwhelming.Then there’s training courses you can attend – your local

college may run night school classes, or an existing Tarot card reader may teach you privately.Or you can buy your own pack of cards and try learning

from the little instruction booklet that comes with it.And yes, these are all valid ways of learning the Tarot.But they all have one major stumbling block…You’ve still got to actually sit down, study, learn – and then

correctly remember – the convoluted meanings of all 78 cards!And, as you can probably imagine, this is no mean feat

– in fact it can literally take weeks, maybe months, of hard work, sweat and tears.

This course is only $67! A value of $250!

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Winter Issue 29

But now there’s a much better way…multimedia training

You see, everyone learns differently.Some do this best by watching – they like to see how it’s done. Some prefer to listen – they like to hear what’s going on.Some like to read, some like to just do……and some only begin to shine when they combine all these methods together.

Which is why training courses, which include all these different ways of learning, are the best ways of training in anything – anything at all.

And that’s precisely why this exciting format is used inside your ‘Ultimate Online Tarot Card Reading Course’.

It’s a complete multimedia training program!

But, with the added advantage of an electrifying new twist – which I’ll tell you all about in just a few moments!

First though, here’s a quick peek at what this multimedia learning system allows you to do:

You’ll be able to see what to do by watching the videos – and you can watch them over and over again until the information really sinks in.

You’ll hear what’s being said, both in the videos and in the separate audio files which accompany the course – so you can listen on your MP3 player whenever you like and wherever you are.

The Ultimate Online Tarot Reading Course is a 100% digital online course that you can access any time from any device.

Immediate access after you sign up. Click on the link below for more information and sign up!

You’ll read about everything through the detailed online reports, which are set out in very easy to read formats

And you’ll combine the seeing, the hearing, the reading and the hands on doing as you follow along with me showing you what to do every step of the way.

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Throughout my life most of my spiritual and mystical training is from the Christian faith. I was raised in a very strict evangelical family

that held a literalist interpretation of the Bible. I now believe that literalism, holding the Bible as the ultimate truth of God, is actually the opposite of its intention. If the Bible is the source of all knowledge and understanding, it then becomes God for us. The Bible then becomes an idol for its readers. Idolatry is anything that is held above the ultimate reality and connection with Spirit. However, this does not mean that the Bible is innately bad. It is still a method that can point us in the right direction, as long as we view it as such. It is a tool or method that can promote a greater understanding and experience of the higher reality, the limitless love of God. I was trained and ordained as a Christian minister,

so much of my knowledge and understanding about spirituality is from that tradition. I am open to all traditions, and have gained clear insight about God through many other paths as well, but for the purpose

of this article I will be focusing on Biblical texts as a way to understand suffering. Most Westerners know this story, but for those who

do not; it is the first part of the first book of the Bible, Genesis. It is side by side with the Hebraic myth of creation. A brief synopsis of the story is that God created everything, created people (man and woman) in the same image as the Divinity, created a garden of perfection, and finally created two magic trees within the garden. One of the trees was the tree of life, and

Returning to Edenby James Masters

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brought fullness and completion to their experience of the garden. The other was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God warned the man and woman that if they ate from this second tree that death would soon follow. Did he say both trees and just the knowledge of good and evil? As the story progresses they were eventually tempted

by a snake to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The serpent is an interesting figure, because historically in many metaphysical communities it is a symbol of rebirth, immortality, transformation, healing, and life. This is not the archetypal picture of the snake that I was taught as a child. In my teachings growing up the snake was the embodiment of ^enmity with God and spitefully wanted to destroy Eden. For the purposes of understanding this story through

the context of symbolism rather than literalism, I now prefer the symbolism of the snake that represents immortality. For me this makes sense within the context of the story, that the temptation occurred not because some evil entity was present, but because of

the everlasting nature of the garden. Since the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was present, eventually the desire to eat from the tree would be made manifest. The two eventually gave in to the temptation of the

snake, and ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The most important thing to remember about this tree is that it is not innately evil. I feel like it is often conceptualized as the first “evil”, but it was an event that brought into consciousness duality. The knowledge of two opposing realities within the context of perfection- the Garden of Eden. There is absolutely NOTHING within their experience that could have been in opposition with the innate “goodness” of what was in front of them. It was even declared such by God in previous chapters. The first experience that took place with the man

and woman was the recognition that they were naked. They identified that their own experience was separate from the world around them, and through that identification there was a need to shield themselves from that experience. They wanted to cover themselves up, and they tried desperately to do so on

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32 Psychic Guidepost

their own, although this ended up being a blunder that caused more pain. The next event in the story is an encounter with

God. God sought them out. When I was taught the literalist interpretation of this story I was told that the “sin” or evil that took place after they ate from the tree separated Eden’s children from Divinity. That God and evil could not coexist. However, this first encounter of God searching for them actually shows the opposite is true. Even though duality had caused them to internalize good and evil, it did not separate them from the eternal love. That love pursued them even after they ate from the tree. This is still happening today. The pursuit of the Divine for the attention of mankind has always persisted and will always persist. I am convinced that this great Love determinedly sought me out, and is seeking you out with tenacity as well. So the symbolic picture of God seeking the two in the garden represents the persistent searching of God to connect with mankind regardless of our state of mind or being.

The Divine’s first course of action was to deal with the snake. Of course for our symbolic understanding the snake represents the eternal nature of our existence. This makes it ever more important for us to understand that God did not destroy the snake, but rather “cursed” it to crawl on the ground, and put enmity between mankind and the snake. God also said that the sons of the woman would crush the head of the serpent, but the serpent will then strike back and bite his heel. Since we understand the imagery of the serpent

representing immortality, what is happening here is that the immortality of mankind is being put on the ground. It doesn’t go away, and is still expressed in many cultural understandings of life and afterlife. Immortality is still believed, but a full understanding of immortality is lost. This immortality when viewed with the eyes of duality can often lead to tormenting experiences. If there is good and evil within the afterlife, the only logical conclusion is that this duality that we are experiencing must also be eternal. Granted, not all understanding of the afterlife is expressed with dualistic imagery, but it is still a widely held belief by many. This is the nature of the snake. It is present, and often feared. God also said that the sons of the woman would

^crush the head of the snake, but the snake would respond by biting his heel. This is the rejection of the eternal nature of our existence, but even though the head will be crushed, the snake (immortality) will strike back. This represents our own battle with the nature of our experience and the concept of what immortality could mean for us. God then turns to the man and woman and says that

they too are now “cursed” to experience pain. Pain in

Our resistance to pain is represented by the symbolism of nakedness. It is saying that something inside of us is “bad” and that “bad” is innately evil.

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everyday life being symbolized by having to work hard to survive and, also pain in the renewal of life being symbolized in the pain of child bearing. I was taught that this was an act of anger and rage on behalf of God, but I now see that this is one of the most intrinsic blessings we could have been given. When we view pain in the context of duality the “curse” is a horrific event. If we view this in a literalistic way we begin to see a side of God that is unloving. However, it is the very nature of our duality that spawns such judgments. Pain is not an enemy. It is a beloved friend that tells

us when there is something that needs to be addressed in our situation. Pain reveals to us an innate need. It is when pain is viewed through the eyes of duality that it becomes suffering. Duality causes us to resist the natural order of things. We want to do good and be good. We want to reject evil and overcome evil within us. Pain is something that we want to avoid. We need to rid ourselves from its grips, because we believe that there is something innately wrong with it. Our duality now creates resistance of the pain, because we want to be “good”, and pain is not good. Our resistance to pain is represented by the

symbolism of nakedness. It is saying that something inside of us is “bad” and that “bad” is innately evil. When we resist pain, because we conceptualize it as evil, we are in essence judging and creating resistance. The result of resistance is suffering, which is represented in the story as the man and woman’s expulsion from the Garden which comes later in the story. The next step in the Eden story is clothes. To provide

for them a method of dealing with their newfound conceptualization of good and evil God, in absolute love, covered them so they would not have to deal with the shame of their “nakedness” all at one time. The Divine constructed an insulation from the effects of their “nakedness” that would allow them to exist without the need to isolate completely, and the ego was born- a means of being able to experience the torment of duality and resistance to pain, which is suffering, without being consumed by it. The ego works in our favor, because it allows us

to continue on our path and seek truth. However, the ideal goal here is not ego, it is nakedness. The understanding that what is happening in our experience is not innately good, or innately bad, it just is. The ego provides a temporal means of emotional protection until we are ready to accept^ reality for

what it is without judgment. It keeps us from complete dissociation with what is real, which is psychosis. Spirit has revealed to me that this story is not a literal

event, but the experience of life. It represents the everyday journey we face as well as our evolutionary journey. Eden is still readily available to us today. This is what Jesus meant when he said, “The kingdom of heaven is inside of you.” It is the innate reality of being, and the contentment of non-judgment. It is letting go of our classifications of good and evil so we can simply experience what is, whether it is pain or pleasure. It is experiencing pain, so it leads us to a greater understanding of our “beingness”, and pleasure as something that resonates the goodness of God in our being. Understanding the story this way resonates with my

path. It may speak to you, and it may not. My point is not that you adopt my belief system, in fact, I don’t

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34 Psychic Guidepost

want anyone to just adopt my belief system. Belief is simply a state of mind that assists us into a higher reality. It is inevitable that many of my current beliefs are incorrect. My purpose is to share what I have experienced as a higher reality, a reality that accepts things for what they truly are. Suffering is always a resistance to something that

appears, through our duality, innately bad or good within our experience. The practice I would like you to consider is the complete acceptance of what is going on inside of you and around you without judgment. Tell yourself it is okay. If you are feeling pain, give yourself permission to feel the pain. Allow yourself to ask it why it is there. In dealing with pain I feel like it is only within the

past year that I have truly been able to befriend it. My dad passed away in February, and I was able to take care of him during the final six months of his life. Pain associated with this kind of loss is a natural reaction. As I was walking through the pain with Spirit, I learned to ask the pain why it was there. Sometimes I needed to cry, sometimes I needed to be angry, but I never judged what was going on. As I have walked through, and am still walking through this process, I am realizing more and more that pain has not only been tolerable, but that it also has become a beloved friend. It has brought me to a greater understanding of life, and a purer understanding of Spirit. It is my conviction that the only path to God is

through accepting all of what is without judging. Through acceptance comes love. Actually, love is acceptance without judgment, and in my understanding, God is love. God is in everything, the walls, the birds, the trees, the walls, the floor, you, and me. The nature of the love of God echoes through all things, even our pain, and always leads us to greater acceptance. This is called faith. When we accept all of what comes into our lives as the nature of God, this is the tree of life. The ability to experience life fully without judgment. This may be a new message for you, and that is okay.

Test it. Live for a moment of non-judgment, and you

will begin to have a clearer understanding of your pain. To give you an example from my own life, one of my biggest issues was being fat in a thin world. I considered fat evil, and thin good. The resistance that came through that single experience promoted more suffering than could ever be expressed. When I realized that there is nothing innately wrong with being fat, my understanding of life shifted, and I was able to again eat from the tree of life. Sometimes I still eat from that old tree, or similar trees. However, my experience is shifting in such a way that I am now living in Eden, more than I am living in hell. Knowing Spirit is a process, but my exhortation to you is never give up that process. To conclude I will give you another message from the

Bible. In Matthew 7:8-9 Jesus says this, “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened for you. For everyone who asks receives, the one who seeks finds, and the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” Be patient with yourself, and be persistent. If there

wasn’t some dynamic of persistence already there, you would not be reading this. Know and accept this fully. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to come to Eden, it is always there for you, and I will be waiting for you.

My purpose is to share what I have experienced as a higher reality...

James Masters is an intuitive coach and spiritual mentor. He works with his clients to help them gain insight and inspiration for the future. He has worked with several clients from all over the world and all walks of life, helping them gain spiritual insight and understanding. If you would like a personal consultation with James, you can setup an appointment through, or find him on one of his current partner sites. He is also a creative consultant and writer for Psychic Guidepost Magazine, a contributor to Mystic Living Today, and co-hosts ;the Starz Radio Show on BlogTalk radio every Monday evening at 7:00 EST.

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Winter Issue 35

The Art of Finding

Lasting Love

What Is Love, Baby Don’t Hurt Me A discussion about what love is, and what love isn’t.

Burning Desire A discussion about the importance of trusting your desires, and that your desires can be fulfilled.

About Him, About Her A discussion about the differences between men and women.

Right Here, Right Now A discussion about accepting what IS, both in and out of relationship. The WAKE UP CALL.

Finding the Love You Want A discussion about how to find love through reciprocation.

Keeping the Love That You Want A discussion about how to maintain a positive and life giving relationship.

Bonus Guided meditation & brief discussion about conscious creating. From psychic to causal

A teleconference event

Trial offer: Free Streaming for 10 days!

With Cristina and James

Feature Films

Spiritual Awakenings

Soul Series

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36 Psychic Guidepost

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Winter Issue 37

Feng Shui

Page 38: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

38 Psychic Guidepost

What is Feng Shui?Feng Shui (or Wind and Water)

is the practice of arranging your environment so that energy or “chi” flows gently and smoothly through your home or business environment.In this way your space just feels

good–and supports what you want out of life-whether it’s a better career, new romance, improved health, or more income.Feng Shui is not a meditation

practice, a religion, or a New Age cult.Feng Shui is based on the

concept that everything in your environment has a life force or energy called “chi.”Just as chi flows through your

body, chi also flows your through living environment. When the energy flow is stagnant (think clutter and overflowing closets), moves too quickly (think long dark hallways, stairs, and straight shots

through the home), or is obstructed (think walls, trees, or even cars in the wrong place), the unbalanced chi may lead to ill health, domestic strife, or financial concerns.Feng Shui adjustments can help

you make sure that the chi energy flow is just right so that everything in your environment supports your wish for good luck, good health, harmonious relationships, and prosperity.The practice of Feng Shui was

developed in China over a 4,000-year period. Initially, people wanted to come up with principles that ensured their homes—and more importantly their tombs!—were placed in a location that offered shelter from winter storms, floods, and blazing heat.As the practice of Feng Shui

developed, people also started to consider architectural features, from the placement of fireplaces, windows and doors, to gardens and landscaping.

Page 39: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 39

1. The most im-portant Feng Shui tip of all: Clear the clutter! Ask yourself two questions about every item in your home: Do I love it? Is it useful to me right now? You need a YES to at least one – preferably both – of those questions to retain the item. Otherwise, it’s not only NOT doing you any good, it’s taking away some of the positive chi that might

otherwise surround you. What you will have created is a sanctuary!

Imagine this: stepping into a home where you’re sur-rounded ONLY by items you love and that are useful to you. Everywhere your eye lands is pleasing to you. Pure bliss! It’s truly an act of faith – having faith that God/Source/the Universe will indeed provide all that you need when you need it and you can let go of all that doesn’t work for you right now. You can let go of the stack of magazines or old newspapers that is 6 feet high, because that information you need that’s 6″ off the floor will find its way to you through some other avenue, rest assured.

2. Make your entryway inviting. As people drive by – or walk by your apartment in the hall – they should be intrigued and pleased enough to want to get to know you. use mats, wreaths, banners, flags, color – whatever works for YOU – to design an entry that is alive, for the front door is the portal for all the Good of the Uni-verse to come your way. Accordingly, USE your front door! If not every day – which would be best – at least every few days, bring your energy through those doors and invite in all manner of Good/God.

3. Claim your space! Make sure you have house numbers – or apartment numbers – and your name clearly identified at your home’s entry. If people can’t find you easily and effortlessly, then Universal

Top 10 Feng Shui TipsBy Liz Brown Abundance will have a hard time getting to you as well.

After all, Publisher’s Clearinghouse needs to know EXACTLY where to deliver that check!

4. Make sure all your doors and drawers do not stick. All should open easily and effortlessly. Don’t put up with little aggravations, because they drag down en-ergy – yours and the home’s – in a BIG way. You’ll be amazed what a difference it makes in your life when you literally have a good handle on things.

5. Replace all the burned-out light bulbs in the home and consider upping the wattage in key areas. Light is life! It’s good chi. Efforts to find your soulmate or your career or good health can be helped by simply putting a little light on the subject. Enliven that area of the bagua (back right corner for relationship, center for health, center front for career) in your home and see if that area of life doesn’t become just a little bit clearer for you.

6. Never seat yourself in a vulnerable position. Have a view of the doorway from your chair (whether it’s your chair in the living room or your seat in the office). Just like the Mafia don or the bear in the cave, don’t sit with your back to the door. You want to see what’s com-ing up, don’t you? Have a view of, preferably, ALL the doorways into the room. That way, you can rest easy and devote all your energies to the task at hand, what-ever that may be.

6A. The same holds true for the cook standing at the stove. If you can’t see the reflection of what’s behind you in the microwave above your stove, place a mirror or reflective object at the back of the burners or on the wall. The stove is a financial center in your home, so if the cook is startled, finances may suffer.

6B. The same holds true for the bedroom. Your head-board should not be along the same wall as the door. When you sit up in bed, you should be able to view the doorway across the room, but NOT be in the direct line of the doorway with your feet pointing directly out the door. Doorways and hallways channel the chi throughout the home. Those pathways are akin to streets, where the chi is active and threatening. Lay-ing in the path of the door with the door closed is like laying in the street, but the light is red. How good does that feel?

7. Use ALL the burners on your stovetop and invite multiple avenues of prosperity into your life. Each burner represents one avenue of prosperity, so don’t limit yourself and think that all your abundance comes

Page 40: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

40 Psychic Guidepost

just from that one paycheck. God wants you to prosper – in ALL ways! So overlay the bagua on the stovetop and when you cook (or if you don’t cook, just boil water or potpourri!), set your intention to light a fire in your relationship (back right corner) or get your prosperity burning (back left cor-ner), instead of just using the two burners in front.

Knowledge (in both this dimension and beyond) is front left corner and Helpful People & Travel (which is all about connections and synchro-nicities and being at the right place at the right time) would be the front right burner. So if you need to stoke the fire in either of those areas, just set your intention and go for it!

8. Assure a meandering flow through your home, with no obstacles to your path.Feng Shui is all about bringing nature’s flow indoors. Any obstacles to free, easy movement INSIDE your home or apartment can outpicture as obsta-cles to health, relationship, career, etc. OUTSIDE those walls.

9. Remember: “Wherever the eye goes, the chi goes.” Pull your attention to that which pleases and uplifts you. That means, either keep your toilet seat down OR the bathroom door closed OR place beautiful plants, pictures or candles atop the toilet tank. After all, you don’t want the positive energy in your home going down the toilet, so pull your eye away from that bowl.

10. Use the Three Secrets Rein-forcement in every Feng Shui “cure” you implement. “Cures” are the actions you take to change the energy of your home. You can make those “cures” triply-effective by incorporating body, mind AND speech in all your efforts. That’s the essence of the Three Secrets Rein-forcement: Take an action, speak to your intention AND envision that glorious outcome coming true. Each of those elements – actions, words and thoughts – are powerful and can change the world. Imag-ine how life-changing it can be to incorporate all three!


Liz Brown is a leading consultant, speaker, author and teacher in the field of Feng Shui. She provides a wealth of creative, intelligent and practical design strategies for clients that bring out the BEST for the situation at hand. Monthly col-umnist for “Kansas City Wellness Magazine” during its ten year publi-cation, Liz continues to write, hav-ing also penned nine user-friendly Feng Shui workbooks.

For more information find her at her website:

Page 41: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 41

Top 10 New Years Supersititions

Eating black-eyed peas and greens.Eating them brings good luck and financial prosperity. You are to eat the peas with greens for prosperity. The peas represent good luck and the greens represent money.

Kissing at midnight. Kiss someone dear to you at midnight, this will ensure affection for the next 12 months. If you happen to be alone at midnight, kissing the dog or cat would certainly work.

Don’t cry, don’t cry on New Years day, this could bring unhappiness for the next year. So don’t cry even if your favorite team loses in a bowl game. Be upbeat and happy as well.

Don’t wash clothes. The dirty clothes can wait until January 2nd. Some super-cautious won’t even wash the dishes on New Years day, I need to go and find the paper plates now.

No bare cupboards, fill up the cupboards before New Years day, otherwise that could be the way of the New Year.

Money, don’t lend money or precious items and don’t pay back loans either. To do so means you will be paying out money all year long. Also fill all of your wallets with money since that ensures prosperity for the New Year.Open the doors at midnight as this will let out all the bad from the previous year. Now that’s an easy one to do unless its 30 below out, this will let out the bad before the good can come in on New Years day.

Loud noises, make some noise. This will scare away the evil spirits from entering your life in the next year. I like this one, it makes sense and it’s fun but you need to be careful though since

too much loud noise and the cops might show up, and that might not be good for the New Year. Maybe just one yell and two firecrackers.

Don’t break anything, you should try very hard to not break anything, especially a mirror, as that could be doubly bad as breaking a mirror on any other day, so try not to break anything. And this is another good reason not to do the dishes on New Years Day.

Which way the wind blows, there isn’t a lot we can do about the weather, but superstition holds that if the wind is out of the South there will be prosperous times ahead. The wind out of the East means famine and calamities and out of the North means a bad year for weather. A little odd but out of the West means plenty of milk and fish. Calm winds means a prosperous and joyful year for all, that’s just great since I just read there is a high wind warning for my area.

Nothing goes out of the house, or you will be losing things during the upcoming year. Don’t take out the trash or food or anything, if your trash needs emptying, do it before midnight or on January 2nd. If you have food or anything to take somewhere on New Years day, have it outside or at their house already.

Page 42: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

42 Psychic Guidepost

How To make New Year’s Resolutions Stick for Good

Over the next couple of months we will gather around holiday tables

with friends and family, we’ll dig into carved roast-beast (or Tofurky), enjoy presents, gifts and decorations. And then, as December closes its doors on the festivities and January looms larger, we’ll rush to compile a list of New Year’s Resolutions to get a grip on the checkbooks, waistlines

and spiritual practices that have slipped. And you know what happens

next; all those good intentions, the containers from the Container Store, the new gym trainers, the new juicer and the newnotebook for writing down

household expenses, all gather dust in our guilt-closet before March. It doesn’t have to be this way. This

year we can make changes in our

lives that stick and become new habits instead of guilty failures. You can make the holiday season the beginning of your best year ever when it comes to real change that lasts. Whether it is a new healthy habit or routine, something you want to achieve, or something you’re getting rid of, this can be your year for positive change!Here’s how:

Page 43: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 43







Big elephant, small bitesHow do you eat a life-sized

chocolate elephant? One bite at a time. The biggest obstacle to making

any new change is that seemingly insurmountable gap between the big dream (“Be a better person” “Lose weight” “Move on from ex” “Quit smoking”) and real results. We’re often stymied when it comes to figuring out how to make nebulous or big plans reality. In

this case, the chocolate elephant in the room is your dreams, goals and visions. You will need both big dreams and small bites to finish the job. A big dream is a goal, an end-game, something you desire to attain for yourself in the long run. Smaller “bites” are that big dream broken down into doable tasks that you do every day, which will add up to attaining your goal. Small bites may not seem like much, but they’re just as important as the

big dreams. Your mind needs a way to see that there are doable things you can do to make those visions concrete. Waiting for something to magically manifest won’t help, and sitting there looking at that huge chocolate elephant can cause you to give up before you even take a single bite.

Page 44: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

44 Psychic Guidepost

“Big Elephant Small Bites”

bit longer each day. If you want to keep your briefcase tidy, associate a new habit with something you do already:When I plop my briefcase on the table tonight,

I’ll take out the papers and items I don’t need for tomorrow.If you cook dinner at home every night, use this meal

to create a new dietary habit instead of forcing yourself to make diet lunches:

For dinner tonight, I’ll make a dish with greens and whole grains

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. If you exercise in the evening already, then dreaming up a new scheme to wake up at the crack of dawn to go to the gym might be counter-productive for you. Making defined, specific times to do your tasks and

small-bite actions will help you introduce new habits to your routine and follow through.The human brain builds synaptic connections and

strengthens the efficiency of neurons in tasks that it does routinely. Synaptic “pruning” helps us put more energy into the things that we practice and do often by pruning away and eliminating connections we don’t use very often. Making new habits pair with existing strong connections helps you incorporate them faster.

Let’s say your big goal is to “be organized”, this instruction is so undefined and huge that you’ll never want to tackle it. Small bites, on the other hand, can make the goal feel like a reality right now. A small bite is your specific, small (remember it has to be doable!) action you’ll do today:

This morning I’m going to recycle all the magazines and take-out menus that aren’t current.Create a small bite objective for each big goal, each

day... the smaller the better: Today I’m going to create a mail center with

envelopes, stamps and a place to put incoming mail, and outgoing mail, for example.

As those small bites add up, and the victory you feel when you accomplish them will help you be excited and creative about making new ones as the daunting task seems smaller and more manageable. If you have trouble figuring out a small, doable task, find a book related to the goal you want to achieve. A book can give you lots of ideas about actions you can take and you can invent your own.

Use your current habits We’re creatures of habit, so why not use existing

ingrained routines to get started on new ones? New habits simply need repetition to become set and what better way than to use things you do each day already.Use existing habits as a basis for your small-bite

action goals wherever possible. For example, if you want add extra steps to your pedometer, you can use a quick daily walk that is already a habit for you (to and from your car, your path to work) and make it a

Your new habits and changes are just like that ivy, constantly building

a bigger system and structure.

Page 45: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 45

The ivy effectAs an ivy plant grows, it senses progress and produces

new cells which create tendrils, leaves and shoots. When the ivy comes in contact with objects, it alters its root structure to climb trees, and even walls. The more it grows, the better it can climb. Your new habits and changes are just like that ivy, constantly building a bigger system and structure. Seeing the results of your effort build an unbroken streak every day can be amazingly effective to help you keep going. Use an app, calendar, journal or wipe board to keep track of your “streak”. Each time you do your daily small-bite task, create a check mark.It sounds silly but it works. Seinfeld’s famous “habit

chain” operates on this same principle. When Jerry Seinfeld was a rising comedian, he knew that he’d have to consistently develop new jokes. To keep at it, even when he wasn’t in the mood, he took a giant wall calendar and marked a red “x” on the date whenever he achieved his goal of writing every day. When he saw those “x” marks adding up like links in a chain, he was inspired to keep going.

Cut the distractionsThe best way to create changes and new routines is to

make your environment less cluttered with distraction. Simplify wherever you can and make the items you need for your goal easy to reach and get to. For months my goal of having a tidy house was

thwarted by my bathroom vanity. Somehow, in spite of my best intentions, it became a repository for old receipts, coins, empty jars, products, and other junk. It was a disorganized mess and it was difficult to keep clean. Finally, I decided to place out only those items I used every day out on the vanity and shelves nearby… nothing else! Something strange happened immediately. Without effort, I kept the entire vanity neat as a pin, with items put away properly and the vanity and sink wiped down every day. (I realized that all that clutter had made me give up and let junk land where it may.) Being able to find things fast, when I needed them, was the reward that kept my habit going.

Be here now Failure starts with unrealistic expectations and living

in the future instead of the present. Maybe you want to have a healthier diet and daydream about being

skinny and having lots of romantic attention from partners who find the new, slimmer you irresistible. But when you look in the mirror, it’s not happening fast enough and you beat yourself up for still being chubby, and because you don’t have six-pack abs and you can’t cook a gourmet twelve course raw feast, you give up on yourself and have a basket of French fries.

Instead of this defeating, demoralizing pattern of expecting instant results or living in fantasy imagination of the future, put your energy and focus on what you are doing today to attain your goals. Be patient with yourself and tell yourself you’re doing a good job right here in the present. Have your goals in mind, but focus on the small-bites and immediate tasks far more than anything in the future. You will absolutely see progress if you stay grounded in the present. If you slip up, the present moment is always a new beginning.

Willows is a writer and teacher in the area of spiritual growth.She does sessions on: Relationship building,

“soul” agreement and purpose within relationship and in your own individual context. conflict resolu-tion and couples sessionsDream interpretations based on your own unique

symbolic “language” - dreams being powerful sym-bols from your deepest, wisest core.Building career and business success by encor-

porating intuitive awareness and “Authentic Self” into your toolbox. Pain, Loss, Challenge from a different perspective. Ego (fear motivation) and the power of true SELF

Page 46: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

46 Psychic Guidepost

PalmistryThe Art of Palm Reading

Do we hold the secrets of our past, present, and future in the palms of our hands? Are those mysterious lines traced on our hands

the blueprint of our character, our fortune, and our destiny?The ancient art of palm reading, also called palmistry

or chiromancy, dates back thousands of years. Prehistoric caves in Spain and France have hands drawn on their walls with all the major lines shown in amazing detail. Taking into consideration the number of such paintings of hands in prehistoric caves, it is quite evident that humans have been fascinated by the lines on our hands since the Stone Age. Archaeological findings have uncovered hands made of ivory, stone, and wood by ancient civilizations. Information about the practices and laws of reading the hand has been found in ancient Vedic scripts of India, early Semitic writings, and the Bible. Aristotle, one of the greatest Greek philosophers who lived in 384-322 BCE, found a dissertation on palmistry on the altar to the Greek deity, Hermes. Galen and Hippocrates, both Greek physicians, were well-versed in the use of palmistry as an aid to healing. It is also said that Julius Caesar used

this technique to judge his men.Fortune tellers, or palm readers, believe that the lines

and patterns on an individual’s hand, if read properly, can reveal insights into the events of the past, present, as well as future of the person. Apart from the lines, there are various other factors taken into consideration in palm reading, such as the hand’s shape, the shape and length of the fingers, how flexible the fingers and hands are, the thumb’s position, the mounts which are interpreted by their relative sizes and the intersections on them, and other qualities. In some traditions, palm readers also examine the characteristics of the nails of the fingers, fingerprints, the skin patterns on the palm, the color and texture of the skin, and so on.A palm reader starts with the obvious and carries

on via numerous intricate steps of interpretation and judgment, to minute details. The conclusions that are made are not about certainty, but of the tendency or probability. A practitioner of palmistry usually starts by studying both hands; if you are a right-handed person your left hand is thought to be the birth hand, which reveals character predispositions

by Rita Putatunda

Page 47: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 47

that are inherited, while the right hand is considered as reflecting individuality, potential, and flexibility. For left-handed people, it is the other way round.Here is a general explanation

of the various types of hands according to the art of palmistry:

The Fingers

To begin with, the flexibility of the fingers and hands can be indicative of the character and characteristics of an individual.If the fingers cannot be bent

backwards, it means that the person is honest and stubborn.

If the fingers are flexible and bend backwards easily, it indicates that the person is generally well-balanced, but with an impatient nature.If the fingers are wedge shaped, it implies that the

person is very creative and active.When the fingers are pointy, it indicates that the

person is very sensitive, creative, and artistic. Often, people with this type of fingers display an interest towards the occult or religious matters.Tapering fingers suggest a dreamer, who often has

artistic talent.If a person’s fingers are square shaped, it means that

he/she is honest, but may not be very original.

Page 48: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

48 Psychic Guidepost

The Hands

Lean and firm hands indicate that the person is very economical.Firm and strong hands mean that the individual has a

dependable character.If the palms of the hands are cupped deeply, it usually

is indicative that the person will not be good in business.A flabby and soft hand is a sign

that the person likes to lead an easy life.

The Lines

According to palmistry, there are six lines of very high importance on the palm. By reading and interpreting these lines, an individual’s character, personality, and the path he/she will choose in life can be understood. The six lines are separated into two groups: the three major lines and three minor lines. Following is a discussion about the three major lines on the palm of our hands.

Life Line:If this line is solid, it means a pleasant and good life

with plenty of rewards.If the life line circles the thumb, it indicates that the

individual has a lot of psychical activity in his/her life.If the life line is positioned higher than usual, i.e.,

closer to the index finger, it suggests an ambitious person and a great ability to stick to a task even when things get tough.If the depth and thickness of the line varies, it may

mean that there will be lots of changes in life with many twists and turns of fortune.If the line goes towards the mount of the moon, it is

indicative of a restless nature.If the life line merges with the head line closely, it

indicates a cautious and timid character. However, if there is a gap between them, then the individual will display quite the opposite characteristics, being rather

reckless and acting on impulse.A wavy and broken life line usually means weakness

of some nature, in physical or mental capabilities.A life line full of chains implies a poor disposition.

However, if there is another line running parallel to it, it indicates a healthy disposition.If this line ends in a fork, it means that the individual

will be dependent on the kindness of others when he/she gets old.

Head Line:If the head line is straight and

well-defined, it indicates sound and clear judgment.If this line is long, it indicates

that the person will make a good diplomat and will achieve their goals in life by this.However, if it runs all across the

palm, right to the edge, then the person may be rather ruthless in character, putting business before feelings and people.If the head line joins the heart

line right at the beginning, then it may indicate that the individual may have a hard life with a lot of suffering.If this line is very short, it indicates

that the individual will not be persistent about anything, and will have a tendency of giving up easily and quickly.A weak line indicates that the person will be very soft,

and will rarely ventures into anything new.If the line is slightly wavy, it is indicative that the

person may find it difficult to deal with the everyday demands in their life.If the line is chained, it indicates mental illness or

some kind of mental disability that will come in the future.If the head line sweeps down the palm and ends in a

fork, it indicates a very intelligent individual. However, if there is a break in the line, it can mean that the person may be afflicted by deep depression.Heart Line:If the start of the heart line is high, it indicates a

jealous type of an individual; whereas if it is low, it means that the person will love in a rational and serene

Page 49: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 49

way. But if it is very low down, it is indicative of a cold nature.If the starting point of the line is right under the

mount of Saturn, it means that the individual will encounter one devastating and true love.If the heart line is strong, it shows that the person is

capable of faithful and true love.If the heart line joins the head line, it means that the

person allows the heart to be ruled by the head.A double line indicates a long and not a very happy

love affair.If a line is found close to the heart line, then the

chances are high that somebody close will die.A heart line that is wavy is indicative of a person who

lacks self-confidence, especially where matters of the heart are concerned.If the heart line is chained, it indicates a flirtatious

nature, and a person who may find it difficult to be faithful.A hand that is devoid of the heart line indicates that

the person has an inability to love anybody else but themselves.The three minor lines are: The Fate Line; The Health

Line; and The Sun Line, which is also called the Line of Apollo. Some people have all the three lines, but that is not usual. Deeper understanding about the individual can be discerned depending upon which other lines crisscross these lines. Another interesting factor is that lines keep changing, although most of us may not discern the changes. Also, where each line begins and ends is very important.

Girdle of Venus and BraceletsThe two other lines that are considered important

are the Girdle of Venus and the Bracelets. The Girdle of Venus is positioned on the upper portion of the palm and runs from the index finger to the little finger. While in some people a complete ring is formed by the Girdle at the base of the fingers, in some hands it does not occur at all. The Bracelets, which are also called Rascettes, are the bands of line that can be found at the base of the palm, on the wrist. If the bracelets are high up, it is considered to be a sign of weakness of the internal organs.

Palmistry - A Psuedoscience?

This ancient art of palm reading is thought to be a pseudoscience by many today, as it is considered to be based on unproven theory rather than science, and

since none of its claims can be verified by scientific testing. However, according to recent research, it has been shown that there is indeed an uncanny link between the lines on the hand and how a person’s life manifests itself.In fact Cheiro, who popularized palmistry by his

books like The Language of the Hand, displayed startling clairvoyance by predicting accurately events that were to happen to several famous personalities like Prince Edward, Joseph Chamberlain, General Kitchener, Sarah Bernhardt, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, and Marilyn Monroe, simply by reading the lines on their hands. Oscar Wilde was so amazed by his encounter with Cheiro that he wrote a short story based on it, Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime.While many are convinced whole heartedly about

palmistry having the ability of foretelling the future, yet others of a more skeptical bent of mind associate it with magic and sorcery, and hence dismiss it.

Rita PutatundaRita’s passion for writing blossomed at a very young age, and today she has numerous interesting articles under her belt. Her adventurous spirit has led her to write articles in various fields including health, home and life-style, travel, cookery, and much more.

Page 50: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

50 Psychic Guidepost

Reading Tea Leaves

Your future holds...Ever gaze into the bottom of your mostly-

empty teacup and imagine that there was a pattern forming in the gathering dust? Some folks believe that this collection of leaves can actually foretell the future! Tasseomancy, the art of reading tea leaves, has intrigued tea lovers and mystics alike for hundreds of years. It is still fairly common through England and Ireland, as well as several other parts of Europe, and can even be found in the back rooms of some tea rooms in the United States! So for the opening of a new year, TeaMuse will put one eye towards the future in an exploration of this numinous craft.First, prepare a cup as usual. Add tea leaves to your

teapot, pour hot water and allow to steep until desired

strength is reached. Instead of straining the leaves with an infuser, though, simply pour the infusion into your cup, leaves and all. A white cup is recommended so that all of the leaves are easily visible. Drink most of the tea (my favorite part), only leaving about a teaspoonful of liquid and hopefully all the leaves (unless you didn’t have lunch) in the cup.Next, hold the cup in your left hand and swish three

times in a counterclockwise motion. At this point you’ll discover that, if you’ve left too much tea in the cup, your future is already clear: cleanup. Then tip the cup onto the saucer, allowing the excess liquid to drain. Hold the cup with the handle facing towards your body and study the pattern of the tea leaves that remain.Leaves to the left of the handle represent the past.

Those to the right represent the future. Leaves closest to the rim represent the immediate future. Supposedly, various leaf patterns have particular meanings: straight lines indicate careful planning and peace of mind, while a cup shape indicates love and harmony. Some tea-reading experts, called tasseologists, claim that they can go into a light meditative trace so that they can easily discern hundreds of patterns from loose leaves.In the book The Magic in Tea Leaves, Amber

McCarroll (considered on the world’s leading tasseologists) says that there is a “universal symbolism” involved in tea leaf reading that “acts as a pictorial shorthand for the subconscious.. We can all benefit from developing this forgotten skill.”In circles that take this form of divination seriously,

it is considered ill-advised for one to attempt tasseography using tea from a cut-open tea bag (the bigger the leaves the better to discern shapes more clearly). It is also not recommended to try it with ground coffee either, even though this was a fairly common practice in 17th century Italy (Adagio wasn’t around there yet). As a side note, this Tea Maestro completely supports this tasseological ban on supermarket-quality teabag use as well as ground coffee.

by Chris Cason

Page 51: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 51

The information gained in a tea leaf reading is also generally only supposed to apply to the immediate future (most tasseologists claim 24 hours), and is only pertinent to those who had a swig of tea. Also, the reading can only provide answers to specific questions asked by the drinker.Whether or not you’d stock your faith in the patterns

of wet leaves, with 2006 now in full swing, one question is still relevant to anyone reading this: what does the future hold for this year in tea? Studying the tea leaves, it appears that 2006 is going to be a record-breaking year. With new health reports being published practically daily, new businesses popping up all over the map, and great products coming out all the time, all signs point to the fact that folks are finally catching on to the greatness of tea.Within the next several months, Adagio will be

introducing several new ways to enhance the tea experience and many more amazing ideas are on the way.It has honestly never been more exciting time to be a

part of it all.Learn to read tea leaves with this great online guide!



Chris Cason is Co-Founder, Tea Sommelier & Editor-in-Chief of Tavalon Tea. More than 10 years research and development of loose-leaf teas Author of “A Guide to Tea.” He is Exhibit Advisor, “Tea: A History & Culture” - National Archives Museum Writer/Contributor for Fresh Cup Magazine Writ-er/Contributor for TChing, as well as several other tea journals -

Page 52: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

52 Psychic Guidepost

by Fiona Beck

Page 53: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 53

Passive Commitment

Much has been written about commitment phobia and most of us

have encountered individuals who struggle with anything that starts to feel too much like a permanent attachment. But lets think about why some of

us seem to always find ourselves attracted to that ‘unavailable’ energy and what it says about our own issues.The opposite to active

commitment phobia is PASSIVE commitment phobia. This often describes the people who are drawn to the active commitment phobic energy, not because they enjoy it, but because as long as they are pursuing someone who is never going to allow themselves to be

caught, they do not have to face their own commitment phobia issues.Passive commitment phobics will

describe many failed relationships with people who did not want to commit to them, but almost all of them can also recall instances where they met someone who was 100% ready to commit, who pursued them, who was stable and consistent, but for some reason they felt that something was missing. Chemistry, magic, the spark – however you choose to describe the energy – it was lacking.In many cases, what is missing is

the danger. The adrenaline rush. That feeling that you never know quite what to expect next and as disturbing as that can be, its like

placing all your chips on red, when you win the buzz is incredible – and addictive. If you lose then you hang in there and place another bet on red because at some point, red will win. The question is, when it comes to relationships, why would anyone do this if they claim to be looking for a stable, committed relationship?Sometimes people have an

unrealistic idea of what a solid commitment really entails. At best, its about compromise, at worst it can feel like a prison. There are those who enter into relationships with a fixed idea of who their partner is, based on who they WANT their partner to be. They have an idealistic view of what this relationship is going to be like, and


Page 54: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

54 Psychic Guidepost

will be disappointed and sometimes even detach if it doesn’t live up to their exacting expectations. This is sometimes hiding a form of passive commitment phobia. There was nothing seriously wrong with the relationship or the partner, but if any of us look hard enough we will always find an issue gives us a reason to detach, and if we can blame circumstances or the other person then we can continue to avoid our own fears around commitment.To someone with passive commitment phobia, the

active commitment phobic is very attractive because they are never going to agree to settle down and stop running. The passive commitment phobic can then pursue and play the victim when their advances are rejected, whilst never facing the fact that underneath all that frustration is a core issue. They can’t commit anymore than the active commitment phobic can commit, their phobia just manifests in a different way.

Unleash Your Inner


Find out How to Tap Into Your True Potential by Using Your Intuition and Natural Psychic Powers with a Proven, Step-by-Step System to Achieve Success in Your Career, Money, Love, Family, Relationships and Health

Annette Sassou Psychic Medium

and Spiritual Counselor

Fiona Beck is a published author, certified Theta healer and Psychic.Please contact her via her website

Page 55: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 55

We would like to remember Dr. Masaru Emoto and his contributions to study of how human consciousness has an effect

on the themolecular structure of water. Emoto’s conjecture evolved over the years and his early work explored his theory that water could react to positive thoughts and words, and that polluted water could be cleaned through prayer and positive visualization. Masaru Emoto was born July 22, 1943 and died this

year, October 17, 2014 of an illness he contracted during his travels. His last words were “thank you” Since 1999, Emoto published several volumes of a

work entitled Messages from Water, which contain


photographs of ice crystals and their accompanying experiments and made the New York Times Best Seller list. Emoto's ideas appeared in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!?. Emoto believed that water was a "blueprint for our

reality and that emotional "energies" and "vibrations" could change the physical structure of water. Emoto's water crystal experiments consisted of exposing water in glasses to different words, pictures or music, and then freezing and examining the aesthetic properties of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography. Emoto made the claim that water exposed to positive speech and thoughts would result in physically pleasing crystals being formed when that water was frozen, and that negative intention would yield "ugly" frozen crystal formations. Emoto claimed that different water sources would produce different crystalline structures when frozen. For example, he claimed that a water sample from a mountain stream when frozen would show structures of beautifully-shaped geometric design, but those structures would be distorted and randomly formed if the sample were taken from a polluted water source. Emoto believed that these changes could be eliminated by exposing water to ultraviolet light or certain electromagnetic waves.

Remembering Dr. Masaru Emoto

Page 56: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

56 Psychic Guidepost

Exploring Other Dimensions

Electronic Voice Phenomena

What is Instrumental Transcommunications? Instrumental Transcommunications (ITC) is made up

of a series of techniques used to contact the SPIRIT WORLD using electronics and or water to create audio and or video contact. One of those techniques is Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) done by employing radios and other electronics for Spirit Voice Communications. During EVP sessions questions are poised out loud an are taped by recorder, played back and checked for any unusual sounds, words, or sentences on the recorded tape during a radio sweep session. Amazing messages have been received during Spirit Box Sweep sessions as well as straight up EVPS using only a recorder.

Video Feed Back Looping

ITC Video Feedback Looping is another part of the series of techniques we use to create a link with the SPIRIT WORLD. Klaus Schreiber, a German ITC Experimenter, believed that by recording with a video camera, a TV or monitor, which is linked to that

video camera would allow a communication from deceased persons to appear on a Television screen . The chaotic signal generated by the feedback loop, together with a light/ reflection effect, generated by the UV and Infrared lights, create an oscillation field. This oscillation field paired with the contact field, formed by the connection between communicators and researcher(s) make this image reception forming system possible. Clear Human images are found as well as complete locations seen through this method of ITC work. Its exciting to see and to experience!ITC has been evolving through the years since

THOMAS EDISON in the 1920’s who was, at the time shortly before his death busily working on his new invention which was building a machine to achieve Spirit communication “with the dead”. Many researchers and scientist have done extensive experiments for nearly 90 years now using ITC as point reference.

My Work In ITC Spirit Photography

I work, at this time, steadily with INSTRUMENTAL TRANSCOMMUNICATIONS using the venue of WATER and/or electronics (Radio) for all my SPIRIT ART and COMMUNICATIONS with the Angels and with those Spirits who have passed through the Veil. <death>What makes my work so unique is that ALL the

PHOTOGRAPHS that have been shared with me are directly taken from *moving water*. I am an ITC <INSTRUMENTAL TRANSCOMMUNICATIONS> SPIRIT ARTIST which means I use radio

Transcommunications (ITC) is made up of a series of techniques used to contact the SPIRIT WORLD using electronics and or water to create audio and or video contact.

Instrumental Transcommunications (ITC)

Spirit Photographyby Pat Morelli

Page 57: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 57

communications combined with water Imgery while I work with those spirits that are around me as well as using my techniques long distance with great results. <Distant Imagery> Many clear spirit Images are seen through my work.

The method I use is a method using moving water and LIGHT REFLECTIONS upon that water. <ITC> also known as ANCIENT SCRYING by some, has rendered many interesting photographs. The work I do is done by using water inside a bowl and filming the water movement and LIGHT REFLECTIONS on that water surface .I do all my photography during the day. I then go through each single still shot looking for ANGELS and Other Spirits within the session. Often I see very clear half faces within the water. I mirror those faces many times creating very

clear Spirit Photograph. ITC Research work is never mirrored we have gotten some

very clear spirit faces while using water and NO changes are ever

made to these photographs. While working with water, radio sweeps are employed for better communications with the spirit world.EACH Photograph recieved

is unique and beautiful and very individual- no two ever

alike. I DO NOT add any color to my photographs all the

color in my imagery is directly placed by spirit. They place color

where they feel its needed from the environment where I am imaging most

times outdoors using the trees, plants, sky etc for my palette. SPIRIT and the ANGELIC REALM are fully in control of my work, I am only their humble Helper and take NO real credit for what is shown to me. As I have worked beside SPIRIT all these years working with ITC my connection with them has grown much stronger and those “Helpers” on the other side are always creating new exciting photographs for me to view and to share.I have many important reasons for placing

my work out into this world, My true desire is to bring hope and GRACE to those who look upon the ANGELIC REALM for assistance

Page 58: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

58 Psychic Guidepost

and for those individuals who have suffered great loss of a loved one and that wish to make possible contact. To be a reminder to all who view this work that WE NEVER DIE we only change and transform back into our natural state of being ness. WE ONLY CHANGE OUR CLOTHING BUT that we still live and love in yet another dimension just as we always have. To teach the truth to others and that is WE ARE NEVER ALONE HERE within our Universe. We can be confident in that fact that we are ALL supported fully by the LOVE of SPIRIT around us and by the presence of our loved ones who have made the transformation before us into the LIGHT.

My name is Pat Morelli. I am a Spirit Photographer Artist, Empath, Energy worker, Paranormal Investigator and INSTRUMENTAL TRANSCOMMICATIONS Researcher and Photographer. I am a LIGHTWORKER that has worked steadily with LIGHT, Reiki, Polarity, and Hands on Healing since 1980. I work closely with the Angelic Realm and have now for many years. I have known my own personal Angel since the age of five. I have taught about the Angelic Realm and how to contact your personal Angels as well as other Healing Modalities. I am an ANGELIC card reading consultant . I am well versed in ANGEL MAGIC and have used it for contacting the Angelic Realm in petitions through my past work. I am a professional Homeopathic Practitioner/Consultant. I am also a Minister through the UNIVERAL LIFE CHURCH. I have closely studied Metaphysics now since 1972. Bright Blessings~

Webpages: Page: For more information about my work or to commission my

work kindly email me at [email protected]

Pat Morelli

Page 59: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 59

Psychic Business News

There are nearly 7 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, estimates The

International Telecommunication Union (May 2014). This is equivalent to 95.5 percent of the world population.• That’s a billion extra mobile

subscriptions in three years, but growth is slowing – 2011: 5.9 billion; 2012: 6.2 billion; 2013: 6.7 billion; 2014: 6.9 billion.• Mobile subscriptions in the

developed world is rapidly reaching saturation point. There are 1.5 billion subscriptions in developed nations, which is similar to 2013. With 120.8 percent mobile penetration, there is already more than one mobile subscription per person in developed nations, leaving little room for growth. Source: ( is actually good news for

spiritual advisers who work the networks and take calls and chat. And even better news for Independent Spiritualists who wish to create phone apps to supplement their websites and gain new clients. It’s more convenient for the client

to have their personal psychic on speed dial these days. So calling your psychic is becoming as popular as it was in the 1990s. About 12-15 years ago the psychic

business BOOMED on the Internet.

The 900 numbers of the 90s was over, and communicating through chat and instant messaging was the way to go, it still is, but phone calls are once again becoming the prime way to contact with a psychic.Keen is considered the first to

offer phone services via Internet marketing. The company was built most likely by “book stores” or managers who once managed the popular 1-900 lines in the ‘90s. The premise was a good one. They allowed the psychics to set their own prices and started with a 30% commission, allowing psychics more control of their own business. When Keen saw the growth of chat connections, they implemented their own chat software to stay on top of the competition. (Commissions today are about 50% with featured bidding).Kasamba, owned by LivePerson,

had a large market share with their chat platform. The platform allowed clients to chat with psychics anonymously and privately. Although chat ruled, and still does, at Kasamba, they soon implemented a mobile phone site so that readers can now take phone calls. This is a natural step forward for the company to gain as many in the market as possible. After two years of setting the system in place, the company now has 20-30% more business with the phone service.

Kasamba still charges the highest commissions in the business, with 55% + connection fees. And they charge new readers $50 registration fee. Most psychic networks are free to join. However Kasamba has a strong client base and markets competitively. Web-cam is still a bit behind when

it comes to a connection platform between psychic and client. Many of the good readers don’t want to appear on web-cam daily. And clients want the anonymity that phone and chat provide. They can call from a subway, cab, or bus when using their cell phones. If a client is a work and taking a break it’s more convenient for them to call via chat, because chat provides ultimate privacy. No one can over hear you, and no one can pass by and see you talking to someone on webcam. As far as we can tell Oranum

is probably the top provider of web-cam readers. However they have the largest complaints of any platform in the reports. Although some of the readers are probably excellent, the platform has it’s flaws. Seems that readers may want to present their best selves but may not be able to adequately connect to spirit due to the pressure of being “on the air.”

~ editorial by Cris Friar

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60 Psychic Guidepost

Home Remedies

•Diarrhea•mouth freshener•artirits•room freshener•menstral cramps•eliminating mosquitoes•heavy meanstration•yeast infections•colds •flu•digestive problems•respiratory problems•skin infections

Uses of Cinnamon

Oil•blood impurity•heart disorders•antibacterial•antifungal•antimicrobial•anti clotting•Brain Tonic•Blood Purification•Blood circulation•anti inflammatory •relieves pain•helps stop bleeding

#1 ~ Calcium Lactate#2 ~ Apple Cider Vinegar#3 ~ Egg Whites#4 ~ Garlic Foot Paste#5 ~ Warm Bath

Sore throat? Grab the jello! Just mix your favorite flavor...but instead of chilling it, heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds, then add 1 teaspoon of honey. Experts say the warm gelatin will coat and soothe your throat...And the honey’s antimicrobial properties will help kill bacteria.

Grandma’s Hot Toddy Recipe

The secret to this hot toddy and home remedy for chest congestion is that these ingredients have to be heated to slow boil, on the stove in a saucepan, not in the microwave. Bringing honey and lemon to a boil changes its chemistry and instead of being a food it turns into homeopathic medicine.

Squeeze the juice from 2 lemons and put into a saucepan (fresh lemons, not lemon juice from a bottle).Add ¼ cup of honey to saucepan, bring to a boilSet boiled honey and lemon aside and let cool

for a few minutes.Add a generous shot of rumLet everything cool until it’s just warm. You can

take this mixture a tablespoon at a time as needed or you can mix it with a hot cup of tea. You can also mix the honey and lemon with a shot of whisky, either way it’s a tasty home remedy for chest congestion.

Page 61: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 61

Mummy in Dayton, Ohio

First, we have this real-life translation of a pure James Wan horror, as a boy in

Dayton, Ohio stumbles into an abandoned mansion in the locality, goes on to explore a bit, and freaks out on finding a mummified corpse hanging by the neck from a belt inside a closet. Michelle McGrath, the boy’s mother, went on to examine hearing the boy’s story, and shortly found the corpse in a strange smelling room, after which she called the cops.Mummy House in Dayton,

OhioEdward Brunton, who occupied the house in 2009, was known to be a reclusive person, left his family to live alone, didn’t get a chance to connect with neighbors, as he moved in only months

ago. On a certain day in 2009, he decided to commit suicide, and hanged himself from a belt in his own closet, and the house has been presumed abandoned ever since. The closet preserved the body from decay, insects and animals, giving it an almost mummified effect, according to Ken Betz, director of the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office.

3000-Year-Old Mummy

ET Mummy in GermanyAnother case worth noting is a

strange looking mummy discovered in a three-thousand-year old archeological site in Northern Germany, the same site where the Nebra Sky Disk was unearthed in 2001. The mummy is below 3.5 feet in height, alien in appearance and

has no sexual organs. It is currently being thought to be extraterrestrial in nature.The Nebra Sky Disk, a pre-historic

astronomical instrument of bronze, is thought to be a creation of ancient aliens. Is this the same civilization whose mummy has been discovered in recent days? Visit Paranormics for more.

Cat Mummy in WItch Cottage

Witch’s Cottage --According to, Pendle Hill in Lancashire, infamous as England’s witching country due to several witch trials in the locale’s history, has become the site of yet another oddity. Workers on a routine examination of the local reservoir unearthed a mummified cat from the ground, after which they called the archaeologists. The excavators then unraveled a 17th century cottage that supposedly belonged to a “witch” who bricked up the cat against the wall as a protection charm. Read All About the Occult!


A Grave Incidence of Mummys

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62 Psychic Guidepost

ARIES: King of Swords

This month you’re likely to be thinking more about doing business and finding your place in the world than anything else.With a line-up of planets moving through your 8th house — the area

associated with joint resources and other people’s money — as well as Mars (your ruler) joining Pluto in your public sector, the focus is going to be more on career and professional achievements.The King of Swords is all about power and authority. Success,

Accomplishment. Strategy. Intelligence. You’ll have all of these things at your fingertips and should be taking advantage of them — particularly in the first two weeks of the month.This is a time for putting your ideas out there — verbally or in writing —

and communicating them to others. It’s not the time for ambivalence or uncertainty.

Your TarotscopeUsing Gypsy Palace Tarot

Ask the AstologersMelodie USA

& Chris Alais Austrailia

Page 63: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 63

TAURUS: The Lovers

Love takes center stage for you this month, with a lineup of planets (including your ruler — Venus) in your relationship sector and the Full Moon in your sign early in the month.The Lovers card reinforces that

energy with the added emphasis on decisions that need to be made about where you stand and where you hope to go.In addition to feelings of love

and romance that go hand in hand with the Lovers card, there’s also the added complication of being torn or pulled in two different directions, courtesy of Gemini’s natural rulership of this card.

GEMINI: Eight of Wands

It may feel like things are moving very quickly for you this month, with both your work and social sectors packed.The Eight of Wands refers to

progress, mobility and rapid change, usually for the better. You could be bursting at the seams with new and fresh ideas, juggling interests or overseeing different projects that all seem to be nearing completion at the same time.This card refers to being decisive,

making the most of your time and cutting through whatever distractions stand in your way. There may be a lot going on around you — like the woman in the center of this card — but the Eight of Wands encourages you to remain focused and engaged in the task at hand.

CANCER: Five of Cups

You’ll have to treat your relationships with kid gloves this month. With Mars and Pluto both moving through your relationship sector — and coming together there on the 10th — you want to be prepared for conflicts that you’ll have to deal with.The Five of Cups is not a happy

card and you’re not likely to be a happy camper this month. At least where matters of the heart are concerned.But that doesn’t mean you have

to stay that way. You’re going to have to confront relationship issues head on — whether that means with a partner or through your own internal process of coming to grips with the disappointments that occur.You may not have any control over

what goes down, but you do have some say in how it all plays out. In how you react and respond to the hand you’re dealt. And what you do with it after the smoke has cleared.

Gypsy Palace Tarot App is Available on Amazon

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64 Psychic Guidepost

LEO: Nine of Pentacles

This month it’s going to be all about attracting abundance and prosperity into your life courtesy of the Nine of Pentacles.This card refers to the sense

of fulfillment that comes from knowing that you’ve worked hard and earned all you’ve acquired.Still there’s an air of humility and

gratitude depicted here in the figure who bows in reverence to the tiny bird perched on her hand.You may be in line for a raise at

work or anticipating some other type of monetary gain. You could be re-evaluating your own set of values, unrelated to your personal finances. Or you could be gazing around you in wonder at how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown. For the most part, you can expect to become “unstuck” this month when it comes to finances. Things are looking up and this is a good card to confirm that you are in alignment with your stars

VIRGO: Eight of Swords

What have you gotten yourself tangled up in this time and how much of it is of your own doing?The Eight of Swords speaks of

being wrapped up — often in your own misery — to the extent that you’re unable to see a way out.If you look at the image in this

card you can see that the woman could easily extract herself from the serpents that have entwined themselves around her and chained her to the tree.But she lies there looking almost

dumbfounded and doesn’t even try to move. She’s stuck when she doesn’t need to be stuck. She’s allowed herself to become a victim of circumstances.There’s a definite inability to see

the forest for the trees vibe to this card. And that all stems from being too focused on how you might be trapped rather than figuring out ways to get out.

LIBRA: Page of Pentacles

This month you should be feeling inspired about putting some of your big ideas into practice.The Page of Pentacles speaks

of an enthusiasm and a sense of promise over plans that may have been swimming around your head for some time, but that you haven’t done anything about. Until now.It refers to dreams and ideals that

may not even be fully formed. There’s an air of anticipation that goes with wanting to see them come to fruition and that may have just needed a nudge to turn them into reality.You’ve got four planets moving

through your financial sector this month and the Full Moon takes place in your joint resources sector on the 24th. This is excellent for making money and you may even be in line for a raise or an unexpected commission.

Page 65: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 65


This month you can go a long ways toward turning your dreams into reality.The Star card is all about putting

fears and restrictions aside and focusing your attention instead to your hopes, wishes and aspirations.With a line-up of planets moving

through your sign this month this is likely to relate to personal areas. Such as the dreams that are nearest and dearest to your own heart.But because the Full Moon takes

place in your relationship sector (on the 6th) and because both Neptune and Chiron are turning direct in your romance sector this month, don’t be surprised if it applies to your love life as well.Notice the child-like innocence

depicted by the young woman standing in the middle of this card. Her eyes are closed in a dreamlike or blissful state. But see how she’s lifted up by the two colorful stallions at the base of the card. These animal guides are there to provide direction. They elevate and protect her at the same time.


This month it’s more about taking a break from all the external distractions that surround you and seeking your answers from within.The Hermit card refers to

solitude, introspection and internal analysis. It’s about getting a better understanding of yourself and searching for a deeper meaning to life’s most pressing questions.And while the figure in this card may lack human companionship, she’s far from alone. Notice the birds and fish that surround her, which may or may not be real. They may just reflect the psychic content of her own thoughts and ideas.As the Hermit card also refers

to turning inward, there is an entire spectrum of information — from the depths of the psyche (represented by the sea creatures) to the heights of conscious awareness (represented by the sky creatures) that can be accessed through this process.

CAPRICORN: Three of Cups

Your social calendar should overflowing with opportunities this month, thanks to a lineup of planets — including your ruler (Saturn) and your romance ruler (Venus) — all in your friendship sector.The Three of Cups is a playful

and festive card that emphasizes partying and celebrating over work and responsibilities. it also emphasizes friends and casual relationships over serious romantic entanglements.It refers to being surrounded by

like-minded people and putting your differences aside. It’s about coming together and joining forces with those who have your best interests at heart. That past may have dragged you

down a bit, or at least thoughts of the past, but this card signifies that good times are coming and that you’ve let go of tha twhich no longer serves your best interests.

Page 66: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

66 Psychic Guidepost

AQUARIUS: Queen of Swords

It’s time to get serious about the areas in your life that call for you to act with authority.You may have been waffling about

important decisions in recent months or holding back when you should have been taking a stand.But with several planets now lined

up in your public sector, it’s time to start thinking about moving up in the world. And in order to do that, you’re going to have to think about presenting yourself as a more authoritative figure.This is not the time to play coy or

skirt important issues. It’s not the time to mince words. The Queen of Swords paints a strong, confident and self-imposing figure. She’s not one to be trifled with. She knows what she wants and knows how to speak her mind. And so should you.

Knight of CupsPISCES: Knight of Cups

This should be a relatively happy and fulfilling month for you, with the possibility of good tidings (and good news) coming to you from afar.The Knight of Cups can be a

person in your life, someone who’s in touch with his (or her) emotions and is not afraid to express them. It can also manifest as a set traits that are going to be important for you to embrace.If it’s a person in your life, he

can appear literally as a Knight in shining armor type individual, come to rescue you from the doldrums of your ordinary existence. There are symbols of travel, escape

and far away places all present in the imagery of this card. These are all references to the powers of creativity, inspiration and imagination. Is he going to sweep her off her feet and cart her away to some exotic locale? Or is this just some “take me away” fantasy that she’s immersed herself in?

The deck used for this month’s tarotscopes is the Gypsy Palace Tarot, designed by Nora Huszka.The creation and marketing

of this deck was the result of a successful campaign and funding through Her beautiful deck can be

purchased directly from her website, or from her Etsy storefront. This deck is also available for download through the Galaxy Tone website. Be sure to check out her

Youtube channel and like her Facebook fanpage too! Used by generous permission.

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Winter Issue 67

Valentine LegendsSaint Valentine was a priest

who served during the third century in Rome. Emperor

Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, so he outlawed marriage for young men, which were his crop of potential soldiers. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death. Valentine suffered martyrdom on the 14th day of February around the year 270.According to another legend,

Valentine actually sent the first ‘valentine’ greeting himself. While in prison, it is believed that Valentine fell in love with a young girl — who may have been the jailor’s daughter who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter, which he signed, “From your Valentine,” an expression that is still used today.According to,

the oldest existing valentine was a poem written in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife when he was imprisoned in the Tower of London following his capture at the Battle of Agincourt. Valentine’s Day became more universally observed in the 17’th century. By the 1800’s, it became common to exchange valentines and small tokens of affection. By 1900, printed cards were popular. The first mass-

produced valentines were made by Esther A. Howland in the 1840’s. She liked to make colorful pictures with ribbons and lace, so this may be the origin of modern-day valentines with lacy edges. -

Valentine’s Day Trivia

Q – According to English tradition, what happens to the first man a woman sees on Valentine’s Day? A – She will marry him.

Q – What fruit is also known as the “love apple?” A – Tomato.

Q – Sailors often scratched or carved designs on bone, tusk, or wood to give as a love token. What was this hobby was called?A – Scrimshaw.

Q – Why do “X”s represent kisses?A – Our practice of using an “X”

grew out of the medieval practice of letting those who could not write mark documents with an “X” to represent their names. This was done in the presence of witnesses, and a kiss was given upon the “X” to show sincerity. The “X” then became synonymous with the kiss in the minds of most people.

Love isn’t when there are no fights in the relationship. Love is when once the fight ends, love is still there.

Page 68: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

68 Psychic Guidepost

Lucky FoodsFor New Years Day

The New Year is looked on with hope and optimism. It’s a time of fresh starts

and new dreams. So foods that are considered lucky for centuries are usually served for brunch or dinner on New Year’s Day to promote health, wealth and good luck. Not everyone has a traditional

food for New Year’s but menus served in your community usually offer foods that symbolize good fortune. At your own family’s dinner table you may find a variety of pork, fish, grapes or even tamales, depending on where you are. There is a good reason people have adopted these winter foods for a New Year’s feast or as traditions. Some of it is due to what was “available” in the winter that kept

a person healthy and strong, and other foods are relatively new on the scene, like black-eyed peas and collard greens.The following foods are considered

quite lucky to eat on New Year’s Day. Pork and Fish: In many cultures

including the Chinese and Germans, believe that a hog has positive attributes and the ability to ward off evil. One theory is that a hog cannot look backwards without turning around, so naturally this is a forward-looking animal with a goal to move onward and never look back. Fish is usually eaten in Italy or

other Mediterranean and Eastern European cultures. Herring is the preferred choice and is considered

lucky because of its scales which represent coins or abundance. The Polish and other cultures believe that eating herring at the stroke of midnight will bring good luck. The Greens: Any kind of cabbage

or collard, turnip greens, or anything green served is considered to bring about luck with money. If you want to get a raise at work, eat greens on New Year’s Day. Cabbage, which is turned into sauerkraut, is served with pork and is a favorite among the Pennsylvania Dutch and other German/American households. Cabbage rolls or cabbage tamales as they are called in the southern states, is enjoyed as a lucky food. A cabbage leaf is rolled around shredded pork and served with a red sauce. This is

Page 69: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

Winter Issue 69

actually a traditional tamale, which is food rolled in a leaf and was the festive food of the ancient Aztec. The Legumes: During the Civil War, when starving Confederate soldiers

came across some black-eyed peas and collard greens they considered themselves quite fortunate. Although black-eyed peas and collard greens were grown for livestock and the slaves, any soldier finding a bag of peas felt he had found gold. Therefore, the tradition in the south is to eat a “mess” of collard greens and 365 black-eyed peas for each day of the year. Throwing in a ham hock with a pot of black-eyed peas is the usually how it’s prepared. Lentils are also a lucky legume because they are shaped like coins. The

theory is when the lentils are cooked in a soup or a stew, they swell up, thus representing an increase in wealth throughout the year. The fruit: In 1909 Spanish winemakers found themselves with a surplus

of grapes so they devised a clever way to sell them. They established the grape eating tradition on New Year’s Eve. Grapes were available everywhere at the pubs, and the object was to eat one grape for each stroke of the clock until midnight. If a grape was sweet, that month would be a good one, if the grapes were sour, the month would be a bad. Today Spaniards and others in Latin America hold grape eating contests and other clever events to celebrate the New Year. Another popular fruit is the Pomegranate. Available usually in the winter

months, this sweet fruit is filled with seeds, which represents wealth and abundance. Or, if you want great health for the rest of the year then eat a pomegranate as it is known to ward off all sorts of illnesses. Or eat the fruit to promote fertility. Cakes and pastries: Eating a donut or pastry that is shaped in a circle

is the traditional baked item for New Year’s Day. The round shape is symbolic of things coming to full circle, of the old year ending and a New Year beginning. In some cultures like Mexico or Greece it is traditional to bake a round cake with a coin inside it for luck. With most of the world enjoying winter foods, Australians celebrate their

New Year’s with a bit of “Shrimp on the Barbie” barbecued pork ribs, or a trip to the beach. Family events and fun is what makes these folks enjoy all the luck their summer sun can bring. So no matter what your tradition is for New Year’s Day or if you wish to create a tradition, these foods, including barbecued shrimp, is a great idea to end the holiday season and look forward to a lucky New Year.

Page 70: Psychic Guidepost Winter 2014

70 Psychic Guidepost

Psychic Ability made Simple

The Art of Extreme Sellf-Care w/ Marianne Willlamson

Playing the Matrix

Being Myself with Anita Moorjani

Surrender to the power of intuition


Adventures of the Soul

Inside Book Publishing

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Winter Issue 71

Life Lessons

Spirit World Connections

Health Reincarnation

Yoga for everyone

Award Winning Films! Gaiam Original Series, Spiritual Documentaries! First month is FREE and only $10 a month after that!


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72 Psychic Guidepost

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