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Queensland Government Schools

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Queensland Government Schools. Australia. Population = approx. 19 million Politically and economically stable Unique natural environment World class infrastructure in health, education and technology Federal and State legislative controls on education Multicultural society. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Queensland Government Schools

Queensland Government Schools

Page 2: Queensland Government Schools


Population = approx. 19 million Politically and economically stable Unique natural environment World class infrastructure in health,

education and technology Federal and State legislative controls on

education Multicultural society

Page 3: Queensland Government Schools

Queensland - Smart State

Population = 3.6 million 2nd largest state in Australia Investing in industries of the future World renowned natural attractions Multicultural atmosphere Low crime rate and safe environment Competitive living and tuition costs 9 universities 350 State High Schools 1100 State Primary Schools

Page 4: Queensland Government Schools

Education Queensland International

Division of Education Queensland that provides schooling programs and services to international students

Links schools, students and families

32 EQI-registered schools deliver secondary studies programs

360 EQI-registered schools offer study tours

Manage the delivery of offshore programs: Year 10 and Unilearn

Manage consultancy projects in many parts of the world

Page 5: Queensland Government Schools

Qld Government Schools

Over 10 years of offering international student programs

Owned and managed by government

Co-educational Excellent academic standards High university entry rate Joint university programme

delivery Qualified, QLD-registered teachers Wide variety of subjects and extra-

curricular activities Special care and support for

international students

Page 6: Queensland Government Schools

High Teaching Standards Minimum 4-year

university degree Teachers registered with

Qld Government Board of Education

Many teachers receive special cross-cultural communications and TESOL training

Class size– Senior Year:

maximum 25 students per teacher

– Junior Year: maximum 30 students per teacher

Solid training from highly-qualified teachers

Page 7: Queensland Government Schools

Distinctive Programs

Sports - golf, soccer, basketball, hockey and many more (Olympic Sports Coaches)

Arts - music and choral music, performing arts program, drama, dance, fine arts, photography, visual arts (enhanced by resident artists and music programs at Griffith University)


Page 8: Queensland Government Schools

Distinctive Programs

Information Technology Languages - English as a

Second Language, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Modern Greek, Spanish, Vietnamese

Programs for Gifted and talented students

Maths - Extension Maths Vocational Education and


Page 9: Queensland Government Schools

Multicultural Awareness

Some schools have approx. 40 different nationalities

International Student Welcome Day festivals

Diverse multicultural communities

Qld government support -Multicultural Affairs Division, over 66 multicultural development projects

Over 22.2% of Queensland residents were born overseas (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2001)

Page 10: Queensland Government Schools

Qld School Structure

Level Year Approx Age



























Preschool 5 years


Start: End of January

Finish: Mid December

Page 11: Queensland Government Schools

EQI Programs

Secondary Schooling

Secondary English Preparation Program

Study Abroad

Group Study Tours

Offshore Programs

Page 12: Queensland Government Schools

Study Tours

Short term cultural exchange programs for groups of students and adults.

Visitor/Tourist Visa Duration 1 day to 10 weeks Insight into Australian Cultural and

academic life Conversational English and interaction

with local students Tourism activities

Page 13: Queensland Government Schools

EQI Study Tours

14 years experience arranging study tours.

Dedicated multi-lingual team of 5 full-time employees.

D elia Te rps traS en io r Pro ject O fficer

W end y Ash cro ft P ro jec t O fficer

K aren Heu sn erP rojec t O fficer

U yen (W in) P h amS u pp ort O fficer

S h aryn M aske llP rog ram M an ag er

Page 14: Queensland Government Schools

Study Tour Schools

Trained and accredited by EQI personnel.

450 staff accredited to coordinate study tours.

360 primary & secondary schools accredited across Qld.

Page 15: Queensland Government Schools


Homestay Programs Day and Half Day Visit programs Professional Visits New Products:

– Themed programs– ISP Holiday– Parent & Child

Page 16: Queensland Government Schools

Homestay Programs


01 Monday Arrival at International Airport. Airport reception service and bus transfer to host school. Official welcome and school orientation. Welcome morning tea with buddies.

Integration into the school program.

02 Tuesday English lesson Excursion (accompanied by English teacher).

03 Wednesday English lesson Integration into the school program.

04 Thursday Excursion (accompanied by English teacher).

05 Friday English lesson Farewell lunch function with buddies. Presentation of participation certificates.

06 Saturday Leisure time with host family.

07 Sunday Leisure time with host family.

08 Monday Host families deliver students to host school for farewell. Bus transfer to international airport. Departure.

Sample 1 Week Program

Page 17: Queensland Government Schools

Safe and Enjoyable Homestays

A unique opportunity to experience the lifestyle of a

Queensland family environment

Coordinated by qualified homestay coordinators at each EQI school

Thorough homestay screening and orientation

Stay with school families in a safe and caring environment.

Excellent language environment

Long lasting friendships

3 meals per day and daily transport to/from school

Page 18: Queensland Government Schools

Standard Inclusions

Homestay accommodation Buddy system Integration with local students Welcome & farewell functions,

participation certificates and gifts Pre-departure Orientation Package

Page 19: Queensland Government Schools

Pre-departure Orientation Package

Includes: – Electronic Presentation– Student Pre-Departure Booklet

Aim:– Introduce Queensland– Introduce study tours– Assist with preparation– Inform responsibilities / expected behaviour– Reduce anxiety


Page 20: Queensland Government Schools

Optional Components

English Lessons– Delivered by qualified and registered teachers– Focus on conversational English– Lessons designed to suit each group– Curriculum developed by EQI

Excursions– Discover Queensland’s world famous tourist

attractions, unique wildlife and natural beauty.

Airport transfers and reception

Page 21: Queensland Government Schools

Day Visits

Welcome functionSchool tour / orientationIntegration sessions with buddiesLunch cateringGifts / certificates


9:15am Welcome and exchange of greetings.

10:00am Welcome morning tea and introduction to Australian buddy

11:00am Classroom integration with Australian buddy

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm Activities or classroom integration with buddy

2:30pm Formal farewells and exchange of giftsDepart school

Page 22: Queensland Government Schools

Professional Visits

Education professionals can gain experience and knowledge of education in Qld through some of the following activities:– School visits / orientation– Observation / participation activities– Lunch catering and/or refreshments– Presentations on topics of interest– Discussion forums– Information packs

Page 23: Queensland Government Schools

New Products

Page 24: Queensland Government Schools

Themed Programs

School and camp based themed study tours:Reef and RainforestOutbackSurf and TurfSurvivor

Page 25: Queensland Government Schools

ISP Holiday

All-inclusive packaged tour for ISP students

Cairns & Sydney During school holidays Fully escorted and supervised by

EQI personnel Opportunity to interact with other

international and local students

Page 26: Queensland Government Schools

Parent and Child

Preschool or primary school based. Children aged 5-9 years + parent. Programs include:

– English lessons.– Buddy system. – Cross-cultural and school activities.– Sightseeing excursions.– Spend a day with an Aussie family.– Flexible accommodation options.

Page 27: Queensland Government Schools

Products under development

Intensive ESL Qld/NSW programs:

– Professional Visits– Sydney tourism add-ons– Co-hosted group programs

Page 28: Queensland Government Schools

Booking Process

1. Agent contacts EQI with enquiry2. EQI prepares quotation3. Agent accepts proposal and

confirmation notice sent to EQI4. EQI locates suitable host school5. 10% Deposit Invoice payable to secure

host school6. Agent can now contact school to

discuss finer details of program

Page 29: Queensland Government Schools

Further information

Please contact the Study Tours team for further information.– Phone: 61 7 3224 6042– Email: [email protected]

We look forward to working with you– Sharyn Maskell, Manager– Delia Terpstra, Senior Project Officer– Wendy Ashcroft, Project Officer– Karen Heusner, Project Officer– Uyen Pham, Support Officer