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2. About Ranthambore National ParkRanthambore National Park forSawai Madhopur District of Rajasthan statewww.indiatraveltours.com 3. Wild Animals at RanthamboreRanthambore National park contains a huge variety ofanimals, birds and reptiles within it.www.indiatraveltours.com 4. Birds at RanthamboreRanthambore, due to its varied terrain and abundance of water bodies, has an excellentpopulation of birds, resident and migrant.www.indiatraveltours.com 5. Flora at RanthamboreThe vegetation in the park is mostly of the dry deciduous type with a large varietyconsisting of nearly 300 species.www.indiatraveltours.com 6. Forests at RanthamboreThe forests of Ranthambore have a lot of contrasting vegetationDhok forms a majority of the tree coverwww.indiatraveltours.com 7. Safari at RanthamboreVehicle used for safari inRanthambore National Parkwww.indiatraveltours.com 8. Water GatewaysKachida Valley at RanthamboreThis area also has a good population of beers.www.indiatraveltours.com 9. Water GatewaysSurwal-lake at RanthamboreSurwal Lake is most visited by the bird watchingwww.indiatraveltours.com 10. Wild Life Famous Tigers at RanthamboreFamous for Tigerswww.indiatraveltours.com 11. Wild LifeBakaula at RanthamboreNational Park Ranthambore is covered with thick forest over a large part ofits area. One of the thickly forested regions is called the Bakaula regionwww.indiatraveltours.com 12. Wild Life Lakarda and Anantpuraat RanthamboreIdeal locations to visit if looking for Sloth Bearswww.indiatraveltours.com 13. Wild LifeRaj Bagh Lake at RanthamboreThese ruins are located between The Padam lake and The Raj Bagh lakewww.indiatraveltours.com 14. Picnic SportsMalik Lake at RanthamboreThis is the smallest of the three lakes in Ranthambore National Parkwww.indiatraveltours.com 15. www.indiatraveltours.com 16. Informative TravelsPhone : + 91- 11- 65365544, 22758788Mobile : 9350162414(24 Hrs.)Fax : + 91 - 11 22758788Email - indiatraveltours@gmail.comWebsite www.indiatraveltours.comwww.indiatraveltours.com

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