Purposeful and Lasting conditions of Learning

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This Presentation is prepared by the students of B.S. Final year, under the supervision of Madam Rizwana, the chairperson of Department of Education, University of Karachi.


<ul><li> 1. PURPOSEFUL ANDLASTING CONDITIONS OF LEARNING</li></ul> <p> 2. Anum Khan, Brain Storming. Areeba Wajid, Presenter, Brain Storming, PresentationDeveloper. Aqsa Tariq, Brain Storming. Dania Zehra, Presentation Developer, Data Collection,Brain Storming. Fasiha Khan, Presentation Developer, Data Collection,Brain Storming. Faiza Masood, Presenter. Faiza Nudrat, Data Collection, Brain Storming. Gohar Chhapra, Presenter, Brain Storming. Himayat Hussain, Brain Storming. Hira Irshad, Brain Storming. 3. DEFINITION OF LEARNING:Learning is modification of behavior throughexperience.(GATES) 4. PRACTICE EXPERINCEOBSERVATIONINTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT CHANGE COGNATIVEIN HABITS LEARNINGDEVELOPMENT MODIFICATION OF ATTITUDE &amp; BEHAVIORENHANCINGCHANGE OFSKILLSMIND SET 5. BODYLANGUAGEVOICEQUALITYEYECONTACT 6. EXPERIENCEPRACTICALSPERSONAL OBSERVATION 7. EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGICALTECHNOLOGYNEEDS ACTIONBASEDLEARNINGEFFECTIVE METHOD OF TEACHING 8. REWARD PUNISHMENT 9. Due to lack of resources in public sector institutions we are not able to impart quality and lasting learning education. Dueto improper utilization of resources, these LASTING LEARNING conditions are in-applicable. 10. Learningis a continuous process and an educational organization should make all possible efforts to provide purposeful and long lasting learning. Longlasting learning can be achieved by observing and following the above mentioned conditions. Learner should not be totally dependent on teacher but the learner should also be self motivated to gain better knowledge. </p>