public relations

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  1. 1. The practice of managing the spread of information b/w an individual or an organization PR
  2. 2. The wise company takes concrete steps to manage successful relationships with its key public
  3. 3. THE FIVE FUNCTIONS -Press Relations -Product Publicity -Corporate Communications -Lobbying -Counseling
  4. 4. -Press Relations -Product Publicity -Corporate Communications Presenting news & information Sponsoring efforts for publicity Promoting understandings
  5. 5. -Lobbying -Counseling Dealing to promote legislation Management about public issues
  6. 6. MPR plays an important role in Launching new product Repositioning a mature product Building interest in a product category
  7. 7. MPR plays an important role in Influencing specific target groups Defending products with public problems Building the corporate
  8. 8. How companies exploit the potential of public relations & publicity
  9. 9. -Customer Communications -Trade Shows -Direct Marketing -Sales Materials -Employee Communications -Investor Relations