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Purple Heart. Trailer by James Moriarty And Nick Calabrese. T.A.G. A suspenseful novel by Patricia McCormick where every page is a journey between the lines of reading. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Purple HeartTrailer by James MoriartyAndNick Calabrese

  • T.A.G.A suspenseful novel by Patricia McCormick where every page is a journey between the lines of reading.Imagine yourself being in a place where you have never been before and you dont know weather one person wants to kill you or the next wants to save you.

  • Imagine your daily routine being interrupted. Thats exactly what happened to Private Duffy when a couple of hajjis in a taxi sped by them busting through the barricade. They quickly went into the humvee racing after them. They raced passed the bootleg video guy and saw the taxi stop in an ally. The hajjis jumped out and ran inside a house across the street. Private Duffy and his comrade Justin quickly ran into another house finding a window were they ripped down the curtains and had a clear view across the street. Justin had a clear shot and took it he went down like a ton of bricks.

  • Little did they now a few seconds later they were running towards the humvee and boom. An RPG (Rocket Propelling Grenade) lands only 20 feet fromPrivate Duffy. He was knocked out by the impact of the missile and Justin had to throw him over his shoulder and carry him to the humvee.

  • Main conflict/Plot/Pro/AntagonistPrivate Matt Duffy is the only one standing in the way of him knowing whether or not he killed the little boy he was accused of doing. His brain is giving him signs of whether or not he killed the little boy. The armys therapist says that his brain is trying to block the memory of whether he killed the little boy in the cross fire.

  • Setting In a world not knowing who is who on an empty quiet road with a medal object in your hands. When You know that medal object will determine weather or not you survive. People coming out of corners trying to kill you. The feeling you get when you kill your first enemy. You think about the mother of the young man you killed and how his mother would have been your mother if you havent pulled that trigger.


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