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  • 1. 4. How did you use newmedia technologies in the construction and research, planning andevaluation stages?

2. Adobe Premiere Pro CS3This was the main software used for creating our music videoTools used: Capture: used to get the footage from the video camera tothe adobe software. Project manager: used to keep all our filestogether, allowing use to edit swiftly without any problems. Razor tool: allowed us to selected our desired footage bycutting the start and end. Zoom in: allowed for footage to be seen close this washelpful when working with short clips. Rolling edit tool: able to add on footage after having cut it.This saved time from having to extract the clip again fromthe long video files. Video transitions: this effect made the transition run moresmoothly. Video effects: these effects allowed me to make clipsbrighter, appear sharper whilst also having effects like black 3. Adobe Photoshop CS5This program was mainly used to produce the ancillariesTools used: Lasso (magnetic and polygonal)- enabled me to cut aroundimages or select particular parts of the image which I wantedto work on. Filter effects Texture crauelure effect, used to give the CDback cover image a painted effect. Gaussian blur: this filter effect was used to blur our thebackground of the CD back cover Spot healing brush: used to get rid of any skin imperfectionsand make the image appear more professional Stroke: stroke tool allowed us to line our typography to makeit stand out, Opacity tool: enabled us to fade out the text so that it blendedwith the image background Eye dropper tool- used to get the exact same colour for text Guid lines helped me maintain a level when positioningimages and text. 4. made it very easy for usto find our desired band, the websiteprovided music from different typesof genres. It also provided us withuseful information of how we couldcontrast our desired band and itallowed us to download the musictrack.We used hotmail to communicate wethe performers we casted and theband we casted. Hotmail alsoallowed for me and my group toshare ideas when we were apart. Itproved to be very useful as we wereable to attach and shareimages, links, audio and videos witheach other. We also used hotmail tocontacted the band for permission touse their song. 5. YouYubeThe video sharing website YouTubehelped with uploading videos whichwould inevitably go on my blog.I uploaded my vox pox, question one evaluation and actual music video through YouTube.I was also able to embed other videos (mainly music videos) to my blog by getting the embedded code from youtube.I also used YouTube to watch tutorialsof adobe premiere whenever I foundit difficult to perform an idea on thesoftware 6. Microsoft Word/ ExcelMicrosoft word was used totype up my questionnaireand check for anyspelling mistakes.Microsoft Excel was used torecord my results fromthe questionnaire andpresent the date visually 7. Microsoft PowerPoint/ SlideshareI used PowerPoint to present most of my work, this preferred using this software to presented my ideas clearly and collectively.Slideshare allowed me to embed my PowerPoints on my blog. 8. DivShareWebsite used to upload and embed my sound tracks into myblog 9. BloggerBlogger was used to present our whole project. We were able to upload images, embed audio and videos to clearly show our progress leading to our final product. It was able to collectivly and safely store all our work. 10. Video (camera)/ Tripod Digital camera: used to take photos for the ancillaries.Also used to take photos which were used for the stopmotion. Video camera: used to record the main footage for themusic video. The tripod was used to keep the camera steady and as aresult produce footage which didnt have a hand heldeffect and therefore looked proffectional. 11. USBMy USB allowed me to keep all my files in one place. I useda 16GB USB therefore I was able to save large files ontoit. 12. iMovieI used imovie to compose my question one. The tools available were very basic howeverthe file was easily uploaded onto YouTube.


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