re-imagining credentials with mozilla open badges - an open badges design workshop

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Education and the workforce are changing. In most industries the internet has transformed the way we work but in the field of assessment and accreditation there has been little innovation. Mozilla Open Badges (developed by the people behind the Firefox browser) is a new open source, world-wide standard which aims to change this. It allows all skills to be recognised digitally and shared online, efficiently connecting those with the right skills to opportunities for employment. In this session you will: Find out what Open Badges are Design a badge yourself Earn a badge for the knowledge you have gained in the session Tim Riches is CEO of DigitalMe, a nonprofit creating a new skills currency using digital badges. DigitalMe’s ‘Badge The UK’ project is helping teachers, business’ and community organisations create digital badges which recognise all of young peopleís learning – in and out of school. As well as working at DigitalMe, Tim supports the Mozilla Open Badges team to develop new international partnerships and projects. Before working at DigitalMe Tim co-founded the multi-award winning open learning platform Makewaves.


  • 1.Re-imagining credentials with Mozilla Open Badges Developing Mobile Learning Solutions for Social Services in Scotland conference: Scottish Social Services Council Tim Riches 9 Jan 2013 Dundee #openbadges

2. About digitalme Tim Riches CEO DigitalMe @triches / Partnerships, Open Badges, Mozilla Foundation 3. Todays Goals: 1. Open Badges Qs answered 2. Move your badge idea one step forward 3. Issue you with Badge Canvas 101 Open Badge 4. Clear next action 5. Badge partner pledge 4. 1. What are open badges? 5. Mozilla Open Badges: a web standard which captures & communicates learning 6. How do they work? 7. CC BY-SA Kyle Bowen 8. MozillasOpenBadgeInfrastructure 9. 10. What makes Open Badges different? 1.Open & free skills communication standard 2. Anyone can create open badges 3. Data is owned by users 11. Who is using Open Badges? 12. Some of the organisations involved in the ecosystem 13. 235,000 badges issued 14. 1900 issuers 15. 52,395 Backpacks 16. 1400% Growth since Nov 2012 17. 240 orgs Clinton Global Initiative 18. 120 partners 19. Mozfest 2013 20. Badge The World 1M Badges Pledged 21. What tools are available? Moodle, Blackboard,,, Badgemaker, Mahara, Achievery, Badgekit, Makewaves 22. What problems could badges solve? Recognise learning traditional qualifications fail to do Student & teachers create a fuller picture of learning Learner led pathways & feedback Monitoring learning ecosystems Become discoverable by your talents & achievements Career development 23. Recap - todays Goals: 1. Open Badges Qs answered 2. Move your badge idea one step forward 3. Issue you with Badge Canvas 101 Open Badge 4. Clear next action 5. Badge partner pledge 24. Case Study 1: S2R Medals Case study pages online 25. LearnerUserJourney(270)Studentrecruitedby schoolforprogramStudentworksthrough 20hourprogramat centreStudentreceivesbadges onlineStudentsshare achievementsat celebraAoneventStudentbecomesmentor orconAnueswith programbackatschool 26. S2RMedals 3setsJournalist,Coach& Producer 3levelsineachset:Bronze, Silver&Gold Eachbadgehasspecic skills,criteriaandevidence aHachedtoit QualitaAveassessmentof skillsbypeers/leaderswho issuethebadges 27. Arent badges just for kids? 28. Case Study 2: Badge The UK 29. qualications are worthless as a criteria for hiring! Google 2013! 30. Capturing all learning creating new skills currency ! 31. Badge App Store! 32. Badge Displayers! 33. Badge Audience! 34. Todays Goals: 1. Open Badges Qs answered 2. Move your badge idea one step forward 3. Issue you with Badge Canvas 101 Open Badge 4. Clear next action 5. Badge partner pledge 35. Designing Open Badges 36. The Open Badge Design Canvas Download canvases at 37. 1.Audience StandoutdigitalCV AccesstosoUware& hardware Daysoutofschool presenAng Recognisegenuine learning IndustryrecogniAonIdenAfytalent StaengagementTechnologysector companies UniversiAes/collegePrimary&secondary age(OpenBadgesfor 13+) TeachersExisAngdb Conferences EndorserchannelsTeachersTeacher&peer Monitoredby DigitalMeOtherpupils Technologycompanies Colleges/UniversiAes 38. 2.Components DigitalLeaderExplorerBadgeSharepresentaAon online Teacher/snrpeer conrms presentaAonby awardingthebadgeLearntousesoUware/ hardware KnowledgeofmainfuncAons Ideasofhowitcouldbe appliedtosolveaproblem Workingindependently Resilience SelfCondenceCreateanddelivera presentaAonontechnology discovered FieldquesAonsfromgroup 39. 3.BadgepathwaysExplorer:Independentlyexplore&share Reactor:Respondstoabrief,appliestechtosolveaproblem Project:Worksaspartofateamonextendedproject Subbadgese.g.presenter,coder,helpdesk,ambassador (threeearnedforeachbadge) 40. 4.Resources-StaAme:developendorserrelaAonships,presentaAons, training,createsupportmaterials,fundraising -Badgeissuingplaaorm/plugin(e.g.Makewaves,Badgeus, Blackboard,wordresspluginetc -Displayer:Wordpress,Moodle,Linkedin,ThimbleCV? -Expenses 41. Free badge 42. 5.Design 43. Tell us about your project here 44. Tim Riches @triches