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  1. 1. Glyn ThomasDigital communications, WDM@glynmthomas
  2. 2. Email reactivation Why reactivate? Case study reactivation at WDM Should you delete people from youremail list? discuss!
  3. 3. Why reactivate?
  4. 4. Why reactivate?
  5. 5. Why reactivate?
  6. 6. Case study - WDM Who gets the reactivation emails? How many emails will be sent? What goes in the emails? What happens to the people whorespond? What happens to the people who dontrespond?
  7. 7. Case study - WDM 19006 subscribers on email list 10276 recorded as not having openedemails in previous 12 months
  8. 8. Case study - WDMSubject line: Have we offended you?Hello Glyn,It looks like youre not opening our emails.Wed love to hear why.We want to send you emails that arerelevant to you and we certainly dont wantto spam anyone. Please click on the linkbelow that most represents how you feelabout our email list.
  9. 9. Case study - WDM I do read your emails. I dont know who you are and why you areemailing me. I dont have time to read your emails at themoment. I dont receive emails from you that interest me. I cant read your emails properly. I dont normally read emails from organisations. You send me too many emails. You dont send me enough emails. Something else.
  10. 10. Case study - WDM Open rate: 17% Click through rate: 11% Unsubscribed immediately - 2.8% A few complaints
  11. 11. Case study - WDM 30% said they do actually read our emails 6% said they dont know who we are or whywere emailing them 47% said they dont read emails because theydont have time 1% said they didnt find our emails interesting 2% said they dont read emails fromorganisations 4% said we send too many emails
  12. 12. Case study - WDM What happened to the people whoresponded/opened/clicked the email? What happened to the people whodidnt respond?
  13. 13. Case study - WDMEmail 2Anyone who still hadnt opened an emailYes / No
  14. 14. Case study - WDMEmail 3You will be unsubscribed soonClick Yes to stay on the list
  15. 15. Case study - WDMEmail 4You have now been unsubscribedClick Yes to stay on the list
  16. 16. Case study - WDMLearning points / improvements 2000 people reactivated and nowopen/click/take action/donate Subject line popular
  17. 17. Case study - WDM Many false negatives: people readingemails on Blackberries, notdownloading images, having imagesturned off by default etc. No time to read emails = your emailsarent interesting enough to me ?
  18. 18. Case study - WDM Tone: "how can we improve so we getyou involved again" rather than "youhavent been active..." Data to use: not clicked in past sixmonths and not taken campaign actionor donated. Welcome (back) programme?
  19. 19. 5668
  20. 20. Delete email addresses?Discuss!


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