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Future of Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Adoption - Benefits &Challenges Presentation By Ravi NambooriVisit us: http://ravinamboori.in

Hybrid CloudHybrid cloud is a cloud computing technique that combines both third party public cloud and on-premise private cloud platforms to deliver secure, flexible and reliable computing with enhanced deployment options.

It empowers companies to deploy critical workloads in on-premise private cloud and outsource less-critical workloads to third-party public cloud service provider Hybrid cloud is a best fit for dynamic and highly transitional work loadsHybrid cloud brings distributed computing capabilities that enables enterprises to store their business and sales data on their private storages and run analytics on public cloud

EvolutionOver the last ten years, the cloud and web service providers have transformed the way the IT enterprises think about storage, servers and networking. Cloud was offered as software-as-a service (SaaS) in the initial days and later infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) came in to prominence.In the recent years Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environments are under limelight making a point for Hybrid approach as a full-fledged cloud computing solution.

Rapid shift into..Industry experts states that private cloud is nothing but a mass virtualization and many of the global enterprises failed to reap the best from private cloud implementations. With these repercussions of private cloud, today majority of IT leaders are making rapid move in to public cloud by implementing the hybrid cloud.Today enterprises realized that the combination of private and public clouds would give their IT an efficient tools and enables them to innovate the business with speedier transactions at less costs.

Challenges..Today global enterprises are aware that hybrid cloud adoption is not an easy task, mixing private and public clouds to deliver desired results is quite a challenging feat.Smooth deployment of Hybrid cloud demands right tools, talent and processes to perform best on a common platform and deliver the desired outcomesSometimes enterprises may need to hire new IT resources or consultants with prior deployment experience that could incur high operational expensesEnterprises need to thoroughly work on differentiating the data sets and workloads to decide what data and workloads goes on to public cloud and what remains inside in on-premise private cloud

What goes in toReevaluating the existing applications, integration and data architecture on the whole Companies need to procure new tools for cloud deployment, monitoring and managementNeed to provide required skill set training to IT teams and sometimes hiring new resources to accomplish the deployment tasksEnsuring compliance and operational supportProper planning for financial management


Properly managed cloud infrastructure delivers higher speeds at lower costs which is one among the prime benefits that enterprises reap from hybrid cloud adoption.Well defined hybrid cloud solution transforms the way the IT communicate with overall businessSignificantly reduces the timeframes and expand possibilitiesBrings flexibility, agility and efficiency

Next step.Rapid evolution of cloud dependent technologies such as real-time analytics, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) are bringing huge demands for cloud, particularly Hybrid cloud.Need for effective customer relationship management boosts number of cloud implementations and makes enterprises capable enough to meet scale and time-to-market challenges.Hybrid cloud completely transforms the IT technology managers in to full-fledged solution providersCompanies starts leveraging best from hybrid cloud and becomes familiar with operations, cloud security and financial planning aspects in the years to come

Thank YouPresentation By Ravi NambooriVisit us: http://ravinamboori.in