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Rafal Styczen, IIF presentation from TMT.Ventures'09 Warsaw (http://tmtevents.eu by New Europe Events)


  • 1. 1 How EU funding help IIF companies grow TMT Ventures09 Warsaw 5 thMarch2009

2. EU funds in IIF Group TOGETHER 16 mil. PLN (4 mil. EUR) IIF GROUP IIF SEED FUND SOFTWARE MIND PERSONAL SENSE MONETTO WROOM SCOOL MEBLE PERSONAL TV PERYSKOP M obile CRM system with sales recommendation module WE KNOW IT 2007-2008 2008 - 2011 2007 12 mil. PLN SPO WKP 1.2.3 2.8 mil PLN 7thFramework Programme0.4 mil PLNSPO WKP 1.4.1 2007 0.8 mil PLN SPO WKP 1.4.1 3. Summary 4.

  • New Programmes to be addressed
  • Operational Programme Innovative Economy
  • (Program Operacyjny Innowacyjna gospodarka POIG)
  • Information society increase of innovativeness of economy( Spoeczestwo informacyjne zwikszanie innowacyjnoci gospodarki)
  • Supporting business in the field of electronic digital economy( Wspieranie dziaalnoci gospodarczej w dziedzinie gospodarki elektronicznej)

New Programmes 5.

  • Obtaining EU fundingpros and cons

Pros and cons 6. IIF Seed Fund

  • Seed and startup financing
  • EU funds leveraged 50%
  • Up to1 mil. EURsingle investment
  • So far investments in 6 projects:
  • (Monetto, Wroom, Scool, Meble, Personal TV, Peryskop)
  • Investment sectors
    • e-commerce
    • software development and services
    • new electronic media
    • consumer finance

7. WROOM IIF Seed Fund

  • Classified agregation of automotive advertisments
  • Leader in vertical search engines in European automotive industry
  • International expansion currently in Poland and Germany
  • New countries soon
  • Second most popular automotive site in Poland
  • November2008 (6 month from launch):
    • over 0,8 mil. users
    • 3,5 mil. page views
  • Addtional information about motorcycles,lorries and other vehicles
  • Search engine for tires


  • Leader on furniture market
  • Plans to become Ikea of the Internet
  • Development towards complex site with interior equipment
  • Horizontal and vertical expansion
  • Winner of WebStar 2008 award, granted by Academy of Internet
  • 5 th placein GEMIUS/PBI Research
    • 0,7 mil. users
    • 10 mil. page views
  • E-commerce profits from Dec.2008 reached0,6 mil. PLN

MEBLE IIF Seed Fund 9.

  • Virtual shopping advisor
  • Recommend products on the basis of millionsproduct reviews and technical data
  • Millonsauthenticproduct reviews in one place
  • Analyze Reviews from the whole Internet
  • Used technology analyzes every gathered review to determine the best products
  • Innovative global product
  • Beta version April 2009

PERYSKOP IIF Seed Fund 10.

  • An advanced recommendation technology based on sophisticated A.I. algorithms applicable to numerous vertical markets
  • Long Tail activation
  • Improved retention rate
  • Two-fold increase in revenue per customer

It is used by many high-profile customers. e_Commerce Recommendations and personalized Internet Content IPTV Personal content rating andPersonal Program Guide Personal TV IIF Seed Fund 11.

  • Romanian social utility
  • Potential to recreate success of Facebook and Nasza Klasa in Romania
  • Scool.ro provides a virtual meeting ground for school friends
  • Unique way of sharing school memories
  • The social utility targets students as well as their parents
  • IIF investment in August 2008

SCOOL IIF Seed Fund 12.

  • Social lending platform
  • Launched March2008
  • Loans granted:1,1 mil. PLN
  • Registered users:10 000
  • Monetto offers:
  • interest rates higher than in banks (for lenders as well asforborrowers)
  • capital guarantee
  • using social mechanisms

MONETTO IIF Seed Fund 13.

  • R ecommendationtechnologybased on sophisticated algorithms
  • Personalization is responsible for more than35% sales
  • Use of recommendation technology:
    • interactive TV
    • e-commerce
  • Two years R&D
  • Project co-financed from UE funds
  • Technology and platform architectureforrecommendations, interactionandpersonalization of multimedia contentandservices offered electronically
  • SPO WKP 1.4.1
  • Funding :0.4 mil. PLN

Personal Sense IIF 14.

  • Leader in Semantic Web solution
  • S oftware houseacting globally
  • E mployment 100+ people
  • 2008sales :11.7 mil. PLN
  • EBITDA : 3 mil. PLN
  • Key clients of Software Mind
  • Research UE PROGRAMME:
  • SPO WKP 1.4.1
  • Design, creation and pilot implementation of mobile CRM system with sales recommendation module
  • Funding:0.8 mil. PLN


  • Project"WeKnowIt uses wide experience and Software Mind knowledge in the field of semantic web solutions
  • Seventh Framework Programme of the European Community for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities
  • Emerging, Collective Intelligence for personal, organizational and social use
  • The main objective of WeKnowIt is to :
    • develop novel techniques for exploiting multiple layers of intelligence from user-contributed content, which together constitute Collective Intelligence

WeKnowIt SOFTWAREMIND 16. Rafa Stycze CEOIIF S.A. Bociana 22a 31-231 Krakw Tel. 012 614 51 73 www.iif.pl