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Reading Practice Making Friends in the USA Module 1 Small Talk The song is about __________. How to make more friends especially in a foreign country? friends Lead-in To get general ideas Match the main idea of each part Part 1 A. safe talk topics in the USA Part2---6 B. dangerous topics in the USA Part avoid silence Part 9 D. conversation in the USA is less lively The writer thinks that______. A. Americans often ask very personal questions. B. Asians are very different form Americans, and are sensitive to many topics of conversation. C. Americans are easy to make friends with, but they respect your private life. D. Americans dont like to grow old, so its difficult to make friends with them. Task I: Which one expresses the writers opinion? can cant Find out the topics which you can and shouldnt talk about with Americans Task II: (1)job, (2)politics, (3)religion, (4)family, (5)leisure interest, (6)sensitive topics, (7)age, (8)money, (9) where you come from, (10) movie can cant (1).(4). (5). (9). (10). (2). (3). (6). (7). (8). Find out the topics which you can and shouldnt talk about with Americans Task II: (1)job, (2)politics, (3)religion, (4)family, (5)leisure interest, (6)sensitive topics, (7)age, (8)money, (9) where you come from, (10) movie To get detailed information Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answers. 1. When a dull person talks, you should ___. A. ask questions B. change the topic of conversation C. not ask personal questions D. listen not interesting; boring 2. Its always OK to talk to Americans about _______. A. their work B. religion and politics C. age and money D. their private life 3. When Americans make an invitation to visit, ____. A. they dont really mean it B. they want to find out more about you C. they genuinely want to see you again D. you should accept it really 4. The best way to talk about personal things is to ____. A. talk about your own private life first B. talk about your job C. discuss the weather D. ask them how old they are 5. Its best to avoid ______. A. personal questions B. invitation C. spies D. dull people 6. If you meet disagreement when talking with Americans, what are you advised to do? (more choices) A.Quarrel with them, because you are right. B. Leave him alone, because you think he is impolite. C. Change the topic quickly and turn to a safe one. eg. the weather D. Make compliments. Oh, thats a beautiful dress youre wearing Accept it and say Thank you praise / say sth. good In the USA, conversation is less 1. ______ than in many other cultures, they talk about their 2. ______ more than Asians, but are more 3. ________ about factual matters. Always they are very friendly and 4. ________ to make an invitation. They dont 5. ______ your private unless you take the 6. __________. Generally they dislike 7. __________, so its easy for them to discuss the 8. _______and make 9. ___________ to avoid disagreement. Age and 10. ______ are dangerous and 11. _______ matters which are advised not to talk, so dont expect an 12. ________ reply if you asked. consolidation lively feelings secretive hospitableviolate lead arguments compliments money private accurate Fill in the blanks weather Para1: Why conversations in America is less lively than in many other cultures? When someone talks, others are expected to listen, no matter how dull his or her words are. Para.2: jobs? Were defined by our jobs and were usually happy to talk about them, unless youre a spy. 1. Americans talk about their feelings more than Asians, but are more secretive about factual matters. 2. Among families, leisure interests, movies, ethnic background, politics, religion, which topics are welcomed and which are not? Para.3 families, leisure interests, movies ethnic background, politics, religion sensitive Para.4 different invitations friendly hospitable is never made without a genuine desire to Do call by and see us! Para.5 They dont wish to violate your private life. But they will happily talk about more private matters if you take the lead. Para.6 No argument but compliment! How to reply to compliments? Accept it graciously and say Thank you! Para.7 What are the two dangerous topics of conversation? Age and money. Isnt she wonderful for her age! Para.8 Some people may not only be open about their income, but show off their wealth. Para.9 Should we keep silence for fear that we may have wrong small talks? embarrassment Its not enough to know the topics, whats the most important is how to begin and continue your talk! Hey, can we talk? Im shy begin and continue

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