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Putting Cross Channel Campaigns Into ActionErin Everhart | Sr. Manager, Media StrategyThe Home Depot


We have a serious attention-span problem.


We have a serious attention span problem right now. And everyone puts millennial in a bad rap, but its every body. We dont know how to be entertained by one thing at a time. We are constant consumers of content and we have access to that content on our terms. We can choose when where and how we want it. We can even choose not to be advertised. And the thing is we like it. We like that power. And were not going to give it up.



And that makes it harder for us marketers because now, were not just competing with other marketers and advertiser. Were competing with things that have never historically been competition. Video games. Social media. News. Text messages. Snap chats.

Sometimes were even competing against ourselves with other types of our own content on our other media channels.

Were not just competing for media placement anymore. Were competing for attention, and frankly thats an even scarier competition.



It also doesnt make it any easier since no one gives marketers any credit right? If theres a big win, eternal glory will go to the tech team because they implemented it or merchandising because they priced it competitively but of course, when something goes terribly wrong, marketing is the first ones to blame.

I wish my job was just liquor and guessing. It would be a hell of a lot of more fun. But the problem persists because non-marketers over simplify the shopping experience.



The past Christmas, I wanted a vacuum, which is by far the saddest thing Ive ever admitted to a room full of strangers.




Can we get a little more credit, please?


When does that ever happen anymore? And when has that ever happened?? In reality, my path to purchase looked something like this.7

This is Jax. I was sitting there one night watching Jimmy Fallon on Hulu and 8


And thats when a Roombo commercial came on and I was looking at my dog-hair invested carpet that I swore up and down to myself that I had just vacuumed last week. Yup, it was time: I needed a new vaccuum. 9

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So what did I do? I went to Google, but I didnt search vacuums. I dont want just a vacuum, I want the best vacuum. So I scroll a little bit, see whats interesting, oh hey I like this one lets see what happens.



And I did read that article. But I also read no less than 5 sources on vacuums because as a former journalist, I know never to trust just one source. I needed to validate their data. I read everything you could image about vacuums.11


And I got a group text and got distracted. And I chatted with them awhile.12


While Im on my phone, I decided to go back to my research and turned by sites to Reddit. And thats a place where one can seriously get lost and man did I go down the rabbit hole on vacuums on Reddit. I looked at three different forums. I read an AMA from a vacuum repair technician to the frugal subreddit because Im always looking for a good deal.


By Brand

By Discount

By Retailer


I then looked at 12 different websites where I could have purchased a vacuum. And thats not even including the 10 or so sites and forums I read before I even got to what/where I could buy said vacuum.


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And then I went to Facebook. And that, of course, is when the remarketing started.15

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And that whole nose dive into vacuums got started with one little TV commercial. And the funny thing is, I never even considered a Roomba in my research. And I ended up not even buying the dang vacuum myself but it ended up under the Christmas tree. Thanks Santa.16

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In 2015, Time Inc found.

There is no such thing as a linear path to purchase anymore. We can be influenced at any time of day by any particular medium that triggers something in our pysche of Hey I need that. Right now. Its not just a second screen were battling. Its a second, third and fourth screen and that has a tremendous impact on the way we market to customers and the way we leverage our channels.


Social MediaTV/RadioSEODisplaySEMEmail

For one, it has to start with the way that youre organized as a team. Multichannel is a word everyone in this room is pretty familiar with. If you think about multichannel, it means that we have our channels, we give them their marching orders , the gun bangs and they go off in their swim lanes just doing their thing. This is probably how a lot of teams are organized too. And thats how it was at THD.

But the problem with that, is that theres no mixing. None of the channels are even talking to each other because theyre each so focused on beating out the other, being more efficient, being more productive, bringing in more revenue. 18


And that created a bit of a hunger games situation. Someone would come to the table with a marketing dollars to spend w/ no idea how to spend (which, lets be honest, is the holy grail to marketers) and the individual channels would be practically clawing at their throats to get to the cornucopia.

So instead of multichannel and organizing ourselves as multichannel, I think more about an omnichannel structure, which if in mulichannel everything is in their own swim lines, then omnichannel



Is one giant pool party. Your channels arent going off and doing their own thing and never interacting with one another. Theyre all mixed in together. Theyre having a great time, each doing its own part to disseminate its message and reach the customer at the right part in the customer journey. Now granted, without some sort of structure, 20


Things could very quickly spin out of control.21


Actionable InsightsCampaign Goals & Channel KPIsChannel Data & Activation InsightsActionable InsightsCampaign Goals & Channel KPIsChannel Data & Activation Insights

So within THD, we organized ourselves into this two-prong approach. We have three teams thats ultimately22



Whats my goal? An further more, whats more goal for each, individual channel because each of your channels should be trying to accomplish something different. Is it broad reach awareness? Are we trying to get people to click through and purchase online? Are we driving them in store?

Now of course, we work in retail, so asking any merchandising partner, no matter what theyre trying to accomplish, theyre all going to have one goal.


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Increase sales. Always. And I get it thats their job, but its our job to be more descriptive and ask the better questions to understand what theyre really trying to do so we can actually deliver the best media for the job. Things like: By how much sales are you looking to increase? Have people heard about this product before or is it a new launch?



Once I have the goal established, I think about what were actually messaging in the first place.

Media has historically been pigeon-holed into only being responsible for flighting and confirm if we have weight or not, but that doesnt sit well with me because I cant plan media unless I know what Im trying to say because thats going to have a huge impact on my channel planning.

For example, If Im supporting a 20% off markdown on mulch, I dont need rich media units to tell that story. Theres only so much you can say about mulch (trust me, Ive tried). Instead, Id put more of my money into Radio because A) a good promo like that will drive people into the store (which is what radio is good at) and I can easily get that message across with no visuals. Its not exactly the most complicated thing to sell.

But, if there are new regulations within ground contact lumber that I have to educate people on, Radio isnt exactly the best medium for that. Im more apt to move into something where I can better grab peoples attention, things like social media.25


When I have my goals and my message, its now just one giant puzzle where Im putting all the pieces together to make sure they fit. If this is a new product launch, I know Im going to need to get my PR and content marketing going first, before it makes sense to heavy up on paid search because people need to know what the product is before they can start searching for it.

Because I now have one strategy that incorporates all channels, I can optimize appropriately because I know when all my channels are doing theyre thing. Like increasing my PPC bids when my TV spots are running. Or optimizing my display ads to run on publishers sites that I know my audience is reading during those commercial breaks.


People tell you who they are, but we ignore it because we want them to be who we want them to be


I love this line in Mad Men, one of Don Drapers best if you ask me. Meaning how many times have you been presenting consumer insights based of focus groups or user research and an executive or stakeholder completely dismisses what the customer said they wanted because we know the cus

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