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  1. 1. START Putting Content In Context Yael Kochman, Head of Marketing @Roojoom
  2. 2. What is Context?
  3. 3. What defines the context? 1 Where is your content meeting your user? 2 What is he/she is doing right now? Whats their level of attention? 3 What are they looking for? 4 What is their state of mind?
  4. 4. B2B: Where is the user in the buying cycle Problems and solutions, questions and answers Case studies, demo videos, product reviews Social proof, case studies How Tos, product demos, features overview New features, case studies, how tos Leads Nurture Churn Engagement & AdvocacyAdoption Awareness Consideration Interest Purchase Retention/ upsell Sales
  5. 5. Content + Context = Story
  6. 6. Graphics Online courses Podcasts Presentations Slideshows Videos Webinars Written content Repurposing to add context Repurposing content is taking the same idea and implementing it a new way in order to reach a new audience. Take a piece of content that is relevant for one stage of the funnel, and repurpose it to match another stage using a different format:
  7. 7. Repurposing to add context A lot of our B2B content used to capture leads for Playbuzz is later repurposed as educational content to empower onboarded clients Ben Jacobson, Marketing Manager @Playbuzz
  8. 8. The Payoneer case study Same video, different context Acquisition Nurturing
  9. 9. What is the context which affects your user? What stage of the buying cycle he or she is currently at? What is the most relevant story you can tell them considering the context? Summary 1 2 3
  10. 10. More questions? Email me at yael@roojoom.com Or tweet - @yaelkochman Thank you! Any questions? 31 ?