Reach 77% More of your Email Subscribers with Facebook Advertising

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  • Ben RiallAdvertising Specialist, EMEA

  • What you will learn from todays conversation

    Macro Trends Transforming Digital

    Power of Coordinating Email & CRM with Advertising

    Top 3 Action Items

  • What is influencing advertising today?

  • Digital is the dominant channel

  • Digital Ad Spend Continues to Grow Rapidly

    Digital Ad








    2014 2018

    6.53% growth

  • The growth is coming from mobile

    Mobile Ad










    2014 2018

    28.30% growth

  • Advertising Spend Shifts to MobilePercentage of Total Digital Ad Spend that is Mobile

    Mobile to Account for More than Half of Digital Ad Spending in 2015, eMarketer, September 1, 2015

  • 82% of smartphone users will shop on their mobile device this year

    81% at least research on mobile devices before making a purchase decision

    Shoppers turn to mobile devices in purchase cycle

    Mobile Shopping

    The Future of Shopping is Mobile (Infographic), Social Times, August 31, 2015

  • Audience Platforms: 8 of the Top 10 iOS & Android Apps

    90%Of consumers digital time is spent in apps rather than mobile web

    2011 2012 2013 2014

    % Mobile Time Spent in Apps (Global)




    Seven Years Into the Mobile Revolution: Content is King Again, Yahoo, August 26, 2015

  • Top apps of 2015 dominated by Facebook, Google and Apple* Neilsen December 17th 2015

  • #CNX16

    . 85% of online advertising spend will go to Google or Facebook .Brian Nowak, Morgan Stanley

  • Audience Targeting for Every Advertising Use-CaseFacebook offers advertisers many options for targeting depending on the Target Audience

    Traditional TargetingCustom Audience Lookalike Audience

    Based on attributes like gender, education, region,


    Customers you already know personally, via CRM

    or other first party data

    People who look like your existing customers, via CRM

    or other first party data

  • CRM-Powered ads drive higher engagement

    CRM-powered ads are 47% more

    effective than traditional targeting.

    Salesforce Advertising Index Q4 2015

  • Power of 1-to-1 Advertising Customer Insights

    Higher Engagement

    Find New Customers Similar To Your Loyal Customers With Lookalikes

    Leverage Your Data

    CRM Activation 24% Higher CTRLookalike Audiences

    47% Higher CTRCustom Audiences

  • How can you get started?

  • Look at the numbers and present an opportunity

    An exclusive deal email is sent to 100,000 customers

    30% open the email = 30,000

    77% increase in reach via FB ad = 23,100

    23,100 audience will have a 47% increase in CTR

    on FB - Normal website conversions and AOV

    46% will have an increase open rate of 8% = 1,104

    46% see email and FB ad = 13,800

    13,800 will have an increased conversion rate of 22%

  • Collaborate with your advertising team

    2016 Salesforce research state of marketing report - surveys 4,000 global marketers every year

  • We create more relevant experiences and increase revenue with Marketing Cloud.Aaron Pelander, VP Customer Engagement

    Supported Veterans Day promotion with Ads targeting email subscribers

    Increased reach by 163% with mobile advertising on Facebook

    Implemented closed-loop measurement to understand incremental sales lift by channel

    GovX Drives Revenue On Demand by Combining Advertising and Email

  • Identify Top Business Challenges or Opportunities(i.e. increasing email reach, unengaged subscriber base)

    Look at Existing Manual Data Flows to Pinpoint Automation Potential & Possible Security Flaws

    Develop Action Plan to Coordinate Multiple Channels (i.e. Email + Advertising) for a Specific Campaign

    Top 3 Action Items For Forward Thinking Marketers




  • Advertising StudioReach your customers where they are

    Driven from CRM dataSecurely use your customer data to drive all your display and search advertising

    Powerful campaign managementDrive powerful campaigns across some of the most important audience platforms

    Connected to the journeyUse Journey Builder to connect your advertising to the rest of your marketing, and to your sales team

    Integrated lead generationCapture leads directly from Facebook into the Customer Success Platform




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