question 1 in what year was gloucester rugby club established? a. 1873 d. 2003c. 1893 b. 1903 50:50

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  • Question 1 In what year was Gloucester Rugby Club established?A. 1873D. 2003C. 1893 B. 190350:50

  • Question 2 What is the position played by Gloucester legend, Phil Vickery?A. WingB. HookerC. Full backD. Prop50:50

  • Question 3What is the name given to the famous stand at Gloucester's ground?A. The ConservatoryD. The Outhouse C. The CastleB. The Shed 50:50

  • Question 4What is the name of Gloucesters ground?A. Queensholm D. KingsmenC. Kingsholm B. Prince Holm50:50

  • Question 5What are the traditional colours of Gloucester Rugby Club?A. Pink & WhiteD. Blue & BlackC. Black & White B. Cherry & White50:50

  • Question 6What Nationality is Kingsholm legend, Jake Boer?A. South AfricanD. Fijian C. TonganB. Kiwi50:50

  • Question 7What year did rugby go professional?A. 1990C. 1995D. 1999B. 1993 50:50

  • Question 8What is the name of the famous Gloucester rugby based cartoon that appeared in the Citizen?A. TeekD. TeaguesC. Try!B. Up and Under50:50

  • Question 9What sport did famous player, Tony Lewis, captain England in?A. HockeyD. Rugby LeagueC. Water poloB. Cricket50:50

  • Question 10What was the first international fixture held at Kingsholm?A. England vs IrelandD. England vs WalesC. England vs AustraliaB. England vs New Zealand50:50

  • Question 11Who was Gloucesters youngest ever captain?A. Jake BoerD. Tom VoyceC. John ABearB. Mike Teague50:50

  • Question 12Which historic player was affectionately called the King of Gloucester?A. Bob ClewesD. Fred WadleyC. Tom VoyceB. Roy Digger Morris50:50

  • Question 13How much prize money did Gloucester gain for winning the John Player Cup in 1977?A. 10,000D. 1500C. 2500B. 200050:50

  • Question 14In the 1878/79 season, Gloucester played at a ground different to the Kingsholm location. What was it called?A. Deans Walk D. Kings WalkC. The TriangleB. The Spa50:50

  • Question 15What was the reason that Gloucester were asked to leave The Spa in 1878/79?A. Damage to shrubs and walkwaysD. The crowd was too bigC. Too much noise for local residents B. There was crowd trouble50:50

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