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Click on a category to practise your skills. Readin g Inferenc e Grammar Cloze Activities Comprehensio n Spellin g Vocabulary

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Click on a category to practise your skills.




Cloze Activities




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InferenceInference Battleship – Make the correct inference and sink your enemy’s fleet!

A really good lesson on how to inference

Inference questions, with good practice activities at the bottom of the page

Inference quiz

Inferences in advertising!

Cool inference riddles!

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GrammarInference Battleship – Make the correct inference and sink your enemy’s fleet!

How good is your knowledge of parts of speech?

Cool grammar activities….

All about parts of speech….

Four cool grammar games….

Heaps of different grammar games….

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Cloze ActivitiesCloze Activities – Helps with the structure of your language....

Pick the right word to complete the sentence

These activities will really help your sentence structure!

More excellent cloze activities….

Choose from easy, medium or higher level activities….

Not really a cloze activity, but never mind. Make sure you read the instructions first!

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SpellingAbout a million spelling games, with a wide range of levels.

Tons of spelling games!

Even more spelling games!

Four spelling games….

A veritable cornucopia of spelling games!

Test your spelling against others around the world!

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VocabularyA vocabulary building game – your correct answers can help end world hunger!

Words in Context Game – Put the words in sentences to determine their meaning…

Multiple Meaning Jeopardy – Improves your knowledge of homophones!

Improve your vocabulary in a range of different categories….

A massive range of vocabulary games….

A hard as vocabulary quiz – are you up for the challenge?