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Publicity Information

DATA BOOK 2018Company Profile Data Book

Information contained in this Data Book is accurate as of March 31, 2018, unless otherwise noted.

I. Company Profile/Members of the boardCompany outline/Origin of the company name/Corporate mark/Group slogan/Group philosophy/Employees/Regular recruitment 1Members of the board 2Main domestic business sites 3Main subsidiaries 4

II. Review of OperationsProduction volume (by fiscal year) 5Sales record (by fiscal year) 7Export record (by fiscal year) 8List of main models 9Consigned production/OEM business 10

III. HistoryHistory 12Origins of vehicle names 16Product line-up 17



I. Company Profile/Members of the boardCompany outline

Name Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.Date of establishment March 1, 1907Representative Soichiro Okudaira, PresidentMain business line Manufacture and sales of automobilesCapital 28,404,346,601 yenNumber of employees(as of Apr 1, 2018) 12,796 persons

11,896 males 900 females

Daihatsu's corporate design system consisting of the corporate mark, corporate color, logo, etc. was revised on the occasion of the 90th year of the company establishment, with the aim of visually expressing "Daihatsu ways" and attaining closer and smoother relationships with society. The symbol mark shown at the left is the core element of Daihatsu's corporate design system.

Corporate mark

In March 1907, Hatsudoki Seizo Co., Ltd. was established by Professor Yoshiaki Yasunaga and Seishiro Tsurumi who were the head of Osaka Higher Technical School (presently School of Engineering, Osaka University) and the director of mechanical science department of the same school, as well as a group of businessmen, Saneyasu Oka, Masashi Kuwabara and Zenjiro Takeuchi, for the purpose of achieving domestic production of internal combustion engines. In December 1951, the company changed its name to Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. The name "Daihatsu" is a combination of the first kanji character for Osaka and the first kanji character for the word meaning "engines."

Origin of the company name

[Main statement]The DAIHATSU Group aims to establish itself as "a global brand loved around the world" and as "a corporate group with confidence and

pride" through meeting the challenge of innovative automobile manufacturing at the forefront of our era.

[Sub-statements]1. The pleasure of customers worldwide is our reward. [Customer-oriented]2. Mutual respect and a sense of fairness are our bonds. [Respect for individuals and fairness]3. Harmonious coexistence with the earth and society is our responsibility. [Corporate social responsibility (CSR)]4. Speed, breakthroughs & leadership are our basic concerns. [Structural reform]5. Making the world's finest small car is our challenge. [Technological capabilities and product marketability]

Group philosophy

(As of Apr 1, 2018)

Number of employees (persons) Average age Average number of years with the company (years)Males Females Total Total for consolidated subsidiaries* Males Females Total Males Females Total

2018 11,896 900 12,796 43,806 40.3 38.5 40.2 18.5 16.3 18.42017 11,740 856 12,596 43,381 39.4 37.2 39.3 17.8 15.2 17.62016 11,613 841 12,454 43,197 38.9 36.4 38.7 17.3 14.9 17.2

(Note) Regular employees, junior employees, part-time employees (including employees on administrative leave) * Total for consolidated subsidiaries as of the end of Mar

Employees (on a non-consolidated basis)

(Unit: persons)

Males FemalesTotalUniversity/

graduate school graduates

Specialized vocational high

school graduates

Two-year/vocational school

graduatesHigh school graduates Total

University/graduate school


Specialized vocational high

school graduates

Two-year/vocational school

graduatesHigh school graduates Total

April 2018 118 7 1 100 226 24 1 0 10 35 261April 2017 105 8 3 86 202 14 0 0 11 25 227April 2016 69 12 12 120 169 14 3 0 12 29 198

Regular recruitment (on a non-consolidated basis)

Group slogan "Light you up" the feeling in the logo design

We grab the customer's YOU in the middle, take the customer's true intention to the center "O", make it the brightest color "Prism light" is expressed. Brand vision

The Daihatsu Group Broadening lifes mobility to support various lifestyles around the world in freely enjoying brilliant individual lives.


Members of the board(As of August 1, 2018)

Title Name Area of ResponsibilityChairman Masanori Mitsui

President Soichiro Okudaira

Executive Vice President Hiroyuki Yokoyama - Assistant to PresidentDirector & Senior Managing Executive Officer Hiroji Oonishi - Covers Brand Business Unit, - Chief Officer, Business & Product Planning Office

Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer Sunao Matsubayashi - Chief Officer, DNGA Business Unit, - Chief Officer, Vehicle R&D Group

Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer Shigeharu Toda - Chief Officer, Brand Business Unit, - Chief Officer, D Brand Office

Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer Noriyoshi Matsushita - General Manager, Administration Center

Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer Yoshifumi Kishimoto - Chief Officer, Production Engineering Group

Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer Hiromasa Hoshika - Unit Officer, Corporate Business Unit, -General Manager, Corporate Planning Center

Director Moritaka Yoshida *1

Director Kenji Yamamoto *1,2

Full-time Audit & Supervisory Board Member Norihide Bessho

Audit & Supervisory Board Member Masaki Nakatsugawa

Audit & Supervisory Board Member Yoshiki Kitajima *3

Audit & Supervisory Board Member Husahiro Yamamoto *3

Senior Managing Executive Officer Katsuhiro Ikoma - Chief Officer, Customer Service Office

Senior Managing Executive Officer Katsumi Marutani - Covers Vehicle R&D Group(Styling Div..,R&D Management Div.) - Covers DNGA Business Unit

Senior Executive Officer Miki Ibaraki - Chief Officer, Powertrain R&D Group

Senior Executive Officer Eiji Mishima - Covers Powertrain R&D Group(Electric Powertrain Development Div.), - Covers DNGA Business Unit

Senior Executive Officer Tadao Nasu - Covers Production Engineering Group(Administration Div., Head(Ikeda)and Kyoto Plant, Shiga(Ryuo)Plant)

Senior Executive Officer Hideki Teramae - Covers Vehicle R&D Group(Product Planning Div.), - Covers DNGA Business Unit(DNGA Price Competitiveness Promotion Div.)Executive Officer Toshinori Edamoto - Chief Officer, Purchasing Group

Executive Officer Osamu Naruse - Covers Administration Center(Human Resources Development Dept., Public Relations, Government & Industrial Affairs Dept.) - Branch Manager, Tokyo Office

Executive Officer Yasushi Kyouda - Covers Administration Center(General Affairs Dept.,Safety & Health Care Dept., Information and Communication Technology Dept., Finance, Accounting & Cost Management Dept.)Executive Officer Hajime Fujita - General Manager, R&D Center

Executive Officer Hirotaka Yanagi - Deputy General Manager, Corporate Planning Center

Executive Officer Kunihiro Morimoto - Covers Customer Service Office

Executive Officer Yuusuke Takeda - Covers D Brand Office(Domestic Marketing Div., Domestic Sales Div.)

Executive Officer Atsuhiko Tanimoto - Covers D Brand Office(Next Daihatsu Creation Div., Fleet Business Div.)

Executive Officer Koji Ishikura - Covers Vehicle R&D Group(Vehicle Structure & Function Development Div., Vehicle Performance Development Div., Engine Compartment Planning & Development Dept.)

Senior Managing Executive Officer Masanori Takahashi - Assigned President, Perodua Auto Corporation Sdn.Bhd. and President, Perodua Manufacturing Sdn.Bhd.Executive Officer Tetsuo Miura - Assigned President, P.T Astra Daihatsu Motor

Executive Officer Masaki Ogita - Assigned Senior Director, P.T Astra Daihatsu Motor

*1:Part-Time *2: Outside directors to the provisions of the Companies Act. *3: Outside auditors as prescribed by the Companies Act.

Emerging-market Compact Car CompanyChairman Masanori MitsuiPresident.,-Chief Officer, Emerging-market Compact Car Quality Planning Div.

Masahiko Maeda (Managing Officer, Toyota Motor Corporation)

Chief Technical Officer Sunao Matsubayashi

Advisor to the Board Kouichi Ina

Executive Advisor Kazuki Uoi Special Missions, Production Engineering Group

Executive Advisor Takashi Nomoto Special Missions, Production Engineering Group

Executive Advisor Yasunori Nakawaki Special Missions, Powertrain R&D Group

Executive Advisor Shinsuke Hori Special Missions, DNGA Business Unit

Executive Advisor Hajime Nishimura Assigned President, P.T Daihatsu Asia Trading., - Special Missions, Production Engineering Group

Executive Advisor Hiroshi Kazui Special Missions, Corporate Business Unit

Executive Advisor Kaoru Hosokawa Special Missions, Vehicle R&D Group., - Covers DNGA Business Unit

Members of the board


Main domestic business sites (including affiliated companies)

Name AddressNumber of employees(persons)(as of Apr 1)

Site area (m2)

Building (m2)

Date of commencement/


Production capacity

Production itemsFY2017 production


Head Office 1-1 Daihatsu-cho Ikeda-shi, Osaka 563-8651


5,834 22,000 1965.3

(thousand units)

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