quilts hanging in the too cool t-shirt quilt shop in charlotte

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  • 1You are more than welcome to call us here at Too Cool T-shirt Quilts

    with any questions you have about your T-shirt Quilt.



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    T-shirt Quilts Hanging in the Too Cool T-shirt Quilt Shop

    in Charlotte, Michigan

  • 2This is the entryway coming into the building.

  • 3Still in the entryway, looking back at the entry door.

  • 4The same quilt as on the previous page - can you see it now?

  • 5Binding room:quilt made from doll clothes. !Previously hanging in the binding room: This memorial quilt made from blue jeans and flannel shirts.

  • 6Sewing Area

  • 7This is that same Mickey Mouse quilt that is hanging isn the sewing area.

  • 8The shipping and cleaning room.

  • 9This is the same quilt that is in the shipping room.

    !This quilt was the inspiration for the quilt that says Too Cool in the entryway. Someone looked at it and said, I can almost make out a word or two. Thats all it took. !Tie-dyed and black T-shirt material.

  • 10

    Bathroom #1 - Mickey Mouse

  • 11

    Bathroom #2Bobby Jack T-shirt Quilt

  • 12

    Quilts Hanging behind the Long-Arm Quilting

    Machines !

    This quilt and the one on the next page have been quilted with various block designs. They act as a cheat sheet for our quilters.

  • 13

  • 14

    Quilt Over Andreas Desk !Andreas into bicycling and this quilt is a tribute to one of her passions. !The quilt has a 2" solid + 2" pieced + 2" solid border.

  • 15

    Quilt #2 In Andreas Office !This bicycling quilt is made from bicycling jerseys. There are over 27 pockets and zippers that work.

  • 16

    The Cutting Area !Left: Betty Boop T-shirt quilt. The quilt in this spot gets changed out a few times a year, depending on the season and our mood. !Right: From the cutting area you can see the worlds largest T-shirt quilt (we think its the largest) See next page.

  • 17

    The Worlds Largest T-shirt Quilt?

    !This huge quilt is the center piece of the quilts in the building. Its 14' wide x 10' tall. !Read more about the making of this quilt here.


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