ramadan best wishes

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Ramadan best wishes

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  • Ramadan best wishes

  • The holy month of Ramadan,For all Muslims has begun.Praising Allah through the day,From dawn to dusk we fast and pray.We pay zakah (charity) for those in need,Trying hard to do good deeds.

  • Its the month when the devils are chained,the gates of hell are closed and those of paradise are opened.Its the month the holy prophet used to pray to witness.Its the blessed month of Ramadan.May Allah shower his blessings andgrant you forgiveness in this holy month.

  • A Glass of CareA Plate of LoveA Spoon of PeaceA Fork of Truth &A Bowl of Duaas. Mix with spices of QURAAN.Enjoy This Meal.RAMADAN MUBARAK

  • May This Ramadan be as bright as ever.May this Ramadan bring joy, health and wealth to all of you.

  • May this Ramadan bring in u the mostbrightest and choicest happiness andlove you have ever Wished for.

  • May this Ramadan bring you theutmost in peace and prosperity.

    May lights triumph over darkness.

    May peace transcend the earth.

    May the spirit of light illuminate the world.

  • Walk humblyTalk politelyDress neatlyTreat kindlyPray attentivelyDonate generouslyMay ALLAH bless & protect all of you

  • He is the one GOD;the Creater, the Initiate, the Designer.To Him belong the most beautiful namesHe is the Almighty, Most Wise. Wishing you a blessed Ramadan..!

  • May ALLAH honor U , Forgive U , Purify U , Accept Ur IBADAT & DUAS , Elevate U , Inspire U & Shower U With His NOOR , Mercy & Protection During HOLY RAMAZAN "

  • Fragrance fills years as flory;with the immaculate eternal smile,attached to u mile after mile;All darkness is far away,As light is on its way;Wish all of u a very happy Ramadan

  • here is hoping this festival of beauty bringsyour way, bright sparkles of contentment,that stay with you through the days ahead.Best wishes on Ramadan

  • May The Noor Of This Blessed Month illuminate ur heart, Mind & soul & may ur All prayers be answered (amen) Always remember me in ur prayers.


  • Wishing u 1 month of Ramadan,4 weeks of barkat,30 days of forgiveness,720 hours of guidance,43200 minutes of purification,2592000 secs of Nuur..!!

  • May ALLAH bestowed u peace, serenity , tranquility and health in this HOLY MOINTH of Ramadan Along with his blessing and bliss.

  • May the light that we celebrate at Ramadanshow us the way and lead us together on thepath of peace and social harmony

  • The Almighty Allah says,"When a servant thinks of Me, I am near.When he invokes Me, I am with him.If he reflects on Me in secret, I reply in secret,And if he acknowledges Me in an assembly,I acknowledge him in a far superior assembly."- Prophet Muhammad (SAW), as reptd by Abu Huraira