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  1. 1. Presented by Ajay Beniwal Extru-tech Solutions Inc., Canada
  2. 2. PVC CLING FILM LINE PVC Compounding Conveying to the vacuum hopper Extrusion through a cast Die. Casting the film Thickness readout (Optional) Slitting and Winding Air Removal in a compression chamber Edge cutting
  3. 3. Recycling- There is no waste OFF Specs Rolls From Side Cutting Edge Trims
  4. 4. PVC Compounding PVC Compound PVC Resin DOA/DOP ESO Heat Stabilizer Slip Anti Fog
  5. 5. Critical Parts of the Machine 1. Vacuum Loader for the powder 2. Vacuum Hopper 3. Vacuum Pump 4. Screw Design 5. Adaptor Design 6. Die 7. Winder
  6. 6. Compounding Unit
  7. 7. Vacuum Hopper
  8. 8. Effect of Vacuum The difference can be clearly seen in the above picture comparing the two melts with vacuum applied in the hopper and without the vacuum.
  9. 9. Extruder and Die The Screw design and the die are the most critical parts in the whole process. The screw should be capable of feeding properly melted and homogenized melt to the die. The die design is critical and there should be no dead areas otherwise the melt will stay there for long time and will degrade. Die Supplier: JC Times, ADI
  10. 10. Cast Unit Cast Unit is very simply designed with two independently driven rolls which are highly polished and chrome plated. The whole unit is sitting on casters and can be easily moved out for maintenance and die cleaning.
  11. 11. Thickness gauge This is an optional item. Its common to have a manual lip adjustment for PVC cling film dies. For better gauge adjustment the thickness can be read out using a thickness gauge and then the operator adjusts the gauge manually. This is recommended if the customer is using various compounds because the melt flow changes and it is required to adjust proper die gap.
  12. 12. Slitter
  13. 13. Edge Trim Removal System
  14. 14. Edge Grinding for recycling The edge trims are directly fed to a grinder where they are chopped in fine flakes and can be added in the PVC Compound. It is common to Process 20-25% recycled material in the final film. Therefore, there is no waste created in the production of the PVC Cling film.
  15. 15. Winder The Turret winder is quite common with the option for easy changeover because the normal cycle time is 4-5 minutes. Some suppliers also provide a combination of Surface and Turret for easy changeover and high-speed.
  16. 16. Compression Chamber The finished rolls from winder are directly transferred in to a compression chamber to release the air trapped between the individual layers during the winding process.
  17. 17. Compression Chamber
  18. 18. Side Cutting Machine This is the final process to make a jumbo roll for commercial application. The rolls wound at high speed has curled edges and its difficult to unwind the film without tearing. These curled edges are chopped out by the side cutting machine. There are semi and fully automatic machines available in the market for this purpose.
  19. 19. General specification Product: PVC Cling film (recipe will be supplied with the machine) Material: Flexible PVC Machine Face Width: 1800mm Die Width: 1800mm Finished Film Width: 1700mm Max Roll Diameter: 10 (250 mm) Film Thickness: 8 -15 microns, + 9% 2 sigma Extrusion Output: 280-300 kg/hr depending upon PVC compound, fluff and film thickness. Line Speed (operational): Maximum 280m/min.
  20. 20. Finished Product
  21. 21. Applications Hand and Machine wrapping of fruit and vegetable trays. Hand and Machine wrapping of Meat and poultry trays. Wrapping of Industrial goods.
  22. 22. Contact


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