purchasing abstract art online

Purchasing Abstract Art Online

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Originating in the early 20th century, Abstract art is the most famous art form.


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Purchasing Abstract Art Online

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IntroductionOriginating in the early 20th century, Abstract art is the most famous art form. Abstract art is known for depiction of thoughts, subject, ideas, emotion and feelings of the artists in the most creative way on the canvas. It needs a special skill to be able to put an abstract idea on a piece of blank paper.

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Abstract ArtAbstract act depicts the subject from the artists’ point of view. It is very different from other art forms as it does not involve a different technique. It involves a whole new approach. The artist needs to see beyond his viewpoint and should be able to have visual interpretation from multiple points of reference.

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Abstract art MovementsAbstract art is accosted with quite a few art movements. Originating in various part of the world, each movement gave rise to a unique technique of painting. Expressionism, impressionism and surrealism are the three fundamental abstract art movements.

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ExpressionismOriginating in the Germany in the early 1920s, Expressionist movement deals with depiction of moods, feelings and emotions of the artist at the time of making the painting. Edward Munch, Marc Chagall, Paul Klee and some famous expression artists. Intense use of colors and figures, distinct movement and strokes of brushes are some key features of an expressionist painting.

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ImpressionismIt is considered to be the earliest movement to spark the idea of abstract art. It deals with depicting of artist’s interpretation of the scene rather than the actual subject. New styles and techniques were invented to give the painting a different and abstract look. Claude Monet, Renoir, Degas and Seurat were some famous Impressionists.

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It focuses on fantasy than the reality. Surreal artists believe in depiction of unconscious thoughts on the canvas rather than a concrete subject. In modern cultures such as advertisement and print media, surrealism is quite famous. Salvador Dali is famous name in the world of surrealist movement.

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Famous Abstract ArtWasilly Kandinsky’s “Yellow, Red, Blue”, Jackson Pollock’s “Lavender Mist”, Hans Hoffman’s The Golden Wall, Salvador Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory”, Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica” etc. are some of the iconic and famous abstract art pieces.

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How to Purchase Abstract Art?Art pieces and paintings can be bought from art galleries, exhibitions, auctions and even directly from the artists. To make famous abstract art pieces available to the masses, online art galleries play an important role.

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Online Art GalleriesJust like traditional art galleries, web galleries indulge in trading of art, but virtually. They can be thought of as exhaustive databases of different genres of paintings, made by various famous and upcoming artists.

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Abstract Art GalleryAn art gallery dedicated to only abstract paintings, is called an abstract art gallery. It can be either a web gallery or the one made of bricks and mortar. An abstract art gallery contains a huge collection of impressionist, expressionist, surreal, cubist, and minimalist paintings.

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Role of Abstract Art GalleriesFamous abstract art pieces do not need to be advertised. They are sold at auctions for very high sums of money. But budding artists who show inclination towards abstract art forms, can depend on abstract art galleries to help them gain a global exposure and at the same time sell their work.

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ConclusionOnline galleries have made spotting of talent easy. Abstract art galleries indulge in trading of abstract pieces of various genres and make available famous abstract art and their authentic first copies, all under a single roof.

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