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Ralph White has a collection of American automotive dealership signage hidden away in a secret Texas warehouse. I recently was able to steal a peek at his stash of classic neon. This group of snapshots is a fraction of his amazing private collection.


  • Neon Garage_0000_Ralph Whites Neon GarageNeon Garage_0001_Layer 40Neon Garage_0002_Layer 39Neon Garage_0003_Layer 41Neon Garage_0004_Layer 42Neon Garage_0005_Layer 44Neon Garage_0006_Layer 43Neon Garage_0007_Layer 45Neon Garage_0008_Layer 46Neon Garage_0009_Layer 38Neon Garage_0010_Layer 5Neon Garage_0011_Layer 48Neon Garage_0012_Layer 47Neon Garage_0013_Layer 50Neon Garage_0014_Layer 49Neon Garage_0015_Layer 52Neon Garage_0016_Layer 51Neon Garage_0017_Layer 35Neon Garage_0018_Layer 36Neon Garage_0019_Layer 54Neon Garage_0020_Layer 53Neon Garage_0021_Layer 55Neon Garage_0022_Layer 56Neon Garage_0023_Layer 58Neon Garage_0024_Layer 57Neon Garage_0025_Layer 17Neon Garage_0026_Layer 18Neon Garage_0027_Layer 60Neon Garage_0028_Layer 59Neon Garage_0029_Layer 61