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This hit the press this week and demonstrates how Shire Pharmaceuticals have leveraged the Quantix Cloud. They have been able to use our technology to convert a client/server app (IDBS E-Workbook) into a flexible SaaS model.


  • 1. Shire Adds Hosted Version of IDBS' E-WorkBook to Support 'Virtual Model' for Dru... Page 1 of 2 Log in or Register SEARCH Tuesday, April 27, 2010 Home News BioInform In this issue of BioInform Shire Adds Hosted Version of IDBS' E-WorkBook to Biogen Idec Sees Promise in Network Support 'Virtual Model' for Drug Discovery Modeling to Identify New Autoimmune Disease Targets April 16, 2010 At Network Bio Conference, Speakers Type size: Highlight Role of Molecular Methods in By Vivien Marx Unraveling Cancer's Complexity Email VBI Study Indicates Prokaryotic Gene- IDBS said this week that biopharmaceutical firm Shire will use Printer-friendly Finding Algorithms Overlook Hundreds of version Gene Families its E-WorkBook Suite to support a "virtual model for RSS Feed EBI-Helsinki Team Integrates Array Data pharmaceutical research." from Thousands of Samples to Map Global 'Expression Space' IDBS is implementing the electronic lab notebook suite as a hosted solution in collaboration with IT firm Quantix. Shire will use the hosted E-WorkBook solution in collaborations with contract research Next Gen Sequencing organizations. Because the hosted approach will not require on-site data storage, it will Resource Center reduce the IT footprint for both Shire and its CRO partners, IDBS said. The deployment will give participants access to remote data and will also enable them to streamline Targeting the Human Exome in Medical knowledge transfer between organizations. Re-sequencing Stacy Gabriel, Ph.D Shire is a new customer for IDBS, Chris Molloy, vice president of corporate Sequencing technologiesthe next development for IDBS, told BioInform this week via e-mail. generation Nature Reviews Genetics. 2010 Jan;11(1);3146. Epub 2009 Dec 8. E-WorkBook is a platform to capture, manage, and share research data. The hosted Download the Agilent NGS Application solution includes a security model that "addresses concerns around cloud computing" Guide so multiple CROs and other partners can share data, the company said. "Shire is pleased to take a leadership role in implementing this emerging business model of virtualized drug research, which uses new technologies to support novel working practices, improve collaboration, and speed the exploratory projects research," Young Investigator Profile Stephen Damment, senior vice president of biosciences at Shire, said in a statement. Blog Shire declined to provide further comment. Papers of Note People on the Move In this project, Shire and each of its CRO partners will be able to use E-WorkBook in a slightly different way for the capture, securing, and review of data, Molloy said. They will Accelrys has appointed Todd Johnson to be executive "see only the data that they need to, while all the resultant IP remains fully protected VP of sales and marketing services, and that Ilene Vogt and owned by Shire," he explained. has departed the company and left her post as senior VP of worldwide sales and services. Johnson joined Accelrys in 2009 as interim CEO, and after the firm IDBS said that it has previously implemented a multi-site hosted environment for E- tapped Max Carnecchia to take the helm, Johnson WorkBook with customers such as Australia's Cancer Therapeutics CRC, where it is stepped into the role of senior VP. used by separate sites and groups to manage part of an overall research process. Harvard University Professor Raju Kucherlapati will serve as an Obama Administration adviser on genetic Other undisclosed pharma companies have also implemented E-Workbook this way, and genomic issues in his role as a member of the often in configurations with infrastructure-as-a-service suppliers behind the company Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical firewall, Molloy said. Issues. The implementation is configured in order to "reassure companies that their electronic OncoMethylome Sciences has named Jan Groen to take over as CEO. Groen formerly was president and collaboration systems will not leak IP to third parties and that their data-management COO of Agendia, and he was VP of R&D at Quest's infrastructure will be able to handle the size and complexity of the growing external Focus Diagnostics subsidiary. research environment," Molloy said. Molloy said that since IDBS acquired InforSense last year (BI 7/6/2009), "we have Upcoming Events taken the lead in demonstrating how to successfully integrate industry-leading [electronic lab notebook] and analytic technologies." For example, he said together the Genetic Variation firms launched the "world's first biomarker ELN" in February and "already have made Tech Guide Archives multiple sales." He acknowledged that the merger of Accelrys and Symyx, announced earlier this month (BI 4/9/2010), will present some competition. Accelrys offers the Pipeline Pilot workflow software, which competes with the InforSense technology, and Symyx brings At AACR this week, Bert its own ELN to the combined entity. Vogelstein said that cancer is a known entity. The merged firms "will still be a strong competitor in some chemistry market sectors but Do you agree? IDBS remains highly differentiated," he said. "Our breadth of domain understanding, Yes. We have the robust technologies, and ability to be a strategic player in higher-growth markets such