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  • 8/10/2019 Quotes From World Leaders


    Leaders and trendsetters agree more students should learn to code

    Steve JobsI think everybody in this country should learn how

    to program a computer because it teaches you

    how to think.

    President Bill ClintonEvery single year in America there is a standing

    demand for 120,000 people who are training in

    computer science.

    Stephen HawkingWhether you want to uncover the secrets of the

    universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the

    21st century, basic computer programming is an

    essential skill to learn.

    Bill GatesLearning to write programs stretches your mind,

    and helps you think better, creates a way of

    thinking about things that I think is helpful in all


    Senator Marco RubioComputer programmers are in great demand by

    American businesses, but there are not enough

    graduates to fill these opportunities.

    Sheryl SandbergAn understanding of computer science is becoming

    increasingly essential in today!s world. Our national

    competitiveness depends upon our ability to

    educate our children in this critical field.

    Dr. John HennessyLearning to program is exciting: it's stimulating, fun,

    develops new ways of thinking, and in a very short

    time you can build programs that will impress your

    friends and family!

    Dr. Larry Corey

    Computers are an increasingly essential part of

    understanding cancer and developing new

    therapies. Knowledge of computer programming is

    almost as important as knowledge of anatomy

    when it comes to medical research or clinical care.

    Dr. Lee HoodComputer scientists have become essential as

    part of cross-disciplinary teams of researchers who

    tackle some of the most challenging issues in

    science today.

    Mark Zuckerberg Arne Duncan

    Lee Hood Marc AndreessenLeland Melvin Anousheh Ansari

    Dr. John Deasy Vice President Al Go

    Richard Branson Arianna Huffington

    Mike Bloomberg Meg Whitman

    Dr. Mehmet Oz Todd Park

    House Majority Leader

    Eric Cantor Brad Smith

    Randi Weingarten Eric Schmidt

    Reid Hoffman Steve Ballmer

    Senator John Thune will.i.am

    Wendy Kopp Tony Hsieh

    Dennis Van Roekel Michael CohenChris Bosh Susan Wojcicki

    Jack Dorsey Snoop Dogg

    Dara Khosrowshahi Governor Jay Inslee

    Mitch Kapor Ashton Kutcher

    Jeff Wilke Jan Cuny

    Harry Lewis Mario Armstrong

    Anne Wojcicki Ron Conway

    Gov. John Hickenlooper Drew Houston

    Enrique Iglesias Fred Wilson

    Maria Klawe Anousheh Ansari

    Dean Kamen Mithra Irani Ramalae

    Elena Silenok Steve Case

    Marc Benioff Gabe Newell

    Dick Costolo Chris Stephenson

    Tim O'Reilly Nicholas Negropont

    Mayor Cory Booker Hilary Mason

    Rob Glaser Senator Ron Wyden

    Richard Barth Yishan Wong

    Salman Khan Peter Denning

    Jane Margolis Max Levchin

    Mark Pincus Louise Waters

    Mark Surman Esther Wojcicki

    Vanessa Hurst Ed LazowskaLucy Sanders Mehran Sahami

    Brad Feld Gina BIanchini

    Jeff Skoll Douglas Rushkoff

    Dr. Alan Goodwin Jason Hirschorn

    Tony Smith

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