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The world is changing, fast, and our clients are facing huge transformations. There is a strong call for change, in the PR industry like everywhere. At a recent conference, our chief strategy officer Pascal Beucler was asked to stimulate a discussion on if the PR industry was ready for this change, the challenges we face and the power shifts we need to address, as an industry, to make it happen.


  • 1. From Public to People Relations: Re-designing the world of PR for the Conversation Age. P. Beucler Communication Challenges before the Change Opportunity 2012, Novi Sad November 29, 2012
  • 2. The future does not fit in the mindsetsor containers of the past.
  • 3. The world is changing, fast, and our clients are facing huge transformations. There is a strong call for change, in our industry like everywhere.
  • 4. Too many PR agencies are still organized the way they were 10 years agoand deliver the sort of services they used to deliver before the Social Turmoil started.
  • 5. >A recent Forrester Research, presented at the Global PRSummit in Miami last month, says the agency of the future will: >Think less about channels, >Develop a holistic approach, >Integrate channels and services, >Help drive both brands and corporate reputation.
  • 6. During the Holmes Global PR Summit, Marc Pritchard, GlobalMarketing & Brand Building Officer, P&G, invited PR companies to take the leadership role the discipline deserves ,in the Conversation Age.Are we ready for this challenge?What are the power shifts we need to address, to make it happen?This is the debate Id like to introduce through the followingpresentation.
  • 7. 10 Power Shifts>Ideas: Solidly grounded into insights & foresights>Data: What we need to extract the value from>Purpose & People: Helping businesses drive positive change>Reputation: The tree and the shadow>Content: Remarkable, liquid and linked>Emotional connections: Lefty-righty>Integration: Be holistic>Diversity: Be truly Global, not just Globalized >Storytelling: Be The Narrator>Value creation: Moving up the food chain
  • 8. 1. The Power of Ideas
  • 9. Insights-grounded Innovation. CEOs around the globe say that: > the key to survival is innovation, Peoples Inside Solutions > the key to innovation is to get the best insights from people
  • 10. The Now & The Next. Insights are about now, while foresights are about next. You need both the Now & the Next, to help clients anticipate: Insights provide you with the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of contexts, situations, issues and peoples expectations. Foresights give you the ability to predict what will happen, or be needed in the future, to help your clients succeed in their business strategies. This is how you help a brand or a company articulate community engagement and their business need > Connecting the business context and the conversation dynamics.
  • 11. Are we already there, as a PR industry?Not yet, obviously.The Forrester Research shows that clientsgive low marks to PR firms, when it comes todelivering big, strategic ideas, solidly groundedin insights & foresights.Whether on the Consumer PR side,or on the Corporate one, its first of all aboutunderstanding whats in peoples mind,where the society goes.
  • 12. The power of collective intelligence:the worlds most valuable brands use crowdsourcing.
  • 13. Open Innovation at P&G.One of the greatest challenges facing companies andtheir leadership today is the range and depth ofinnovation required to drive both top and bottom linegrowth.How can we deliver one without a trade-off on the other?For P&G, open innovation has been critical to resolvingthis dilemma:an innovation strategy we call Connect & Develop.Dr. Mike Addison, P&G Global Business Development
  • 14. Power to the People.
  • 15. 2. The Power of Data
  • 16. Data Equity.The value of social data to businesses cant be expressed by asingle number.But when companies take the right social data and apply the rightanalyses to improve decision-making, they create social dataequity.Data is the currency of the Information Age.
  • 17. Understanding People. Invest in extensive social listening capabilities to crack the sentiment code in real time. People are talking, we should be listening. People are taking action, we should be commenting, concluding and then counseling our clients on how best to respond. Whether on transactions, interactions or content creation, data is whats helping us understand the behaviour of people. (Jon Iwata, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, chairman of the IBM Strategy Team, at the Global PR Summit in Miami).
  • 18. Visualize, communicate, utilize the data .The future of data will not be in acquiring more and more of it.The value to be liberated for Clients is in the storytelling arounddata, a wholly creative endeavour. The ability to take datato be able to understand it, to process it, to extract value from it, to visualize it, to communicate itthats going to be a hugely important skill in the next decades... ...Because now we really do have essentially free and ubiquitous data So the complimentary scarce factor is the ability to understand that data and extract value from it I think statisticians are part of it, but its just a part. You also want to be able to visualize the data, communicate the data, and utilize it effectively Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google.
  • 19. 3.The Power of Purpose & People
  • 20. The goal today is to rewire and reconnect Purpose, Performance & Peoplethrough Participation and Collaborative Social Innovation.
  • 21. Purpose Driven Marketing.In order to thrive in a social network world, companiesneed to better express and understand their purposeand recognize they are both economic and socialengines of their communities and countries.Areas such as sustainability, community service andcontributions to a greater good will be how Brands willbe increasingly evaluated.Good business is better business.
  • 22. Sweetness in the mouth, kindness in the heart:The example of Alpenliebe Perfetti in China.Weve created with the brand an integrated year-longinitiative to: catalyze a kindness movement inspire millions of Chinese youth to appreciate, share stories about and engage in everyday acts of kindness.
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  • 24. 4. The Power of Reputation.Character is like a treeand reputation like itsshadow.The shadow is what we think of it.The tree is the real thing. Abraham Lincoln
  • 25. Building & defending our clients reputation.D. Roman, SVP & CMO Lenovo, talking about brand &corporate reputation: When people buy a product today, theybuy or not the company behind (Miami Summit).Taking care of the beliefs or opinions that are generally heldabout an organization, a brand, a product, is definitely our corebusiness.Reputation is our clients most valuable asset, which weretaking good care of in challenging times..Whats challenging today is that the frontiers betweenmainstream media and social media are blurring, as onlineinfluencers are linking to media stories, while newsorganizations are quoting online influencers.
  • 26. Every crisis is global, viral, social.A good reputation is a solid asset, in case of crisis. It helps a lot,globally and locally. Of course, no crisis is truly local in thishighly interconnected world, as memes or hashtags can spreadglobally in seconds on the social web.Content Intelligence, Community Management and ContactStrategies will make the difference, if well mastered, when itcomes to efficiently engage with people and communities, hereand now.Its critical to plan and prepare for crisis scenarios,Its also important to respond to emergent crisis situationsauthentically, without over-reliance on scripted messages andworkflows.