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2. Report on Ramzan Package 2011The NGO World Foundation-Pakistan Page 2PROJECT SUMMARYProject Title:Provision of Ramadhan Food Ration to the Orphans, Widows, affectedby the Natural and Man-Made DisastersBeneficiaries: 679Project Duration: 04 weeks (Whole month of Ramzan)Contact Persons: Zafar IqbalExecutive DirectorThe NGO WorldMultan, Pakistan.Cell:+92-300- 6718562Email: thengoworld@yahoo.comImplementing Agency: The NGO World (Pakistan)Contact Address:Head office: Ikram ul Haq house, Near NUML university campus,Bahadurpur chowk, Bosan road, Multan-PakistanTel: +92-61-4745562www.thengoworld.orgBACKGROUND OF THE IMPLEMENTING AGENCYInitially The NGO World (Pakistan) was an online forum of NGO sector professionals forsharing activities, knowledge, best practices, success stories, case studies, job opportunities,training alerts and achievements. Realizing the need to serve the community during the flood2010 in Pakistan, the team decided to register the forum. The forum was registered withGovernment of Pakistan under Societies Act XXI of 1860. Soon after the registration The NGOWorld started providing humanitarian assistance to the flood affected population with thesupport of Deniz Fenri (Turkey).During the Pakistan Floods 2010, The NGO World team actively involved from very early daysof emergency in provision of relief services with support of local philanthropists and volunteers.Later on it got financial support from Turkish organization Deniz Feneri (Light HouseAssociation) and planned projects of relief, early recovery and rehabilitation in districts Layyah,Muzaffargarh and Rajanpur.Purpose of the Project:The purpose of the project was to provide the underprivileged sections of society in Pakistanwith added relief and help make the Holy Month of Ramazan joyful for them. 3. Report on Ramzan Package 2011The NGO World Foundation-Pakistan Page 3DESCRIPTION:The Holy Month of Ramadan brings joy and happiness in the life of every Muslim. During thismonth, the Mercy and Blessings of Allah Subhanaho Wa Taala is being descended upon uscontinuously. This month rejuvenates the spirit of care and sharing the wealth at its highestlevels with those who are under-privileged in Muslim Society. As everyone does not possessthe affluence, so, Allah SWT has asked the Muslims, to share His Blessings with those who areless fortunate and living their lives below the lines of poverty.As a regular feature, during the Holy Month of Ramdhan every year, The NGO World, strived tokeep the spirit of giving high and reached the unreached persons, families and communities atindividual as well as institutional levels. This is huge and difficult task to perform the TNW isalways successful with the collaboration of its partner organizations. This year again, weplanned to bring a meaningful difference in the lives of the deprived and the down troddensections of the society, during the month of Ramdhan and gave them a glimmer of hope and areason to smile. During the project implementation, The NGO World in collaboration with DenizFeneri provide one month ration to the families of orphans, widows, refugees/ IDP, needyfamilies, and destiture families to share the true spirit of Ramdhan-ul- Mubarek. To celebratethe joy and happiness of Eid-ul-Fiter, eid clothes, Eidee (Eid Gift) and Eid Sweet Packs weredelivered to the orphans and young children of destitute families, provided before eid day andto their families.RAMDHAN PACKAGE COMPOSITIONDescription Quantity Per Head UnitWheat flour 20 KgRice 2.5 KgSugar 5 KgPulses (Dall Channa and Mong) 2 KgMeezan Banaspati / Cooking Oil 2.5 Liter/KgDates 1 KgJame-e-Shirin 0.8 M/LSaweyyan 3 PacketsBiscuits 1 KgSalt 1 KgRed Chilli 0.25 KgTea 0.25 Kg 4. Report on Ramzan Package 2011The NGO World Foundation-Pakistan Page 4DISTRIBUTION OF RAMADAN PACKAGELocation Wise DetailSr Location Items Detail Beneficiaries Activist1 Basti Gujjar, Moza Doaba-Muzaffar Garh Ramadan Package 25 Ijaz Ahmad2 Layyah Ramadan Package 281 Muhammad Arshad3 Chak 487, Tehsil Shorkot Jhang Ramadan Package 55 Zafar Iqbal4 Chak 485, Tehsil Shorkot Jhang Ramadan Package 50 Abdul Nasir5 Basti Bherowal-Khanewal Ramadan Package 56 Imran Khagga6 Mahni Sayal-Khanewal Ramadan Package 82 Rao Ijaz7 Mukhiana Jhang Ramadan Package 50 Farhat Shah8 Kot Adu- Muzaffar Garh Ramadan Package 25 Zamir Shah9 Wahua Tonsa-DG Khan Ramadan Package 25 Yunis Khan10 Khanewal City Ramadan Package 30 Zafar IqbalTotal 679Distribution Ceremonies:A grand distribution ceremony was arranged in TNW office Layyah in which DistrictCoordination Officer (DCO) Layyah participated as chief guest. Other honorable guests were;1- Social Welfare Officer District Layyah2- DGM-NCHD District LayyahNeedy beneficiaries were given food packages and DCO layyah wrote a note of appreciationfor Deniz Feneri and The NGO World ob supporting the deserving families in holy month oframazan.Other ceremonies were managed in;1- Mahni Sayal district Khanewal2- Bherowal of district Khanewal3- Chak 487 District Jhang4- Chak 485 District Jhang5- Chak Mukhiana District Jhang6- Basti Gujjar District muzaffargarh 5. Report on Ramzan Package 2011The NGO World Foundation-Pakistan Page 5APPRECIATION LETTER BY DCOLAYYAH