Quilts Hanging in the Too Cool T-shirt Quilt Shop in Charlotte

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<ul><li><p>1You are more than welcome to call us here at Too Cool T-shirt Quilts </p><p>with any questions you have about your T-shirt Quilt.</p><p>517-541-8225</p><p>info@TooCoolT-shirtQuilts.com</p><p>Copyright 2014 Too Cool T-shirt Quilts Inc and Too Cool T-shirt Quilts International LLC</p><p>T-shirt Quilts Hanging in the Too Cool T-shirt Quilt Shop </p><p>in Charlotte, Michigan</p></li><li><p>2This is the entryway coming into the building.</p></li><li><p>3Still in the entryway, looking back at the entry door.</p></li><li><p>4The same quilt as on the previous page - can you see it now?</p></li><li><p>5Binding room:quilt made from doll clothes. !Previously hanging in the binding room: This memorial quilt made from blue jeans and flannel shirts. </p></li><li><p>6Sewing Area</p></li><li><p>7This is that same Mickey Mouse quilt that is hanging isn the sewing area. </p></li><li><p>8The shipping and cleaning room.</p></li><li><p>9This is the same quilt that is in the shipping room. </p><p>!This quilt was the inspiration for the quilt that says Too Cool in the entryway. Someone looked at it and said, I can almost make out a word or two. Thats all it took. !Tie-dyed and black T-shirt material.</p></li><li><p>10</p><p>Bathroom #1 - Mickey Mouse</p></li><li><p>11</p><p>Bathroom #2Bobby Jack T-shirt Quilt</p></li><li><p>12</p><p>Quilts Hanging behind the Long-Arm Quilting </p><p>Machines !</p><p>This quilt and the one on the next page have been quilted with various block designs. They act as a cheat sheet for our quilters. </p></li><li><p>13</p></li><li><p>14</p><p>Quilt Over Andreas Desk !Andreas into bicycling and this quilt is a tribute to one of her passions. !The quilt has a 2" solid + 2" pieced + 2" solid border. </p></li><li><p>15</p><p>Quilt #2 In Andreas Office !This bicycling quilt is made from bicycling jerseys. There are over 27 pockets and zippers that work. </p></li><li><p>16</p><p>The Cutting Area !Left: Betty Boop T-shirt quilt. The quilt in this spot gets changed out a few times a year, depending on the season and our mood. !Right: From the cutting area you can see the worlds largest T-shirt quilt (we think its the largest) See next page.</p></li><li><p>17</p><p>The Worlds Largest T-shirt Quilt? </p><p>!This huge quilt is the center piece of the quilts in the building. Its 14' wide x 10' tall. !Read more about the making of this quilt here. </p></li></ul>