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Publicity Guidance: how to write a good manifesto University of Salford Students’ Union Elections 2013

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Publicity Guidance


Page 1: Publicity Guidance

Publicity Guidance:how to write a good manifesto

University of Salford Students’ Union Elections 2013

Page 2: Publicity Guidance


• What is publicity?

• What publicity should I produce?

• What is a manifesto and why do I need one?

• Good examples

• Posters, flyers and other print media

• Non-print publicity material

• Deadlines!

Page 3: Publicity Guidance

What is publicity?

• Publicity is the deliberate attempt to manage the public's perception of a subject.

• You need to manage students’ perception of you and your ideas

• Without good publicity, students may make their voting decisions based on little more than your haircut in the elections photo!

Page 4: Publicity Guidance

Would you vote for this guy?

Page 5: Publicity Guidance

What should I produce?

• Responses to the three nomination questions

• A manifesto no more than two sides long,which may include your picture

• A maximum of two designs for use in yourpublicity pack (posters, flyers, t-shirts etc)

• Anything else you like! Videos, digitalmaterial, bedsheets, cardboard models….!

Page 6: Publicity Guidance

Publicity packs:Sabbatical positions

(President and Vice Presidents)

Pack A Pack B Pack C

4 x t-shirts (front print) 2 x t-shirts (front print)

500 x A5 flyers

(double sided)

1000 A5 flyers

(double sided)700 A5 flyers (double


50 x A4 (single sided) 20 x A4 (single sided) 60 x A4 (double


You may choose ONE pack

Page 7: Publicity Guidance

Publicity packs:Student Council positions

You may choose ONE pack

Pack D Pack E

200 A5 flyers (double sided) 300 A5 flyers (double sided)

20 x A3 (single sided) 30 A4 (single sided)

1 x t-shirt (front print)

Page 8: Publicity Guidance

You may also choose ONE paper colour for use on your posters and flyers

Paper colour choices:

• White• Pink• Lilac• Purple• Green• Blue• Yellow

SO you need to:

1. Choose a publicity pack from the list2. Prepare your design files3. Choose a paper colour4. Email your files and choices to the

elections account by 10am Monday 4March

Page 9: Publicity Guidance

What else?

• Videos work well! You can borrow a flipcam if youneed one.

• All digital material created will be shared, so pleasesend through your links!

• Play the competition! Stunts and public displays willbe promoted and filmed where possible

• You can spend up to £40 of your own money onpublicity, remember to use the expenditure form andsubmit this with your receipts before voting closes.(You can have this refunded if we reach 3000 votes!)

Page 10: Publicity Guidance

What is a manifesto and why do I need one?

• A manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government.

• In other words, it should tell students what you would do if elected.

• It should also give them an idea of you as an individual, why you are right for the job!

Page 11: Publicity Guidance

Where to start?

• Write a list of all the things you care about, or that you know students at Salford care about; these could include issues that are academic, social, environmental, financial, security-related etc….

• If you don’t have a very long list – do some research!

• Once you have a list, pick your top three or four points and base your manifesto around them. Include some concrete actions.

Page 12: Publicity Guidance

Who are you?

• Include a brief summary of your suitability for the role i.e.

– Do you have relevant experience from the Union, work experience or volunteering?

– Do you have specific skills that are relevant to the role?

– Is your background important? What you study?

– Do you have an interesting (and memorable) fact?

Page 13: Publicity Guidance

A good example….

Page 14: Publicity Guidance

Another good example….

Page 15: Publicity Guidance

Just one more….

Page 16: Publicity Guidance

Posters and flyers

• Make sure your poster is eye catching – use thepaper colour to your advantage

• Use a good, clear picture of yourself (your packs aremade up of black print on coloured paper)

• Use a slogan – tie it into your manifesto, beconsistent.

• Think about the type and size of the font that youuse

• The quality and colour of graphics

Page 17: Publicity Guidance

Non-print material

Page 18: Publicity Guidance


Publicity pack requests must be in by

10am Monday 4 March

Please make sure your files are saved as .pdf

You can check any designs you like via the elections email or by dropping in to the

session on Friday 1 March

Page 19: Publicity Guidance

Get cracking!!!