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Quoting paraphrasing and Summarizing. Some tips. Exercise 1.18 . 5b. After the second world war , the development of ‘ planned obsolescence ’ by the industry encouraged customers to buy new cars more often than they needed to by increasing the frequency of model changes . . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Quoting paraphrasing and Summarizing

Quoting paraphrasing and SummarizingSome tipsExercise 1.18 5b. After the second world war, the development of planned obsolescence by the industry encouraged customers to buy new cars more often than they needed to by increasing the frequency of model changes. Exercise 1.18 5c. Later, from the 1970s , environmental criticism of the industry focused on the production of inefficient models which used too much fuel, contributing to global warming. Exercise 66b. Today the industry owns some of the strongest brands in the world.

Some of the most striking models in the world are kept in the hands of this industry.

Nowadays some of the strongest brands which belong to the industry.

Some of the the most dominant brands are under the possession of the industry. Taking Notes Label each entry you find to keep track of where it comes from. (author-pages-URL)While taking notes, use your own words or paraphrase. To avoid plagiarismWhile making notes, if you find something you want to quote, put it in quotation marks. Distinguis source material from your own wordsLabel notes with a subject heading. To be able to order them when needed, or to keep track of them Should I quote, paraphrase or summarize?Quote-When the wording is worth repeating rewording would destroy the originality of the source. The source is written by a well known authority of the subjectYou want to emphasize the source Quoting Weaving someone elses words into your own text.Omit unnecessary details with ellipsis marks () Enclose short quotations in quotation marks in your own sentence Set off long quotes (longer than 5 typed lines in MLA, forty or more words in APA) example on pg.410-411

Quoting When quoting poetry,3 lines or less run in your text enclosed in quotation marks and lines separated with slashesMore than 3 lines, set off as a long quote. Indicate any omission with ellipsis.Indicate additions or changes in square brackets [ ], for example for adding explanations.

Guidelines for summarizing:

Only main ideas, not details should be included. Just enough information.Use your own words.Indicate the source.

Incorporating source materials into your text.Introduce borrowed material clearly with the author and the source if necessary.Who is making an assertion, why is that person an authority on the subject. A signal phrase that inrroduces borrowed material can be neutral say or think- or can suggest something about the stance of the writer, claim, observe, suggest which change the meaning.

Tense choiceMLA present tense is required by this styleAPA use past tense or present-perfect tense to introduce sources composed in the past. Use present tense when discussing results of an experiment or to explain conclusions that are agreed upon. Combining SourcesThe article should include views from multiple sources. You may have to compare and contrast the ideas put forward in the sources. Exercise on combining sources Answers:A) four writers are mentioned. Giallombardo (1966)Heffernan (1972)Owen (1998)Fox (1982)

Exercise on combining sources B) the words in italics are signal verbs introducing ideas of others that have been summarized . According to Found thatNotes thatBelieve thatStates for example that

Exercise on combining sources C) words marking a shift from one viewpoint to the otherSimilarly- marking a parallel ideaOthers however marking an opposing idea

Exercise on combining sources 3a. Direct quote: such procedures are now labeled Interfering with natureSummary: GM techniques are no different from breeding techniques which have practiced by man fore thousands of years. 3b. On the other hand 3c. Source A states that, Source B considers that, he believes that

Exercise on combining sources Model answer for 4:Source C claims that tourism creates a significant amount of employment which provides a welcome alternative to traditional work such as farming. Howeveri source D points that many of these jobs are insecure and poorly paid., being likely to contribute to social tensions. This negative view is partly supported by source E, who insists that despite some positive examples the more common experience of developing countres is for tourism to exacerbate social ills such as crime and prostitution. Confusing pairsAccept or except ? They rather . ready-made definitions from sociology with all their lack of clarity, so they put their conclusions at risk because of this ambiguity.For all variables, the results indicate extremely low correlations between distance and GPA and distance and all other student and neighborhood characteristics, for attendance.Confusing pairsClose (adj) or Close (verb) We build on and depart from this work through a . analysis of the ways in which raced consciousness inflects developing understandings of cultural responsiveness. We . by commenting on three special aspects of the data analyzed in this study that we think merit attention from researchers seeking to understand classroom instruction. Confusing pairsCompliment or Complement ?

Thats the best .. they can give me, especially in a high-level class.I provide a brief overview of each, as followed by an explanation of how the frameworks . each other.Confusing pairsAffect or effect ? The net . of the reduction in sample size was to limit inferences to a population of students Another focus of this article is whether financial factors also . performance beyond the first year.Confusing pairsEconomic or economical Our theoretical perspective is informed by research on .production function (input-output) studies. The concept presupposes that all substitutions among resources will be made [this is relative scarcity].Confusing pairsIts (pronoun) / Its (pronoun +verb) In particular response to .. defeat in Edwards, the antievolution movement changed .. approach yet again by formulating the concept of ID. So not the case that in multilateral schools, watered-down versions of academic or vocational programs are offered.Confusing pairsLose or loose Implementation scholars have used coupling and decoupling to account for the relatively weak influence of government policy on school and classroom practice.When lower ability students are tracked, they . the opportunity to benefit from positive peer effects resulting from coming into contact with motivated and study-involved, more able students. Confusing pairsQuite or quiet Among the 1,225, 81.7% had completed a CD curriculum in high school, .. similar to the percentage of students completing a CD curriculum in the original sample (82.1%). The only exception to the ..atmosphere of individual work was during the condensed lecture, when a few students had the chance to ask questions about the material in front of the class. Confusing pairsPrincipal or principle? In .., however, the instructional model also holds within school types. She is currently the .. investigator or co-principal investigator on several research grants investigating effective interventions for students with reading difficulties and students who are English language learners.