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CIRCULATED THROUGH : TORONTO, MARKHAM, SCARBOROUGH, RICHMOND HILL, VAUGHAN, WOODBRIDGE, ETOBICOKE, NORTH YORK, MALTON, REXDALE, BRAMPTON, MISSISSAUGA, OAKVILLE FOR BEST DEALS AND INFORMATION SEE PAGE 31 ANNALEISE CARR, 14, YOUNGEST PERSON TO SWIM LAKE ONTARIO Canadian salaries expected to increase 2.9% in 2013 QUEBEC VOTES 2012: Election off to heated start Geetika suicide case: Gopal Kanda may undergo brain mapping test MONTREAL/BUREAU NEWS: In the first televised debate of the campaign, Liberal Leader Jean Charest, leader of the Parti Québécois, Pauline Marois, Coalition Avenir Québec Leader François Legault and Françoise David, a Québec Solidaire co- spokesperson battled for votes. Leading the current polls, Parti Québécois Leader Pauline Marois promised change and is currently considered the front- runner to replace Liberal Leader COALITION AVENIR QUEBEC (CAQ) LEADER FRANCOIS LEGAULT (L), LIBERAL LEADER JEAN CHAREST (2ND L), PARTI QUEBECOIS LEADER PAULINE MAROIS (2ND R), AND QUEBEC SOLIDAIRE CO-LEADER FRANCOISE DAVID, POSE BEFORE A QUEBEC LEADERS' DEBATE IN MONTREAL. Jean Charest. Marois also used the event to repeatedly attack Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The PQ has said that if it's elected it will seek a transfer of powers from Ottawa in areas like employment insurance and immigration policy. The party says it will use each refusal from the Tories to build its case that Quebec doesn't belong in Canada. Françoise David, co-spokesperson of Québec Solidaire, discussed her own ideas for achieving independence. Three more debates are scheduled for Monday through Wednesday. Meanwhile, Federal New Democratic Party Leader Tom Mulcair announced Quebecers will have the chance to vote for the party in the province's next election. Mulcair said the federal party didn't have time to create a Quebec version in time for the current election campaign. A record number of 894 nomination papers have been accepted in the 125 electoral divisions of Québec. In comparison, 651 candidates ran in the 2008 general election. Consequently, there are 243 candidates more than in the last election. TORONTO/BUREAU NEWS : An Ontario teen has become the youngest person to swim across Lake Ontario. 14-year-old Annaleise Carr finished her 27 hour, 52-kilometre swim across Lake Ontario, after enduring waves as high as 1.5 metres. The swim was designed to raise money for Camp Trilium, a camp for children with cancer. Carr has raised more than $70,000 to date. OTTAWA/BUREAU NEWS : A new study suggests Canadian employees can expect to see their salaries rise by an average of 2.9 per cent next year. According to Mercer's survey, the average raise in base pay is expected to be 2.9% in 2013, up slightly from 2.7% in 2012 and 2011, and 2.3% in 2010. These results are indicative of a steadily increasing trend. Moreover, for top-performing employees - 8% of the workforce - salary increases will remain higher as companies strive to balance compensation planning budgets with retention of critical talent. "Employers continue to recognize that in order to attract and retain top-performing employees they're going to have to reward them in line with industry dynamics - for instance, oil and gas is a much more competitive market for critical talent than other industries," said Catherine Hartmann, Principal with Mercer's Rewards consulting business. "And while base pay is still the most important element of the employment deal, companies are continuing to offer innovative programs beyond compensation." Organizations are assessing what makes employees "tick" and where top-performers are choosing to work. As they strive to balance the need to retain key talent with their financial budgets, they are segmenting their workforce and focusing on identifying and recognizing high-potential employees. As a result, companies are still rewarding top-performers with greater than average increases, widening the gap between these employees and those in the lower-performing categories. Mercer's survey shows the highest- performing employees (8% of the workforce) received average base pay increases of 4.4% in 2012 compared to 2.4% for average performers (54% of the workforce) and 0.1% for the weakest performers (2% of the workforce). "Differentiating salary increases based on performance is the norm and remains an effective way for employers to wisely spend their reward dollars on the most impactful employees," said Mike Burniston, Leader of Mercer's Human Capital consulting business for the US and Canada regions. "Since many companies are still working with limited dollars, taking a holistic approach to total rewards using internal workforce analytics as well as external market data to set appropriate programs for each employee segment is the smart approach." A NEXEN CONTRACTOR WORKING IN THE HORN RIVER BASIN AREA OF NORTH EASTERN BRITISH COLUMBIA. ACCORDING TO MERCER'S SURVEY, THE AVERAGE RAISE IN BASE PAY IS EXPECTED TO BE 2.9% IN 2013. NEW DELHI/BUREAU NEWS: Delhi Police on Monday considered the option of brain mapping test on former Haryana minister Gopal Kanda, who is refusing to cooperate in the probe in connection with the Geetika Sharma suicide case. Kanda had on Saturday morning surrendered before police after evading arrest for ten days. Sharma, a former employee of his now defunct MDLR airline, accused him and another senior colleague Aruna Chaddha of harassing her. Police sources said Kanda has been evasive during questioning and denied any involvement with 23-year- old Sharma. Did Gopal Kanda sexually exploit Geetika Sharma? Delhi Police are planning to match the vaginal swab taken from Geetika Sharma, a former flight attendant who committed suicide, with the semen samples of Gopal Kanda. Geetika's 11-page post- mortem examination report suggests that she had sex two days before she committed suicide on Aug 5. Kanda and Aruna Chaddha, an employee of his defunct MDLR airlines, were booked for abetment to suicide and criminal intimidation after they were named in the two-page suicide note Geetika wrote and left behind. The 23-year-old woman was found dead at her north Delhi Ashok Vihar residence Aug 5. Her suicide notes alleged that the two harassed her and had ruined her life. Both Kanda and Chaddha have denied the allegations. Geetika worked as a flight attendant in MDLR Airlines owned by Kanda. After the airlines ceased to function in 2009, she was given a job in another company owned by him. Kanda, an Independent MLA, resigned from the Haryana ministry the day after Geetika's suicide. Julian Assange addresses supporters LONDON/BUREAU NEWS: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has taken refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, has made his first public appearance in two months and addressed a crowd of supporters that had gathered from inside the embassy. He thanked his supporters and especially the Ecuadorian government for granting him political asylum. Assange in his speech urged the United States to 'end its witch hunt' against WikiLeaks. He also called for the release of US soldier Private Bradley Manning who is charged with leaking classified information from Iraq to WikiLeaks. Manning has been in custody since May 2010. Citing the recent jailing of punk rock band Pussy Riot in Russia for criticizing Putin, he said, "There is unity in the oppression. There must be absolute unity in the response." Man kills daughter HOSHIARPUR: In a suspected case of honour killing, a young woman was killed allegedly by her father and his aide in the district for marrying against the wishes of her family. The 22-year old Bhupinderjit Kaur, daughter of Makhan Singh of Dhiangarh village married Manjinder Singh , who belonged to the Ramgharia community. Angry over the marriage, on the night of July 12, Makhan Singh along with his accomplice Harcharan Singh set Kaur ablaze after which she died on the spot. Police arrested the accused last night. HONOUR KILLING SUSPECTED

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Page 1: QUEBEC VOTES 2012: ANNALEISE CARR, 14, 21, 2012/part_1.pdf · Salman, Katrina on Jhalak Dikhlaja SALMAN KHAN, MADHURI DIXIT AND KATRINA KAIF PERFORMING




Canadian salaries expected to increase 2.9% in 2013

QUEBEC VOTES 2012:Election off to heated start

Geetika suicide case: Gopal Kandamay undergo brain mapping testMONTREAL/BUREAU NEWS:

In the first televised debate ofthe campaign, Liberal LeaderJean Charest, leader of the PartiQuébécois, Pauline Marois,Coalition Avenir Québec LeaderFrançois Legault and Françoise

David, a Québec Solidaire co-spokesperson battled for votes.

Leading the current polls,Parti Québécois Leader PaulineMarois promised change and iscurrently considered the front-runner to replace Liberal Leader


Jean Charest. Marois also usedthe event to repeatedly attackPrime Minister Stephen Harper.

The PQ has said that if it'selected it will seek a transfer ofpowers from Ottawa in areas likeemployment insurance and

immigration policy. The partysays it will use each refusalfrom the Tories to build itscase that Quebec doesn'tbelong in Canada. FrançoiseDavid, co-spokesperson ofQuébec Solidaire, discussedher own ideas for achievingindependence. Three moredebates are scheduled forMonday throughWednesday. Meanwhile,Federal New DemocraticParty Leader Tom Mulcairannounced Quebecers willhave the chance to vote forthe party in the province'snext election. Mulcair said thefederal party didn't have timeto create a Quebec version intime for the current electioncampaign. A record numberof 894 nomination papershave been accepted in the125 electoral divisions ofQuébec. In comparison, 651candidates ran in the 2008general election.Consequently, there are 243candidates more than in thelast election.

TORONTO/BUREAU NEWS : An Ontario teen has become theyoungest person to swim across Lake Ontario. 14-year-old AnnaleiseCarr finished her 27 hour, 52-kilometre swim across Lake Ontario,after enduring waves as high as 1.5 metres. The swim was designedto raise money for Camp Trilium, a camp for children with cancer.Carr has raised more than $70,000 to date.

OTTAWA/BUREAU NEWS : A new study suggests Canadian employeescan expect to see their salaries rise by an average of 2.9 per cent next year.According to Mercer's survey, the average raise in base pay is expectedto be 2.9% in 2013, up slightly from 2.7% in 2012 and 2011, and 2.3% in2010. These results are indicative of a steadily increasing trend. Moreover,for top-performing employees - 8% of the workforce - salary increaseswill remain higher as companies strive to balance compensation planningbudgets with retention of critical talent. "Employers continue to recognizethat in order to attract and retain top-performing employees they're goingto have to reward them in line with industry dynamics - for instance, oiland gas is a much more competitive market for critical talent than otherindustries," said Catherine Hartmann, Principal with Mercer's Rewardsconsulting business. "And while base pay is still the most importantelement of the employment deal, companies are continuing to offerinnovative programs beyond compensation." Organizations are assessingwhat makes employees "tick" and where top-performers are choosing towork. As they strive to balance the need to retain key talent with theirfinancial budgets, they are segmenting their workforce and focusing onidentifying and recognizing high-potential employees. As a result,companies are still rewarding top-performers with greater than averageincreases, widening the gap between these employees and those in thelower-performing categories. Mercer's survey shows the highest-performing employees (8% of the workforce) received average base pay

increases of 4.4% in 2012 compared to 2.4% for average performers (54%of the workforce) and 0.1% for the weakest performers (2% of theworkforce). "Differentiating salary increases based on performance is thenorm and remains an effective way for employers to wisely spend theirreward dollars on the most impactful employees," said Mike Burniston,Leader of Mercer's Human Capital consulting business for the US andCanada regions. "Since many companies are still working with limiteddollars, taking a holistic approach to total rewards using internal workforceanalytics as well as external market data to set appropriate programs foreach employee segment is the smart approach."


NEW DELHI/BUREAU NEWS:Delhi Police on Mondayconsidered the option of brainmapping test on former Haryanaminister Gopal Kanda, who isrefusing to cooperate in theprobe in connection with theGeetika Sharma suicide case.

Kanda had on Saturdaymorning surrendered beforepolice after evading arrest for tendays. Sharma, a former employeeof his now defunct MDLR airline,accused him and another seniorcolleague Aruna Chaddha ofharassing her. Police sourcessaid Kanda has been evasiveduring questioning and deniedany involvement with 23-year-old Sharma.Did Gopal Kanda sexuallyexploit Geetika Sharma?

Delhi Police are planning tomatch the vaginal swab takenfrom Geetika Sharma, a formerflight attendant who committedsuicide, with the semen samplesof Gopal Kanda.

Geetika's 11-page post-mortem examination reportsuggests that she had sex twodays before she committedsuicide on Aug 5. Kanda andAruna Chaddha, an employee of

his defunct MDLR airlines,were booked for abetment tosuicide and criminalintimidation after they werenamed in the two-page suicidenote Geetika wrote and left

behind. The 23-year-oldwoman was found dead at hernorth Delhi Ashok Viharresidence Aug 5. Her suicidenotes alleged that the twoharassed her and had ruinedher life.

Both Kanda and Chaddhahave denied the allegations.Geetika worked as a flightattendant in MDLR Airlinesowned by Kanda. After theairlines ceased to function in2009, she was given a job inanother company owned byhim. Kanda, an IndependentMLA, resigned from theHaryana ministry the day afterGeetika's suicide.

Julian Assange addresses supportersLONDON/BUREAU NEWS: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whohas taken refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, has made hisfirst public appearance in two months and addressed a crowd ofsupporters that had gathered from inside the embassy. He thankedhis supporters and especially the Ecuadorian government for grantinghim political asylum. Assange in his speech urged the United Statesto 'end its witch hunt' against WikiLeaks. He also called for the releaseof US soldier Private Bradley Manning who is charged with leakingclassified information from Iraq to WikiLeaks. Manning has been incustody since May 2010. Citing the recent jailing of punk rock bandPussy Riot in Russia for criticizing Putin, he said, "There is unity inthe oppression. There must be absolute unity in the response."

Man kills daughterHOSHIARPUR: In a suspected case of honour killing, a young woman waskilled allegedly by her father and his aide in the district for marrying againstthe wishes of her family. The 22-year old Bhupinderjit Kaur, daughter of MakhanSingh of Dhiangarh village married Manjinder Singh , who belonged to theRamgharia community.

Angry over the marriage, on the night of July 12, Makhan Singh alongwith his accomplice Harcharan Singh set Kaur ablaze after which she died onthe spot. Police arrested the accused last night.


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Page 3: QUEBEC VOTES 2012: ANNALEISE CARR, 14, 21, 2012/part_1.pdf · Salman, Katrina on Jhalak Dikhlaja SALMAN KHAN, MADHURI DIXIT AND KATRINA KAIF PERFORMING





Miss China Yu Wenxia crowned Miss World2012 , India's Vanya Mishra reaches top 7

Amid much fanfare atOrdos, in China,Miss China PR, Wenxia

Yu, was crowned the 62nd MissWorld with Miss Wales SophieElizabeth Moulds as the 1strunner-up and Miss AustraliaJessica Michele Kahawaty asthe 2nd runner-up.

Miss China PR Wenxia Yulooked extremely gorgeous in alarge blue colour gown as shewas being crowned by reigningMiss World, Ivian Sarcos ofVenezuela. Narrowed down fromtop 15, the top 7 comprisedJamaica, South Sudan, India,Australia, Brazil, China PR,Wales. The 15 semi finalists

included India,Mexico,A u s t r a l i a , J a m a i c a , C h i n aP R , W a l e s , S o u t hS u d a n , E n g l a n d ,Brazil,Spain,Phillipines,UnitedStates,Netherlands, Indonesia,Kenya. Vanya Mishra wins 2top awards at Miss Worldpageant Vanya walked awaywith the coveted titles of MissWorld Beauty with a Purposeand also went on to win theMultimedia Award at the MissWorld pageant. Vanya clearlystood out in the crowd as shewalked away with the award forBeauty with a Purpose at theMiss World 2012 pageant.

The Beauty with a Purpose

Award is given to thatcontestant who has made aspecial dedication to acharitable cause to help thosewho are less fortunate. Whathelped Vanya win this title wasthe support that she showedtowards Muktangan school inMumbai, an initiative of ParagonCharitable Trust founded byElizabeth Mehta, a pioneeringeducational program with aninnovative model working inclose partnership with theMunicipal Corporation ofGreater Mumbai (MCGM) and anumber of NGO's across thecountry. Muktangan providesaffordable English medium

education to over 2400 childrenacross 7 Schools. More than 350local members drawn fromcommunities have been trained& employed as teachers in theirschools . Vanya believes insupporting the education modelthat Muktangan runs forunderprivileged children wherelearning is informal, fun andinteractive. Vanya Mishra wonthe 1st ever Multimedia Awardat the Miss World 2012Pantaloons Femina Miss IndiaWorld 2012 Vanya Mishra lastevenning, won the first everMultimedia Award at the MissWorld 2012 Pageant in Ordos,China. Contestants were

judged on how they presentedtheir web section of the MissWorld website The bestpresentation would earn fasttrack points on the Miss Worldscoreboard and win theMultimedia Award.

She actively interactedwith fans and shared herexperience at the Miss World2012 contest by updatingphotos and video materialregularly on the assignedfacebook page. As of today thepage has over 73,000 active fans

and the posts reach over9,00,000 people a week. All ofthis was achieved by updatingintelligent status updates,interactive photo posts andsome stunning cover pictures.Vanya was closely competingwith Miss Mexico, however inthe end the quality of her workstood out to take her across thefinish line. In keeping with thetradition, the Miss World flagwas passed on to the next hostcountry, the City of Bali inIndonesia.

Salman, Katrinaon Jhalak Dikhlaja


Chakravyuh launchedin Mumbai

Filmmaker Prakash Jha has finally launched the first lookof his upcoming film 'Chakravyuh in Mumbai. The entirestar cast were present at the do. The film is based on the

sensitive issue of Naxalism. This is Jha's sixth social issue basedfilm. He always make films on social and a sensitive issuesurrounding in the society like Rajniti, Apaharan, Aarakshan etc.The film features Abhay Deol who is playing a Naxal while ArjunRampal & Esha Gupta is playing a cop. Chakravyuh slated torelease on 24, October 2012.

First LookKya Dilli

Kya Lahore

The team of KaranArora's Kya Dilli KyaLahore went to

Wagah border on the eve ofIndia's Independence day andunveiled the first look of theirf i lm. The f i lm marks thedirectorial debut of VijayRaaz, who is also playing themain lead of a Pak is tan isoldier. Apart from Vijay Raaz,the film's cast include 'OyeLucky Lucky Oye ' ac tor

Manu Rishi, Raj Zutshi andVishwajeet Pradhan. The film talks about thebond between an Indian anda Pakistani soldier stationedat Indo Pak border.

Page 4: QUEBEC VOTES 2012: ANNALEISE CARR, 14, 21, 2012/part_1.pdf · Salman, Katrina on Jhalak Dikhlaja SALMAN KHAN, MADHURI DIXIT AND KATRINA KAIF PERFORMING




MISSISSAUGA/BUREAUNEWS: Indian-born MallikaKapur, 21, was crowned asMiss Ind ia Canada a t apageant a t Double Tree byHilton Hotel here on Saturdaynight. Mallika beat 15 othercon tes tan t s f rom acrossCanada to win the c rown,which fetches her, apart frommany gifts, a fully-paid trip to

India. Pursuing a Bachelor ofHeal th Sciences (Honours)degree and work ing as aTeach ing Ass i s tan t a tMcMas te r Univers i ty, sheaspires to serve the globalcommuni ty as a medica lprofessional and am workingdiligently towards achievingth i s goa l . In add i t ion topursuing a rigorous degree in

Health Sciences, she is alsocurrently leading a researchs tudy look ing in to theimpl ica t ions o f d iabe tesmanagement within the SouthAsian population in Canada. In the pas t , she hasvolunteered in hospitals andrura l hea l th camps ac rossIndia and have completed aclinical placement in UK.

India independence daycelebrations in Toronto

TORONTO/BUREAU NEWS : Hundreds ofIndians across the GTA celebrated India's 65thIndependence Day this weekend as theyremembered the martyrs who had laid theirlives for the world's largest democracy. India'sIndependence day falls on August 15.

In Mississauga, Kamal Bhatia and hiswife Rashmi, who have been holdingIndependence day celebrations for the past11 years, gathered friends and family in theirhouse to remember the country of their originand celebrate the values and beliefs that ithas afforded to Indians living in Canada."India is just not a country, it is an emotion, itis a value system and we carry this "Indianess"wherever we go. It stays with us in our heartsand we live it every day no matter where weare, " said Bhatia, in his keynote speech.Bhatia shared that he held this event everyyear because he wanted to celebrate India asa country, which has made great strideseconomically and still continues to spread themessage of peace and acceptance world over.He also acknowledged contribution of manyIndo Canadians to their adapted country.Bhatia's own father Mr Harbans Lal Bhatiawas an active a freedom fighter and foughtalongside many distinguished freedom

fighters during India's Independencestruggle. As the 150 people gathered at thisevent sang the Indian national anthem, theysolemnly bowed their head in gratitude andpride for their country of birth. Many otherpatriotic songs were proudly sung by thosepresent. In the Indian spirit of sharing andcaring some guests brought in Indiansavouries and food to share this day intogetherness.

MISS PAKISTAN WORLD IScelebrating its 10th anniversaryMISSISSAUGA, BUREAUNEWS: Miss Pakistan World2012 is celebrating its 10thanniversary. With finalists frommostly Europe, Asia Pacific,Canada and America, Pakistani

girls are buzzing about this onlyreal pageant for Pakistan in theworld. The beauty of thispageant is that it is for Pakistanbut mostly like its leaders,outside of Pakistan! Whenspoken to the founder &president of this entire pageantindustry for Pakistan, SoniaAhmed, said, "I am just happythat the company has finishedover 45 international pageantsand brought Pakistan on themap for international beautypageants." Now thecontestants are coming fromunique but heavily populatedcountries with a strong

Pakistani presence and differentcontinents! We have this year'sPakistani contenders from NewZealand, Denmark, Norway,Canada, United Kingdom, USAand United Kingdom. Pakistan is

a young country and Pakistanisresiding all around the world,never shy away from promotingPakistan whenever they have achance. The change within thepeople has started and hence thePakistani youth are leaning moretowards a confident & moderatePakistan. Miss Pakistan Worldhas now branched off to moreavenues, and has included Mrs.Pakistan World and Mr. PakistanWorld. This year we had seenthe winning of the MissFriendship title by SanoberHussain, Miss Pakistan World2011 at the Miss Earth 2011pageant in Philippines. Then we

saw runner up 2 Attia BanoQamar representing Pakistan intwo major Europeaninternational pageants: MissGlobe 2011 and Queen of theWorld 2011. The crowning ofSaiyma Haroon, who isrepresenting Pakistan in theMrs. Universe 2011 in Russia isan exciting moment forPakistan's pageant world. Allthree girls belong to Lahore,Pakistan and overall this hasadded to Pakistan's growingpageant world, under the Miss/Mrs. /Mr. Pakistan Worldbanner. Moreover AnnieRupani, Miss Pakistan World2010 stepped up to the Americanpageant scene and won at theMiss Intercultural 2012 pageant.She got the 2nd runner upposition. The 10th annualpageant will be a mark in historyas Pakistan's pageant industryis stable and strong and eventhough the pageant takes placeoutside of Pakistan, the pageanthas gained tremendousappreciation in India, Canada,USA, UK and the rest of Europe.This year the pageant will be amade into a reality show, whichwill be shown on ARY Digital, aPakistani Channel. Major Indiannetworks like Sahara TV, FilmyTV and PTC Punjab will betelecasting the pageant as wellto the Indian audience. LocalCanadian channels like OMNITV, CP24 & Rogers will be airingit as well.

Tribute paid to the BollywoodSuperstar Rajesh Khanna in Toronto

Page 5: QUEBEC VOTES 2012: ANNALEISE CARR, 14, 21, 2012/part_1.pdf · Salman, Katrina on Jhalak Dikhlaja SALMAN KHAN, MADHURI DIXIT AND KATRINA KAIF PERFORMING


TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2012 breaking news


Eid Mubarak

NEW DELHI/BUREAUNEWS : Congress chief SoniaGandhi urged the Centre ands ta tes to dea l f i rmly wi th

persons provoking violenceagainst natives of northeast,adding urgency to the effortsto s tem the i r exodus f romMaharash t ra and sou therns ta tes ."Whatever happenedin Assam i s a mat te r o fconcern and sorrow.

Sonia for legal actionagainst mischief-makers

The cu lp r i t s o f suchact ions , whoever they are ,should face expeditious legalac t ion . Also , we should

s t rong ly condemn thet rea tment meted ou t topeople of northeast in somepar t s o f the count ry. Thes ta te governments and theCentre should deal s ternlywi th peop l e v i t i a t i ng t heha rmony. Th i s coun t ry

belongs to a l l . Al l Indianshave the freedom to reside inany pa r t o f t he coun t ry, "Sonia said.

The ca l l f o r a c t i onaga in s t cu lp r i t s o f Bodo-Musl im violence in Assamand the repr i sa l s faced byna t i ve s o f no r thea s t i nMaha ra sh t r a and sou the rns t a t e s r e f l e c t s e r i ousconcern in the ruling partyover deteriorating situationfo l l owing t he Kokra jha rc lashes .

Son i a ca l l ed t hesituation facing the countrya s l i n k e d t o " u n i t y a n dha rmony" . T h e Assamviolence was a complicatedi s s u e a n y w a y b u t t h ere ta l i a to ry ac t ion in o thers t a t e s ha s t he s ecu r i t yestablishment worried.

The home minis t ry hasfound a Pak i s t an hand i nprovoking violence againstr e s iden t s o f no r thea s t byhos t i ng doc to r ed t apes o fa t roc i t ies aga ins t Musl ims

and in f l ammato rycommen ta r i e s on l ine .Son ia ' s demand fo rc lampdown came wi th PMManmohan Singh on the daisand in the presence of a hosto f Un ion min i s t e r s a tJawahar Bhavan for 'Raj ivGandhi Sadbhavna' award --given to D R Mehta for hisp ioneer ing work on Ja ipurFoo t , p ro s the t i c l eg s fo rphys i ca l l y cha l l engedpe r sons t ha t a r e now ag loba l b r and . Meh ta ' ss t ewardsh ip o f BhagwanMahaveer Viklang SahayataSamiti has helped 1.3 millionhand icapped pe rsons f romunderprivileged backgroundbenefit with artificial limbsand other aids. His work inwar - t o rn coun t r i e s l i keAfghan i s t an and ce r t a inparts of Africa has won himgloba l r ecogni t ion . At thefunc t i on , Meh ta ca l l edBMVSS the "world's largesto rgan iza t ion fo r thedisabled".

Gu Kailai getssuspended

death sentenceHEFEI/BUREAU NEWS : Thewife of a disgraced Chinesepolitician was given asuspended death sentence onMonday after confessing tokilling a British businessman by

poisoning him with cyanide ina case that rocked the country'stop political leadership. Asuspended sentence is usuallycommuted to life in prison afterseveral years.

Sentenced along with GuKailai was a family aide who wasgiven nine years' imprisonmentfor his involvement in themurder of Neil Heywood, aformer family associate, said HeZhengsheng, a lawyer for theHeywood family who attended

the sentencing in this easternChina city.

The family aide, ZhangXiaojun, also confessed afterbeing charged as an accessory.He had been expected to get a

lighter sentence as state mediareported from the trial that Guplanned the murder.

Gu's husband, Bo Xilaiwas dismissed in March as thepowerful Communist Partyboss of the major city ofChongqing. Gu's arrest and theouster of her husband sparkedthe biggest political turbulencein China since the bloodycrackdown on the TiananmenSquare pro-democracyprotests in 1989.

LOS ANGELES/BUREAU NEWS: Tony Scott, director of suchHollywood blockbusters as " Top Gun," " Days of Thunder"and "Beverly Hills Cop II," has died after jumping from a LosAngeles CountyBridge. LosAngeles CountyCoroner's Lt. JoeBale says Scott'sdeath Sunday isbeing investigatedas a suicide.Authorities saythe 68-year-oldScott jumped fromthe VincentThomas Bridgespanning SanPedro and Terminal Island in Los Angeles.

"Top Gun" director deadafter leaping off bridge

Exodus of northeast people: Eight Pakistanisites identified for spreading rumours

H Y D E R A B A D / B U R E A UNEWS: Batting legend SachinTendulkar presented SainaNehwal a brand new BMW car

for winning a bronze medal at theLondon Olympics. Thefelicitation function was

Sachin Tendulkar presentsBMW car to shuttler Saina

organised by vice president ofAndhra Badminton AssociationChamundeshwari Nath, whohonoured the Indian shuttler by

buying her theluxurious car. Whileannouncing a BMWcar for Saina and acar each for hercoach P Gopichandand budding talent PV Sindhu, Sachinsaid, "I am quiteconfident that yourbest is yet to comeand you will emergevictorious across theworld and that iswhat we want". Sainagave India its first-ever medal inbadminton atOlympics when her

Chinese opponent withdrewfrom the bronze medal play-offafter injuring her knee.


NEW DELHI/BUREAU NEWS:With investigations into the cyberwarfare unleashed by religiousfundamentalists from across theborder identifying eight sites fromwhere the bulk of the fake photosand stories about purportedatrocities on Muslims werecirculated, home minister SushilKumar Shinde talked to hisPakistani counterpart RehmanMalik on Sunday and soughtaction against these elements.Shinde, while exchanging Eidgreetings over the phone, soughtMalik's cooperation in checkingand neutralizing elementscirculating fake pictures andstories through social media towhip up communal sentiments inIndia. This was the first directcontact between the two leaders.Shinde's concerns were based ona 43-page report prepared by

intelligence agencies along withNational Technical ResearchOrganization (NTRO) and IndiaComputer Emergency ResponseTeam (CERT-IN) that has tracedseveral doctored images toPakistan. Agencies have also

zeroed in on a particular Pakistan-based hardline group that issuspected to have organized thefalse propaganda as part of whatthe government suspects to bean organized destabilizationeffort. A senior official in the

security establishment saidagencies had by Sundayafternoon identified at least eightsites, all with origins in Pakistan,which were at the forefront ofcirculation of the hate material."CERT-IN is trying to block themafter formal approval from thegovernment," he said. "From allavailable forensic evidence, weare fairly convinced that all thosepostings came from Pakistan,"the official said. Till late onSunday, NTRO investigatorswere combing through internet tosee if the postings weremushrooming elsewhere. Whilework is on to track some 110 sitesand postings, it may take sometime to trace all of them as in somecases, especially in the case ofFacebook, tracking the IP addressto ascertain where a post wascreated needs the companymanagement's cooperation.

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editorial/opinionIndia's Olympic showingFLOP OR SUCCESS?The investment bank, Goldman Sachs, almost got it right with

its prediction of five medals for India in the London Games. Itmight have got the colour of the medals - it predicted two

golds - wrong but wasn't off the mark by too much given that Indiawon six medals only because Saina Nehwal won her bronze due to

her opponent's injury. One of the standard methods for predictingsporting success has been the correlation of winners to per-capitawealth. But that can never be the entire explanation. Otherwise how

do we explain Ethiopia, whose per capita income is one of the lowestin the world, winning three golds in London (India incidentally ranksa lowly 161 out of 226 countries in per-capita GDP)? Goldman Sachsuses a more sophisticated measure, which captures different aspectsof the political, institutional and economic reality of countries, tocome up with a prediction. That this formula is by no means infallibleis shown by their underestimation of the gold medals won by the USand China, but to their credit they were bang on for the tally of GreatBritain (though they predicted one more gold than what GB won) at65 medals, which was 18 more than the 2008 Games. Of course,numbers alone cannot predict sporting success which depends onamong other things the stage of economic development of a country,sporting infrastructure, funding, a winning tradition in a particularsport and genes.

India's performance in the London Games, looked at in terms ofpopulation, number of competitors sent and the high expectations,was ordinary. But placed in the context of India's Olympic recordwhere, if you leave aside the eleven medals in hockey India has wononly seven individual medals in all before the London Games (withthree of them in the last Games) in 20 outings, it is encouraging.Needless to say India's showing in hockey was a hugedisappointment but with a world ranking of No 10 before the LondonGames the team was not really expected to do much.

What has led to the spike in India's medal tally in recent times?Obviously India's economic growth over the past decade or so hashad an effect. But the real difference is more targeted state fundingand greater private sector involvement. While the government andsports officials are justifiably given the stick for India's poor sportingperformance, the Sports Authority of India has made a difference.The SAI centre in Imphal, which has thrown up several world-class

athletes, is a good example. SAI spent around Rs 135 crore on 16disciplines in 2011-12 of which nearly a quarter went to shootingand boxing, where India won three of its six medals in the LondonGames.

The other important element has been funds and expertiseprovided by not-for-profit organisations for 30 of the 81-strong Indiancontingent at London. This is up from only five in the 2008 BeijingOlympics. Besides help for athletes there has also been corporatesponsorship for sports academies, which should go a long way intraining future winners.

In India, where millions don't have access to basic health andnutrition (India ranks 134 in Human Development Index), a coercivenational sports machinery such as in China or the former Soviet blocis neither desirable nor practical. What the state really needs to dois create sporting infrastructure so that India's children have theopportunity to play sports and to provide the resources to spottalent. The corporates, as they are doing in a limited manner, as wellas schools and universities should step in to fund training andtravel for those with talent. That's how it works in most of the world.

Of course nothing succeeds like success. Cricket took offbecause India started doing well from the 1980s; hockey slumpedfrom around the same time due to its lack of success. India's recentsuccess in shooting, archery, boxing and wrestling has drawn severalyoungsters to these sports and attracted corporates. The mantra ofthe founder of the modern Olympics, Pierre de Coubertin, aboutcompeting and not necessarily winning might sound archaic. Butthere's some truth in what he said. It's important to get more ofIndia's youth to step into the playing field than to relentlessly pursuemedals. Sporting success will follow.

-Ronojoy Sen

It needed a top diplomatto point us towardsourselves when we think

'racism', which I will use hereinterchangeably with'discrimination'.

In the wake of a gurdwaraattack in Winsonsin, US,where six Sikhs were gunneddown by a white supremacist,there has been a lot ofcommentary about Indiansbecoming the latest target ofhate crimes all over the world.In fact, we are in a sweet spotof feeling victimized as anation. Indians have beenattacked in Australia, US,UK... We have accused theNorwegians of racism whenthey removed two childrenfrom their parents allegedlybecause the children shared abed with their parents. A golfcoach is asked to remove histurban for a security check.We have hinted darkly at thisinsidious behaviour whenItalian marines shot dead twoIndian fishermen believingthem to be Somalian pirates.Shah Rukh Khan gets a patdown, Meera Shankar orHardeep Puri and we are outthere, all a-bloom in righteousindignation. We are savouringour new status.

Recently, one of India'ssenior diplomats washarangued by reporters -- aswe do and I'm the last one toapologise for this -- aboutwhat the government wasdoing to prevent Indians frombeing victims of racistattacks. The diplomat, who Iwould love to name but can'tbecause of confidentiali tyrules -- thought for a bit andsaid, "do you know theBurundi student who wasattacked in Punjab?" YannickNihangaza, a student fromBurundi studying in a privateuniversity in Punjab wasbrutally attacked, stabbed andleft for dead on the roadsideon April 21. He has been in acoma since, and with virtuallyirreversible brain damage, hischances of recovery are slim.Most of his attackers have

Racism, hate, discrimination...defined and dangerous

been arrested, only after themedia highlighted the case. Butthat is not the point. Thediplomat said he had to interactregularly with African studentsin India and the regularity withwhich these students reportedracial harassment anddiscrimination by the averageIndian was shameful in theextreme.

As India attempts toincrease its footprint in Africa,by inviting African students toavail of Indian education inIndian universities, we need tomake sure these students don'tgo back thinking, "that's thelast time I'm coming to thiscountry." Similar reactions arereported from white people,who come here as tourists,students, workers, what haveyou. We in TOI, battled againststrong government prejudicewhen we wanted to keep on anAmerican girl as a reporter."she's white American, and shewants to stay and work inIndia?" thundered adisbelieving immigrationofficial before stamping "No".White women are harassedregularly for being white,because the Indian male, fed ona diet of bad Hollywood, growsup with the notions that they

can be objects for easy sex.Similar reactions are reportedby northeastern Indians,whether it is a student beingkilled over a TV remote inBangalore or Mizos andManipuris being picked up asTibetans, as the Indianauthorit ies "prepared" NewDelhi for the BRICS summit inMarch this year, not to speakof girls being molested bygangs of young men.

Now we are seeingnortheastern people beinghounded out of cit ies insouthern India, in apparentretaliation against Bodoviolence against Muslims inAssam. We practise politicalcasteism, which is a heinousform of discrimination, yetprotest vehemently every timethe UN tries to pin a racist tagon us. The practice ofdiscrimination is as much athreat to India 's nationalsecurity as lack of economicprogress. It's time to have anational dialogue ondiscrimination, specially if weuse a tagline like "vasudheivakutumbakam" for the IncredibleIndia campaign. We could startwith MEA's public diplomacydivision, which has been afairly successful public

outreach effort by thegovernment. Inclusivenessand multiculturalism arecasually bandied about byIndian diplomats -- lets startthe practice inside India.Think university programmes,think incentivising studentbodies in universities whichhave foreign students, rewardbest practices.

The ICCR could takeforward a campaign ofemphasising de-discrimination, using new,innovative approaches. Thereis no dearth of ideasinnovation in this country,specially when you step outof the South Block cloisters.Thats a darn sight more usefulthan the same old danceperformance. Let's do somenational good.

Most important, we needto squarely face up to the factthat we are one of the mostdiscriminating societies in theworld. It's not enough here tosay that China is ahead of usor Japan, or Australia orEuropean countries. For us,multiculturalism is not aluxury, it's a national securityimperative. lets celebratedifference.

-Indrani Bagchi

Page 7: QUEBEC VOTES 2012: ANNALEISE CARR, 14, 21, 2012/part_1.pdf · Salman, Katrina on Jhalak Dikhlaja SALMAN KHAN, MADHURI DIXIT AND KATRINA KAIF PERFORMING


TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2012 c o m m u n i t yRecipients of the 2012 Diversity &Planet Africa Awards Announced

TORONTO, BUREAU NEWS: Planet Africa Group and Silvertrust Communications hosted a PressConference to officially announce the recipients of the 2012 Diversity and Planet Africa Awards inToronto last week. Hosted by the Westin Harbour Castle, the event was open to the media. The PlanetAfrica Awards program seeks to identify and recognize deserving individuals, organizations, businessesand agencies that make a profound difference in society. Since 2004 the program has honored andcelebrated national and global achievers. The Diversity Awards, also known as the HarmonyTributes, honour people and organisations that advance excellence and harness the benefits ofdiversity. Past recipients include Mr. Kevin Williams, President and Managing Director, General

Motors of Canada; The Hon. Jean Augustine; Nollywood Film Producer & Director Lancelot Imasuenamong others. The Diversity Award recipients include Dave Toycen, President World Vision Canada;Madeline Ziniak, National Vice President, OMNI Television and Armand LaBarge, York RegionalPolice Chief.

This year's awards are especially meaningful as the Crossover Mentorship Program comesalongside in partnership with the event to pair potential mentees with each award recipient for a lifechanging mentorship opportunity. The 2012 Awards are scheduled for October 27th 2012 at the RoyThomson Hall. For complete list of winners, visit

TORONTO, BUREAUNEWS: The Toronto OverseasCentre of Cost Accountants ofIndia (TOCCA) held a get-together cum meetingrecently to celebrate India'sIndependence Day in Milton.The centre comprisesmembers of the Institute ofCost Accountants of India(ICAI - previous ICWAI)having the object ive ofbeing the primary point ofcontact for members of theparent Inst i tute who are

Indo-Canadian AccountingGroup Celebrates IndianIndependence day in Milton

migrating to Canada and inpart icular mentoring andassisting these foreign trainedprofessional cost accountantsto integrate and settle down inCanada.

The event was chaired byAsokan Sadasivan (founderChairman) and others inattendance included DavindarBhatia (Director Coordination)a Toronto Based CostManagement specialist , AnuJain (Treasurer), Keith Hesse(President, PC Party Halton

Riding) , senior memberHrishikesh Sen . Mr.Ramamani Balaj i , CFO ofNunavut DevelopmentCorporation also phoned in topart ic ipate and spokeemphasis ing the need forstrategic planning for thesuccess of the organisation.

The event concludedwith buffet lunch at the MiltonBombay Grill Restaurant. Formembership inquiries pleasesend email [email protected].


MISSISSAUGA, BUREAU NEWS: Following the tragic events that took place at a Gurdwarain Wisconsin two weeks ago, Acting Chief of Peel Regional Police, Paul Tetzlaff, organized ameeting with the religious leaders of the Sikh community to address any concerns they mayhave with respect to safety and security within their community. Deputy Chief Dan McDonald,accompanied by members of the Peel Regional Police Diversity Relations Unit, chaired themeeting held on Tuesday, August 14th at the Emil V. Kolb Centre for Police Excellence, locatedat 180 Derry Road, East, Mississauga.

Among the attendees from the Sikh community were, Jasjit Bhullar (Ontario Khalsa Darbar),Harpreet Singh Bhullar (Shri Guru Singh Sabha Malton), Satbir Singh (Gurdwara Jot ParkashSahib, Brampton), Pritpal Chattha (Guru Nanak Mission Centre, Brampton), Avtar Singh(Sharomani Sikh Sangat, Mississauga), Sherdaljit Singh Dhillon (Sikh Heritage Centre), ManjitSingh Mangat (Sikh Lehar), Jaswant Singh (Gurdwara Nanaksar), Sarwan Singh Gill ( ShriGuru Nanak Sikh Centre), Harwinder Pal Dhaliwal (Brampton Sikh Sangat).

Deputy Chief McDonald assured the attendees that the safety and security of peoplewith the Region is paramount to Peel Regional Police. He reminded the group that PeelRegional Police offer programs, such as, Crime Prevention, available to them for the purposeof enhancing community safety and security. The Region of Peel is home to one of thelargest Sikh communities in North America. The Peel Regional Police and Sikh communityenjoy an exceptional relationship within the community."

Peel Regional Police ensure safety of Sikh community

Page 8: QUEBEC VOTES 2012: ANNALEISE CARR, 14, 21, 2012/part_1.pdf · Salman, Katrina on Jhalak Dikhlaja SALMAN KHAN, MADHURI DIXIT AND KATRINA KAIF PERFORMING


TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2012c o m m u n i t y


CRICKET TOURNAMENT-2012For more information call: Manav Sharma 416-471-6646

e-mail: [email protected]





Police find two hands inMississauga River search


MISSISSAUGA, BUREAUNEWS: Peel Regional Police saythey have found two severedhands in their search for bodyparts in a Mississauga riverwhere a head and a foot hadpreviously been discovered.

Peel Regional Police Sgt.Pete Brandwood told anafternoon press conference onehand was found downstreamfrom where the foot wasdiscovered, the second handwas found a considerabledistance downstream.

Police also said there wasno evidence suggesting if thecase is connected to the Montrealslaying of student Jun Lin and

arrest of Luka Magnotta. Also,no connection has been ruled outto missing Brampton 16-year-oldMila Johnson, who was last seenAug. 3.

On Wednesday, hikersfound a right foot with yellownail polish in the Credit River inHewick Meadows Park, atMississauga Rd. and EglintonAve. Police on Thursday locateda woman's head about akilometre upstream from the footlocation.

Anyone with informa tion isasked to call police at 905-453-2121 ext. 3205 or Crime Stoppersanonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477).

Volunteers needed for Seniors in Brampton and MississaugaBRAMPTON, BUREAU NEWS : India Rainbow Community Services of Peel, is looking for FriendlyVisiting volunteers to provide assistance for Seniors/Adult clients who have long term illness/disabilityin Mississauga and Brampton. It's a great opportunity to make difference in the lives of isolated andlonely seniors. For more information, call 905- 275 2369 extn 234 or email: [email protected]

Looking for a new job? Cleanup your Facebook profileWASHINGTON, BUREAUNEWS: Many employers areusing Facebook profiles of jobcandidates to filter out weakerapplicants based on perceptionof lifestyle, attitudes andpersonal appearance,according to a new study.

This means anyinappropriate Facebookprofile, posts and photos couldcost job candidates their nextjob.

Vanessa A. de la Llama,Isabel Trueba, Carola Voges,Claudia Barreto and David J.Park of the School of Journalismand Mass Communication,Florida International Universityin North Miami, suggested thatemployers using Facebook toassess those applying for a jobwith them, are creating a newdigital divide, as well asrevealing how our freedomswith regard to virtual identityare being encroached uponincreasingly by the world ofwork.

The researchersconducted an in-depth study ofemployers from six differentindustries.

“While employers areusing Facebook to monitor theiremployees, they have alsobegun to use it as a screeningtool when consideringpotential candidates,” said dela Llama and colleagues,“Because this is a fairly newtrend, a standardized set ofguidelines has yet to beestablished, with employersoften assessing job applicantsin a subjective manner.” Theteam interviewed

representatives from the areas ofinformation technology,healthcare and wellness,education, law enforcement, foodand drink, travel, advertising andsuggest that their findings shedlight on a growing trend.They hope to raise the ethical

questions for debatesurrounding whether or notemployers should be usingFacebook and perhaps othersocial networking sites to screencandidates. The question ofwhether employers are providingjob candidates with equalopportunities if they areassessing online “image” prior to

interviewing candidates must beraised. Of course, it is possiblethat one’s Facebook activity is aperfectly acceptable window onto one’s personality. “Jobseekers should be aware thattheir future employers areclosely observing their

Facebook profiles in search of awindow into their personality,”the team concluded. “Thoughthis practice raises many ethicalissues, it is an emergingphenomenon that is notslowing,” they added. Thefindings will be published in theInternational Journal of WorkInnovation this month.

Piloxing- the new mantra for fitness!Piloxing- the new mantra for fitness!Piloxing- the new mantra for fitness!Piloxing- the new mantra for fitness!Piloxing- the new mantra for fitness!

Tired of the routine sessions at the gym? Want to try a newworkout? Well then, piloxing is the new in-thing! Acombination of Pilates, boxing and dance, piloxing which

is a hit amongst Hollywood celebrities is now in Mumbai. India'sfirst ever certified piloxing trainer, Sucheta Pal says, "Piloxing is ahigh intensity workout which works on your overall body andhelps you burn up to 1000 calories per session. It is a mix ofPilates which works on your abdomen and core, boxing which isa great stress buster and works on your upper body part anddancing which makes it fun!" Viveca Jensa, a Swedish celebrityfitness trainer, is the brain child behind this workout. Theuniqueness about piloxing is that it’s done bare feet and bywearing a pair of specially made weighted gloves.

Page 9: QUEBEC VOTES 2012: ANNALEISE CARR, 14, 21, 2012/part_1.pdf · Salman, Katrina on Jhalak Dikhlaja SALMAN KHAN, MADHURI DIXIT AND KATRINA KAIF PERFORMING




OTTAWA, BUREAU NEWS:Last week, a Canadian Forces(CF) con t ingen t o f 55members marked the 70 thAnniversary of the Dieppe

Canadian Forces Members Commemoratethe 70th Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid


Raid, an important chapter inCanadian military history asit taught Canadians valuablelessons that would earn themsuccess in the D-Day

Invasion years later. "Todaywe remember a dark bu tcourageous chap te r inCanadian mil i tary history,"sa id the Honourab le Pe te r

MacKay, Minister of NationalDefence. "While the outcomeof the Dieppe Raid was tragicfor thousands o f he ro icCanadians, the lessons they

learned played a crucial rolein the success o f fu tu remilitary actions. Those whopar t ic ipa ted in the DieppeRaid were among the morethan one mi l l ion b raceCanadians who served duringthe Second World War, andwhom we shall never forget."

Attending the ceremony,organized by Veterans AffairsCanada (VAC) , were HisExce l lency the Righ tHonourable David Johnston,Governor Genera l andCommander - in -Chie f o fCanada ; the Honourab leSteven Blaney, Minister ofVete rans Affa i r s ; TheHonourab le LawrenceCannon , Ambassador o fCanada to France; CanadianVeterans who participated inthe Dieppe Raid; Canadiancade t s and scou ts , andFrench dignitaries includingthe Mayor o f Dieppe , Mr.Sébastien Jumel.

A 30-person brass andreed band from Les FusiliersMont-Royal, were also frontand cen t re . The Regimentpar t ic ipa ted in the DieppeRaid, and has the "Dieppe"batt le honour as one of i tsmany Second Wor ld Warhonours. Approximately 500guests were in attendance.

While in France, membersof the CF con t ingen tsuppor ted var iousceremonies and events leadby VAC and the Town ofDieppe. A Commemorat iveEvent a t the Nat ional WarMemorial in Ottawa is alsobeing held by VAC today. TheChief of the Defence Staff willlay a wreath at the event andthere will be a 90-member CFcontingent at the ceremony.A CF bugler and piper willplay the Last Post, Rouse andLament. The Raid on Dieppe,France, on August 19, 1942,was a pivotal moment in theSecond Wor ld War. TheDieppe Raid was one of themost devastating and bloodychapters in Canadian militaryhistory. Of the 4963 Canadiansoldiers who embarked fromEngland for the operat ion,only 2210 returned, and manyof them had never evenlanded in France. Over 900Canadians were u l t imate lyk i l l ed in ac t ion , d ied o fwounds or died as prisonersof war. The Dieppe Ra idholds a prominent place inCanadian military history asi t he lped shape the Al l iedapproach to the successfulNormandy land ings onD-Day, June 6, 1944.

Revised federal skilledworker program unveiled

OTTAWA, BUREAU NEWS:Citizenship and ImmigrationCanada (CIC) unveiledinformation on Friday about thenew Federal Skilled WorkerProgram (FSWP) that will belaunched in the new year. Therevised program will have moredemanding languagerequirements, more selectivecredential assessment, and willgive preference to Canadianwork experience over foreignwork experience, among otherchanges. Proposed regulatory changesannounced will allow Canadato better select skilled workerswho can "hit the groundrunning" upon arrival.

"The Federal SkilledWorker Program is Canada'slargest economic immigrationprogram," said Citizenship,Immigration andMulticulturalism MinisterJason Kenney. "The changeswe are making to update theselection criteria are based ona large body of data andevidence we've accumulated

over the years showing whatskills and qualifications are mostlikely to lead to success forskilled immigrants."

Following an extensiveprogram evaluation, stakeholderand public consultations, as wellas other research, Citizenshipand Immigration Canada (CIC) isproposing the followingchanges to the FSWP:

Making language the mostimportant selection factor byestablishing new minimumofficial language thresholds andincreasing points for language;

Increasing the emphasis onyounger immigrants, who aremore likely to acquire valuableCanadian experience and remainin the workforce longer;

Increasing points forCanadian work experience andreducing points for foreign workexperience;

Simplifying the arrangedemployment process to preventfraud and abuse yet enableemployers to staff positionsquickly; and

Awarding points for spousal

language ability and Canadianexperience. Another proposed change isthe introduction of theEducational CredentialAssessment - a mandatoryrequirement that FSWPapplicants have their educationabroad assessed againstCanadian education standardsby designated organizations.CIC will then award pointsaccording to how anapplicant's foreign educationalcredential compares to acompleted educationalcredential in Canada. It doesnot necessarily guarantee thatthey would become licensed topractice in a regulatedoccupation.

"This is an important stepwe are taking to address theproblem of immigrants arrivingand not being able to work intheir field," stated MinisterKenney. "This new requirementwill help potential newcomersmake informed choices aboutimmigration and Canadiancareer paths."

OTTAWA, BUREAU NEWS:Pr ime Min i s t e r S t ephenHarper extended wishes toIndians on the occasion of65th anniversary of India 'sindependence.

"S ince ga in ingindependence in 1947, thepeople of India have built astrong and dynamic country;a country tha t has becomeone of the world ' s leadingeconomies" Harper said in astatement.

" Ind i a r ema ins avaluable partner to Canadain the world. With more thanone mi l l i on Canad i ans o fIndian descent , we benef i timmensely from the rich andlongs t and ing economic ,cu l t u r a l and peop l e - t o -peop l e connec t i ons t ha tex i s t be tween ou r twocountries.

"In 2010, Prime MinisterSingh and I launched tradenegotiations, which will helpCanad i an and Ind i anbusinesses prosper.

In the months and yearsahead , I l ook fo rward t ofu r the r s t r eng then ing ou rties, especially in the areasof energy and food security,educa t i on , i n f r a s t ruc tu r edeve lopment , and f inance ."Once again, on behalf of allCanad i ans , Lau reen and Iwould like to join the peopleof India, as well as Canadianso f I nd i an he r i t age , i nce leb ra t ing th i s impor tan tmilestone."

PM congratulatesIndians on India'sIndependence Day

OTTAWA, BUREAU NEWS:According to statist icsreleased by The Canadian RealEstate Association (CREA),national resale housing activityremained stable from June toJuly 2012. Prices are off theirrecent peaks in GreaterVancouver and GreaterToronto, but remain aboveyear-ago levels in mostmarkets.

The number of localhousing markets was roughlyevenly split between those thatsaw month-over-month gainsand those that posted monthlydeclines. Activity was up from

the previous month inKingston, Chill iwack, andCalgary, offset by fewer salesin Toronto, Newfoundland &Labrador, and Edmonton.Actual (not seasonallyadjusted) activity was up 3.3per cent year-over-year in July2012, with gains in Calgary andslower sales in Vancouver.

"Recent changes tomortgage regulations werewidely expected to temper salesand prices in Greater Torontoand Greater Vancouver, and thedata released today confirmsthat," said Wayne Moen, CREAPresident. "Even so, sales and

Canadian home pricesfalling steadilyprice trends can be verydifferent from one market to thenext, and run counter tonational trends. Buyers andsellers should talk to theirREALTOR® to understand howthe housing market is shapingup in their area."

"Some first-time homebuyers may have difficultyqualifying for mortgagefinancing due to shortenedamortization periods included inrecent changes to mortgageregulations," said GregoryKlump, CREA's ChiefEconomist "As the lynchpin ofthe housing market, lower first-

time buying activity will haveknock-on effects over the restof the market. It will likely takemore time for move-up buyersto sell their current home."

The number of newly listedhomes fell 3.3 per cent in Julycompared to June, with declinesin more than half of all localmarkets including Montreal,Toronto, Vancouver, the FraserValley, Calgary, and Edmonton.The national housing marketremains firmly entrenched inbalanced market terri tory,supported by stable salesactivity and fewer new listings.

(Contd. on page 10)

Page 10: QUEBEC VOTES 2012: ANNALEISE CARR, 14, 21, 2012/part_1.pdf · Salman, Katrina on Jhalak Dikhlaja SALMAN KHAN, MADHURI DIXIT AND KATRINA KAIF PERFORMING


TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2012c a n a d a

(Contd. from page 9)The national sales-to-newlistings ratio, a measure ofmarket balance, stood at 53.4 percent in July 2012, up from 51.6per cent in June. Based on asales-to-new listings ratio ofbetween 40 to 60 per cent, twothirds of all local housingmarkets were in balanced marketterritory in July. The nationalnumber of months of inventoryis another measure of marketbalance. It represents thenumber of months it would taketo sell current inventories at thecurrent rate of sales activity. Itstood at 6.1 months at the endof July, unchanged from theJune reading. The months ofinventory measure has beenhovering around six monthssince the end of 2010. Averagesale prices in July were up fromlevels one year ago in about

Canadian home prices falling steadilyseven of every 10 local markets,but declining sales activity inGreater Vancouver continues toimpact the national averageprice. The actual (not seasonallyadjusted) national average pricefor homes sold in July 2012 was$353,147, down two per cent fromthe same month last year.Excluding Greater Vancouverfrom the national average pricecalculation yields a year-over-year increase of 1.1 per cent.Unlike average price, the MLS®Home Price Index (MLS® HPI)is not affected by changes in themix of sales, so it provides abetter gauge of Canadian homeprice trends. The index trackshome price trends in five ofCanada's most active housingmarkets, including GreaterVancouver, the Fraser Valley,Calgary, Greater Toronto, andMontreal. These five markets

comprise approximately 45 percent of all home sales activity inCanada. The MLS HPI rose 4.5per cent year-over-year in July2012. This was the third time inas many months that the year-over-year gain shrank, andmarks the slowest rate ofincrease in over a year. Year-over-year gains moderated in allBenchmark housing categoriestracked by the index. One andtwo-storey single family homesposted the strongest year-over-year growth in July, with two-storey single family home pricesup 5.8 per cent and one-storeysingle family prices up 5.6 percent.

Prices for townhouse andapartment units continue to seemore modest gains, rising 2.5 percent and 2.2 per centrespectively on a year-over-yearbasis in July 2012.

OTTAWA, BUREAU NEWS:The Honourable Ed Fast,Minister of International Tradeand Minister for the Asia-Pacific

Gateway, today announced thatthe Honourable BernardValcourt, Associate Minister ofNational Defence and Ministerof State (Atlantic CanadaOpportunities Agency) (LaFrancophonie), will lead a trademission to Santo Domingo andPort-au-Prince from September 2

Harper Government Announces TradeMission to the Dominican Republic and HaitiCanada's pro-trade plan: Helping Canadian companies succeed abroad to create jobs and prosperity at home

to 7, 2012."Our government's top

priority is the economy-creatingjobs, growth and long-term

prosperity for hard-workingCanadians and their families,"said Minister Fast.

"Trade missions areinstrumental to job creation andprosperity because theyshowcase the strengths andexpertise of Canadian companiesand open doors to opportunities

abroad in markets that needCanadian experience, capabilitiesand know-how."

"Our government is

committed to helping small andmedium-sized enterprises accessnew markets and become morecompetitive," said MinisterValcourt.

"I am pleased to lead a trademission to the DominicanRepublic and Haiti, where Iintend to showcase Canadian

expertise, services and productsto a wide range of industryleaders, decision makers andpotential clients and businesspartners, particularly in theinfrastructure and agri-foodsectors." The Harpergovernment's approach to trademissions is to lead strategicallyfocused, sector-specificmissions to countries that offerCanada the greatest potential forgrowth and success.

Twenty organizations,primarily from the infrastructureand agri-food sectors, will beparticipating in the trademission. They include LEDRoadway Lighting, which alsoparticipated in the trade missionthat Minister Fast led to Brazil inJune 2011. LED RoadwayLighting will make anannouncement in the DominicanRepublic and is looking to thetrade mission to open the doorto new opportunities in thatmarket.

"We have found theservices of Foreign Affairs andInternational Trade Canada-including trade missions-to beinvaluable when entering newmarkets," said Chuck Cartmill,President of LED Roadway

Lighting. "Participating in thetrade mission to Brazil wasinstrumental to making inroadsin that country. We expect thistrade mission to open doors forus as well."

With a gross domesticproduct of $56.1 billion, theDominican Republic has thesecond-largest economy in theCaribbean and Central Americanregion. Modern ports andt e l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n sinfrastructure make the countrya location of choice forcompanies seeking to expandoperations or establish a basefrom which to service othermarkets in the Caribbean andCentral America.

Canadian companies arewell suited to the developmentneeds of Haiti. With the third-largest population in theCaribbean, limitedinfrastructure, and high demandfor goods, services, andinvestment, Haiti is wellpositioned for economicdevelopment and growth. Theconstruction sector is one ofthe most dynamic sectors inHaiti. Apart from the largeinfrastructure and roadmaintenance projects

undertaken by the governmentand financed for the most partby international financialinstitutions and theinternational community, thereis constant demand for theinputs required in theconstruction of residences,shopping centres,telecommunications systemsand manufacturing plants.

Canada is also committed tostrong economic partnershipsthat will contribute to enhancedprosperity across the Americas.Increased business withCanada's partners in theAmericas can also have apositive impact on democraticand security issues.

In 2011, Canada'smerchandise exports to theDominican Republic totalled$148.8 million, whilemerchandise imports totalled$148.5 million. That same yearCanadian foreign directinvestment in the DominicanRepublic rose 7.2 percent fromthe year before to total $433million. In 2011, merchandiseexports to Haiti totalled $37.7million and merchandise importsfrom that country totalled $25.7million.

MP Parm Gill PromotesAgriculture Canada Investment

in Local Business

BRAMPTON, BUREAUNEWS: Parm Gill, Member ofParl iament for Brampton-Spr ingda le , was p resen tTuesday fo r anannouncement by P ie r reLemieux , Par l i amenta rySecretary to the Minister ofAgriculture, that Bramptonbus iness Card ina l Mea tswould be rece iv ing aninvestment of over $800,000from Agricul ture & Agri-Food Canada. " I am verypleased to see this level ofinves tment in Brampton-Spr ingda le bus inesses , "sa id MP Gi l l . "Smal l

businesses are the backboneof our economy. Thisinvestment will ensure thatCardinal Meats is able to staycompetitive in their field, andsecure jobs fo r a reares iden t s . " Agr icu l tu re &Agri-Food Canada made theinves tment as pa r t o f theEconomic Action Plan to helpincrease competitiveness ofthe Brampton-based sausagemaker. The investment willa l low Card ina l Mea ts topurchase and ins ta l lequipment to establish a co-extrusion operation for themanufacturing of sausage.

Bank of Canada governor apologizesfor 'Asian' banknote controversy

OTTAWA, BUREAU NEWS :Bank of Canada governor MarkCarney apologized Monday forthe way the image of an Asianwoman was removed from theinitial design for new $100banknotes, promising to reviewthe bank's internal processes. "I

apologize to those who wereoffended — the Bank's handlingof the issue did not meet thestandards Canadians justifiablyexpect of us," Carney said in astatement.

"Our banknotes belong toall Canadians, and the work we

do at the bank is for allCanadians." The Canadian Pressreported last week that the imageof an Asian woman was purgedfrom the original design aftersome focus groups in October2009 raised questions about herethnicity. Some of the

participants said the Asianwoman did not representCanada; some said other ethnicgroups should be shown as well,says a report obtained under theAccess to Information Act.

The small groups werebased in Calgary, Toronto,

Montreal and Fredericton, andwere queried for the bank by TheStrategic Counsel in a $53,000contract.By the end of 2009, animage of a Caucasian-lookingwoman was substituted in amove bank spokesman JeremyHarrison said was to restore"neutral ethnicity." The originaldesign never went intocirculation. Spokespersons forthe Chinese Canadian NationalCouncil called the move "racist,"and demanded the bank changeits policies to stop "erasing"visible minorities from Canada'smoney. On Monday, Carneycalled Victor Wong, the council'sexecutive director, to discuss theapology. "This is a win-win,"Wong said, noting that thecouncil appreciated Monday'sstatement. "I had a brief andcordial telephone conversationwith Governor Carney ... andCCNC has offered to give inputinto the Bank of Canada reviewprocess." Carney did not clarifywhether the central bank intendsto change its policies to allow so-called ethnic groups or visibleminorities to appear on Canada'scurrency. "It's too early for us to

give details on what that wouldentail," said bank spokeswomanDale Alexander.

Not everyone was satisfiedwith Carney's response, however."What's this 'apology' for?"asked May Lui, speaking forCCNC's Toronto chapter. "For theappearance of the Asian lookingindividual on the draft note thatcirculated to focus groups? Or forthe final image that appears onthe note that we see today?"Carney acknowledged that anearly design for the new $100polymer banknote, which begancirculating last November, was a"'Photoshopped' image based onan original photograph of a SouthAsian woman looking through amicroscope."

"South Asian" normallyrefers to people from India,Pakistan and neighbouringcountries, while "Asian" refers toChina and other countries in thatregion. It was unclear why thefocus groups referred to an Asianwhen Carney claimed the photowas of a South Asian. The banksaid while that image was shownto eight focus groups in 2009,designers were already alteringit electronically to ensure it didnot resemble an actual person —suggesting the focus-groupinput had no bearing on thedecision.

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NEW DELH/BUREAU NEWSI:The CPM on Friday launched ascathing attack on PrimeMinister Manmohan Singhsaying that he owed an

Coal Scandal: 'Singh owesan answer to nation'explanation to the nation forthe manner in which coal blockswere handed to private partieswhen the coal ministry wasunder his charge, causing an

estimated loss of Rs 1.86 lakhcrore to the exchequer.

Party MP Tapan Sen said,"The CAG report on coal blockallocation thoroughly exposes

government's public privatepartnership model." However,CPM, the first to take a positionon the three CAG reports, didnot issue any statement onirregularities reported by thegovernment auditor in theSasan Ultra Mega PowerProject as well as in DelhiInternational Airport Limited(DIAL).

However, CPM partyleader Nilotpal Basu maintainedthat Parliament 's standingcommittee on civil aviationunder him had objected to userfee being charged by DIALdespite it not being part of theagreement. Similarly, he saidcommercial use of land wasviolative of the agreement.

The CPM politburo,however, focused entirely oncoal blocks. It demanded thatthose guilty of siphoning offhuge resources must be

identified and brought to book."A substantial part of thiscould have accrued to thenational exchequer if thedecision taken way back inJune, 2004, to introducecompetitive bidding for suchallocations was implemented,"the party said. I t alsodemanded strict monitoringand guidelines for the futurewith Parliament's approval.

CPM leaders SitaramYechury and Basu dismissedassertions by Congress thatallocations were made at therecommendation of stategovernments ruled by Left andBJP. Yechury said during Left'srule in West Bengal, i t hadconsistently demanded reviewof the policy.

Basu said many stategovernments, including theLeft, had demanded that coalblocks be given to them so that

they could be used as leveragewith industry. Instead,government opted for a policythat gave disproportionateemphasis on incentive toprivate sector. "Coalgate isidentical to 2G spectrum scamwhere a natural resource wasgiven away for a song,"Nilotpal Basu said.

The Left Front said it hadsuggested that coal reservesbe allocated in such a way thatit not only met the needs of thepublic sector undertakings,state governments and stateelectricity boards but also beauctioned through atransparent bidding process.

Refusal by the centralgovernment to heed thissuggestion had led toarbitrariness in crucial coalblock allocations, "paving theway for largescale corruptionthrough sweetheart' deals".

NEW DELHI/TNN : After 12 daysof high drama, former Haryanaminister Gopal Kanda was arrestedon Saturday morning even as hesurrendered before the police.Kanda left Sirsa at 10.30pm andreached Ashok Vihar police stationat 4am where he was arrested.Kanda played hide-and-seek withthe cops for around 5 hours withpolice trying to trace his luxuryvehicles to arrest him before hesurrendered. However, to everyones shockand cocking asnook at the cops,he arrived in a vanwith media stickerson it dodgingevery policepicket andbarricade on hisway. The dramawill unfold later inthe day with thepolice waiting toget down tointerrogating Kanda who has beenon the run ever since his nameemerged as an accused in abettingthe suicide of MDLR flightattendant Geetika Sharma. Sourcessaid he will now be confrontedwith Aruna Chadha, a manager inhis company. Earlier, hisanticipatory bail plea in the casewas dismissed by the Delhi HighCourt on the ground that it hasnot been filed by the person whois apprehending arrest. Justice PK Bhasin, in his order,said that the accused "appears tobe sitting comfortably somewherewithout any apprehension of hisarrest by the police" and hisbrother Govind Kumar has filed the

Gopal Goyal Kandasurrenders after12 days of drama

anticipatory bail application on hisbehalf without any properauthorization. "Kanda hassurrendered and we have arrestedhim," P Karunakaran, DeputyCommissioner of Police (North-West) told mediapersons.

His employee, ArunaChaddha, a senior functionarywith now defunct MDLR airlines,has already been arrested and isin judicial custody in connectionwith the suicide of Geetika Sharma,who allegedly took her life on

August 5 in her Ashok Viharresidence. In her suicide note, Geetikahad alleged that Kanda andChaddha were harassing her torejoin the former minister's firm aftershe left the job. The Rohini Court onThursday issued a Non BailableWarrant (NBW) against formerHaryana Minister Gopal Kanda. Thecourt asked the police to execute thearrest warrant by August 24. DelhiPolice had conducted over 60searches and raids in Haryana, Goaand Siliguri in West Bengal, besidesquestioning around 30 people. Hisbrother Govind Kanda was alsoarrested yesterday for allegedlyhelping Kanda to evade police.

Michelle Obama to meet thefamilies of Wisconsin Gurdwara

victims and families

AMRITSAR/BUREAU NEWS:In the wake of the tragicshooting event on the SikhGurdwara in Wisconsin onAugust 5th, First Lady, MichelleObama will visit Wisconsin nextweek to meet the victims andtheir families, informedManvinder Singh, Director,United Sikhs, an InternationalCivil and Human RightAdvocacy, on Sunday.

"The entire community iseternally grateful and obliged by

Lt. Murphy's heroic act as he puthis life on the line to savecountless lives and in theprocess he was shot 9 times" saidSingh. When a whitesupremacist Wade Michael Pagehad entered the Sikh place ofworship and opened fire on thecongregation, killing six personsand injuring another threeincluding a police officer, LtBrian Murphy, who was the firstresponding officer to the attack.

He said the news of visit of

First Lady came at a time whenthe entire community wasgrieving not only from the lossof the six community membersbut also the loss of Dalbir Singh,a Sikh from the Oak Creekcommunity who was shot andkilled while closing his store onWednesday night.

He said the United Sikhsthanked the White House fortaking the historic decision ofhaving the First Lady visit to theaffected families and stand insolidarity with the community.Meanwhile welcoming thegesture from First Family, Dr.Rajwant Singh, Chairman of theSikh Council told TOI "It is greatto hear that First lady will becomforting the familiesdevastated by the violence in theSikh Gurdwaras motivated byhate and it was unquestionablya kind gesture. He said it wasimportant that these familieshear firsthand how she and thePresident felt about this terribletragedy. The visit by the firstlady will be reassuring andheartening and it would bepowerful symbol of PresidentObama embracing the Sikhs atthis serious juncture. A visit ofthis sort restores the faith of thenation and brings everyonetogether added he.


NEW DELHI/BUREAUNEWS: Slamming thegovernment for the"unprecedented scale of loot''of natural resources, TeamAnna on Friday said allpolitical parties were hand-in-glove in corruption and theCAG reports on coal blockallocation, power and Delhiairport only reiterated theirpoint. Demanding a FIR in thethree cases, the activists saidthe government was hell-benton discrediting constitutionalbodies. "We have just onequestion. Prime minister,please tell us, where should wego to register an FIR on thebasis of these reports. All theagencies are under the primeminister's control and that iswhy we demand Lokpal,'' TeamAnna member Arvind Kejriwalsaid. He added, "We say allparties are involved in this(corruption) and no one wantsto pass the Lokpal bill. Allparties are involved in this lootof natural resources.

All politicalparties togetherin graft, saysTeam Anna

B A N G A L O R E / B U R E A UNEWS: Attacks on people fromthe northeast in Bangalore andthreat calls to students inHyderabad on Friday deepenedinsecurity among workers andstudents and hundredscrammed into trains in Pune,Bangalore, Chennai,Hyderabad and even Goa, tohead home. Four Assamesemen were stopped byunidentified assailants andattacked with soda bottles,said a complaint filed at theAshoknagar police station inBangalore. Elsewhere, threeManipuri men were beaten up

Fresh attacks in Bangalore keep NE exodus goingnear a bus shelter and in thethird attack, a 23-year-oldManipuri man was thrashedwhile buying vegetables.Karnataka home minister RAshoka and law minister SSuresh Kumar held meetingswith various trade organizationsto instill confidence amongmigrants from the northeastworking in their set-ups. OnFriday, 2,000 people belongingto the northeast states bookedtrain tickets out of Bangalore.

In Lucknow, public propertyworth lakhs was damaged whena group went berserk in the oldcity area while protesting the

recent violence in Assam. 16kpeople from NE have fledKarnataka In the past two days,as many as 16,000 people fromthe Northeast have fledKarnataka, state home minister

R Ashoka said on Friday. "Dueto the government's efforts,exodus has reduced," he said."Six cases have been booked sofar. We have sought the Centre'shelp.

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indiaindiaindiaw o r l d Ajmer dargah getsZardari's $1m

AJMER/BUREAU NEWS: It wasa thriller till the end. The long-awaited distribution of thepromised $1 million to the dargahof Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti byPakistan president Asif Ali Zardarifinally came to fruition on Fridaybut not without its share of drama.

A long three-hour-long,marathon closed-door meetingbetween delegates from thePakistan high commission,members of Anjuman SyedZadgan, members of AnjumanYadgar and those of the DargahCommittee resolved what anelaborate ceremony plannedearlier in the evening could not.

Now, Rs 3 crore will be givento the Anjuman Syed Zadgan, Rs1 crore to the Anjuman Yadgar, andRs 1 crore 47,48,905 to the Dargahcommittee. "I am happy that thematter has been finally resolved,"said a much relived Pakistan HighCommissioner Salman Bashir.

"We talked in detail andreached a conclusion," said SyedWahid Angara, secretary ofAnjuman Syed Zadgan. Closed-door meeting breaks dargahdeadlock But when officials fromhigh commission disclosed that ifthe money is not delivered thistime then the budget will lapse andit will be difficult to pass anotherbudget for the announcement ofPresident Zardari, matters beganto be resolved.

The Anjuman Syed Zadgan,an organization of khadims(priests) of the Dargah, has beenat logger heads with the Dargahcommittee, constituted by ministry

of minority affairs, on who is therightful owner of the money.Earlier, the Anjuman was to begiven Rs 1.5 crore as proposed bythe delegation of the Pakistanembassy while the rest was to goto the Dargah committee. "Themoney that was announced by thePakistan president is for theAnjuman and no distribution isacceptable," said Syed WahidAngara, secretary of Anjumanduring the ceremony. He had saidthat as per the ritual of the Dargah,the money which is given asNazarana (gift) goes only toKhadim or to Anjuman committee.But as the Anjuman stood up toquit the meeting Pakistan highcommissioner Bashir took thehand of Wahid and requested themto discuss the issue. Districtcollector Vebhav Galaria thenproposed a closed-door meetingbetween the Pakistan delegation,Anjuman and members of theDargah Committee.

16-year-old arrested,charged with Sikh

man's murderWASHINGTON: A 16-year-oldhigh school student has beenarrested on charges of killing anelderly Sikh in Milwaukee, whereonly days back a shootout at agurdwara had left sixworshippers dead.DeangeloWilliams, the suspect has beencharged with first-degreereckless homicide-party to acrime and possession of afirearm by a felon.

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TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2012home

27 VALUABLE TIPS YOU SHOULD KNOW TO GETYOUR HOME SOLD FAST AND FOR TOP DOLLAR!CONTD. FROM LAST WEEK15.IT’S BETTER WITH MOREPROSPECTS.When you maximize your home’smarketability, you will most likelyattract more than one prospectivebuyer. It is much better to haveseveral buyers because they willcompete with each other; a singlebuyer will end up competing withyou.16. KEEP EMOTIONS IN CHECKDURING NEGOTIATIONS.Let go of the emotion you’veinvested in your home. Be

detached, using a business-likemanner in your negot iat ions.You’ l l def in i te ly have anadvantage over those who getcaught up emotional ly in thesituation.17. LEARN WHY YOUR BUYERIS MOTIVATED.The better you know buyers thebetter you can use the negotiationprocess to your advantage. Thisallows you to control the pace andduration of the process.18. WHAT THE BUYER CANREALLY PAY.

As soon as possible, try to learnthe amount of mor tgage the buyeris qualif ied to carry and howmuch his/her down payment is.If their offer is low, ask theirRealtor about the buyer’s abilityto pay what your home is wor th.19. WHEN THE BUYER WOULDLIKE TO CLOSE.Quite often, when buyers would“like” to close is when they needto close. Knowledge of theirdeadl ines for complet ingnegot iat ions again creates anegotiating advantage for you.20. NEVER SIGN A DEAL ON YOURNEXT HOME UNTIL YOU SELL YOURCURRENT HOMEBeware of closing on your newhome while you’re still makingmor tgage payments on the oldone or you might end upbecoming a seller who is eager(even desperate) for the first dealthat comes alon.)21. MOVING OUT BEFORE YOUSELL CAN PUT YOU AT ADISADVANTAGE.

It has been proven that it’s moredifficult to sell a home that isvacant because i t becomesforlorn looking, forgotten, nolonger an appealing sight. Buyersstar t getting the message that youhave a another home and areprobably motivated to sell. Thiscould cost you thousands ofdollars.22. DEADLINES CREATE ASERIOUS DISADVANTAGE.Don’t try to sell by a certain date.This adds unnecessary pressureand is a serious disadvatage innegotiations.23. A LOW OFFER-DON’T TAKEIT PERSONALLY.Invariably the initial offer is belowwhat both you and the buyerknows he’ll pay for your proper ty.Don’t be upset, evaluate the offierobjectively.24. TURN THAT LOW OFFERAROUNDYou can counter a low offer oreven an offer that’s just underyour asking price.


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TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2012 home

Follow these simple steps torid your house of clutter.

If you're among those whokeeps procrastinating tidying upand blaming lack of scape for notbeing organised, here are a fewtips that will help you declutterfor good...- Trying to do everything at onego will only make you feelstressed out. Instead, declutterfor 20 minutes every day. You'llbe able to get through morethings without frustratingyourself.- Avoid allowing new things intoyour house in the first place.Whether you've just starteddecluttering or have justcompleted it- stop bringing in new stuff!- Instead of throwing away

things you don't need, give it tosomeone who will be happy touse it. That way you won't even feelguilty about discarding things.- Give yourself a date by whichyou will get rid of things youdon't need. Make a chart or markdates off on a calender.

Declutter your space!

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Anti-Putin PussyRiot band members

found guilty

VVS Laxman announces retirementfrom international cricket

Team India sports new jersey, a fitter YuvrajYuvraj Singh seems to be getting fitter and leaner as

his first international outing approaches. "I feel asif it is the first game for me. I'm nervous. I never

thought I will get another chance," Yuvraj said at the launchof Team India's new jersey, created by apparel sponsorsNike exclusively for the Twenty20 format.Yuvraj has been picked to play in the two T20 matchesagainst New Zealand next month and the World Twenty20in Sri Lanka that follows. Captain MS Dhoni says "the teamis fit, physically and mentally", and that the one-and-halfmonth break before the short ODI series in Sri Lanka was a"healthy" one. "There were breaks between each game in

Sri Lanka too."The skipper was in Mumbai for the jersey launch alongwith Virender Sehwag, Virat Kohli, Irfan Pathan, RohitSharma, Ajinkya Rahane and Yuvraj. The dry-fit jersey, 43%lighter than what the team was already using, is a shadedarker than the one that Team India wears in the 50-overformat."When people swap television channels they see white andimmediately know it's Test cricket. Blue is associated withone-day cricket. But now we have a different jersey forT20. There will be a strong association between the formatand the shirt now," Dhoni said.

EK THATIGERSalmanbreakshis'Dabangg'record

EK THATIGERSalmanbreakshis'Dabangg'record

Supporters of Pussy Riotprotested outside theRussian consulate at Bloorand Church Street.

Veteran Indian batsmanVVS Laxman announcedon Saturday that he

would be retiring frominternational cricket withimmediate effect. "It's been 16years since I have made myinternational debut for India and Ithink it is the right time to moveon," said an emotional Laxmanafter announcing his retirement inHyderabad. "As a youngster itwas dream to represent India andit took lot of pride to wear Indiacap, Laxman added.

"I would like to giveyoungsters an opportunity toprove themselves," said Laxman."I am grateful to almighty forblessing me to live my dream ofplaying cricket" "I have always feltthat I have got the opportunity toserve my country and have playedthe best cricket not only in Indiabut overseas as well," Laxmanfurther added. "I think it is time togive youngsters a chance at homeahead of a tough season. I havealways kept the country's successahead of personal aspirations."

"I communicated my decisionto BCCI earlier in the day that I amnot going to continue playingcricket and would hang my boots

with immediate effect," Laxmansaid while answering tomediapersons. "It was emotionalduring the past 4-5 hours whiletalking to my colleagues withwhom I've shared the dressingroom. I have not been able to get intouch with 'MS' as he is very hard toreach," said Laxman.

"Any innings that saves amatch is very special. There are a lotof innings and matches that are veryclose to me and I will cherish all ofthem." "Durban 2010 (96 vs SA) wasone of those knocks that I wouldcherish. Winning that match in thefashion that we did will be verymemorable to me."

"I will be very satisfied with thedecision that I have taken and I willnever regret this decision. Even inmy exit, I will be following and living

my ideals, which would be to keepthe country before my personalneeds," Laxman added.

"It was my privilege to play withthe some of the legends of the gamelike Sachin, Rahul, Kumble, Sehwag,Saurav and a lot of other players aswell. All of them inspired me becauseeveryone had one single goal - to dowell for country and to work for theprogress of Indian cricket. They wereall role models for me."

Laxman was also picked for theforthcoming India-New Zealandtwo-Test series but the stylishHyderabadi stunned the cricketfraternity by calling it quits withimmediate effect.

Through his career, Laxmanwent on to live up to his nickname -'Very Very Special' - as he becamepart of the famous batting quartetalso comprising Sachin Tendulkar,Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravidwhich ruled Indian cricket for morethan a decade. Laxman got his firstTest half-century (51) in the secondinnings of his debut match againstthe South Africans but it took himanother 29 innings before he got hisfirst Test hundred - a fabulous 167against Australia in the Sydney Test.Since then Laxman has gone on toget 16 more hundreds while

notching up a total of 56 half-centuries, with his highest being themonumental 281 against Australia inKolkata which destroyed Australiancaptain Steve Waugh's dream ofconquering the 'Final Frontier'.

Laxman has since been a thornin Australia's flesh more than once.Barring the last series Down Underwhen he could manage only 155 ineight innings, Laxman has time andagain taken on the Aussie challengeand come on top. He has 2434 runsagainst them at an average of 49.67.His splendid form against thereigning Test team was one of thereasons for India's ascendancy tothe top spot in Test cricket.

Laxman has played 134 Tests,amassing 8,781 runs at an averageof 45.97 and hitting 17 hundreds. TheHyderabadi has always had a pair ofsafe hands and has pouched 135 Testcatches too.

Thriving under pressure hasbeen Laxman's forte. Every time hewas dropped, Laxman bounced backwith a vengeance and made his bitetheir words. The Damocles' swordwas always hanging on his head butinstead of letting it pull him down,Laxman converted it into his strengthand went on to carve a nice forhimself.

In Transit, a shor t film based on a true story that has beennominated for five awards at the upcoming Angeleno Film Festival has just been released and will qualify for the 2013 Oscar nomination

submission. The short film based is based on a true story that award winningproducer/writer/actor Suniil Sadarangani experienced at a Los Angeles busstop, and has been directed by multiple award winning director Stev Elam. Atthe Angeleno Film Festival the movie has been nominated in the Best ShortFilm, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Concept For a NewTheme categories. The film is the meeting of two people from diametri-cally opposite cultures, background, and demographics. A poignant yetdelightful moment amidst the contra-diction that is synonymous with LosAngeles. The film has already at-tracted considerable media coveragein Mexico, India and the US. A pre-release party was held to celebratethe release and submission on Au-gust 9 in LA. In Transit was the onlyshort film to be offered a non-exclu-sive distribution by IndieFlix on-siteat the 2012 Palm Springs ShortFest.Veteran entertainment Journalist Bruce Fessier was so taken up bySadarangani's entrepreneurial drive as a filmmaker that Sadarangani and thefilm were the main emphasis of Fessier's coverage of the festival in TheDesert Sun. The movie also features Mexican TV celebrity Liliana Arriaga,most popular for her role in the on-going Mexican TV Series La Chupitos. Thefilm has been financed through the crowd funding method. The music for thefilm was composed by Gunnard Doboze, who scored the music for the 2012Oscar winning short documentary Saving Face. Speaking about thefilm, Stev says, "Liliana is a very gifted actor who brings great skilland emotional depth to the character. I look forward to working withher again. Suniil is wonderful to work with, full of ideas, and a trulygifted actor. In Transit is a film about not prejudging someone by theiroutward appearance alone." -Harshada Rege

Three Russian feminists aresentenced to two years injail for storming a church

altar and singing a 'punk prayer'against Vladimir Putin. NadezhdaTolokonnikova, 22, MarinaAlyokhina, 24, and YekaterinaSamutsevich, 30, were sentencedto two years in jail for their protestin a church against PresidentVladimir Putin, an outcomesupporters described as theKremlin leader's "personalrevenge". The song includedlyrics condemning the Church'sopen support for the state andcalled on the Virgin Mary to"throw Putin out" of power.'In Transit' qualifiesFOR OSCARS

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TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2012 b o l l y w o o d

2 Jism 2 Abhi Abhi3 Cocktail Tum Hi Ho Bandhu4 Jism 2 Yeh Kasoor5 Cocktail Yaariyaan6 Jism 2 Yeh Jism Hai Toh Kya7 Ek Tha Tiger Saiyyara8 Gangs of Wasseypur Keh Ke Lunga9 Gangs of Wasseypur Chhi - Chha Ledar10 Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi Kaafir Andhere





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RAAZ 3RELEASE DATE: 07-Sep-2012STARING: Emraan Hashmi, BipashaBasu, Jacqueline FernandezDIRECTOR(S): Vikram BhattPRODUCER(S):Mukesh BhattWRITER :SHAGUFTA RAFIQUE

FROM SYDNEY WITHLOVERELEASE DATE: 24-Aug-2012STARING: Sharad Malhotra, Bidita Bag,Prateek Chakravor tyDIRECTOR(S): Prateek Chakravor tyPRODUCER(S): Prateek Chakravor ty

SHIRIN FARHAD KI TOHNIKAL PADIRELEASE DATE: 24-Aug-2012STARING: Boman Irani, Farah KhanDIRECTOR(S): Bela SehgalPRODUCER(S): Sanjay LeelaBhansali

JALPARI - THE DESERTMERMAIDRELEASE DATE: 31-Aug-2012STARING: Lehar Khan, KrishangTrivedi, Harsh MayarDIRECTOR(S): Nila Madhab PandaPRODUCER(S): Sushilkumar Agrawal

WRITER: Aditya Chopra

JOKERRELEASE DATE: 30-Aug-2012STARING: Akshay Kumar, SonakshiSinha, Attaul Awal Hamid, ShreyasTalpade, Prakash RajDIRECTOR(S): Shirish KunderPRODUCER(S): Farah Khan,Akshay Kumar

BARFEERELEASE DATE: 14-Sep-2012STARING: Ranbir Kapoor, PriyankaChopra, Ileana DDIRECTOR(S): Anurag BasuProducer : Ronnie ScrewvalaMusic : Pritam Chakrabor tyAbout Movie:- Barfee is an upcomingHindi romantic, murder mystery filmRanbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra andIleana D’Cruz in lead roles.

Movie Review

Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif,

Girish Karnad, Ranvir Shorey

Direction: Kabir Khan

Genre: Thriller

Duration: 2 hours 12 minutes

Critics Rating: 3/5

STORY: Tiger is one of India'smost effective espionage agents.But when this brave heart fallsin love, even he has to seekcover to realise his dream.MOVIE REVIEW: Kabir Khan'smovies-Kabul Express; NewYork, Ek Tha Tiger start with thesimilar sepia-toned skylinemontages of what could beAfghanistan, Iran, Iraq; strife-ridden country associated withextremists. In ETT, the montagespass quickly. A voice-over tellsyou of how Governments fightshadow battles of espionage andintrigue with faceless agents.Cut to India's finest RAW(Research & Analysis Wing)agents Tiger--Salman Khan. Heenters the screen, dramatically,shoes first, kicking butt in acrowded bazaar; with his trade-mark checked scarf around hisneck. He ambushes a handful oftraitors single-handedly in a

long-drawn high octane actionsequence that is clearly inspiredby Jason Bourne(BourneIdentity/Supremacy series) andJames Bond (Quantum ofSolace). Mission onesuccessfully completed Tigerreturns home to a middle-classneighbourhood in New Delhi.Barely have his wounds fromIraq healed when his boss, GirishKarnad, (impressiveperformance) packs him of toIreland to spy on a professor(Roshan Seth) who may betrading missile technologysecrets with Pakistan.Before he sets out, the bossominously warns Tiger howagents must never let theirhearts rule their head. But whenCupid strikes even Tigersbecome pussy-cats. The spy isdrawn to college girl Zoya(Katrina Kaif) and he's almostready to settle down with her,

when the twist in theplot is revealed. Kat isa secret agent for theISI (Inter-ServicesIntell igence); sheowes allegiance toIndia's archenemyPakistan.Post interval, ETT goes on tofocus on the Tiger-Zoyaromance. Since they haveunfinished business, the plotallows them to lock eyes at apeace summit in Istanbul.Passions are rekindled. Thistime they let their own feelingsrule and elope. Chased by theirown people and the enemy, thecouple traipse in Cuba andother foreign locales, ridingbikes and cuddling up whilesome lack-lustre songs play inthe backdrop. One must saythere is nothing raw about theKat-Sallu romance in ETT; it'ssynthetic.

Leaving the plot open for asequel, just in case Salman's fansdemand one; ETT ends withtelling you how Tiger's file wentmissing because, once thissuper-spy decided to go off theradar, no intelligence agencycould actually track him down.Tip off: ETT is no Dabangg,Ready or Bodyguard. It's moreevolved, less chalu( readentertaining.) Salman`isms' arerationed. And the hero does somany unbelievable stunts, itmakes you ponder on whether-Bollywood's answer to SpiderMan, Superman and Batman; isapna Sal`man.'

-Meena Iyer







EK THA TIGER: SALMAN BREAKSHIS 'DABANGG' RECORDEarly morning, on August 15, Salman Khan's sister had tweeted:

"The TIGER has arrived! Congratulation & all the best to thewhole team of Ek Tha Tiger! You'll have to break all records!"

The day was barely over and the team seemed to be well on theirway to live up to her wishes. Mass hysteria, perhaps only witnessedduring Rajinikanth's films, ensued since 9.30 am on IndependenceDay. Letting go of the age-old Indian tradition of watching the PrimeMinister speak from the Red Fort, people lined up in front of theticket counters at various theatres across the country. Some, weheard, were even monitored by cops, just in case the multitudesdecided to break into a song and dance sequence.When we tried to gain access to a suburban single screen theatre,we were told that a ticket that usually costs around Rs 90 is beingsold for as much as Rs 750. "Abhi abhi madam Rs 800 mein le ke gayiticket," our arguments about 'high pricing' were easily dismissed.

Incidentally, the last time black marketers had a ball was duringDabangg when each ticket sold for as much as Rs 450.Manoj Desai, owner of the G7 multiplex in Mumbai termed it 'crazy'. "Peoplehave been whistling every time Salman is on screen. It is fabulous. We aresold out till next Wednesday. This film will surely break all records. Even theblack ticket rates are the highest in the history of cinema," Desai told us.Salman's hard work seems to have paid off. Anand Vishal, Head of Operations,Fun Cinemas called the response to Ek Tha Tiger 'phenomenal'. "This filmhas procured the highest sales for Fun Cinemas till date. Till now, it wasZindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Shows are full till Monday. I will not be surprisedif the film crosses the Rs 100-crore mark in supersonic speed. If things go thesame way, the film may cross the Rs 150-crore mark by Wednesday," saidVishal. In fact, according to trade expert Taran Adarsh, this film has putSalman in a league of his own. "And I feel this is just the tip of the iceberg.The real scenario will unfold during Eid. Ek Tha Tiger will not just break allrecords, it will be the fastest one to do so. As of now, the day one collectionshave crossed Rs 30 crore," said Adarsh.From a social network site, we learnt that people (even with pre-bookedtickets) were turned back by cops due to full parking lots and uncontrollablemob. Perhaps to avoid such ugly encounters, the film's team, who had earlierplanned to go for the first day first show at Gaiety, took a rain check. However,those close to Salman, revealed that the actor did arrange for a specialshow for the Being Human kids in Bandra. In fact, after attendingthe special screening along with Katrina Kaif, he went home to relax.

When Shatrughan sawSonakshi's item number...

I was not nervous whilekissing Emraan: Esha

Esha Gupta is just one film oldin Bollywood, but she is all set

to push the envelop when it comesto bold scenes. The hot and sultryactress claims that her co-starEmraan Hashmi is a friend andthere were no inhibitions aboutkissing scenes with the actor. Eshashares the screen space with serialkisser even in her second film and

about the same, she says, "I amlucky that I am working withEmraan again as it gives meexperience and comfort. I becamean Emraan Hashmi fan afterZeher. I remember, I wasn'tallowed to go to theatres, so Isaw that film at home. That time Irealized that he is a good actor.For me it was always EmraanHashmi, the actor." "Now, almosteveryone kisses in a film. Wehave seen Deepika and Saif,Ranbir and Nargis. Kissing is notsuch a big deal, but its justEmraan, who has got the tag ofserial kisser. I was not at allnervous while kissing him. Wetreated those scenes just like anyother scene," adds the actress.After high-voltage drama in Raaz3, Esha will be seen in a de-glamavatar in Prakash Jha'sChakravyuh.

When Shatrughan sawSonakshi's item number...Jacqueline divides Sajid, Milap?If the buzz going around in tinsel

town is any indication, then SajidKhan has a lot of say in JacquelineFernandez's life, professional andpersonal. The latest is that thedirector has forbid his actress-girlfriend from associating withher previous friends. Like MilapZaveri, who was keen oncasting Jackie in John JennyJanardhan, his seconddirectorial venture after hisdebut, Jaane Kahaan Se AayiHai, also featuring her, found no

takers at the box-office. Nevermind if the film got shelved aftershe reportedly declined it, at thebehest of Sajid. Interestingly,Milap was initially good friendswith the director and hadcollaborated on the screenplayof his previous films, HeyyBabyy and Housefull. That hewasn't involved in Housefull 2and Sajid's upcomingHimmatwala remake seems proofthat all is not well between thedirector and the writer.

Neha Sharma-Kristina Akheeva in Yamla Pagla sequelBoth female leads in the sequel to Yamla Pagla Deewana

would be new girls and not the ones you saw in theprequel.

The Deols are all set to come together onceagain in the sequel to Yamla Pagla Deewana 2that goes on floors next month. But whowould be paired opposite the male leadsSunny Deol and Bobby Deol this t imearound?

There have been speculations aboutthe leading ladies of YPD2 but we havefinally got the official confirmations.None of the female leads from theprequel will be repeated in the sequel.The makers have opted for new girls.

"Neha Sharma will be starring oppositeBobby Deol" , says a source c lose ly

associated with the film. Neha was lastseen in Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum. Asfor the girl opposite Sunny Deol itsInternational model from Australia,Kristina Akheeva. "She has worked

for innumerable hi-profile brandsand campaigns a l l over the

world", adds the source.The shoot fo r Yamla

Pagla Deewana 2 is about tobegin in UK from the secondweek of September 2012.

Film:Ek Tha Tiger





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TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2012cricket


NEW DELHI/BUREAU NEWS: A day after it was reported how theowners of IPL franchisee Deccan Chargers (DC) had mortgagedtheir team to two private banks to overcome their financial crisis, theIPL governing council (GC) on Tuesday issued a 14-day ultimatumto the owners, asking them to sort out the problems. Representativesof the franchisee and two banks' representatives presented theircase at the hurriedly-called meeting of the governing council in theCapital on Tuesday evening.

The banks now want stake in the team which is not permissibleaccording to the IPL rules. A source close to the development said ifthe situation was not sorted out within the given time, the Indianboard will be forced to take action. Both parties were unwilling totalk on the issue.

"The Indian cricket board doesn't permit any IPL owner tomortgage his/her team in order to raise funds from financial bodies.As per IPL regulations, it is absolutely prohibited. Still, the teamowners went ahead and did it. The IPL has taken a note of this andwill take appropriate action if needed," a source told TOI.

Another source revealed that the IPL GC has also issued anotice to the Chargers, asking them to submit their financialirregularities. DC owners owe Rs 650 crore to two private banks.

It was also learnt that Chargers are yet to play 85 per cent ofplayers' salary for IPL Season V held earlier this year. Fifteen percent of the salary was paid during the IPL as per the rule. By thistime, the franchisee should have paid 65 per cent of players' fee,which they haven't. The IPL has also taken a note of this.


KOLKATA/BUREAU NEWS: Itwas a memorable day for a groupof school children who got anopportunity to interact with theirfavourite 'dada' Sourav

Managing committeeto decide on interimpresident for MCA

MUMBAI/BUREAU NEWS: The managing committee of theMumbai Cricket Association (MCA) will take a final call onwho replaces Vilasrao Deshmukh as the next president.

Deshmukh, who had won the MCA president electionslast year defeating former India batsman Dilip Vengsarkar,passed away on Tuesday afternoon following a multiple organfailure.

The MCA recently amended its constitution which hadearlier held that the closest loser in the election will replace thepresident. The amended constitution says the managingcommittee will take the final call and therefore Vengsarkar, whois not a member of the MCA managing committee has no role toplay here. It had been erroneously reported that former vicepresident Vengsarkar would take over, which was later clarifiedby the MCA.

Senior vice-president of the MCA Ratnakar Shetty isexpected to replace Deshmukh. In turn, Shetty may be replacedby joint secretary PV Shetty while PV Shetty's position will betaken up by managing committee member Vinod Deshpande.

Former India cricketer Karsan Ghavri may get into themanaging committee.

Shetty has been part of the MCA for years, also serving assecretary and treasurer in the past. Vilasrao, who passed awayin a Chennai hospital, was the second president of the MCA todie in office after SK Wankhede in 1987. The managingcommittee will soon take decision on who from within thecommittee and office bearers, would head the MCA till nextyear's elections.


Taibu has expressed the wish to follow a ministerial callingand leaves the game at the age of 29, after a career thatspans almost two decades. Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC)

considers the wicket keeper to be one of the success storiesof its development programme and is saddened to be losing

his services, although Mr Taibu was appreciative of ZC's opendoor policy should he wish to be involved in the future.

"I just feel that my true calling now lies in doing the Lord'swork and although I am fortunate and proud to have playedfor my country, the time has come for me to put my entirefocus on that part of my life, " said Mr Taibu.Tatenda Taibu'scareer in cricket had its humble beginnings at ChipemberePrimary School in Highfield where he was discovered throughthe ZC development programme.

He subsequently went to Churchill High School on a ZCscholarship and steadily campaigned for a place in the nationalteam until he made his first-class debut at the age of 16. Hisdebut for the national team came in 2001, at 18. He wasappointed national team captain in April 2004, making him theyoungest test captain in history.

Ganguly during a promotionalevent in Kolkata. The formerIndia captain was also quitefriendly with them taking theirquestions some of which were

as dangerous as Shoaib Akhtarbouncers. However, the Princeof Kolkata tackled everything aselegantly as he was used toplaying his off-drives during

the playing days. He found achild's question as to whyIndian pacers slow down overthe years as very pertinent."Very good observation,"Ganguly stated. "I think it 'smainly because of their lack ofstrength and fitness. At thesame time it is also theirattitudes. A pacer should alwaysthink, say like Shoaib Akhtarand be imposing on the field,"he said. The former Indiaskipper, however, was veryoptimistic about India's future.

"I think much of Indiancricket's future will rest on ViratKohli now. I see a lot of talent inIndia, but they should be giventime to settle down at theinternational level," he said.

Last season's Bengal Ranjiskipper is also happy with thepresent state side.

"I feel a number of Bengalplayers like Ashok Dinda,Manoj Tiwary, WriddhimanSaha, Mohammad Sami haveloads of talent and temperamentto play for India," he said.


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TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2012 cricket

Badrinath replaces Laxmanfor New Zealand Tests

S Badrinath, the TamilNadu ba t sman , hasbeen called up to the

Ind ia squad fo r the Tes t saga ins t New Zea land as areplacement for VVS Laxman.Laxman, who was in the 15-man squad for the two-Testse r ies , announced h i sretirement from internationalcricket with immediate effecton Saturday. Badrinath, 31,has p layed two Tes t s fo r

India, the last being in early2010 in the home se r iesagainst South Africa. He hasa Test best of 56 in his threeinn ings . His mos t recen tinternational appearance wasduring the limited-overs leg ofIndia's tour of the West Indieslast summer.

A consis tent performeron the domes t ic c i rcu i t ,Badr ina th was the h ighes trun-getter in the 2010-11 Ranji

Trophy, where he amassed922 runs at 131.71. However,he had a middling 2011-12season: he had picked up ashoulder in jury dur ing theChallenger Trophy in Octoberlas t yea r and , a s a resu l t ,missed the first three roundsof the Ranji Trophy. When hereturned, he scored 292 runsin nine innings.

When Rahul Drav idretired in March, Badrinath's

name f loa ted a round as apossible replacement for himin the India Test middle-order.But , a t that point , a BCCIofficial had told ESPNcricinfothat the odds were agains tBadrinath. "Not only is he 30-plus, but he has been testedal ready," the off ic ia l sa id ."He i s a good p layer a tdomes t ic l eve l bu tunfortunately does not seemto fit at the highest level."


South Africa close in on No. 1 Test ranking England 315 and 16 for 2 (Trott 6*, Bell 4*) need 330 more runs to beat South Africa 309 and 351 (Amla 121, Finn 4-60)

The plotting has been goingon for years, the finalcampaign got underway at

The Oval a month ago, but thephase when South Africa trulybelieved that they were about togo top of the Test rankings, anddisplace England in the process,lasted a matter of 13 overs in thepolite atmosphere of a Lord's TestSunday evening. In that time,England, faced by what for themwould be a record fourth-inningsrun chase of 346 to win the finalTest at Lord's and level the series,lost Alastair Cook and their captainAndrew Strauss to limp to theclose of the fourth day at 15 for 2.

Vernon Philander foundinswing with the new ball todismiss both England openers lbw,leaving Cook motionless andStrauss strokeless. Any captaincan be forgiven an error ofjudgment after spending much ofthe past month wondering howEngland would ever bowl SouthAfrica out, but his passive exit feltlike the official concession of aseries. England need another 329runs at about 3.6 runs an over ona fifth-day pitch when the averagescore in this Test has been belowthree. They must also do it againsta South Africa pace attack whichhas proved itself the best in theworld, marshalled by a captain,Graeme Smith, whose fortitude issurely about to be rewarded. Theymust also do it without thepotential for the extraordinary that

Kevin Pietersen occasionallybrings. It is a big ask for team spiritand unity. England's bowlers mustfeel mentally and physicallybattered, relieved perhaps thatthis was not a five-Test series. Inthe opening scene of the Coenbrothers' movie, O Brother, WhereArt Thou? , a chain gang in 1930sMississipi is seen breaking rockswhile singing Po Lazarus, a negrospiritual song. Bowling at SouthAfrica throughout this series hasleft England's badly in need of amelody or two as they haverepeatedly foundered on the arrayof boulders that constitute SouthAfrica's batting line-up.

Hashim Amla's unyielding 121in South Africa's second-innings351 condemned England on whatbegan as London's hottest day ofthe year to a dishearteningexperience on a sedate andcomparatively reliable pitch ofchipping away against rock withthe sensation that balls and chainswere around their feet. No teamhas chased down 345 to win a Testat Lord's - although the 1984 WestIndians did rampage to 344 for 1thanks to a double century byGordon Greenidge, a man who asthe Negro spiritual observesabout Po Lazarus, took somearresting. Amla was 57 overnightand when he back-cut JonathanTrott to reach his hundred in thefirst full over of the afternoon -Trott bowling because the secondnew ball was only two overs away

- it was his first boundary of theday. He dealt in placement, abatsman of immense certainty andsubtlety. That England could

retain any hope of victory as theday progressed owed much toSteven Finn. Just when it lookedas if South Africa were bound forsafety at 259 for 4, a lead of 253, heproduced a pre-tea spell of 3 for19 in seven overs, including thevital wicket of Amla for 121, to keepdepression at bay. Finn does notstrike you as a man much given tospiritual songs - he does not evenlook as if he would make much of

a fist of karaoke - but once StuartBroad and James Anderson hadtaken that new ball to no avail, hewas introduced into the attack and

plotted England's last, desperateattempt to escape. In the firstinnings, he cut one back to bowlAmla through the gate, this timehe straightened one to bowl himpast the outside edge. AB deVilliers was unhinged by a ball thatbounced and left him, givingStrauss, at first slip, his 121stcatch, a record for an Englandoutfielder, taking him beyond IanBotham and Colin Cowdrey.


India clinch low-scoring thriller

I ndia and Pak is tan ' sUnder -19 teams a remaking a habi t out of

tak ing the i r games c lose ,ve ry c lose . Fo l lowingPakistan 's one-run victoryover India in the Under-19Asia Cup group-stage matchin July, and the tournament'stied final between the twoteams , Ind ia pu l led o f f ahear t -s topping one-wicketvictory in Townsville, to sealtheir place in the semi-finalsof the Under-19 World Cup.

The game should neverhave been close, but Indiarepeatedly allowed Pakistanto claw their way back. Afterhaving Pakis tan 98 for 8 ,India let the tail wag for a bit.Then, after a nightmare startto the chase - India werereduced to 8 for 3 - BabaAparajith and Vijay Zol hadsteadied their position in thegame, only for a silly run outto end their 66-run stand.

India 137 for 9 (Aparajith 51, Zia-ul-Haq 3-23, Azizullah 3-30) beatPakistan 136 (Azam 50, Sandeep 3-24, Ravikant 3-43) by one wicket

Thereaf te r, Pak is tanknocked wickets over in af lu r ry ; wi th Ind ia s t i l lneeding ten to win when theninth wicket fell, Pakistanlooked to have edgedahead.

Ins tead o f a t t ack ingthough, Pakistan kept thef ie ld spread and Ind ia ' sHarmeet Singh and SandeepSharma chipped away at theruns.

The f i e ld was f ina l lybrought up wi th Ind ianeed ing two to win , andHarmeet took advantage toc lose ou t the game,swinging over the infield todeep square leg.

A tie would have seenPakis tan th rough - theywould have p rogressed ,courtesy their better resultsin the group s tage of thetournament - bu t Ind ia ' sbowlers, in with bat and ball,made sure it was not to be.

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ICC ODIODIODIODIODI RankingTeam Matches Points Rating

Australia 25 2801 112South Africa 14 1687 121England 21 2534 121India 30 3598 120Sri Lanka 32 3470 108Pakistan 25 2620 105West Indies 20 1879 94New Zealand 17 1258 74Bangladesh 16 1134 71Zimbabwe 14 700 50Ireland 6 207 35Netherlands 4 63 16Kenya 4 45 11

ICC TTTTTest est est est est RankingTeam Matches Points Rating

England 32 3893 122Australia 34 3952 116South Africa 21 2364 113Pakistan 29 3148 109India 29 3004 104Sri Lanka 29 2834 98New Zealand 21 1670 80West Indies 28 2509 90Bangladesh 12 0 0

ICC T20T20T20T20T20 RankingTeam Matches QFY Points Rating


England 1 3 904 129South Africa 1 1 777 130Sri Lanka 8 593 119Pakistan 1 7 983 109Australia 1 1 560 9 3New Zealand 1 2 708 101India 8 553 111West Indies 1 0 663 111Ireland 1 1 615 8 8Zimbabwe 8 234 4 7

Whodunnit? Speculation rages over Laxman exit

When Shatrughan sawSonakshi's item number...EPL 2012: Manchester Citywin 3-2 over Southampton

Manchester: Manchester City began their PremierLeague title defence in much the same way as theyhad claimed the championship months earlier by

coming from behind to secure a dramatic 3-2 victory overSouthampton at the Etihad Stadium. The excellent Carlos Tevezgave City a first half lead, although Roberto Mancini had beendealt an early blow when Sergio Aguero left the game on a stretcherwith a knee injury. Southampton had been largely confined totheir own half before they stunned the hosts by racing into a 2-1lead in the second half courtesy of goals from substitutes RickieLambert and Steven Davis. But Edin Dzeko quickly grabbed anequaliser and Samir Nasri, the architect of much of City`s bestplay, completed thecomeback with 10 minutes toplay. Mancini handed newsigning Jack Rodwell his Citydebut in central midfield,where he partnered YayaToure in the absence of theinjured Gareth Barry, whileJoe Hart was passed fit tostart in goal.

Gangjee slips to 50that Midwest Classic

Overland Park: Four birdies against three bogeys gaveRahil Gangjee a very modest one-under 70 in the thirdround of the Midwest Classic on Webcom Tour, formerlycalled Nationwide golf. Gangjee`s round saw him slipfrom 40th to 50th on the leaderboard.

Matt Weibring`s third-round 6-under 65, whichincluded an eight-foot birdie putt at the final hole, wasenough to give him a one-stroke lead over defending

championJ a m e sN i t t i e safter 54holes att h eM i d w e s tC l a s s i c .Weib r inghas athree-daytotal of 14-under 199.

When Shatrughan sawSonakshi's item number...Mercedes team principle

refuses to clear air onSchumacher`s future

Federer beats Djokovicfor 5th Cincinnati titleMason (Ohio): Roger Federer finds a lot to like aboutCincinnati — the big crowds for his matches, the quiettime away from the court, the way his game seems tocome together on the fast, blue courts. Probably helpsthat he often takes home the trophy, too. Make it fivefor Federer. The world`s top-ranked player won a recordfifth Cincinnati title Sunday, dominating second-rankedNovak Djokovic in an unprecedented way at the startof a 6-0, 7-6 (7) win for the Western & Southern Openchampionship. The 31-year-old Swiss star has enjoyedmany of his one-week visits. None was better than thelatest. "Looking back, it`s just unbelievable," Federersaid. "This was probably the best week for me here inCincinnati. I didn`t lose a set. This is very sweet, no

doubt aboutit." Federerheads to theUS Openfeeling healthyand fine-tuned.

London: Mercedes team principle Ross Brawn has said nodecision has been made yet over Michael Schumacher`s futureThe seven-time Formula One champion is in the last year of hiscontract with Mercedes, and various pundits believe his contractmight be increased by a year. However, Brawn refused to makethe picture clearer by saying no talks on this matter has beenconducted yet. Schumacher has scored just 29, which is 135behind title leader Fernando Alonso and 48 shy of teammate NicoRosberg. Mercedes have dropped to fifth place in the constructors`standings, well behind RedBull, McLaren, Lotus andFerrari. "This is a veryimportant decision for allthe people involved. Wewon`t be rushed on it.When the time isappropriate we willannounce what we aregoing to do," a dailyquoted Brawn, as saying.

China wantsto boostbadmintonabroad

BEIJING: Badminton giant China is ready to spread its expertise abroad for the game`s betterment. China`sdominance in badminton has raised concerns about the sport`s future around the world. However, China`shead badminton coach, Li Yongbo, said he was keen to promote more exchanges with other countries toboost the international standard of the sport. Li made the statement after a star-studded Chinese teamclaimed all five gold medals at the London Games, the first badminton sweep in Olympic history. "I hope wehave more and wider exchange programs with Britain or other countries," said Li, after watching an exhibitionmatch between a Chinese amateur team and a local amateur team during the London Games. "We are alwayswilling to work with other sides and support various programs to promote the sport worldwide."

MUMBAI/BUREAU NEWS : Even a day after his announcement,speculation was rife on what triggered VVS Laxman's suddendecision to retire. Without getting into the merits and demerits, thetiming has raised questions. Why now? Like always, Laxman kepthis emotions in check and chose his words carefully, but there is noarguing that he was pushed into taking the call. Different theoriesdid the rounds - the role of the selectors, captain MS Dhoni orcriticism from former players. The most explosive was the Dhoni angle. Laxman's statementduring the press conference that he was not able to contact hisskipper fanned the fire. Laxman's family, however, dismissed thespeculation that he was unhappy with Dhoni's role. "It was aspontaneous reaction to a question, his tone was of jest - thatDhoni, you all know how difficult is to contact? He shares awonderful relationship with Dhoni. He always speaks highly ofhim and Dhoni gives him a lot of respect," said uncle Baba KrishnaMohan, who had accompanied Laxman to the media conference onSaturday.

It was a point backed by Laxman's coach, John Manoj. "Of allhis captains, Laxman enjoyed playing the most under Dhoni. Hewas a given a lot of respect by Dhoni and he felt comfortable in theatmosphere," said Manoj.Mixed signals

According to a senior Board member: "The selectors weregiving signals that they were not keen on picking Laxman for theNew Zealand series and when Dhoni came to know about it, heemphasised on the need to have a dialogue with the player and gethis reaction." It couldn't be confirmed who opened the discussionwith Laxman, Dhoni or the selectors? A source said it was Dhoniwho tried to explain the situation to Laxman when he was at theNational Cricket Academy. It's not clear whether the message was

lost in translation, but the Board member said the skipper'sintentions were good. According to a report, one of the outgoingselectors also had a chat with Laxman before the last selectionmeeting, during which he was told that they had expected him toretire after the Australia series.Bad vibes

The discussion, with the selector or Dhoni, didn't go downwell with Laxman and something snapped within. In this light, hisstatement that he wasn't able to contact Dhoni raised eyebrowsbecause while the skipper is not available most of the time, everyoneknows about the channels to reach him. Laxman had set his mindon playing the season but when he saw that he didn't figure in thelong-term scheme of things, he felt it was best to move on.

His final call stunned even his family. He had been traininglike never before for the last four months; playing even clubtournaments and travelling with the Hyderabad team for matches

in other cities. On Saturday, the scenes at the Rajiv GandhiInternational Stadium were emotional once it was clear that Laxmanwas not playing even the home game. Those present said that ashe walked across the ground to announce his decision, HyderabadCricket Association officials Shivlal Yadav, Dr MV Sridhar, V Rajurushed towards him and were seen holding his hands and pleadingthat he play his final game at his home ground.A hurt Laxman didn't budge.Selection bloopers

The VVS Laxman episode once again left the selectors red-faced. Here are a few recent examples of poor selection decisions:Virender Sehwag

The dashing Delhi opener was rushed into the Test squad forthe third Test in England last year, without having fully recoveredfrom his shoulder injury. Sehwag played only two Tests and returnedhome before the ODI series began.Zaheer Khan

The Indian pace spearhead was selected for an important tourwithout his fitness being assessed properly. Zaheer broke downon the first day of the first Test at Lord’s which immediately putthe Indians on the backfoot for the whole tour.RP Singh

The left-arm pacer was holidaying in USA and had not playedcompetitive cricket for months when he was selected for the thirdand fourth Tests in England last year and looked completely out ofplace.Rahul Dravid

He had not played ODIs since the 2009 Champions Trophy, butwas suddenly summoned for the ODI series in England last year. Heannounced his retirement almost immediately.


Page 23: QUEBEC VOTES 2012: ANNALEISE CARR, 14, 21, 2012/part_1.pdf · Salman, Katrina on Jhalak Dikhlaja SALMAN KHAN, MADHURI DIXIT AND KATRINA KAIF PERFORMING



Page 24: QUEBEC VOTES 2012: ANNALEISE CARR, 14, 21, 2012/part_1.pdf · Salman, Katrina on Jhalak Dikhlaja SALMAN KHAN, MADHURI DIXIT AND KATRINA KAIF PERFORMING