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Hear how the Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA) identified their mobile audience and created mobile-friendly email campaigns to improve member engagement.


  • 1. Re-Engaging Email Subscribers Jeanette Brown, InformzEmail Rockstar Guest: Isabel Carrin-Lpez, Toy Industry Association, Inc.

2. Can You Hear Me Now? If you can hear and see my slide, please note this in the question box to your right. If you cannot hear, please try re-dialing in, and let me know so I can be of assistance. 3. Re-Engaging Email Subscribers Jeanette Brown, InformzEmail Rockstar Guest: Isabel Carrin-Lpez, Toy Industry Association, Inc. 4. 30% 5. About Me @emktg_guru 6. About Isabel Isabel Carrin-Lpez 7. Who is TIA?550+ members Staff of 45 $18+ million budget 8. About Toy Industry Association, Inc. Toy News Tuesday (TNT) TNT News Topics Summary of weeks TIA news Multiple audiences @6400 subscribers Wide variety of topics andInterviewRegulatoryAdvocacy Safety fun factsMembershipOther TIA News Events Other Industry EventsConsumer Member NewsResearch Other HeadlinesFoundation 9. Toy News Tuesday Stats 2009-201125.00%24.00% Steady decline in TNT23.00%22.00%21.00% open and click-thru20.00%19.00%OpenClick-thru18.00% rates since February 17.00% 20092010 2011(through 2009 5/31)94.00%92.00% 10% decrease in90.00%88.00%86.00% deliverability between 84.00%82.00% 2009 and 201080.00%2009 2010 10. Goals To grow both open and click-thru rates above 20% and restore 2009 deliverability rate To learn what our audiences want from TNT To move TNT forward by making it mobile- and social media-friendly 11. TNT Improvement Project A/B split testing on the subject line Re-engagement email and survey campaign Newsletter re-design 12. A/B Testing 13. Split A/B Testing - Methodology Split distribution list (50/50) Testing conducted in two, two-week intervals One group received the newsletter with the old subject line and the second group received it with varying subject lines Removed hard and repeated bouncers 14. Subject Line A/B TestingOld Subject Line: Toy News Tuesday | June 23 New Subject Line:Based on lead story 15. Split A/B Testing - Results19.00%18.50% Use of varying subject lines18.00%17.50%resulted in higher open and 17.00%OpenClick-thruclick-thru rates (still short 16.50%16.00%of goal though) 15.50%New Subject Line Old Subject Line35.00% Different subject lines 30.00%25.00%yielded different results 20.00%OpenClick-thru15.00%10.00% Safety or Legislative Foundation & OtherNews News 16. Re-Engagement 17. Re-engagement Campaign Methodology Two email campaigns, three emails each (one per week) Two different groups: Active readers Inactive readers Subject lines: Personalize Toy News Tuesday (both) Dont Let Toy News Tuesday Fade Away(inactive)Personalize Toy News Tuesday (active) Last Chance to Continue Toy NewsTuesday (inactive)Last Chance: Personalize Toy NewsTuesday (active) Hard and repeated bouncers were removed Link to survey was also included in TNT 18. Subject Lines Used Personalize Your Toy News Tuesday Subscription Dont Let Toy News Tuesday Fade Away Last Chance to Continue Toy News Tuesday 19. Unengaged Email Results30.0%25.0%20.0%15.0% OpenCTR10.0% 5.0% 0.0%Email 1 Email 2 Email 3 20. Re-engagement Campaign - Results Open, click-thru, and30.00%survey response rates25.00%were much higher among 20.00%active readers 15.00%OpenClick-thru 10.00% Survey Responses Only five respondents 5.00%opted-out altogether0.00%Active Readers Inactive Readers91% said they read TNT on their computers and preferan HTML over a plain text version 21. Overall Unengaged Results 4% re-engaged Removed 1800 subscribers, about 30% 18% lift in deliverability 22. Redesign 23. Newsletter Re-Design 24. Overall Results Close to 2K addresses were removed from the subscriber list. As a direct result: Open and click-thru rates increasedsignificantly (on average +5%) Overall deliverability increasedalmost 20% Increase in sharing activity of TNT articles Since Sep 2011, overall open and click- thru rates have remained at 19%+ with rates as high as 43.1%. 25. Continuing Efforts Regularly remove bounces to maintain highdeliverability rates Monitor results on a monthly basis Use of send-time optimization 26. Send-Time Optimization 134% 27. Lessons Learned Subject line matters List hygiene matters Regularly remove bounces Every 6 months to a year, conduct a re-engagementcampaign Dont be afraid to test Survey your audience youd be surprised what you learn 28. Email Rockstar! 29. Let us help you! Jeanette Brown @emktg_guru 1.888.371.1842 @informz