raspdrones using pattern recognition to make homes a little safer

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  • RaspdronesUsing pattern recognition to make homes a little safer

  • What is pattern recognition?Extract features from dataUse features in equationsEquations give likelyhood of recognition

  • The problemSome people are not welcome in my homePoliticians, Tax people, bailiff, salesmenI want to keep them outBut how?

  • SolutionUse pattern recognitionDetect and recognize their faceInterface with some hardwareFinally a great use for the RaspberryWe get to write some codeAnd even get to solder stuff!

  • Inspired by the goalkeeper

  • Shopping listOne raspberryOne usb-interface board (KA8055)Projectile weaponsServo-motorsWebcamVarious connectors and electronic components

  • Prepping the raspberryOpencvAnd required librariesCompilersWaiting for the installation to finish...Add powered usb-hubAnd wait some more

  • Some codeOpenCVHaar-features to detect facesCustom code to recognise the faces

  • Training the recognizerIt watches online videos of courseAnd classics from my own collection

  • Extracting the facesHaar-cascadesGetting thousands of imagesStoring them(Manual) sorting them

  • Normalize the facesDetect eyes, nose, mouth, facial edgesRotate the face to a standard(normalization)

  • Extract meaningful dataMeasuring distancesThat's it!Well, actually we have to store it somewhereLots of generic code

  • RecognizingWe do the same steps as beforeBut now we try to match up the dataIf there's a match, we have recognized someoneAlmost never exact matchSadly not enough timeSetup is there though

  • (De-)SolderingAlso not enough time

  • Connecting it allJust attach it to the usb-portsRun the codeAnd get one frame per 10sLowering video quality should improve this

  • Testing itTesting on a normal pc/laptop

  • Problems...Avoiding friendly fireMaking it cat safeMake it run fasterBetter recognitionTons of libraries

    Friend or Foe?

  • Presentation & code available next week


    awesome cat video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXRX47L_3yEOpenCV:http://opencv.org/