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Improving the listening experience through context-aware discovery. (July 2013) - Download the 'Putting Music in Context' whitepaper for free at http://www.arguslabs.be


  • 1.PUTTING MUSIC IN CONTEXT Improving the listening experience through context-aware discovery. JULY 2013 www.arguslabs.be by R. Berger, D. Damen, K. Underseth and A. Wuyts

2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction to context 3 Introduction to Argus Labs 4 Real-world applications 5 Applying context - data flow 6 Benefits of a contextualized user experience 8 For individuals For music services Technical Integration 9 Contextualization Platform Android SDK Personal Analytics Website Get in touch 10 ARGUS LABS PRESENTS PUTTING MUSIC IN CONTEXT Improving the listening experience through context-aware discovery. 3. PUTTING MUSIC IN CONTEXT Argus Labs, July 2013 3 INTRODUCTION TO CONTEXT In this day and age, consumers expect music providers to go beyond simple content delivery; they expect a personalized experience that fits their lifestyle. In order to do this, music providers exhaust market research methods in order to put their users into context. The issue with this process is threefold: the strategies used are expensive; they dont accurately measure behavior or habits; and finally, they dont provide continuous, real-time data. Yet context is crucial because without it, digital applications are deaf and blind, says Richard W. DeVaul from Google X Labs [1] . The explosion of data in the last couple years has made it more challenging and more imperative than ever to provide relevant and usable data to those who need it. Theres simply too much personal information generated for basic analytic systems to provide knowledgeable feedback about its users. Argus Labs, however, has established a contextualization platform that makes sense of personal data and turns it into actionable knowledge, thereby providing better insights to companies and individuals. Without context, digital applications are deaf and blind. Richard W. DeVaul Google X labs [1] http://www.media.mit.edu/wearables/mithril/intro/topic3.html 4. PUTTING MUSIC IN CONTEXT Argus Labs, July 2013 4 INTRODUCTION TO ARGUS LABS In order to get increasing value out of big data, Argus Labs has built an intelligent contextualization platform with robust context-aware tools that organize personal data into three pillars: habit, mood, and environment. These three categories are layered on top of one another in order to create an interconnected web of meaning about a persons actions. Instead of only providing the time of a specific event, which is the most common analytic variable, Argus Labs context engine is aware of where a person is and where he is traveling, what music he is listening to, how much sleep he got last night, along with a number of other information streams. It puts specific individuals in context of the real world and understands their habits, moods, and environment like never before. 5. PUTTING MUSIC IN CONTEXT Argus Labs, July 2013 5 REAL-WORLD APPLICATIONS The Argus Labs context engine actively transforms raw data into actionable knowledge and its functionality is extremely versatile. Partnered companies and developers have the capability of tapping into any number of our extensive user data streams in order to provide better insights about audience and build a more streamlined experience for users. The current process of analyzing a persons music preferences depend almost entirely on listening history and common interests shared with peers. The issue with this method is that the context of the music session how and why a person is listening is left out entirely. When thinking about all the different variables that go into someone listening to music, the industry is making mere educated guesses. What about the device a person is using? Or their physical location? What about the events that lead up to that moment? Even the weather? These are all insights that are missing from the music industrys current analytical framework. As a result, streaming services do not tap into accessible data and use it to their advantage like they can with a contextualization platform. Shifting from a system that makes best guesses to one that truly understands its user base and has the ability to not only predict but also push recommendations makes a significant difference in customer experience. Rather than having the user go online in search for new artists, the context engine can predict music for an individual depending on their habits. Then, once the person begins an activity driving, working out, studying, etc their device can push them the right content at the right time. To the listener, it feels like magic because without any input, a persons favorite music tracks are suddenly streaming on their device just as they want them. Its a innovative, streamlined way to bring basic recommendations to an entirely new level. 6. PUTTING MUSIC IN CONTEXT Argus Labs, July 2013 6 APPLYING CONTEXT - DATA FLOW 7. PUTTING MUSIC IN CONTEXT Argus Labs, July 2013 7 The interconnected information streams that provide a detailed view of who a person is. Broader segmentation of user context into habit, mood and environment profiles for a user. Sample applications that could be built on top of context profiles to enhance an apps user experience. USER CONTEXT CONTEXT PROFILE APPLICATION HABIT MUSICAL EXCURSION ON HOLIDAY Music Location Activity user is travelling abroad user is listening to his favourite genres also user is visiting leisure places users is sleeping at a single location throughout the trip Suggest one or more local music events that best matches a persons favourite music genres and bands. Send this message around 6PM when arrived in the hotel where the user sleeps. MOOD MUSIC MOOD FACILITATOR Music Location Social user is listening to music genre X genre X deviates from the users normal listening behaviour genre x is associated with a strong emotion Y also user has changed Facebook relationship status Optimize the current playlist to contain more songs associated with genre X and emotion Y. Avoid songs linked to opposite emotions. ENVIRONMENT EVENT WARMUP Music Location Schedule we know the user plans to attend event X with taste-matching artists Y user is currently at home listing to the same taste of music Adjust the music playlist to include new and top tracks of the artists performing to build up to the event. HABIT TAILORED TO YOUR COMMUTE Music Location Activity user is commuting to work also the users monday morning commute is 45 minutes on average Optimize playlists to incorporate favorite music genres to create a better listening atmosphere during a commute. 8. PUTTING MUSIC IN CONTEXT Argus Labs, July 2013 8 BENEFITS OF A CONTEXTUALIZED USER EXEPERIENCE FOR INDIVIDUALS Living music libraries that follow and adjust to you Unobtrusive, fluid listening environment at all times Self-learning system that creates playlists for every occasion and every mood FOR MUSIC SERVICES Crystal clear understanding of customers Ability to tailor products and brands to certain demographics based on interconnected data streams Content promotion (nearby concerts; music samples; advertising) that fits a users lifestyle and schedule without annoyances builds loyalty Better targeting, engagement, and conversion rates Reduces churn of clients, which leads to more revenue Allows our partners to differentiate their products from competitors Privacy enhancing technologies, regulatory compliance and user trust on everything we do with and without our partners 9. PUTTING MUSIC IN CONTEXT Argus Labs, July 2013 9 TECHNICAL INTEGRATION Argus Labs provides a suite of tools to enable both individual developers and corporate partners and enterprises the ability to add contextual features to their products quickly and reliably. CONTEXTUALIZATION PLATFORM At the center of the Argus Labs offering sits an extensible and secure data aggregation platform. This platform follows Linked Data principles and provides a RESTful API to developers to access context histories as semantically-enriched data streams. Fine-grained permission controls allow users to precisely define which parts of their context history are visible and to whom. This context history serves as the basis on which more robust models and recommender systems can be trained in the domain of a specific company. Additionally, Webhooks can be installed in the platform that trigger when specific conditions are met regarding a users current context, obviating the need to continuously poll the platform. In a second phase, collective contextual analytics will be made available that group anonymized contextual patterns together. These will allow developers and corporate partners to augment their apps with broad context-aware features when individual context histories are not available. ANDROID SDK With the Argus Labs Android SDK, creating context-aware mobile applications has become easier still. This library takes care of all boilerplate code necessary to securely connect to the Argus Labs platform and start consuming contextual data streams. An extended version of the SDK that also allows an end user to enable broader activity tracking on his smartphone and seamlessly stream this to the platform is under continious development and available to corporate partners. PERSONAL ANALYTICS WEBSITE On top of the contextualization platform, we provide a personal analytics website designed for end users. From here, they get a birds eye view of their context history and drill down with detailed reports. Furthermore, it provides a completely transparent view of who can access their data and how it is being used. A complete set of privacy controls empowers them to extend and withdraw permissions on data access without jumping through hoops. 10. PUTTING MUSIC IN CONTEXT Argus Labs, July 2013 10 GET IN TOUCH Argus Labs is at the forefront of the evolution of analytics, offering a unique platform that is user friendly for both individuals on the front-end and developers