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  • 2012


    R410A DC Inverter VRF For North America

    Commercial Air Conditioner Business Units Midea Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Sector Add: West region of Midea commercial air conditioner department, Industry Avenue, Beijiao, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, P.R. China Postal code:528311 Tel:+86-757-22394101 Fax: +86-757-26338003 http://www.midea.com http://www.mideaaircon.com

  • Corporate Introduction

    Midea CAC (MCAC) As a key part of Midea Group, the Midea Central Air Conditioner (CAC) Business Unit is a professional CAC products supplier and commercial products solution expert. Since 1999 Midea central air-conditioner contributes to the commercial product R&D and technology innovation. By cooperating with the international enterprises plus the independent R&D, Midea CAC achieves big success in the commercial air-conditioner market and has established thousands of sample projects all over the world.

    Right now Midea CAC is one of the most professional CAC products supplier as well as the professional project solution provider in marketing, sales, project design and after service etc.

    MCAC Chongqing factory with 14 product lines concentrates on the water cooled centrifugal / screw/ scroll chillers, Air cooled screw/ scroll chillers, AHU/FCU etc. MCAC Shunde factory with 31 product lines concentrates on the VRF (DC inverter product/ Digital scroll product), split product, heat pump water heater, AHU/FCU etc.

    From its humble beginnings in 1968, Midea has developed into a large corporation, covering HVAC, appliances, lighting, industrial components, logistics, and real estate. Its 40 years of relentless growth has brought its global turnover to $14 billion USD in 2009. Consequently, Midea has created over 150,000 jobs both within China and all over the world. In addition to providing affordable goods to consumers worldwide, Midea is a responsible corporate citizen, and has contributed to several social causes. Midea believes in creating value through rapid response to market demands, cost-efficient operations and consumer satisfaction. As a result, Midea wields vast production capacities to meet these demands, a fully integrated manufacturing process, and a comprehensive range of affordable, high-quality products to serve its global customers.

    Today, Midea is a home appliance leader in China. The company continues to actively globalize its operation by opening plants in Vietnam, Belarus and Egypt. Additionally, Midea has several forthcoming plants in order to offer enhanced products and services closer to the market.

    Midea Group

  • Midea proudly introduce the R410A DC Inverter VRF products-the DC Inverter V4

    Plus and Full DC Inverter Mini VRF.As a new products especially developed for

    North America market, they have advantages of high efficiency,good performance

    and smart control.Midea R410A DC Inverter VRF products adopt the advanced DC

    inverter technology,not only have all the advantages of the VRF system-Energy

    saving,Easy installation and Easy management,but also have their particular and

    outstanding features. The wide capacity range and numerous of outdoor and

    indoor units make they can be applicable for a variety of occasions.

    Developed to facilitate more flexible system design for various of buildings

    R410A DC Inverter VRF Series

    Contents 05





    DC Inverter V4 Plus

    Full DC Inverter Mini VRF

    Indoor units

    Control system


  • R410A DC Inverter VRF 06R410A DC Inverter VRF05

    Optimized fan blade shape with new air outlet grille enhanced air flow volume which makes fan performance greatly improved and without increased noise. Also, a higher external static pressure has been achieved optionally-from 0.08in.WG to 0.32in.WG.

    New blade with sharp edge and little curve increases the airflow Rate and lowers down vibration and airflow resistance.

    Fan grille

    New profile fan blade

    High performance heat exchanger

    High efficiency full DC inverter compressor


    New structure-enhanced mid-frequency performance Specially designed scroll profile for R410A

    More compact, weight reduced by 50%

    Advanced permanent magnet DC motor improves the low frequency band performance

    V4+ series achieves the industry's top class energy efficiency of cooling and heating by utilizing the Brushless Reluctance DC compressor control, DC Fan motor, and improved performance heat exchanger. High efficiency DC inverter compressor saves power consumption by 25%.

    The V4 plus which is well flexible designed for applicable for a variety of occasions.Offering a higher capacity up to 51.2ton,meeting requirements of big capacity.It also incorporates numerous outstanding features,a larger capacity range of outdoor units and indoor units,longer level difference and actual piping and high extenal static pressure.The V4 plus VRF product provides a flexible design and easy installation in big-sized and high-rise building for wide application.

    DC Inverter V4 Plus

    0 0

    0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1





    New design

    Original design

    Frost contrast

    Relative frosting rate

    R el

    at iv

    e w

    in da

    ge re

    si st

    an ce

    Reduce 28%

    Reduce 30%

    0 0

    200 400 600 800 1000 Re





    New design

    Original design

    Windage& air flow

    R el

    at iv

    e w

    in da

    ge re

    si st

    an ce

    New design Original design

    High efficiency inner-thread pipe, enhance heater transfer.

    DC Inverter V4 Plus

    NEW Fashion Design

  • R410A DC Inverter VRF 08R410A DC Inverter VRF07

    DC motor



    18 steps vector control

    High efficiency MDV V4 PLUS with high efficient DC compressor and DC motor, achieved the world’s Top Class energy efficiency.

    By adoption of the 180°SineWave Inverter which smooths the rotation of the motor, operation efficiency is improved sharply than traditional sawtooth wave.

    Smooth 180°sine wave DC Inverter

    DC fan motor

    HIGH EFFICIENCYCompressor efficiency

    Ef fic

    ie nc

    y- R

    ot or

    S pe

    ed C

    ur ve

    New DC motor-centralized winding

    Common DC motor-distributing winding

    20 40 60 80 100 Rotor speed(s-1)

    According to the running load and pressure, it controls the speed of DC fan to achieve the min. power consumption.

    Used across entire range of models (from 7.2~51.2Ton). Efficiency improvement by up to 45% especially at low speed.

    Powerful magnets provide high torque and efficiency and achieve 70% reduction in volume. Main Features

    Wide operation Range

    V4 PLUS intelligent defrost improve the heat capacity Common sawtooth wave 180° Sine Wave DC inverter

    Centralizing winding

    Distributing winding




    80 100

    200 1000

    45% Increased by


    EF FI

    C IE

    N C

    Y (%


    defrost 191.3 182.4 173.4 164.4 155.4 146.4 137.4 128.4 119.4 110.4 101.4 92.4 83.4 74.4 65.4 56.4 47.4 38.4 29.4 20.4 11.4 2.4

    -6.6 -15.6 -24.6 -33.6 -42.6 -51.6 -60.6

    Th er

    m oc

    ou pl

    e te

    m p(

    °F )

    180.4 171.4 162.4 153.4 144.4 135.4 126.4 117.4 108.4 99.4 90.4 81.4 72.4 63.4 54.4 45.4 36.4 27.4 18.4 9.4 0.4

    -8.6 -17.6

    Th er

    m oc

    ou pl

    e te

    m p(

    °F )

    Outdoor Temperature



    Outdoor temp. °F(D.B.)



    23°F Outdoor Temperature

    No matter in extremely cold winter when outdoor temperature down to as low as -4°F or in hot summer when temperature is up to 118°F, the V4+ system will keep stable operation.

    -4°F 14°F 32°F 50°F 68°F 86°F 104°F 122°F

  • R410A DC Inverter VRF 10R410A DC Inverter VRF09


    High efficiency oil balance and oil return technology

    In one combination, any of the outdoor unit can run as the master outdoor unit, to realize the equal lifespan among the outdoor units in the combination.

    Alternative Cycle Duty operation of outdoor units

    Any single unit can be set as the master unit in a multiple system when the previous master unit failed and other units left will keep on operating. This can be set on PCB by DIP switches at site.

    Outdoor module Back up operation

    From evaporator

    Enter condenser

    Oil balance pipe between modules

    Oil separator

    Oil even pipe I

    Suction pipe

    Refrigerant flow direction

    D is

    ch ar

    ge p

    ip e

    Oil even pipe II

    Oil balance pipes among modules and individual oil balance by vector control ensure even oil distribution among the modules which keeps compressor running nomally. High effciency centrifugal oil separator(up to 99%) makes oil separate from discharge and go back to compressor. Auto oil return program by monitoring the running time and state of system ensures reliable oil return.



    ENHANCED COMFORT Intelligent soft start technology