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Volume 3 Issue 1 (July/ August)


  • Rajdhani Recitals Bimonthly bulletin of Rotaract Club of Rajdhani Volume 3, Issue 1

    July/ AugustSponsored by

    Rotary Club of Rajdhani

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    Rota Year 2012/13

    RI District 3292Nepal and Bhutan

    Zone VI

  • Wow!!! being a President feels different. I am being president for the first time in my life and Im enjoying its all challenges and the responsibilities with such support from friendly

    and dedicated members.

    Its my immense pleasure to be the 9th President of Rotaract Club of Rajdhani and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the members for providing me the

    opportunity and believing in me to lead the club. I believe and follow the famous quote leadership is action, not a position and I believe that in this rota year, our club will be

    accelerating in better heights with mutual efforts of all our enthusiastic members following the RI Theme Peace Through Service

    and our Rotaract District Theme Say Stay Strieve.

    Its already two months passed of my tenure and it went very fast. I would say, so far so good performance with our efforts in these two months. We involved in around thirty

    programs in these two months. Its good to see that our clubs strength is growing with the increase in new energetic members. Thanks to all advisory members, board

    members and general members for their effort so far and hoping to seek more in coming months.

    ! Long Live Rotary ! Long Live Rotaract ! Long Live Rajdhani !

    Message from the President 2012-13

    Rtr. Susan Shakya

    The New Beginning

  • With great pleasure Rotaract club of Rajdhani, the editorial team is thankful for providing the opportunity

    for the Rota year 2012-13. The editorial team has used this platform to update the activities of the club along with the exploring the creativity of its member.

    It was 18th December 2003, the Rotaract Club of Rajdhani was chartered. Today the club is

    rejuvenated with new club logo, by-laws, social network sites and more importantly the dedicated

    rotarators around its belt last Rota-year. We are very thankful to the Past Presidents, secretary, and

    member to carry the club to this status. We also congratulate the President, Secretary, the directors,

    the board members and members for the Rota-Year 2012-13 and warmly welcome

    the new members in the club.

    As per the beginning of the Rota-year 2012-13, with new energy and enthusiasm we hope to give

    Rajdhani Recitals a new look with improved club activities reports along with the activities of the par-ent club, the inner wheel, the interact, district activi-ties. We also encourage the member to provide the valuable contribution with their articles, compilation,

    literatures and other creative supports.

    Hoping for your response.

    !!!Enjoy Reading!!!

    !!!THANK YOU!!!


    Rtr. Sushil S. Malla

    Publication Officer 2012- 2013

  • 4Rajdhani Recitals - Vol.4, Issue1 Rajdhani Recitals - Vol.4, Issue1


    MeetingsGeneral Meeting 6Board Meeting 3

    Joint Meeting with Rotarty 2Joint Meeting with Inner Wheel -

    Zonal Meeting 2

    New MembersMale 4

    Female 5


    Avenue Organized ParticipatedClub Service 9 15

    Professional Development 4 -Community Service - -International Service 1 -

    Sub-Avenue: Partner in Service Public Relation

    - -

    Total 14 15

    Organized Events: 1 Club Service Avenue S.No. Date Events Venue Remarks

    1.1 July1,2012 Installation Ceremony Annapurna Hotel, Durbar marg

    Joint installation ceremony with Rotary and

    Inner wheel1.2 July20,2012 Club Assembly Kathmandu Model College,

    Bagbazar, Ktm1st Club assembly

    1.3 July28,2012 Birthday Celebraion Newari Bara Resturant, New Road

    Fellowship event

    1.4 Aug4,2012 Rotaract Orientation Media International , Anamnagar

    Joint programme with RAC Kathmandu Sunrise

    1.5 Aug11,2012 Fellowship Football Match

    Kathmandu Valley School, Maharajgung

    Fellowship event

    1.6 Joint Meeting with Rac Dillibazar

    Joint Meeting

    1.7 Aug18,2012 T-shirt release Kathmandu Model College, Bagbazar

    New club t-shirt release

    1.8 Aug18,2012 Legacy of Rajdhani Kathmandu Model College,Bagbazar, KtmPresidents collar decorated

    with name pins

    1.9 Aug25,2012 Farewell to Rtr. Jeveen Shrestha Rtr. Jeveens HomeFarewell to Rtr. Jeveen who is going finland to study IT

  • Rajdhani Recitals - Vol.4, Issue15

    Rajdhani Recitals - Vol.4, Issue1Barometer

    Organized Events: 2 Professional Development Avenue

    S.No. Date Events Venue Remarks

    2.1 July5, 2012 Voca-Boom Facebook To improve vocabulary

    2.2 August18, 2012 Compact Click Artudio, Lazimpat One day photography workshop

    2.3 August24, 2012Career Guidance and

    personality development

    Kathmandu Model Col-lege, Bagbazar, Ktm

    To help in career development and to im-

    prove personality.

    2.4 August25, 2012 Civil Aviation Classified talk program about civil aviation

    Organized Events: 3 International Avenue

    S.No. Date Events Venue Remarks

    3.1 August25, 2012 Salutation Kathmandu Model Col-lege, Bagbazar, Ktm

    Salutation to Rac Federal Polttechnic


    4 Participated Events

    S.No. Date Events Avenue Venue

    4.1 June 30, 2011 District Assembly Club Service Patan Campus, Patan

    4.2 District Awards St. Xaviers School, Jawalakhel

    4.3Date: 1st July

    2012 Mini - Gulf Put -Put Venue: Civil Mall, Sund-


    4.4 July 14, 2011 Zonal Cots - Zon VI Thames College, Baneshowr

    4.5 August 4, 2012

    Chartered Day Celebration

    Rotaract Club of Kathmandu-Sunrise

    Media International, Anamnagar

    4.6 August 4, 2012 Friendship Day Celebration Thames College,


    4.7 - President Friendship Message Contest Official maling address of

    Rac Fishtail

    4.8 August 5, 2012 Fellowship Dance Party Rotary Hall, Thapathali

    4.9 July Installation Ceremonies() Diffrent Locations

  • 6Rajdhani Recitals - Vol.4, Issue1 Rajdhani Recitals - Vol.4, Issue1

    Activities Organized Events - Club Service

    1.1 Joint Installation Ceremony

    Venue: Hotel Annapurna Time: 9.00am-10.30am Date: July 1, 2012

    We Rotaract club of Rajdhani had our 9th installation ceremony jointly with our parent club Rotary club of Rajdhani and Innerwheel club of Rajdhani in the presence of IPDG Rtn. Basudev Golyan as guest of honour and DG Rtn. Yogendra Man Pradhan as chief guest. Rtn. Rajendra Bahadur Sir as master of ceremony started the program. Outgoing presidents handed over the presidents collar, Charter Certificate, Gavel and Gong to the incoming presidents. The installation ceremony was adjourned by photo session and fellowship breakfast.

    Club Incoming President Outgoing President Incoming President

    Rotary Club of Rajdhani Rtn.Indra Bhakta SakhkarmyRtn.

    Pradeep K. ShresthaRtn.

    Biswajit Mukherjee

    Inner Wheel of Rajdhani IW Shanti Sakhakarmy IW Benju Shrestha

    Rotract Club of Rajdhani Rtr. Susan Shakya Rtr. Dr. Pranav Shrestha Rtr. Jeveen Kaji Shrestha

    1.2 Birthday Celebration Venue: New Bara Restaurant,

    New RoadDate: 28th July 2012

    Our Club has a nice history of celebrat-ing birthdays of the rotaractors jointly. The same event has been continued this year as well. This time there was the birthday celebration of Rtr. Dr. Leison Maharjan (PP), Rtr. Monica Neupane (Partner in Service), Rtr. Pooja Bhattarai (Professional Service Director), President, Rtr. Susan Shakya and Rtr. Roshani Kapali. These types of events are helpful for fellowship among club members. DRR- Elect, Rtr. Aashis Chaulagain also joined the party . Total 21 rotaractors were present in the party.

    The birthday celebration was the formal agenda of the meeting no.322. The regular general meet-ing was also held in the venue in presence of DRR-Elect.

  • Rajdhani Recitals - Vol.4, Issue17

    Rajdhani Recitals - Vol.4, Issue1Activities Organized Events - Club Service

    1.3 Diabetes and ECG camp (Rotary Event Participation )

    Venue : Green City Hospital Date: 21st July 2012

    Rotary Club of Rajdhani organized the blood glucose level checking and ECG .The random Blood glucose level was checked which result was obtained after an hour. In the mean time ECG was taken of the individual. The report was presented to the consultant doctor individually.There was active participation of respected Rotarians, motherly inner-wheelers. Rtr. Anu Khadka, Rtr. Jisinta Neupane, Rtr, Subash Timelsena(Community Service Director) and Rtr. Rajan Manadhar(Club Service Director) participated in the event. All the rotaractor too had their blood glucose level testing along with ECG and visit to the consultant. Similarly, the breakfast was also managed by the Green City Hospital. The programme was coordinated by Rtn. Pramila Thapa.

    1.4 Rotaract Orientation Venue: Media International, Anamnagar Date: 4th Aug 2012

    As this was a joint program, it started right after the chartered day celebration tea party of Rotract Club of Kathmandu- Surise, in Media International, Anamnagar. Rotract orientation was held under the supersvision of our PD Rtr. Pooja Bhattrai to give basic information about Rotract and also to help the participants know more about rotract. DRR- Elect, Rtr. Aashis Chaulagain gave orientationRotract. He shared his memorable