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PCI Films Consulting Ltd Quarterly Business Reporting For the Consumer Packer Joanna Smith Business Development Manager

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  • 1. PCI Films Consulting LtdQuarterly Business Reporting For the Consumer PackerJoanna SmithBusiness Development Manager

2. Who are PCI Films Consulting Ltd? A Specialist Provider of Market Industries Served: Intelligence and Consultancy Services to the Flexible PackagingResin Suppliers Industry Substrate Manufacturers Sales and Distribution of Est. 1994 Substrates Coating and/or Metallising CompaniesWe can Our owndeliverFlexible Packaging Converters highly trained deeper Exclusive Adhesive, Inks and Coatings andinsights focus onSuppliers experiencedBusiness FLEXIBLE marketFood Manufacturers/Retailersconsulting,substrate researchersmarket materials Other End Users of Flexible Member of researchPackaging the PCIand Extrusion Equipment Suppliers Consulting marketing Groupservices Converting Equipment Suppliers Packaging Equipment Suppliers Financial Institutions Environmental Consultants Government Agencies Waste Handling Companies 3. Why should you watch this webinar?If you are responsible for the procurement of flexible packaging:You will learn how to gain access to valuable industry intelligence that can enable you to: Plan for futureNegotiate better Gain competitiveGrow your businesssuccess deals advantageFind out too how you could benefit from: Unbiased and independent analysis of the driving forces affecting the flexible packaging market in your region. Feedback on current market prices at substrate level to help you monitor trends Prices that are more closely related to your buying prices than those provided by other polymer pricing indices Valuable insights into short and long term trends and developments taking place in the flexible packaging industry every quarter Knowledge and power to negotiate with suppliers Market research spotlights produced by our own in house authors not available from any other research agency 4. Flexible Packaging Supply Chain Monitoring World FlexibleEuropean Flexible The Americas Packaging TrendsPackaging Flexible Packaging Asia, Pacific, Middle East & Africa Polyester Films Polypropylene Films Flexible Packaging 5. World Flexible Packaging Trends The Flexible Packaging series delivers information and analysis about the following: Flexible Substrate Market Prices Resins/ Raw Materials / Substrate supplier news Converting industry news End Use market news This information is split by region and available for subscription: Europe European Flexible Packaging North America The Americas Flexible Packaging Central & South America Asia & Pacific Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa Flexible Middle East & Africa PackagingPolyester / Polypropylene Films The substrate series delivers information about the following: Market Prices for Competitive Substrates by Region (Chinese, USA, Europe) PET Raw Material supply and pricing of PTA & MEG PET and PP film suppliers PET and PP film end use markets 6. Substrate Pricing We endeavour to interview buyers andsellers of the main substrates used inflexible packaging, monitored in each ofthe nominated countries to ensure wegenerate an average market price atdelivered level i.e. less discounts butincluding freight and duty. Substrates 60 gsm one sided coated paper 7mym Al. FoilCountries 15mym BOPA filmEurope 20mym BOPP film USA Brazil 12mym PET film ChinaSouth Africa 7. Report Articles Simple Index Indexed by region andsupply chain. Easy scanning Each article is set out on thepage with headlines tothe left and detailedanalysis to the right. Graphics throughout Where appropriate tablesand graphs are used toillustrate data moreeffectively.Every 3 months, World Flexible Packaging Trendsis published with approximately 100 pages worthof valuable information. Each of the regional andsubstrate reports are generally 24+ pages long. 8. In SummaryBenefits to you:1) Unbiased, independent analysis of driving forces6 report2) Current substrate materials titlespricing3) Knowledge and power forRegional Substrate effective negotiationcoveragemarket prices4) Valuable insights into trends and developments5) Additional primary market intelligencePolypropylenePolyester FilmsFilms FlexiblePackaging 9. Some of your questions Our definition of Flexible Packaging Information Sources Subscription Details 10. PCIs definition of Flexible Packaging Primary retail food packaging, Non-food packaging applications such as; Pet food, DIY products, etc and certain other specialist non-food packaging niche end-use sectors such as; medical products, Pharmaceuticals & TobaccoFlexible Packaging embraces themanufacture, supply and conversion of plasticand cellulose films, aluminium foils and papersthat are used separately or in combination, for: 11. Information Sources The information contained in ourThe information represents our Quarterly Business Reports is a considered assessment of the combination of: market at the time of publication Published sources in the public domainand has come from sources that Valuable intellectual property exclusivelywe believe to be reliable. gathered and maintained by PCI Films However, we accept no legal liability for Consulting Ltdthe report contents, nor any conclusions drawn from them by any reader.This information is provided to subscribers for theirinternal use only. No proprietary rights aretransferred to subscribers with the supply of thisreport or in any information therein. 12. Any other questions? PCI Films Consulting Ltdwww.pcifilms.comContact us for more information +44 1604 749001CONTACTS:Jenny Scott Sample one or more of ourSubscriptions Manager quarterly business reports [email protected] Joanna SmithBusiness Development Managerj.smi[email protected] BrooksMarketing [email protected]